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WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL?       Maria #356       DO 3082       10/96
--Directional prophecies for our Family in the U.S.!--By Maria

       1. In this GN I would like to share with you some prophecies for our Family in North America received at Summit '96, as well as others received a couple of months later at one of our WS pubs units. While in these prophecies the Lord is speaking directly to our Family members in the U.S. and Canada, I felt that this counsel would be good to share with all of you, so you would be aware of the Lord's views on whether our Family should stay in the U.S. (or Canada), and if so, what their ministry there should be.
       2. Over the last couple of years, it seems that many of you young people, in particular, have moved to the U.S. There are probably a variety of reasons for this. Some of you may have returned because you wanted to witness in a country where you could speak the language fluently, and you had the vision to reach the youth of America. Others of you may have gone back to the U.S. in order to raise funds to go to another mission field, only to get stuck for much longer than you had anticipated.
       3. On the other hand, it seems that many of you young people went to the States simply because, for some reason, you thought it was the "in" place to be, and where "all the young people were." You thought you could have more fun, more freedom, enjoy all the conveniences of an "advanced" society, and live more easily without having to struggle to support yourself on a difficult mission field. Some of you even thought that it might be a good place to try your hand at getting a System job and therefore be free of the financial pressures of raising support.
       4. As many of you who are now in the U.S. can testify, both young and old, going back to the U.S. was not all that you hoped it would be. There may be some advantages and conveniences, but overall it seems that the strong spirit of materialism in the U.S. has had quite a negative pull on many of our young people, and even our old veterans. Quite a few of our precious kids have gotten sucked into the System altogether, while others are still Family members in name, but very much on the fringes in spirit and attitude. Many others are struggling with doubts, worldliness, and a lack of conviction, hunger for the Word, and desire to witness and reach the lost! Needless to say, the situation is desperate!
       5. The sorry state of many of our young people in the U.S., as well as many U.S. Homes, was the subject of prayer and discussion at Summit '96. When those there came before the Lord for direction, He quite clearly indicated that most of you young people who are in the U.S. should leave for riper mission fields where the need is greater, where you can renew your vision to witness and reach the lost, and where the pull of the devilish, materialistic American spirit won't be so strong. Not only should many of you young people leave, but the Lord is also calling many of you older folks to renew your missionary fire in a more fruitful harvest field.
       6. The Lord says that the situation is serious, and that you young people who are in the States should seek the Lord now for His will for you, to determine whether He is calling you to stay behind, or whether you should move on to greener pastures. Will you heed His call? Will you get desperate and seek Him for His will, and then step out by faith to follow where He leads? Will you be like Abraham, who struck out by faith, without the faintest idea of what it was going to be like, pressing onward in simple obedience to the Lord and His commandment to flee the wickedness of the System of his day? Will you do the same?
       7. The Lord also says that He has called some of you in North America to remain there as prophets, both to reach the lost sheep that are there--particularly amongst the youth --as well as to deliver the warning message of the Endtime, and speak out against the evils of the System and the coming of the AC. However, those of you who choose to remain should make sure that it is the Lord's calling for you, and that you have the conviction to obey it. The Lord repeatedly emphasizes that staying behind is not for everyone, and that you should seek Him in prayer and prophecy, and through the other ways to know His will, to make sure that's what He wants you to do.
       8. The Enemy's spiritual grip on America is getting stronger, and as those of you who have lived there for the past few years can probably testify, the negative pull on the young people--and even the adults--is intensifying. The Lord warns that it's only going to get worse, and that those who choose to stay behind in the U.S. are going to have to fight all the harder against these spiritual influences of the Enemy! He promises to keep and protect you if you're in His will, but you have to be sure that you're where He wants you to be, doing what He wants you to do! So take time to hear from Him, get His direction for you and your Home, and then follow!
       9. And for those of you on other fields who are thinking of returning to the U.S., please count the cost of doing so, and make sure that it is the Lord's will for you! As the Lord warns in these prophecies, it may look like an easy road--or maybe you even think that you'll just be there for "a little while"--but if you're not careful, you could get stuck in the quicksand or raped by the materialism of the Whore! You young people may be tempted to go to the States because you've heard that it's a "cool" place to be. But if you're already on the mission field, you're probably much better off staying there and fulfilling the Lord's commandment to preach the Gospel to every creature! Most of all, pray and make sure you're in the center of God's will for you--wherever He may lead you! Keep close to Him and He won't fail you!
       10. P.S.: Even if you're not in the U.S., or not planning on going there, these prophecies are still for you! The Lord has a lot of good counsel in here about being missionary-minded and giving our lives for those who need His Love, which applies no matter where you are. Are you doing all you can to reach the lost, to witness and to share with others the wonderful treasures the Lord has blessed you with? The Lord has given us so many priceless gifts. Are you passing them on to others? As Dad prayed, "Your Love didn't fail us, Lord. Help our love not to fail others." I love you. Love, Mama.

Find Your Calling!
       11.{\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }There are those who are called and chosen--some chosen for some fields, some chosen for other fields. Each one must know in his own heart the calling that I call him for, the place that I am calling him to, the ministries that I am calling him for. Determine in your hearts where you should go--according to the burdens, according to the counsel, according to the Word that I have given.
       12. Yes, there is a need in the States, and there is a need in other countries. What is the call that you are receiving? Is it the call to win souls? Is it the call to love the lost, those who are dying and who are in need of help, in need of My Words? Or is it the call of materialism, the ideal of an easy life, the hope of not having to struggle as much as on a poorer field? What is calling you? Who is calling you? Where are you getting your directions?
       13. As you look unto Me, I will give you direction. Then shall you know without a shadow of a doubt that where you are going, you are in My will. You will be fulfilled and strengthened, because My Spirit will go with you. If you go the other way at the fork in the road, I will still be with you, but there will be less of My Spirit and less of My anointing.
       14. Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life--the issues of your life, the fruitfulness of your life and the lives of those around you.
       15. Go forth bearing precious seeds, wherever you go. Go with the vision of winning the lost. Then you shall be a fruitful vine and you shall be strengthened. But those who go forth without My anointing, who look for other reasons to go where they desire to go, may die of thirst in the desert. They may lack that closeness with Me because of wandering the wrong way. Look to Me in all your ways, and I will direct your paths.

       16. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }America is a mission field to some whom I have called to win the sheep and to reach the lost, to help them and to soothe their pain out of love for their souls. It is a calm field to some who need retreat and rest, to recuperate from their battle wounds, so that they can go out again for another fight. But too many have come back to this land without a purpose, without a real reason, without seeking Me. To those I say, make up your mind. Choose today. Seek Me and know if you are called to this land or not.
       17. You need to make up your mind and have conviction and know if this is truly your field or not. If you are called to this land, this is a special mission field. But this is not for everybody. You think this is an easy place, but it is not. There is a great gravity in this land. You must have spiritual strength to fight against it. Do you have that strength? Are you really connected with Me? Whether you stay or leave this land, you must have conviction. So seek My face today.

Step Out by Faith and the Lord Will Lead!
       18. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Say not ye there are yet four months and then cometh harvest; for, behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest. I am the Lord of the harvest and I see the full picture. I see the harvest the world over, and I will lead the way. I have called some to some harvests, and some to others. Some fields are white and ready to harvest; for others it is not their time.
       19. I would that more of My men and women of David would go out to these fields by faith and be missionaries by faith. I would that they would trust Me and give out My Words to those who are in need, to those who have not heard of Me. For, lo, I hear the voices of many saying, "Oh God, if You're there, show Yourself to me!" But how can I show them if you don't go? I need you to go to them, and show My Love for them, as you have been shown My Love by others.
       20. You must step out by faith and trust that I will lead the way and I will take care of you, even if the way seems rougher, even if it seems like it will be more uncomfortable. For many [EDITED: "in the U.S."] have heard the message and know of Me. Many here are even serving Me and doing what they think is best and My will. But in the far countries there are people who have not even heard My Name. And did I not say that the End could not come until My Name is preached unto all the nations? So have faith and trust that I will lead. If I lead you to stay in this land, then stay, but be missionaries for Me even in this land.

The Lord's Call to the Mission Field
--China, Russia, India, etc.!
       21. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man. Do you not think that the missionaries of the past have had this struggle, the battle to choose between staying with friends and relatives and those who are easy to communicate with, or going to the mission field? But they heard My call and they went.
       22. Children, how can I call you? How can I show you of the love that I wish to bring to these people if you do not come and ask Me? How can I call you to these mission fields if you are so full of the things that you want to do, so full of the pleasures that you see and feel and touch, that are within your reach? How can I show you greater riches and greater things to come and greater happiness than you have, if you are happy with what you have already?
       23. True, to be satisfied is one thing, but there should still be a longing for more, a longing for My highest will. I am sad to say that many of you have chosen the least, the lesser part--some of you just because you do not ask, some of you because you do not know. But if you will ask Me, if you will open yourself up and make yourself available, I will show you where, I will show you who, and I will show you how.
       24. There are many other places where you could go. Do not look at these fields as though they are difficult. There are difficult situations, but My blessings do abound where I put you. Where My will sends you, My blessings will find you!
       25. I am like a King of many, many kingdoms, and you are all My princes and princesses. I have many kingdoms, and many of them are filled with riches of many kinds. But you all wish to be joined together in fellowship in one big kingdom. You feel satisfied and you all want to rule the same kingdom. But little children, there are kingdoms that you have not even dreamed of, riches beyond your wildest imagination, happiness and joy and wonderful, wonderful opportunities to be used --to be in positions of authority, to be in places where I will use you to lead many people. There are many who wish to be under you, who wish to serve you, for you are the princes and princesses of My Kingdom. I wish for you to have the joys and the pleasures and the riches of these other kingdoms that I have for you.
       26. For those of you who I call to stay within this kingdom, yes, there are rewards, but you must not look to these things. You must look to My will. You must look to what will cause Me to pour My blessings upon you. You must look to Me and ask Me where I want you to go. You must report to My office, as a general reports to his top commander, asking, "Where shall I go? Send me here, send me there! Where can I be the most used?"
       27. The place where you are the most used is the place where you will find the most happiness. The place of greatest usefulness and service for Me is where you will find the blessings and the joy of the Lord.--Not in the place in which you can hide and become part of the furniture and do as little as possible until you fizzle out and wonder, "What is the use of doing anything more?"
       28. There is much, much more, I tell you!--Much, much more, in many places! Even for those of you who are here in this kingdom, there is much more that you could do, but you do not ask Me, children. I long to give you these things; they are at My beck and call. Did I not say, "Ask of Me and I shall give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the Earth for your possession"? Where is your faith, children? Where is your faith?
       29. Do not think, as the children of Israel thought, that "Moses has brought us out to this destitute country to die in the wilderness," and wish for the leeks and the garlics and the flesh pots that you had in Egypt. Look for the promised land! The promised land is at your fingertips! Why wander in the wilderness until you die off? Ask Me the direction to the promised land and I will lead you there. I will take you there by the hand, and I will show you the things that I will do for you. I will drive out the heathen from before you, and I will give these lands to you as an inheritance.
       30. You have but to ask and I will give. Ask Me what I will do, and I will show you, and it will open your eyes and you will see with new eyes of faith! It will so encourage you and lift your hearts and excite you, that you will not be able to stay away!
       31. There is a door opening far, far away. At this time it is only a crack and it is so, so dark behind that wall. It is a tiny, tiny crack, and My people are starting to seep in. Yes, this dark country is China, and I wish that I could call many of you there, those of you who will listen, and those of you who will heed My call. But how can I call you if you are not ready? There are things that you must learn, many things that you must prepare in order to reach this country.
       32. Did I not say that the door is opening? Did I not say that the harvest is ripening behind those walls? At the time that I open the floodgates, who will be there? Who will be on the other side of the wall, ready to come in? Will you be across the nations, across the seas in your own country, doing your own thing with your own people? Or will you be ahead, out there where I am, and where My chosen few are? Will you be one of the chosen few? There are hardships, but there are many blessings there, happiness, and many, many, many souls.
       33. Besides, that's what you're there for! If you all just wanted to enjoy yourselves and have a great fellowship and have a good time and not have to worry about raising finances or anything like that, I might as well just take you Home! You might as well just all come up Here to Heaven, because that's what Heaven's for! But while you're on Earth, there's a job to do and I need people to do it.
       34. The greatest and most fulfilling thing that you can have are the souls that you will bring with you. They may be more difficult to win on that side of the world, but believe Me, children, they are worth the fight! Double honor for double sacrifice. They will shine so, so brightly in your crown. I will have a place of honor for you, My children, who step out, not knowing whither you go, only that you heard the call of a distant land.--Not only the call, but a rumbling of voices behind the wall, the wall that is soon to crumble, and you must be there, children! Many of you must be there.

       35. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }When your father David was with you, he was your commander-in-chief, directing the troops, sounding the trumpet, telling you to go here, to go there, to go East! He sounded the trumpet loud and strong, and his soldiers obeyed and heeded the call of David. They followed whithersoever he led them. He was led of My Spirit, and you followed his call in faith.
       36. Now I woo you by My Spirit. It is not that I have not given the call, for I have given you many calls. I have given you the call to Russia, to the East Bloc countries, to China, to Africa, to India. I have allowed the spirits of these countries to speak to you, to call you, to woo you, to tell you of the need, to tell you of the heartcries of the people in their fields. It is the Spirit that now woos you, and it is up to you to choose if you will answer the call of those spirits and the call of My Spirit that speaks to your heart and woos you to these new lands.
       37. Your father David was a man of faith. He called you to places that you would never venture to go alone. But he had the faith that it was of Me, and he had the faith that you could do it. Now it is up to you to keep that pioneer spirit and to not let it die. It is up to you to answer the call of the Spirit as I speak to your heart.
       38. The most uncomfortable place for a Christian is a comfortable place. Yet so many now seek for comfort, for their personal satisfaction, to fulfill their own desire and will. Yet a missionary is one who has no desire of his own, no will but to please his Lord, no will but to please Me, the True Missionary Who laid down His life for the world.
       39. I have called you to go out into the fields, to go out into the highways and the hedges and to compel them to come in. I have called you to go into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature. I have not called you to settle down! You must search your hearts and see where I call you. For in every country there is a need, yet in some there is a greater need than others.
       40. Many of you wander about because you seek your own will and not the will of your Father. For some of you there is a purpose in your wandering, for you shall learn many lessons. You shall learn what it is like when you get your own way and fulfill your own desires, and what it is like when you fulfill the desire of your Father and you follow My way.
       41. I ask you now to search your heart, to seek Me, to find out what My will is for you, what My plan is for you, where I want you to be, so that I can fulfill the desires of your heart and give you complete and full satisfaction in My service.
       42. I have a plan for each one, and each must be in the place where I need him to be for the days that are ahead. Think not that you are lost and forgotten and that there is no plan for you. I have a plan and a purpose for each of you. But you must seek Me. You must allow My Spirit to rule over you, to win you, to help you fulfill the plans that I have prepared for you.

Are You Seeking the Lord's Will
in Your Life?
       43. {\b \i (Spirit helper speaking:) }Okay, kids, let me ask you a question: Do you want spiritual fatness or fleshly fatness? I know that's an easy question--you want spiritual fatness! You want your soul to delight itself in fatness (Isa.55:2). But it's not that easy. The decision is big and it takes a real fight.
       44. Spiritual fatness is a closeness to the Lord. It's an anointing. It's hearing His Word. It's listening to Him. It's being led where the wind of the Spirit leads and guides. It's not the corpulence and laziness of the fleshly fatness, the laziness that is so easy to fall back into. When there is plenty around you, you have to watch out!
       45. Okay, let me ask you another question: Wherever you are, when you sit down and look at a map or a globe and you see the different countries, what do you think about them? If you're thinking and praying and wondering if you're in the right place and whether or not you should go to another country, do you seek out the Lord's will? Do you wait patiently for Him to speak to you, for His Spirit to speak and guide? Do you ask Him to open your eyes to the spirits? Remember the Letter, "The Goddesses," that your father David got? (ML #224). The Lord showed him that each country has a spirit, each country has its goddess. Many of them are yearning, asking, desiring and seeking the Words of David, desiring the Salvation that the Words the Lord has given can give them. They need that; they'll die without it.
       46. Kids, the States is a jungle! It's a jungle of things. It's a jungle of music, of television, of cars, of couches, of food. If you get lost in that jungle, you'll get that fatness of the flesh and you'll get lazy. Some are called to go into that jungle, to hack it away and to open it up and to find the lost souls who are there. Yes, some are called. There are those who are chosen for that job and who have the faith for it, because the Lord has given them the faith--faith which works by love--a love for that lost soul who is out there caught in that jungle, that lost soul who's crying out for help, that lost soul who needs that word of Salvation, who needs that help that you can give.
       47. But it's a special calling and it's not for everyone, because there are those other places and those other goddesses, those other spirits who are calling ever so desperately. They are soft and they are sweet, easily entreated, desiring to make love to you. They want the seeds that the Lord has given through the Words of David, and now the Words of Maria.
       48. The seeds that the Lord is giving at this time are very special. They are very powerful, they're very anointed, but they must be taken in. They will only grow if they are personally taken in and given out and sown in the fertile hearts of those in receptive countries through your lovemaking.
       49. So my question to you is: How much have you really prayed about where you are? How much have you really sought the Lord concerning your desire to go to the States or to leave the country that you're in? What's your motive? Why do you want to go? Don't you think He can fill your every need and give you the support you need in lands other than the States? Sure He can! He's always promised!
       50. So again, my question is: What are you doing with your life? What's your driving motivation? Is it as it was with the disciples and the Apostle Paul and missionaries in ages past, that the Love of Christ constrains you? Or is it a personal motivation?
       51. Are you tired or weary in well-doing? I know the battle is great. David has written about it. Maria has written about it. Many have experienced that battle and are fighting it this day. It is a tough battle, one of the most difficult. Is that your Jordan? Because when you fight to cross that Jordan, you'll be in the promised land of the Lord's will, the land of milk and honey, with a faith so strong that none can stand against it!
       52. Yes, it is a battle, and it would surprise you to see how many millions up Here in the spirit world are praying for you, are waiting for you, are fighting for you, are cheering for you, are backing you! And we'll come and help. You ask for us and we'll be there--not just one or two, but maybe three, maybe four; whatever you need, we're there! We want to come. The Lord has commissioned us to be ready, and when you call us we will come and we will help, and then you'll be lifted up with wings of eagles. You'll be able to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint.
       53. All the promises of God throughout the ages will be fulfilled within you, but you have to fight for that. Don't give up! Don't get weary in well-doing, for in due season you shall reap, and the harvest shall be great! It's there, waiting to be harvested. Believe me, it's there. But the Lord needs your hands; He needs your feet.
       54. Speaking of goddesses, so many people think of the goddess of America as old and fat and saggy and baggy and not too attractive. But she is attractive. You see her in the pictures all the time--with the Hollywood glitter and glamour, the hourglass figure. But once you get too close to her, she doesn't let go easily. If you have the strength and the conviction to stand up against her, then the States is a calling for you, and you can go there and reach the lost that are entangled. But if you don't have that conviction--or if your motivation isn't right, if it isn't for the lost--then I would beware. My advice to you is beware!
       55. Your father David saw the situation there and he warned against it. And it hasn't changed; in fact, it's only gotten worse. So as the saying goes, "Know your meat or get butchered!" Stay close to the Lord and He will keep you in the way that you go, as long as you go with Him.

Float on the Wind of the Lord's Spirit!
       56. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Behold the wind of My Spirit, the wind of My will. It blows from here and it goes there. It goes to this land and it goes to that land. Those with yielded hearts, those who are ready to do My will, go along with this wind, and they go from here to there. They flow and they float along within the wind of My will. This wind takes them into lands they have never dreamed of, into lands where the greatest need is, where the emphasis is.
       57. There are many lands which still need to hear My message, many people who still need to hear My message. I have called many of you to float along on this wind and to follow along into the places where I would take you.
       58. I am opening doors, but they will not be open for long. The time will come when the doors will close and you will be forced to return to your home countries. Those who have followed My will and have ministered to the people to whom I have called them will look back and say, "Oh, I am so thankful that I went and witnessed. I am so thankful that I followed the move of the Spirit. For now it is too late to go in, but we have done what we could." But those who have not followed the move of My Spirit will look back and say, "Oh, if we only had. If we had only listened and obeyed. If we had only floated along within the will of His Spirit. For now it is too late, and we have failed to do the job which He had called us to do."
       59. I say unto you, My wind is moving fast, and I would that you would jump in and follow. It will take you into places where I would have you, and it will give you great joy and fulfillment. Think not that it is a sacrifice, for there will be much excitement and much happiness as you follow along in the wind of My Spirit and in the wind of My will.
       60. There are many who have followed My will and who have landed in new mission fields. And there are those who have made a decision to go, but have gotten tied down with the cares of this life. I say unto you, do not give up, for whatever the need is, I will supply. If you are following My will, I will do all the necessary miracles to get you there and take care of you. So fear not, worry not, and fret not, but look to My face. Whatsoever you receive from Me, take it as from Me and go for it!

A Commission for Those
Who Remain in America
       61. {\b \i (Vision:) }I saw a picture of one of our YA men with two spirit helpers. One was a very tall Puritan, and the other was a very tall American Indian. Then I saw a picture of another YA man in a red prophet's robe. The Puritan was blazing a huge trail across a map of America. The Indian was watching out for the enemy and running through the forest and the rocks, really on guard and ready to fight with his men against the enemy. The YA was walking with these two men--his face and forehead like flint. Then I saw the red-robed prophet scene, and there was a real strong, almost violent, thump of the staves on the ground, with these words:
       62. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Woe unto you, America! Woe unto you, America! For all the things which have been prophesied against you shall surely come to pass! All the Letters that have been written, all of the prophecies that I gave through My David that have not yet been fulfilled will be fulfilled!
       63. {\b \i (Then Jesus speaks to the Family:) }This country needs missionaries who know their calling, who are sure of their calling, and who know what the mission is for this country. For those who work and give their lives in this country, I have given the tongue of English. Why have I given you the English tongue to speak to those who speak English? Because you have so much that you can give. Because there is so much that needs to be exposed. Because there is so much that needs to be torn down.
       64. Those who have the mission to America must take on the anointing of the iconoclast and the idol-smasher--to uproot, to destroy, and to tear down the works of the Devil! Those who are called to be missionaries to America must be called to expose the Enemy in a greater way than he has ever been exposed before. Those who are called to be missionaries to America must not be distracted or sidetracked by anything that they see, but they must have a perfect hatred for every piece of playground equipment planted there by the Devil.
       65. This is the Devil's playground, and those who are called to this land must be as their forefathers--ready to stand up for that which is pure, ready to clean out the land of all the things that are not pure and not good, and willing to prepare the way for the building of a new land. Those who are called to the mission field of America must be those who are strong and true and loyal to the Words of David and Maria, and the Words of My prophets and prophetesses of this day.
       66. I give unto them New Wine, and this wine shall be poured out. It is My purpose for this wine to shake the very foundation of this seat of Hell! Those who carry these new words to this generation must know the full content of these words. They must believe and have faith in every one of them and their source, and be able to give an answer to every man that asks of him, concerning the faith that lies in him.
       67. For you are saying, "We have heard from the spirit world." This in itself will shake many foundations, because you, the Family, are saying it. It's nothing new, but because you are saying it, it will rock them and wake them up! This is My purpose. It will shake and shock them, and this is My purpose. It will move them to open their eyes, and this is My purpose. For they are covered with the spirit of deadness and sleepiness, lethargy and drunkenness, and all spirits of deafness and dumbness are upon them. These words are to wake them!
       68. And as if it were not enough that you are saying, "We have heard from Heaven," if they read these words, the messages of these people are simple truths from Heaven which will be like explosive bombs, creating a furor that will rock the very gates of Hell! There is a force even now fighting against these words.
       69. For this is the seat of the Devil, and he knows not what tactics can be used when My children are strong in faith. When you are strong in faith, he cannot keep up with your attacks, and he will not be able to stop you or disappoint My purpose of these words coming into this land.
       70. You speak English? Yes, you do. So speak it. Speak every word of truth that you know in this land! You shall be held accountable for all those words in English that you know.
       71. Some of those who read these books shall be called to My Kingdom through them. Some shall find great answers and shall bow down their heads to the floor and cry out to Me in thankfulness and deep gratification for answering their very deepest longings. Others shall take these words and lash out in fury and in anger! They shall seek to destroy and to stop and to harm and to hurt and to hinder.
       72. Therefore, those of you who hold these words in your hands must be strong and true and sure of what you hold. Those who are called to be missionaries in this land must stand up with great joy, knowing that you are fulfilling all the prophecies I have said about this land. For you shall bring down the wrath of God upon it through your witnessing and through your words. Men like these must be the ones to stand in this land. For all others will tremble and shake and will be gnashed upon if they have not the faith to stand up for these words--for all My Words.
       73. You cannot live in this land and not be affected by it and sucked into it, unless you have a hatred for all it stands for. You must know your calling and your purpose. Would you feel called to bring the wrath of God upon this land? Would you feel called to go as a Puritan, as a pioneer, and slash and cut and forge away in the Spirit? You must have the strength and fortitude to pick up whatever tool I ask you to pick up, and smash anything I ask you to smash, and reveal anything I ask you to reveal, and stand up for anything I ask you to stand up for, and die for whatever I ask you to die for!
       74. My sheep will hear My voice and they will follow those who are true to their convictions, who will raise their voice and stand against the multitude of the screaming, hideous voices that cry out in this land.

The Sample of David Livingstone
--And His Plea to You!
       75. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Even as I called My servant Abraham and he left everything behind, his goods and his land, and went out, not knowing whither he went, and followed by faith; and even as I called Moses when he went out, and he chose to suffer affliction with the people of God, rather than to enjoy the pleasures of Egypt, so now I call you. I call not all of you, but I call many, and few are they whom I would ask to stay.
       76. Even now beside Me is a dear one, one who chose to go out and leave his homeland, and went to the dark lands, and touched and healed many both spiritually and physically. He suffered, and yet he said that he had never made a sacrifice. He waits here to help and to lead those of you who would be willing to go out and do the same, to give your lives. And yet know that it is not a sacrifice in comparison to all that I have given for you.
       77.{\b \i }Look at this one [EDITED: "David Livingstone"] who stands here by Me, who is happy now when he sees the rewards that he has received for the seeds that he planted and the ones that he poured forth unto, the souls that were saved because of his faithfulness. Now he is Here by My side as we stand in the courts of Heaven.
       78. I say unto you, do not lose sight of the vision and the goal. Keep the Heavenly vision in mind, for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Your treasure should be Here with Me. Your treasure should be saving souls and bringing them to Me, wherever you are.
       79. Be a missionary wherever you are, and build your treasure Here in Heaven. For the time will come when I will call each of you. And as this one who stands by Me, you will rejoice greatly when you see the rewards that I will lay at your feet, and each one that will come to you thanking you for bringing Me into their lives, so that they could be Here with us too.
       80. So heed these words, and I will send this, My servant, out with those of you who wish to be true missionaries in spirit. He will lead and he will guide and he will show the way and make it easy. He knows the way, for he was a missionary. And though he says he never made a sacrifice, I saw the sacrifices that he made, and I have rewarded him greatly for each one.

       81. {\b \i (David Livingstone speaking:) }The greatest calling in the world is the calling of a missionary: to wake with the morning sun and know that you go forth with a purpose, that you go forth with a message of the Love of God! To wake with the morning sun and know that your Father looks down with great, great love! To know that your Father looks down with great appreciation that you will go forth with the message of His Love to the needy of this world.
       82. The greatest calling is the calling of a missionary, and this I know, for I was a missionary. I was called to the lands of Africa, and I went. I answered the call. Many had been called, but not many answered the call. I went forth because the Love of Christ constrained me. God's Love was so rich and full in my heart. I felt His Love so greatly that I had to give it to others who did not know His Love, who did not know of His gift of Salvation, who did not know of His grace.
       83. And now I am so thankful that I answered that call, for now I see! From Here I see the fruits of all that I did--the fruits of my labor. I said I never made a sacrifice, and when I look from Here, I know that I truly never made a sacrifice. Now I see the rewards of all that I did. I see the fruits. I am greeted by those whom I won to this Kingdom, those who bow down before me and say, "Thank you that you came to my land and gave me the Word of God and showed me His Love, taught me of His grace, and brought me into His Kingdom!"
       84. I plead with you that you go forth as missionaries to the lands where there are the needy--those in darkness, those who know not of the Love of God. I plead with you that you go forth and give the message! For believe me, your reward is great. There will not be a day in which you will not feel the richness and the fullness of God's joy swelling in your heart.
       85. Go forth as a missionary no matter where you are! Crossing the ocean doesn't make you a missionary. A missionary gives the message wherever he is, whatever he's doing. Do not pass up an opportunity to give His Love, to tell of His great gift of Salvation and grace. For in every land and in every country there are those who sit in darkness.
       86. I plead with you that wherever you are, you will daily fulfill your mission to go forth with the Love of Christ. There are many lost, there are many in darkness, and you have the Words of David and the Truth that you must give forth!
       87. You must not settle down, but you must continue to forge ahead! For the days are getting darker and the time for you to give forth this message is getting shorter and shorter. Therefore I compel you and plead with you to go out, to be missionaries! Do not let a day go by that you do not give the message! Do not let a day go by without giving His Love to somebody. You will be so happy when you come to the other side and see the fruit of your labors and the works of your hands, and when you meet those whom you have brought into the Kingdom.
       88. You have Heaven in your hearts--but do not keep it there, give it to others! Think not that it is a sacrifice, for it is not a sacrifice. Everything that you do will be greatly and richly rewarded. So go forth! Many are called but few are chosen, because so few choose to be chosen. It is up to you if you choose to be chosen, to be called out. It is up to you to choose to fulfill the greatest calling in life, the calling of a missionary.

This Is the Day to Choose!
       89. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }This is the day to get where you're going. This is the day to choose. For you have seen how many of your brothers and sisters, even many of your dear close friends, have become entangled in the affairs of this world in this land [EDITED: "America"]. You have seen how they have allowed this to come into their hearts to destroy, how they have chosen a path of selfishness, and you see where it has led them. You see the despair in their hearts, the emptiness in their spirits. Is this how you would like to end up? Is this what you want to be?
       90. I am giving you a choice. Many of you are not satisfied in this land, and this is My will. I have put a desire in your heart to go out, for I have need of you in other lands. Heed My call! For this is where you will find true satisfaction, as you heed My call, as you go to the lands where I lead you.
       91. This is the choice that I am giving to you. Look at your brothers and sisters, those who were once so happy, so full of My Spirit, so used, so fulfilled. Look at the emptiness that is now in their eyes. They have let go of their pearl of great price, and they have begun a long search out into the world, out into this land. But this search is a dead end, for they have let go of that pearl, and never again will they be able to find that joy, unless they turn to Me.
       92. This is the day for you to choose! You see how they have ended up. Is this what you want? Or do you want to go far beyond? I would love to take you up to heights you have never known, to give you the desires of your hearts, to set you free to burn free like you've never burned before! You must heed the call, for I am putting these desires in your heart.
       93. This is a day to choose between the path of selfishness and the path of unselfishness. You've already seen where the path of selfishness leads.

A Mother's Plea to the Young People:
Shine for Jesus!
       94. {\b \i (Vision:) }I saw one of our mothers kneeling and praying very desperately, crying out to the Lord with her whole heart. I saw her several times throughout the prophecies, and then the Lord said that her prayer was a righteous prayer. He said He wanted her prayer to be heard, because it was the prayer of many mothers for the young people of this land. This is her plea to our Family young people:
       95. {\b \i (A Family mother speaking:)} Oh, my beautiful, beautiful children, let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven. You're so beautiful, you're so strong, you're so full of joy, you're so blessed! You're so mightily blessed with love, good health, strength, everything you need. There's no one else like you on Earth.
       96. Oh, my precious children, turn around, stop, listen. You have what no one else has. But you look about you and you're so drawn, so pulled away. I can help you. I'll take you in. I'll love you. I'll train you. I'll do my part. I'll help you to be what you want to be, to do what you want to do. We can help each other.
       97. I have a lot to give. I have such a burden to pour into you, to love you, to give you all that I have. I no longer have the strength to do the things that I want to do, but you do. You're so beautiful, so young and so strong, so full of light and beauty, it radiates from you. You don't see it, but it's so beautiful.
       98. Take a moment, stop, look up from your shopping cart. There's someone who stands beside you, who walks beside you, who's never heard what you've heard, who's never seen what you've seen, who doesn't know what you know. Stop, look up. You're called and chosen. Do it now before it's too late. Talk to them! Share your heart with them. Touch them, hold their hand, embrace them, be friends with them. Did you know that they don't see people like you very often?--Hardly ever. And if it's not you, it's never. They just don't see it. It doesn't exist. That's why you're there. You're there to give them all that you have, and you have so much!
       99. When you look at that boy with the multitude of earrings in his ear and his hair all a mess, wearing the latest fashions, look into his eyes. There's a place in his heart that's made just for Jesus, and Jesus isn't there. Why are you so afraid of his flashy coat, his expensive rings, his flashy necklace and his proud look? Just look into his eyes and talk to him. Maybe you can draw out the child that belongs to Jesus.
       100. And why are you so afraid of the girl that comes mincing down the street in the latest fashion with a proud and haughty look? Look into her eyes. There's a place in her heart that's made just for Jesus, and He's not there.
       101. You can do so much. You can give so much. If you want to find fulfillment, I can help you. Let me help you, and maybe you can help us. Maybe you can help us get on with a new mission. Maybe you can help us lift our burdens, so we too can take our children to higher ground. We can help one another.
       102. But as I look upon you, I cry, and my heart is spent with crying. For you are so beautiful with His light, and you know it not. You have such power that radiates from your very smile, and you know it not. You hide it with the trappings of this world. Let it shine forth and you shall be blessed with a joy that you have not known.
       103. For you shall see coming out of that boy and coming out of that girl, someone who you knew not when you first looked at them. It is the child of Jesus that I long for and desire for you to learn how to bring to His Kingdom. I will help you. Please, hear my cry. Please let me take you in my arms. I will help you. I will give you all that I have.

A Message for America
       104. {\b \i (Vision:) }I was looking at the States through a bird's-eye view, and there were some little groups of people, like a family, some adults and some kids. They'd send out a couple of people, I imagined them to be the younger people, like YAs, going out to other countries. They'd wave goodbye like they were sending them off. Then there were others coming in from other places. There was a flow of some people coming in and some going out. But most of the flow was going out, so the number of people was shrinking.
       105. Then at one point, they all came together and stood up. They didn't have on red robes and that type of thing, but it was like they stamped their feet in unison and it was really loud! You know how when there's a bang, you all look to see where it is? Well, the whole country looked, the people everywhere, like, "Wow, what's that?" Then the Family lifted up their hands and started singing "The Message of Jeremiah!" That was one side of the picture.
       106. Then there was the other side, which was the weeping side of the Message of Jeremiah, like that verse where Jeremiah says, "Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!" (Jer.9:1). It was the real heartbroken side, weeping for the lost who were still there.
       107. So there were two messages for the people who remain: Looking for the lost with the weeping side of the message, and warning of the Lord's judgments and the Endtime for the people who needed that side.

Beware of Compromise!
       108. {\b \i (Vision:) }I saw very clearly highlighted in bold, almost like a billboard sign, the words "America, the land of compromise." Just those words. My impression was that this nation was great before, but it's been slowly eaten away and eroded through compromise with the Devil, one compromise at a time. That has been America's downfall from the beginning--compromising, little by little. Now with our people coming back to America, the danger is still compromise--wanting to be comfortable, wanting to have what we need. So we start compromising, and slowly we could also erode and go very much the same way.
       109. Another illustration I got was of Alexander the Great. For a minute I felt like he was here with me, trying to punch through, and he was saying something to the effect of, "Don't let what happened to me happen to you. I died weeping that there were no more worlds to conquer, because I thought I had conquered all of known civilization. What I didn't see was how much there was far beyond my comprehension. And not only that, but also as I died, I was already losing what I had."
       110. Many of our young people could feel like that: "Well, we've conquered all the rest of the world. Now we're back to square one and there are no more worlds to conquer, so let's just settle down and enjoy what we've got." But how different the picture really is! The Lord was saying that there is much more out there that we haven't even touched yet!

More Prophecies on the U.S.!
       111. {\b \i (Mama:)} The following prophecies were received when I asked some of my helpers to get together and ask the Lord some questions about the U.S., such as, how does He see America and its leadership? Of course the Lord has already said a lot about America through Dad over the years, all of which still holds true, but I was wondering if the Lord had anything specific about today's conditions in America and its present leadership.
       112. Also, while those at the Summit had heard from the Lord about what the young people in the U.S. should be doing, I wanted to see if the Lord had any further counsel as to what the Family in the U.S. should be striving for, or what their goal should be. It didn't surprise me, but you might find it interesting to note that the Lord gave pretty much the same message that He gave through those at the Summit, although those attending this prophecy session had not read the above prophecies!--Just another proof, in case any of you needed one, that it's really the Lord speaking, folks! Following is what the Lord had to say:

Fill the Vacuum--Preach the Truth!
       113. ({\b \i Jesus speaking:) }My children have a love-hate relationship with that country [EDITED: "the U.S."], for they love it and they hate it. Therefore, it is a dilemma for most of them being there, wondering what they should be doing and how they should be doing it. For they know it epitomizes everything that is evil, and yet they also know that it does much good, and much good is accomplished there. So they are like Lot--attracted to it, and yet disgusted by it. And I say that even as Sodom and Gomorrah of old, the parts of that country and the segments of the population in that country that do follow the wickedness and the wicked ways, shall receive their judgment in their time. For though I have mercy and longsuffering, yet there are immutable laws that govern these things, and these judgments must come if there is not a repentance. (Note from Mama: Although He's making reference to Sodom and Gomorrah, the wickedness the Lord is talking about is not necessarily just sodomy--although that's part of it--but the much worse sins of the spirit of rejection and rebellion against God and His laws of Love.)
       114. But I say also there is much work that can be done there. My children must look for the vacuums. They must look at what is not being done there by others. They must look for what message is not being preached there by others. For there are many church people, many children in My churches who seek to do good. They do accomplish much, and I laud them and applaud them for that. But I have delivered unto you a more important message. It is important because so few raise their voices to say it. And that is the Message of Jeremiah for that country.
       115. You are called to be prophets of doom as well as prophets of Salvation. You must raise your voices for those who have no voice, for the poor and downtrodden of the world. You must champion My poor and oppressed children around the world. You must speak up for those whom it is unpopular to speak up for. But see you do it wisely. For you can shout on the city square and receive only the scorn of others. Or you can say it person to person through the personal witnessing which I have always advocated.
       116. You must not only lead people to Me, but you must also speak the truth. This should be part of your witness. For America is blinded by its own self-righteousness. The people of America are blinded by the perceived righteousness of their cause. But your job is to bring sight to those who are blind, by showing them the truth.
       117. You are all persuasive witnesses. That has been your job. You know how to persuade people; you know how to get people to do things that they would not normally do. Turn this persuasiveness not only to the cause of My Salvation, but also to the cause of My poor and downtrodden, some of whom are in their own country. Consider the poor and be an advocate for the poor, and cause people to judge righteous judgment.

Beware of the Quicksand!
       118. ({\b \i Jesus speaking:) }Behold, the golden sands that stretch forth as far as the eye can see. The sun shines down upon them, and nothing can be seen but that which appears to be beautiful and perfect. And thus, My children go forth. Yet beneath the sand is a strong pull, and those who step forth into it unprepared will find that it is as quicksand which takes ahold of them and pulls them violently under, and thus many are engulfed in this land of seeming beauty.
       119. There are those who look upon the sand and they see how many are trapped within this quicksand, and they determine in their hearts that they themselves must go forth to the rescue, that they must be messengers and witnessers to help these others. They travel forth on the barques* of My Word and My protection and My Spirit. They see the need and the many young people who are caught in the snares of the sand. (*barque: small ship with sails.)
       120. And yet there are some who step forth from this barque of protection to assist those who are struggling, and they find themselves caught in the very same snare. This has been the fate of many of My children who have gone to that great land. How many have gone there with such noble intentions, with such grand ideals, only to find themselves now caught and confused and ensnarled and ensnared! And, behold, the latter end with them is much worse than was their beginning.
       121. Yet it is not the end. More barques are needed. More rescuers are needed, not only to pull out those of My lost ones who struggle in the sand, but also those of My children who would do My will but are simply caught, entangled. (From Mama: In saying that more rescuers are needed, the Lord is not implying that shepherds or bellwethers who are on the mission field should go to the States. But rather, that the Lord wants to raise up more bellwethers and shepherds from among those who are already in the U.S. The Lord is commissioning you bellwethers in the U.S. to lift up your brethren, raise the standard, help your brothers and sisters get to the mission field, and lead the way by taking them with you to the field.)
       122. It is not a field for the weak. Outwardly it seems so simple and so pleasing to the eye, and many needs are taken care of. Many things are much more simple than they would be elsewhere. But behold, the hidden force is so much stronger and so much more magnetic.
       123. To those of you, My children, who remain in that land, I say: Search your hearts. Get desperate with Me and find out if that is where I would have you. I would have many of you on a mission field, where the day-to-day struggles are much harder, but where your muscles are strengthened and grow not flabby from lack of exercise; where you can feel Me daily working, doing miracles, providing, leading and guiding, and where My Word will come alive to you and be fresh to you, instead of being an added chore.
       124. Yet there are those of you that I would have in that country, for I have many in that land who are lost. And this is why you must seek Me, to find out what My will is for you. For it is the day of choices, and your choices will govern what you do and who you are and where you end up. But go not blindly into that land, thinking that it will be rest, thinking that you will come for a short while and then leave again. For the pull of the quicksand is very strong. If you are not prepared, you can be caught off guard, and many have been.
       125. To those who remain, I say: Strengthen your brethren. Look not every man on his own things, but on the things of others. Be a standard-bearer. Reach forth your hand unto your brother who is stuck and pull him forth into your barque. I have need of strong bellwethers, those whose muscles are toned, who have daily lifted the weights of My Word, who are bursting with strength and who can help their brothers and sisters who are so weak, who can start them on the weight-lifting program of My Word, slowly building up their muscles and their strength until they, too, can become mighty wrestlers and champions who shall wrestle with the Evil One and rescue My children from his grasp.
       126. I look down upon that country and I see much wickedness and much evil. Behold, day and night, the souls of countless millions come before Me, pleading in My ear and beseeching Me, saying, "How long, O Lord, shall we have to endure such wickedness on the Earth? How long shall we endure such arrogance of leadership, such pride of man, such haughty decisions?" I look upon the rulers of that country and they grieve Me greatly. Many who have lost their lives for My Name's sake do plead with Me to make an end.
       127. Yet My will must be fulfilled and the events must be played forth. I cannot move My hand to interfere with the course of world events, but I ask you to rise above them, and to be My shining light to that nation which is so dark and so full of evil and iniquity. There are many [EDITED: "in the U.S."] who also see this wickedness, for not all are on the side of the Evil One. But it is a stronghold of much iniquity and much evil, and you must be on guard, you must be prepared, and willing to fight with all that is in you if you would remain there.

Be Strong!--And Reach the Lost Youth!
       128. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} There is a great famine in the land for hope and for love. There are times when you wonder, "Who needs hope? Who needs love? People here seem so self-satisfied and complacent with what they have in their lives." But I say unto you that there are many who seek My face and seek My Love in that nation, but the pride that they have been encumbered with and that has been put upon their shoulders weakens them and tells them they don't need love, they don't need hope, that they have everything they need.
       129. It is up to you, My children--those of you who are strong and not weak--to go out there and pull these people out of the morass of iniquity that they have become entangled in. Go, therefore, and seek out the lost, and you will find that there are many, especially amongst the ethnic minorities, who need My Love in many ways. There are many poor people there who need strengthening, uplifting and physical comfort as well. So it is up to you, My children, to go, seek out the lost. Comfort the needy. Do all you can. Give what you can of your physical and spiritual resources, and pull them out of the miry clay that they have entangled themselves in.
       130. There are many who go there seeking what they think is paradise. They go there, and they are ensnared. So let not these dear ones be entangled in the entrapment of the System. For all that glitters is not gold, and all that shines is not diamond. I would, therefore, give a warning, especially to My youth there, those of you who think that the System is great and who think there is a lot to be offered out there. Know that they are but husks. If you would remain in that nation, you must remain with a strong countenance. You must remain as soldiers to fight a war--not as vacationers!
       131. Seek out the other youth who have special need of Me, and who are sinking day by day, and becoming more and more ensnared in the Enemy's trap. But be warned that if you are not strong in the Spirit and in My Word, you yourself will also become entangled and become a part of the trap that the Enemy is trying to use to entrap others. Be careful, for this nation is wicked in every way, and there are many subtle wickednesses that you do not see. What you see on the media or on TV is nothing compared to what is really going on behind the scenes. The leaders of this nation lie, and many of the things they say to cover things up are lies. People swallow the pill of poison because it is coated with sugar and with niceties, but they are lies. And if you swallow this pill, you yourselves, though you be My children, will also partake of these lies. So be careful.
       132. I cannot disclose very many of the details of what is going on, because though I reveal things unto My servants the prophets, all must not be revealed now. All will be revealed in time. But be warned that there are lies and there are things behind the scenes that are different than they seem. So be careful, My children.

America: A Land of Iniquity!
       133. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }This is a great nation, a mighty nation, a nation that was given the responsibility of being an example to the world, founded in the tenets of Christianity, for religious liberty, with its arms open to the needy of the world. It found pleasure in My sight. But this nation has turned from Me and has become a hotbed of iniquity. It has become a bed of perverseness, from which corruption and decadence and evil flows out into the rest of the world. In this, it has become the source of evil and not the source of good, as I intended for it to be, and as the Founding Fathers intended for it to be. For they knew they were given a mandate to set up a land of freedom and of opportunity and equality, acceptance of all people, and to give opportunities to all people. But instead it has become a land of degradation, of terror, of want and of famine.
       134. Though the poverty that exists in the United States is not as great as the poverty in some other parts of the world, it is worse in that it is coupled with filth and degradation and disease and crime, and the daily horror of living day to day, not knowing if you will survive till the next day, or if your children will survive the wars of the ghettos or the diseases that run rampant, or the moral curses that are now accepted in this great land. I say "great" not because it is great in morality, but because it looms as a mighty specter on the horizon. It looms as the great superpower of the world now, even sending doctors to help the head of the land that once was considered an equal superpower. (Note: An American heart surgeon went to Russia to consult with Russian doctors about Yeltsin's upcoming operation.)
       135. America has not been humbled. And because it has not been humbled, the iniquity waxes worse and worse and worse, eating from the inside as a canker. It is like an apple whose insides are rotten and decayed, but whose outside is still whole and appears flawless. But if one bites into it, the horror and the rottenness is seen and tasted and felt.
       136. Their achievements have been great, but they have not used their power for the good of the rest of the world. Even now do they use their might only to defend those whom it is in their interest to do so, and not those who are really the needy and the oppressed. Instead they use their guns and their might for selfish reasons, when there is the question of oil or even when there is only the question of pride.
       137. The leaders do lie. The leaders are in bed with those who seek to dominate the whole world, even as your father David has said in his Letters about the Illuminati and the world conspiracy and the Antichrist forces that seek to take over the world.
       138. The liberal forces are rife with evil, because they seek to cooperate with the Antichrist forces. And although the liberals may have many goals which seem to be good and positive and righteous, still, their evil is that they have joined forces and cooperated with the Antichrist forces. For the sake of power, they have compromised with those whose goals are intrinsically and inherently evil.
       139. Those who are on the conservative side, who stand up for My right and My righteousness, have suffered. They have suffered in the opinion polls. They have suffered in the eyes of their supporters. They have suffered in the media, because they have stood up for the lives of the unborn children, and for the rights of others for whom there was no voice.
       140. But basically, the country is filled with decadence and corruption and rottenness. Yet do My Words hold true, and when there are those who do humble themselves and pray, I will heal them and I will save them and I will help them. They will be an oasis in the midst of the time of destruction. They will be as reservoirs of safety and of life and health for all those who flee the destruction that will come. For there are those who are the anti-Antichrists, who are receptive to My Words and who do seek the health of their land. But they will not be able to stand against the mighty tide of iniquity, and because the iniquity waxes great, therefore My judgments will fall, as I have said.

Run to Higher Ground!
       141. {\b \i (Prophecy continues:) }Upon the horizon the clouds are gathering, blacker than ever. They are rolling in, just as your father David saw them. They are looming, dark and black. Therefore, as I have always said, it behooves My children to run with haste to higher ground, to find the lands that are receptive and hungry, who drink up every drop of water as though it were the last drop. In these hungry lands you do not have to search and search and search and search to find those who are hungry and thirsty, for behold, they are on every side. They reach and they cry and they grab up the little pieces of literature that fall to the ground, for they are hungry for them. Their hearts are not hardened, but they are open and thirsty and receptive. Therefore it is My will that My shepherds guide My sheep to these hungry lands, as I have always told you.
       142. But it is also My will that those remain who have been called to this great land of influence. For in the days of Israel and Judah, did not My prophets go to the wicked land? Were not many of My prophets called to the wayward and the wicked land, which had departed from Me? It is the lands of wickedness that do need the prophets. And which of My prophets did they not stone and kill and suffer to be martyred? (Crying.) Even so in this land will they treat you the same, but it is My will that you raise up a cry of warning and a cry of Salvation and forgiveness for those who will turn from their wicked ways.
       143. Some of you are called to be this voice of warning and of help, to have a two-fold message: the warning of doom to those who continue in their wickedness, pride and rejection of Me, and the voice of love, forgiveness and salvation for those who would just do so much as turn towards Me, to reach out to Me in their hearts. For there are yet many, many sheep in this dark land. Just as the candle shines so brightly in the darkness, I would that you would be bright candles in this land of great darkness and great wickedness.
       144. In many cases it will be the older generation who will return here and who will be of great effectiveness, for your testimony of having been missionaries for many years will speak loudly. The skills that you have learned will go far and be recognized, and the brightness and the happiness that shows on your faces and in your lives will be a testimony to many who are jaded and weary and ready to die for the weariness and the oppression that they feel. They will see your happiness and your lightness. You may feel that you are at the end of the road when you return to America, but many of you will find fruitfulness and receptivity there because of your age and your experience, and the many victories and the many miracles that you have beheld.
       145. But to many of My young people I say, go! Go to lands of great fruitfulness, for you have the youth and the energy to withstand the hardships of new surroundings, to be able to make the adaptations and the adjustments that these new fields need. You have the strength to endure the hardships of the mission field, and you will see a great reaping. So unto you I say, go, and take as many with you as you can!
       146. If you are in the United States, find others who would like to leave all behind and go with you to the mission field. For many are afraid to face their friends and their peers who laugh and jeer at them, but they will gladly leave with you to go and change the world elsewhere. For did not many of you do the same? Did not many of you leave all behind and start new lives elsewhere?
       147. So I say unto you, shake off the dust of your feet, and go with Me to new horizons and new challenges and new lands, where you will reap a hundred, a thousand, a million-fold.
       148. This is My call to you! For the clouds are gathering on the horizon, and the rains of judgment have been falling and will continue to fall more and more and more.
       149. Some of you I would have stay even to be martyrs in this land. It is a land of great danger, great oppression, and great opposition to My Word. But it is a land of great influence, so the voice of many will be heard afar. But be sure that you are called to be the prophets of this land. For you will face great hardship--not physical hardship, but hardship in the spirit, and great opposition from those who wish to persecute My children. But as you take up the challenge, I will give you the strength.
       150. To the others of you, I say, go! Go to My fruitful harvest fields, for you will reap over and over and over. I will never leave you comfortless, for behold, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. You will be My shining army, going over all the world and bearing fruit in every place where I call you to go.

Stay Dropped Out!
       151. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I pose to you the question: Can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit? So it is with the political system of this country. It is corrupt, and that is widely known. It is inherently flawed, in that it relies on the righteousness of men and not on the righteousness of God. Even though young idealists may come in at one end, by the time they come to any sort of power, they know the way in which they must act. They know it is a matter of trade-offs and deals. They know that they sacrifice some good that other good may be done. They know that they compromise themselves.
       152. So it is with this man, Clinton, who came in as an idealist and has reached the pinnacle of power. Yet daily you hear of the deals he was in, and you know that even though guilt may never be proven, his hands are not clean. So when he sits there as the leader of that nation, and he piously and righteously talks about what America should do and how it should do it and why it is doing it, know that the words are tainted, for the very seeds of evil have penetrated the whole system, and it cannot produce pure motives or pure words. Even if this man wished to do good, it is as the Bible verse which says, "Let us do evil, that good may come of it." It is impossible. The system is flawed.
       153. Righteousness and truth and goodness can only originate from the Source, and that Source is My Word, My truth and My Love. But they do not acknowledge the Source, except to pay Me lip service and to use My Name to promote their own ends. And so I say, the whole Earth is corrupt, and it will be purged in My time.
       154. And now to the matter of balancing the lesser and worse evils. Learning to live with evil makes one become hardened to it, and My children's perception of what is evil and what is good becomes distorted. Therefore they themselves become compromised in order to survive. But I say unto My children, come forth and have no dealings with the evil. Partake not in her wickedness. Be not part of evil, for that evil which you allow to coexist with you will someday poison you. It will be a slow process.
       155. You must remain dropped out. You must not allow the evil into your lives. Be vigilant, be diligent, for your adversary the Devil, that old roaring lion, walks about still, to see whom he may devour. You are some of the few champions of truth, of righteousness and of good. Stay diligent. Stay vigilant. Stay on the wall. Look to Me, for I long to be your salvation. I long to give you strength. You will not find strength in other sources. You will not find nourishment in other words. Look to Me. Trust in Me, for this is your only hope, your only salvation.

The Great Escape!
       156. {\b \i (Vision:) }I had a vision at the beginning like "The Great Escape" (ML #160), and the feeling that this was still the case and situation in the U.S. The vision was very detailed. There was a valley encircled by mountains. I was looking down into the valley and in the foreground was a shepherd, frantically and urgently herding these people, who were the sheep, up into the mountain passes where they'd be safer. Over the hills in the distance were huge black clouds, darker than normal storm clouds, very big and heavy and very close to the valley.
       157. In the valley there were a lot of sheep, but amongst them were prophets, crying like one crying in the wilderness. They weren't relaxed, sitting around, being laid back. They were very militantly crying out to all those who were in the valley. It was a picture of those called to stay back in the valley having a ministry that they had to be very militant about.

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