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MEXICO: A NEEDY MISSION FIELD!       Maria #357       DO 3083       10/96
--By Maria

       1. Recently I asked some of our folks to ask the Lord if He had anything to say about Mexico--the country and its rulers, as well as any counsel for the Family there. In the prophecies the Lord gave, He spoke about the need for more laborers for this needy and fruitful field.
       2. Specifically, the Lord is calling some of you Family members in the U.S. to lift up your eyes and look on the harvest that is south of the border. Many of you young people probably already speak Spanish and have been in Latin countries before, and would not find it too difficult to adjust to the Mexican field, as compared to some other fields. Also, some of you large families who are unable to raise the fare and support to move to a faraway land such as China or India might find it easier to move to a much closer mission field.
       3. Is the Lord calling you personally to fill this need? Seek Him today to find out! And if He is, take up the challenge and step out by faith, and He promises to give you joy and fruitfulness in your labors! The Lord and Dad are telling us the time is now, and the field is ready! Don't delay!

Pour Out the Clear Waters!
       4. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }There is a great weakness in the land [EDITED: "Mexico"]. There is also a rottenness, a sore that is growing, that is devouring My children [EDITED: "the church Christians"]. Many there have a pretense of religion. They have an understanding of Me, but in many ways it is quite shallow. They long for truth, but seek it from the wrong sources. They go to the tap for water and find only brown muddy water coming forth. It is water, and it does help to satisfy their need to drink and to wash. But with this water comes disease and corruption. So though it answers the immediate problem, it brings with it lasting problems. It is not the fresh, clear crystal streams that I wish to give to My children.
       5. You, My children of David, drink from a tap of clear running water--water that comes from the artesian wells* and from the Heavenly springs. [EDITED: "*artesian well: a deep, drilled well from which water gushes up without pumping, where water pressure is sufficient to produce a constant supply of water rising to the surface of the ground"] Water that is stored in My Word of old, and fresh water that comes pouring upon you daily. You are washed and refreshed with clean waters that can only revitalize. But think about these who must partake of these dirty waters, for this is all that is available. This is all that the sources which they have to turn to give forth, these muddy waters. With these muddy waters come sickness and continued difficulty.
       6. These muddy waters come from the different taps that they go to--the taps of education, of religion, of government. There are so few who understand the ways to the sources of the clear waters. You, My children, could make these clear waters much more available. For there are kings and queens who wish to help their people with clean waters, but they are unable to do so. For all that they have at their fingertips are the muddy waters, the same waters that the multitudes are receiving.
       7. Pour forth! Just pour forth! Find the kings who can fill the reservoirs with fresh waters. Find those who manage the reservoirs and offer them the fresh waters. Let them broadcast the videos. Let them broadcast the tapes. Let them publish the Words. Be not afraid of losing the credit, for the credit will come in due season. Your main job and the main need is to refresh the people with the living waters--the living waters of old and the fresh, living waters poured forth today.
       8. I have kings, many that you have already met, but you have not understood this principle. You have cared for them with a limited understanding, and you have done the best that you can do with the tools that you have. I do not mean the tools that you use to feed My children and My flocks with, but I mean the counsel that you have for your situation. Do not hear these words and be discouraged and feel that you have failed, but rejoice that I am now pouring forth counsel unto you, to show you how you may also reach your country. A great and mighty and wonderful washing can take place in your land.
       9. So listen up and take heed. Follow Me closely and rejoice, for the day has now come. It has now become your turn to shine brightly in the Kingdom!

Now Is Mexico's Hour!
       10. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I came to seek and to save that which is lost. I came to seek and to save those who are cast aside in the bushes and on the sides of the road, in the highways and in the byways, in the gutters and along the streets, where the pollution flows. Therefore I say unto you, go out and compel them to come in! For when I invited those who were of My followers, of My Own kin, to come in to the feast, they would not all come in. There was still room left. Then I told My disciples to go to the highways and the byways and along the hedges of the streets and compel those there to come in, that My wedding feast may be full!
       11. I have meat to give that you know not of, to satisfy the hunger of these souls. For these are as they who have been robbed and beaten and cast aside, as the man on the way to Jericho who fell among thieves. This country truly has been raped by the Great Whore herself, and even by its own leaders, its own officials, its own government, its own rich.
       12. When the priest passed by, he went on to the other side of the road. I say, be not as those, but rather be as the Good Samaritan, who stopped on his way to the great city. On the way to his great mission he stopped and he took care of this poor man. So I say unto you, stop and take care of these people. Take care of this country that has been neglected.
       13. This is your neighbor, O brethren of America, who has been beaten and robbed and raped and pillaged and plundered! Can you not send your people there to your neighbor? Whatever you spend, I will repay. Whatever you sacrifice from your own ministries, your own great missions, your own mission fields, whatever you spend to help this one that has been cast aside and neglected and raped and pillaged and plundered, I will repay.
       14. Give unto this one, and I will give back unto you; great measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall they return unto your bosom. For don't you need more laborers? If you invest in this one, you shall reap laborers.
       15. It is the time for Mexico. It is the time to sow deeply, to take her seriously, to make love to her passionately. For she has no one to take her into their arms and to hold her and to fuck her with the seeds of David, so that she may bring forth much fruit. Yet she is a happy people. Remember David's dream of the little Mexican woman that he ravished? (See "Latin Lover!" ML #1080, Vol.9.) This is the time for you to go in and to fuck her, and to fuck her, and to fuck her! This is the time to give her your seeds, to give her My seeds, to give her David's seeds, to give her Maria's seeds, to sow deeply that you may reap abundantly.
       16. Remember, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. A candle that is put under a bushel will not give its light. Therefore let your light shine brightly. Stand up before the multitudes. Perform! Do performances. Be not afraid, but stand up.
       17. As you sing My music and broadcast My messages publicly, as your show groups stand up amongst the people, on the airwaves, on the TV, on the radio, on the broadcasting systems, as you stand up and as the people suck from you and feed off of you, the government will see this as a good thing, as an encouragement to the people. They will see you as those who lift the hopes of their people out of the dust, and out of the dirt. They will see you as an encourager of their people.
       18. Therefore sow deeply--not only to the rich, but to the masses, to the poor. By sowing deeply, I mean sow your encouragement, sow your comfort. Show that you care for the little person. For with the strife in that nation, there is a polarization going on. There is a great vacuum for those who love the poor. Behold, I have created this vacuum, and opened this window of opportunity! Walk in and fill the need.
       19. Fill the little people's need for love. Show the masses the comfort of God. Show them My comfort. Show them how I reach down to the depths of their souls and pick them up. Show them how I care. Be their comforter, their inspiration. Lift them on the wings of your songs. Inspire them to soar! Lift their spirits! Let them sing with you. Let them ride on your very spirits, on the very love that I have placed within your souls.
       20. Sing a song of love! Sing a song of hope! Sing a song of courage! Sing a song for the desperate to grab onto, that they may see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope, there is a Family of Love, there is someone who loves them, and there will be a Government that loves them [EDITED: "the Millennial reign of Christ"]. Help them to see that I am coming soon! Get them ready for My coming! Lift them out of the doldrums, that their spirits may rise again like the phoenix!
       21. Though you are a little people, yet you have My key of inspiration. You have the key of David. You have the Love of God. You have My comfort. You have the Words of David--the Words that reach down into Hell and provide a ladder for the people to climb out into the heavenlies, to see the blue sky and to breathe the fresh air. You have it, My people, therefore give it. Use the System, but don't abuse it.

The Lord's Call to Those in the U.S.
to Reach Mexico
       22. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I have felt their pain and their aching. I wish to relieve them, to comfort them, and to give them My abundance in their lives. This country [EDITED: "Mexico"] is as a poor man who cried, and I have heard him and will deliver him from his sorrows. And his sorrows are great.
       23. As the rain falls upon the parched earth, so I send My Spirit of Love on the lives of those that cry. They have been downtrodden and abused, downcast and misused by the authorities. For the powers that be are selfish and self-centered, greedy leaders, parasites who suck on the labor and hard work of the poor to benefit themselves. They are hypocrites! For they say that they love Me and have saturated themselves with religious tradition, but they do not know Me, and I do not know them.
       24. I wish to bring about change in this land, for there is great turmoil within, like a festering sore. I reach out My hand of compassion and wish to caress those that seek Me. But I need servants there. I need labor leaders. I need feet to preach the Gospel. I call upon those who are willing and able to venture into this land with the tools that I have given you, to bring about this great change that I wish to bring to the country of Mexico.
       25. The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few. Therefore I call out to you, and I challenge you! I challenge you to cross the border, where the harvest is in great need of laborers to reap. I shall supply your every need; for the Earth is Mine and the fullness thereof.
       26. Who will take up the commission? Who will heed the call? Who will stand upon My promises and go, preaching the Gospel to every creature in the land of Mexico? I wish to call some of you out of the land of plenty. I wish to call some of you who feel a lack of challenge in your lives, some of you who are worried about your children being influenced by the evils of the System of the United States. For it is not a united state, but is full of wickedness and disunity. I wish to raise up My army within this nation that has taken advantage of Mexico. I wish for them to go forth conquering with love, with wisdom, with My Words, with the tools, the Words of David. Go out to the highways and byways and tenderly gather them in.
       27. The governments of the land of Mexico have neglected their poor and needy. They have neglected their people and used them for their own benefit and causes. Therefore I have not blessed them, but have smitten them with turmoil and confusion and corruption, even more as each day goes by--My judgments against them and their iniquitous ways. But those there that are of My house [EDITED: "Christians"] will look upon the new army that I send to Mexico, and they will marvel when they see that you have been with Me, and are saturated with the Words of David. They shall long for the Truth, and this will help change their ways. This will help them turn from their iniquity, for they are children that are easily led astray by the influences and the tentacles of the U.S.
       28. Therefore free them from the bondage, from the shackles, from the dungeons of despair, so that they can raise their hands in praise and thanksgiving, knowing that it is I Who will deliver them! Your father David weeps for the souls that long for Me and My Words.

Dad's Burden for the Mexican Field
       29. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} Shake'm up, Son! Shake'm up, Peter! Beseech them! Pass on my burden to them, Son! I know the Lord will be with you and will anoint you to impress upon those in the U.S. that are looking for a new place of service, the dire need that the Lord sees, and that I, David, see. (Editor's note: Dad is referring to the delegates' meetings in the U.S. held in September and early October 1996, which Peter attended.) This is an emergency! Something needs to be done! Shake'm up, Son, with your loving manner and your Godly wisdom. Pass on my desire to reach out to the Mexicans, for they are poor and needy and desperate.
       30. My children that are there need encouragement. They need help! They need reinforcements! When they see that the Lord and I are moving and that reinforcements are coming, they will turn around and get more on fire and fall in love again with that first love they had for that field. We want to do something there! We want to change the situation! We've seen the Enemy walking around in his evil, wicked ways, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He roars even at the door of the Lord's children.
       31. But when we fight unitedly in the Name of Jesus and in the name of David, we will overcome in that land, and the work shall be strengthened! Many souls and disciples shall be won as you unite them together to rally 'round the flag, the banner of the Family, the banner of David, the Lord's banner.
       32. Oh, Son, if you could only share with them the desperate need of this critical situation, I know they will go, for they are missionaries at heart. They just need direction. They need new inspiration, for some of them have gotten complacent and are content and comfortable. But, Son, you know me! You know how I feel about that! I want them to be more useful, and they want to be more useful. They just need this new challenge.
       33. There are many changes going on within the Family, and the Lord has commissioned me to help guide and to give instruction through all the changes. And I love it! It is my desire, because I just love changes! I love to move! A rolling stone gathers no moss, and we have the Stone of the Lord! We have the Rock, the Cornerstone! If we keep moving with Him, we will roll right over the Devil and all of his forces, and roll right into the hearts of those that need the Words.
       34. Send my love to those who are already in Mexico. Send them my love, my appreciation and my great gratitude for what they are doing, for the sacrifices they are making. I know it's difficult for them, but I love them for it. They are great in the eyes of the Lord, devoting their lives to His service. You can't have a better life than that! Tell them that help is on the way. Tell them that reinforcements are coming, and they will rejoice! They will clap and sing and celebrate, for they know that the need is great. They are overwhelmed with the need, and I intend to do all that I can to help them. The Lord said He would, and I am committed to sending help and reinforcements, to win the battle that rages there, and to sing the victory song for all the Mexicans to hear--for all those who want to hear and see.
       35. They will see the great Love that the Lord has for them, and you, my Family, shall be honored. They shall come in flocks to your doors, knowing that, "Yes, this is the truth, and we have been deceived in the past." The people will know that their traditional religions are not what's going to help them any more. But the new, alive, free, vibrant, joyful Family will be their salvation.

Will You Come and Help
The Needy of Mexico?
       36. {\b \i (Vision:)} I see a picture of a little Mexican girl on a dusty, dirty road. She is in ragged clothes and barefooted. Her face is dirty, her hair is messy. She reaches out her hand, and she says: "Children of David, will you come and help us?" Jesus stoops down and He pulls her to His bosom and lovingly strokes her hair and holds her tightly. Behind her stands those who rule the country of Mexico--the corrupt, the rich, and those of the church. They stand in a semi-circle, decked out in their fancy clothes and jewels, the priests with their expensive red vestments, looking upon this poor, bedraggled little girl with disdain, with no mercy. Jesus turns from the little girl and faces us, the children of David, who are watching this scene and says:
       37. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Will you come? Will you come and help her--the lost, the destitute of Mexico? They have been beaten down until there is not even much breath left in them. They seek for help. I need you, My children. I need you to come and rescue them.
       38. I have a plan that I wish to show you. Fear not those that are in the government, and fear not those that are in this rich religion, for I have come to rescue My people of Mexico. I will be with you and I will protect you. I ask you to walk and act as I did when I was on Earth [EDITED: "ministering to the people"]. The common people heard Me gladly, and I exposed the hypocrisy of their rulers and their church leaders. Those who were My sheep heard My voice, and they followed Me; they knew the voice of Truth.
       39. Those in power were not able to touch one hair of My head until the time appointed. For My Father commissioned Me to go forth and liberate those who had been abused, to take My Word unto them, to set them free. Fret not nor be concerned about how you shall go about this great task of reaching these people, for I am with you. It takes an impossible situation for Me to do a miracle. You may look out upon the multitudes of these people and see their desperate need and wonder, "How can we help them? Yes, we can perform, and we can sing, and we can comfort them. But they are hungry, they are destitute, they are naked and in dire need!"
       40. My children, I say unto you, bring them the Words of Life. Bring them My Words of David. Pour forth My Truth and My Words, and I will pour forth what you need to supply their physical needs. I will do the miracles. I will multiply the loaves and the fishes. I will do great and mighty works for you. The news shall be noised abroad among the people of Mexico, and they will know that I am among them, that I have looked down from Heaven and had mercy upon them. They have cried out to Me and I have heard their cry, and I seek to bring them relief.
       41. Fear not those who would want to stop you when they behold the mighty miracles that I will do. I am with you. You are My servants, and no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. The people shall hear you gladly! Many shall be comforted. Many shall be healed. They will not forget you in your hour of need. You will even be able to win some of those in high places, even as I did. There will be Nicodemuses and Josephs of Arimathea who will come to you under the cover of night and desire the Words of Life. They will help you.
       42. Oh, My children of David, bring all the tithes into the storehouse, and prove Me now herewith, and see if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing that you will not be able to contain! Come, brethren of North America! Come! I need you! I cry out to you for this desperate need, this desperate hour. The hour is now! I need you!
       43. It involves sacrifice, and you may not be able to have all the physical comforts that you have now. But I will care for you and provide for you. Remember, My children, that even I had to endure discomfort to reach the lost. There were times when I didn't know where I was going to lay My head, but by the time nightfall came, My Father had supplied.
       44. My dear young adults in the Family, I call out to you! Will you come and help these of Mexico, My lost sheep? I can use you. Will you sacrifice? Will you give up your luxuries for rewards in Heaven? For souls? For stars in your crown? I have no hands but your hands, and no mouths but yours, no eyes but yours. I wish to use you. I want you all to be My little Jesuses and My little Davids. I can fill your heart with new and fresh inspiration and vision. I can rekindle that fire within your soul, that flame of faith that may be flickering. I long to!
       45. Come! Take up the challenge! Do you feel stagnant? Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you long for excitement? I'm giving you the answer. Come! There is a country full of millions of people waiting for you to bring them the Truth! You will see miracles happen before your very eyes like never before--miracles of healing, of protection, of provision. But if you don't go, I can't show.
       46. This is a dying and desperate nation of people who have been squelched, who are fed up, and who are longing for relief. They're at the point where they think there is no more hope. But I have heard their cry, and I want to answer. Just look to My Word for the way in which you should go. It is all there. Go forth, knowing that I am with you. Don't look at the battle as if you are going to be defeated. Don't look at the battle and see all the obstacles and let your heart become overwhelmed. But look at this battle and know that I am with you. I go with you. Stand back and watch Me win this battle. I only ask you to do what you can do, what I need you to do, and I will do what you can't.
       47. Do you want your faith to grow? Come to Mexico! I will show you how, like the phoenix, I can raise those who are lost from the ashes of defeat unto glorious victory!

Don't Neglect the Rich and Powerful
       48. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I also say unto you, do not neglect to sow unto the rich and famous, and especially to your kings and to your queens and to your lawyers, and to those that I have placed in places of power. These are also among the most destitute. Neglect not your lawyers, neglect not your legal team, neglect not your pro-active work. You must have a special team, a special corps to minister unto these. This is important; for when it comes time to make your stand, you will have to have the strength and the stamina and the power to be able to hit back.
       49. It is like a batter at the plate. When the pitcher starts to throw his curve balls and his screw balls, and even tries to bean you once or twice, you have to be willing to stand up there, to grit your teeth, to pull back the bat and to hit the ball out of the park! You've got to be prepared for the fast balls, because when it comes to playing hardball, they will play hardball. But don't be afraid. Fear not. A wise man armed keepeth his goods in peace. You've got to be armed with your spiritual artillery and with your cavalry and with your flanks--a corps of people who are able to stand up for you in time of need and are able to hit back.
       50. The religious system there--in fact, many religious systems--are going to be like snakes in the grass, waiting for their time to strike. So be sure you have protected yourself with high boots, like lawyers, and that you have surrounded yourself with the proper contacts and the people who are willing to fight when it comes time to fight. In the meantime, walk throughout the land. Walk through the grass out to the peasants. Just make sure you have your boots on. Be sure that you are ready to make your stand when it comes time, so that when they start playing hardball, when they throw the hard balls at you, the fast ones, and the curve balls, and the screw balls, that you are able to hit them out of the park, and to use the stink that they bring up as a stepping stone to greater victories, for greater battles, to win more hearts.
       51. Remember that I am with you and I will never forsake you. But there comes a time when you have to fight, and you have to stand up and be counted. You have to stand on your convictions. So be sure that you know the Statements. Be sure that you know your stand, and that you are able to fight back. Be sure that you have your media teams ready to fight, because it is going to be a great ideological warfare, winning the hearts and the minds of the people. So when these questions come--and they will come--be sure you are ready to answer. Be sure that your people on TV are ready to give an answer to them that ask. This will only further your cause, and cause you to win more. It will be their wind, but your sail, and it will cause you to carry your message even further. You can even ride on the wings of their wind to deliver My message to more and more people.
       52. Again, I say unto you, fear not the powers that be. For there is a Greater than they, and there are more that are with you than those that are against you. You shall be able to overcome and to make your stand. For this shall be a refuge place of Mine. I have prepared a place for you. But the winds of adversity always come, and this is why I need fighters. Truly I say unto you, the victory shall be yours if you stand with faith and prayer and truth.

Walk in Wisdom!
       53. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Be wise in how you walk, My children, for your battle is in the hearts of men. Your weapon is love. I have sealed you about with My Love, to insulate you from the weapons of their warfare [EDITED: "the political conflicts in Mexico"], that you shall be able to disarm them with your love. Remember to stay within the capsule of My Love, and to remember where your warfare is--to win hearts over to Me, one heart at a time.
       54. Be not entangled in their warfare [EDITED: "political or social struggles"], but rather sow the seeds of My Love. Read the Words of your Father David, for he will show you how to go about in these precarious situations. This country [EDITED: "Mexico"] is in the midst of reaping what it has sowed, of tasting the fruit of its own doings. Its economy has been sucked dry by the bloodsuckers, like leeches, sucking it and sucking it and sucking it, until the poor have become fed up and can take it no longer.
       55. Therefore be careful of these various conflicts, and walk wisely. Walk in love. Walk in inspiration. Walk in the happiness of the Holy Spirit. Show where your partialities lie--that is, toward Me, toward Jesus, toward love. This shall protect you from the snares and the snakes and the pits. This is why I have said to walk in love toward them that are without.

Visions and Verses
       56. {\b \i (Vision:) }I had a vision of different ones holding onto logs out in a river. Each log represented a Home. If you try to stay on the log on your own, the log spins, and you have to struggle to stay on the log. But if you tie the logs [EDITED: "Homes"] together into rafts, four or five logs, or even three logs, then they stop spinning and you have something to ride on without so much self-effort.

       57. {\b \i (Vision:) }When the Lord was talking about the rich being hungry for the Gospel, I had a vision of a white wall. In front of the wall was a vender with his ice cream cart. Next to him was a businessman, then a school teacher, then a poor laborer type person, then a lawyer. All these different people from different professions were lined up against this white wall. As the prophecy continued, the people were receiving the light that was coming from the wall. There were people amongst the rich and the famous, king and queen types the Lord also wanted to reach. As the prophecy went on, the people looked brighter and happier!

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