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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.84       Maria #359       DO 3086       9/96
--By Maria

Heavenly City Sighting!
       1. {\b \i (Mama:)} I'd like to start off this Currents GN by sharing an amazing prophecy that we received while working on putting this GN together. I think you'll really enjoy it! It came about after I had read a testimony the Ministry Home in Hungary sent us in their TRF comments. Following is what they had to say:

       2. We received a letter from a Russian girl, in which she enclosed an article from a Russian Christian newspaper. She did not write what newspaper this is from, but the article in itself is quite interesting. It's entitled "Glimpses of Heaven." Following is a rough translation of excerpts of the article:
       3. "Washington -- NASA experts are doing a detailed study of hundreds of pictures sent to Earth by the Hubble telescope, which is presently in open space. The pictures are very remarkable because they are the first pictures of Heaven!
       4. "This is what Marcia Masson, scientist and author of many books, tells us. And she got her information about this important event from a high-ranking source in NASA.
       5. "The telescope pictures were received on March 26 by scientists of the Goddard Space Center, in Maryland. The pictures clearly show a huge white-gold city, freely floating in the blackness of the starry sky.
       6. "Even the unbelievers among the NASA scientists agree that this is Heaven, because life as we all know is absolutely impossible in the freezing, airless space. The official NASA representatives withhold making any comments until the completion of the research. The leadership is silent, but the common workers are convinced that these pictures are able to completely change the life of humanity.
       7. "President Clinton and Vice President Gore are keenly interested in the pictures and demand daily reports about the development of the research.
       8. "Marcia Masson says: 'According to my NASA contact, the Hubble telescope, after noticing something at the very end of the universe, immediately sent a signal about it. However, the object was quite distant and the lenses couldn't focus on their own. That is why the first pictures were just a mixture of colors. After adjusting the lenses, the scientists could hardly believe their eyes! In front of them were shots of a wonderful city. In fact, the scientists right away suggested that a city like this couldn't have been built by normal human beings. More likely the city is populated by the souls of the departed dead. So the telescope discovered the dwelling place of the Lord God!'
       9. "The pictures were immediately forwarded to the Pope. Nevertheless, so far the Vatican has not made any official statement about them." (End of the article. Along with the article there was a picture of a space city in the starry sky.)
       10. Of course we don't know how true this article is, as there haven't been any confirmations regarding this, nor any articles in other newspapers, but it's encouraging to see that in these Last Days the Lord is giving people chance after chance, and is trying to make it easy for anyone to believe and receive Him.

       11. {\b \i (Mama:)} After reading this testimony, I was interested to know whether it was indeed true or just made up. To our natural reasoning it sounds pretty far-fetched, but who knows? There was no way to get a confirmation but to ask the Lord: Did they really see something, and if so, what is it? How were they able to see it? Does this mean that the Heavenly City is presently visible in our physical dimension?--Or was the Lord giving them a glimpse of the supernatural and the world of the spirit?
       12. I think you'll be amazed and inspired by the Lord's answer, as He opens the world of the spirit and reveals to us the mysteries of the universe! Isn't it amazing how the Lord loves us so much that He gives us, His simple little children, the answers to these questions? He not only answered them, but gave more information and insight, as well as confirming some things that He had revealed in the past through Dad.
       13. Some of you may find all this pretty hard to believe, and may think that it's foolish to just go by some little tabloid-style article in an unnamed newspaper. Well, we're not going by the article, but by what the Lord said! You don't have to believe that NASA scientists got a glimpse of the Heavenly City, nor that it's located in the moon, if you don't want to--it's not one of our fundamental beliefs--but I believe it, because the Lord said it, and I have faith in that! And I find it pretty fascinating! Praise the Lord!

       14. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Have I not said that I would set signs and wonders in the sky? Therefore marvel not that I do this thing to encourage the faith of those who would believe. For My sheep hear My voice and they follow, and they see My signs and they see My wonders and they believe.
       15. So I give glimpses of the great and golden City that you call Space, as it descends! Marvel not that I give unto these a sign, that those who see may believe and be encouraged that a better world is on its way.
       16. But be not deceived, for Satan seeks to slip in. Satan walks about and attempts to slip a lie in here and slip a lie in there, as he freely runs to and fro, back and forth, weaving in his poisonous threads of false science. Watch, therefore, and pray, that you be not deceived. For within the tapestry Satan weaves threads of poisonous lies. I allow this that men may choose.
       17. Take heed, therefore, that you discern the signs of the times, for Satan also seeks to put signs and wonders in the sky. He does this through the vehicle of science falsely so-called, as he conjures up false facts and pads the statistics with billions or zillions of light years away, which do not exist. The Evil One seeks to explain away My Truth; he seeks to tamper with the Truth, to alter it, and distort My pictures. Know that My City does not lie at the end of the universe--this is the tampering of Satan. My City is near! My City descends, and your redemption draws nigh!
       18. Measure, therefore, all things with the standard of My pure, simple, unadulterated Word. Take heed that you follow not the way of the confused, complicated theories of man, lest you also be led away from the simplicity of My Truth. Not all that meets the eyes of man is the truth; for the eyes of man are often clouded through philosophy, through vain deceit, through the pride of life and the rudiments of this world, which are not of Me.
       19. In this hour Satan weaves in his poison. Satan invents false truths, that he may lure those who do not discern with the eyes of faith. Satan seeks to cover up. Under the guise of "study" and "research," he bides his time that he may invent and falsify facts and figures and images for the masses. Satan would seek to cover up the truth, and bides his time by hindering the news from spreading abroad, that he may distort what I have shown, that he may add to and weave in his lies, with "explain away" theories.
       20. Take heed, for Satan seeks to falsify and explain away even My pure pictures. I, the Master of the universe, speak and show glimpses into My Heavenly Realm, and Satan attempts to quickly enter in and jam the frequency to those who do not discern.
       21. Therefore open your eyes of faith that you may see. For I, the Great and Almighty, do give a glimpse, a peek, to those who would see with the eyes of faith. I, the Creator of all things, do override the laws of science to encourage those who would believe. I pull back the veil and allow this glimpse to encourage the hearts of those who will believe. In love, I override the laws of science to allow this glimpse, this peek, into the real world--My world of the supernatural.
       22. It is I that have adjusted the lens of the telescope that those who will believe may receive from My hand this touch of Heaven. I give this touch of Heaven to those who have not grown in faith, yet they seek to believe. Therefore I give them a sign, this small glimpse which I beam down through their telescope. I give them this glimpse through the vehicle of their telescope, which they can see and understand and relate to, that in My mercy they may be encouraged.
       23. I would that these be encouraged and increase in faith, like My great scientists of time past, who learned as they ventured out into the great unknown that all they could see only taught them to believe in all they could not see with the human eye. So I give this glimpse, that the scientists of a pure heart may grow in faith.
       24. I allow this peek into Heaven to encourage the hearts of My true scientists--to encourage the hearts of those who acknowledge My existence. For there are many, yea, even in the stations of NASA, who are hungry and searching for My Truth. I allow this to encourage the hearts of My lost children in forsaken lands who seek to believe.
       25. Many are the lies of Satan, and many are his forces that run wild, up and down in the Earth, in this final attempt to lure the masses. So do I give this glimpse into the Heavenlies to encourage My true scientists, that they be not overcome by the evil. I wish to encourage the faith of these who are surrounded by many lies.
       26. Have I not promised that I will set signs and wonders in the skies, that you may look up and know that redemption is nigh? Man is coming to a desperate state, and as the world grows darker and the night falls, I do allow glimpses of My Golden City to encourage believing hearts. Marvel not that I encourage the believing in heart, that they may look up and know that their redemption is near.
       27. I am well pleased in this little one, Marcia, with the believing, childlike faith. Great is the reward of this one in Heaven--this one, Marcia, who hears and believes. She seeks to spread the good news that others would seek to cover up. This one of simple, childlike faith, who, having not seen, but only through word of mouth does believe and proclaim, "Heaven is here, it's here right now!" How the faith of this little one pleases Me, for I see her excitement--this one who would put the doubting intellectuals to shame!
       28. Encourage this one. Show her more pictures of Heaven. For many are the true pictures of Heaven that I have given unto the children of David. Pray for her that her faith fail not. Teach her, and all those who would believe, that they need not a telescope to see Heaven. To those who would believe, to those who would ask and seek, I am able to show My Golden City, anywhere, anytime. Therefore encourage their faith. Behold how I have hidden these things from the wise and the prudent, and have revealed them unto babes.
       29. And question not the descent of My Golden City, for did I not reveal unto David that My great City is on its way? Time and tide do not exist in the world of the spirit, but only in the realm of man. I open the believing eyes, and blind the seeing eyes according to My purpose. For this reason I do conceal My City in the moon, that it may be preserved and protected until that day when every eye will be opened and every eye will see. And yet I project this picture of My Golden City in all its purity as it journeys through the Heavenlies. For those who would believe, I do allow this glimpse of My City in space, for I am not bound by the tides of time. My City exists, it's real. It's not far off! (End of prophecy.)

       30. {\b \i (Mama:)} Wow, what a scoop! We weren't the first to hear, but we're sure the ones who know more about it than anyone else!--Far more even than the scientists of NASA! Like the Lord said, He's concealed these things from the "wise and the prudent," but has revealed them unto babes--us!
       31. What great treasures of Heaven He pours out upon His little brides who have nothing of their own, but only the riches that He has given them! If we would only realize how blessed, how privileged above all people on the face of the Earth we really are, we could never, ever complain or go looking for worldly knowledge. We would never feel inferior! We would never look with envy on anything the world has to offer!
       32. How wonderful Jesus is to us! What amazing truth He pours down upon us, in such volume that we can't even grasp it or hold it all! All the mysteries of the Heavenlies are at our disposal! Jesus has promised to give them to us, if we will but ask and believe and receive. Let all the children of David praise the Lord, for He hath done for them great things! Marvelous are His works, and holy is His Name, and great is His Love for those who serve Him in humility and simplicity!

The Lord's Promises for the Palestinian People
       33. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }The children of Palestine, My children, have called out to Me, lo, these many years, these years of oppression, these years of degradation, these years of suffering, of sorrow, of loss--loss of dignity, loss of purpose at the hands of those who claim to be My children but are not. I am a God of Love! Would I have led My children to treat others as dogs, as infidels, as cast-outs? No, these [EDITED: "who oppress"] are not My children.
       34. My heart is with the oppressed, and My hand is upon them. I have heard their cry, and I will deliver them. I will bring them peace and comfort in spirit. For it is in the Spirit where they will be truly free. My children have not always had abundance in the flesh, and peace and safety in the flesh, but they can have in the Spirit. For in the Spirit I pour forth the peace that passes all understanding, the peace of heart and mind, so that though all about them is turmoil, inwardly they may have peace--the peace of God.
* * *

       35. The Palestinians have seen so little love and compassion over the years. So few have come to their aid. So few have been willing to buck the tide, and then often for filthy lucre's sake. For the Palestinians have been used and misused. And now as they see their hopes and aspirations come to such a little thing compared to what they wanted, and compared to what they knew was rightfully theirs, they are still dejected. Many on either hand try to tear down what they are trying to build, and this causes much sorrow of heart.
       36. Spare not to love his [EDITED: "Yasser Arafat's"] people, for they are dear to Me and I care for them, and I would that they would have the desires of their heart, and I would that they would live in peace. But there will be no peace, not until I come again, and then shall all those who love Me dwell with Me forever in My Kingdom.
       37. Then shall peace reign and they shall dwell with Me for a thousand years. Their land shall be theirs for a thousand years; I shall give it unto them, for they are My children. These ones [EDITED: "the Palestinians"] shall sit down with the patriarchs and dwell safely in the land that I shall give them. (See Mat.8:11-12.) (End of prophecies.)

Assad of Syria
       38. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }What strength, what brutality it takes to keep order in the midst of chaos! This one [EDITED: "Hafez el-Assad"] can be brutal and harsh and absolute in his rule, but so he must be to survive and hold order in his land. For his neighbor, Israel, is his adversary, and has done much to attempt to destabilize and to sabotage his regime. But I have allowed him to rule and to reign, and for his country to hold steadfast.
       39. This man is not kindly disposed towards those who call themselves Christians, in that he has seen how they have been used by the Israelis to brutalize and to destroy many of his fellow Arabs and Palestinians.
       40. He is very much concerned with survival and holding his own against the forces that are against him, both within and without. He also knows of Me, but does not know Me that well, other than in a political show of religion, to keep unity amongst his people and to keep power. For people in that part of the world must acknowledge Me, although they call Me "Allah." But he knows Me not as you do.
       41. Yes, you should pray for this one, that he comes to know Me, and that his people may be reached. For they have not seen a sample of My Love in the way that I would like to show them. So I am calling you to a ministry of prayer for this man and for his people, and in so doing, I will open a door. I will make a way in the wilderness, but it shall be in My time and in My Own way. There is no man nor woman that cannot be reached by My truth and My Gospel. For is it not written that all must hear the Gospel of the Kingdom before I return?
* * *

       42. This man [EDITED: "Assad"] is a loner. He mistrusts many. But so he has been designed to in many ways help even greater catastrophes from happening, because he chose this lonely road of leadership.
       43. Behold, the picture of the eagle. Behold, that is he! It sings no song, and dwells in the crags of the cliffs, high upon a vantage point, where he can see as much as possible, so that he can plan his flight and remain out of reach of his enemies. He will not easily come down, for he knows that many desire that his life would be extinguished, and he has had many close calls. Behold his feathers, as he spreads them out. You see the scars on those feathers that have been singed. Therefore, he must protect the feathers that he still has. He is in My hands; he is My creation. Pray for him.
       44. Many people in those lands have had very poor samples given unto them of My [EDITED: "saved"] children, of My sons and daughters, and it has torn at My heart, and grieved Me much. For My [EDITED: "unsaved"] children in those lands have never seen My face, yet they have heard My Name in such disgraceful behavior. But let us not look backward; let us look forward. I am keeping back the forces of the Evil One, so that after many centuries love, love, love, love, love, and My glorious light can finally, finally be preached to these people.
* * *

       45. Behold, he is as one of the kings of the East. He is one who I have ordained to fight in battles that were before ordained. Search the Scriptures to see what I have said before about Syria, to see the fulfillment in these days ahead. For though he does not know Me in a personal way, yet has My hand been upon him and yet have I used him, and I will continue to use him.
       46. Fear not for his countenance, which can be fierce. And fear not for the plans which I have for him for the future. For as all these things were foretold, my anointing passes from king to king. I do give unto different ones a calling for a specific time: Sometimes it is to show the wickedness of the West, other times it is to achieve My purpose in punishing those who have been evil in oppressing My children, other times it has been to be a standard bearer. In all of these, he has done his part.
       47. Fear not for this man, for all is in My plan, and these nations move as mighty cogs in the machinery of My will. As they change their positions and their alignment, so do they fulfill the machinery of My will that is moving towards the final culmination that is to happen in these End Days.
       48. For as I have said, the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord, and I have turned him this way and that way. I have used him, though he knows it not. For you witness the mighty unfolding of My plans in the arena of the East at this time. Things which were foretold many years ago are coming to pass, and you have the blessing of seeing the theater of the Endtime unfold before your very eyes. Many there have been who would have seen the things that you see.
       49. Therefore take the more earnest heed to the doctrine that is written, both in the Scriptures and in the Letters of your Father David. Continually seek Me for My leading and guidance, and continue to pray for this man, as I have said. (End of prophecies.)

Saddam Hussein of Iraq
       50. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }He is a hard man for hard times. As Nebuchadnezzar of old, so is this man--a king, a conqueror, a soldier, given to violence, given to force, yet at the same time pliable in My hands. He is as one who erects huge monuments to himself, and yet would also fall on his face before Me in fear of My prophets and in fear of My anger. He is as one [EDITED: "Nebuchadnezzar"] who loved My Daniel and exalted him to the highest stations of the land, for he did know the power of the God of Daniel. He is as one who has been an instrument in My hand, sometimes right, sometimes wrong. As a razor that is hired, so have I used this man to bring about judgments in the world.
       51. Even though his enemies did gloat over his defeat, and said, "Aha, aha, this mighty one has fallen," even now, they that have pointed the finger have been brought low. Yet this man still reigns in his kingdom, and this is a miracle of My doing. Those that did conquer him are still suffering from that conquest, for I have hit them where it hurts. I have hit them financially. They that did strut about the Earth as mighty ones have been brought low. For they who had much money are now in debt, and have become servants to the lender.
       52. (Editor's note: The oil-rich Saudis, who funded the American-led "Desert Storm" operation against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, are now experiencing financial difficulties, partly due to the huge cost of the war. Lower oil prices, huge government debts and the staggering $60 billion cost of the Gulf war have combined to cut Saudi Arabia's per capita income in half. During the Gulf War, some 500,000 troops made their base on Saudi territory at a huge cost to the Saudi economy. The result has forced the country to borrow domestically as well as internationally. The country's financial reserves, once ranked at $100 billion, are all but spent.)
       53. This man is not without blemish, for there is blood on his hands; yet I say unto you that he is more righteous than the hypocrites. He is a man of the world, a hard man, and yet he fears Me, for he knows the power of God. He is not foolish enough to say, "I am God! Behold, I am exalted to the Heavens!" For he knows that there is a God in Heaven, and that with Him lies supreme power. And for this acknowledgment of Me, I have honored him.
       54. Labor in prayer for this man. For as I would for everyone in this world, I also want him to know that the God of Heaven has heard his prayers; that though his sins be as scarlet, yet there is a God Who is able to forgive all those who come unto Him, and shall receive them, and shall in no wise cast them out.
       55. I say unto you one more thing, that this man is more righteous than his neighbors [EDITED: "Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States"] in that he has been friendly to My children, to My Christians. Others have been moved to violence and cruelty and hatred for My children, but this man has protected them, and they have prospered in his kingdom. As you have done it unto the least of one of these, My brethren, you have done it unto Me, so this is counted unto him for righteousness.
       56. For those others who have done it unto the least of one of these My brethren [EDITED: "those who have persecuted Christians"], it shall be tallied up at the Judgment, and they shall feel the power of My wrath upon them! For though they [EDITED: "the Muslims who persecuted the Christians"] professed to love Me, yet their hearts were far from Me. For if they had searched their own Scriptures, they would know that he that shows mercy unto the poor shall be blessed; and he that shows tenderness, and he that shows compassion, it shall be recompensed unto him likewise. But he that would deal unjustly and cruelly and with hate shall receive this upon his own head. Behold, God is not mocked, and they shall receive their portion with the hypocrites!
       57. Pray for this man, and pray also for his country. For there are many who do cry out to Me for deliverance, for help, and I do hear their cries days without number! Every day that I hear their cries, I count it against those who do withhold. It shall be recompensed upon them, for they shall cry, and their voice will not be heard; their need will not be answered. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. If they had sown bountifully and with mercy, they would have reaped abundantly. But they have withholden that which was meet to give to the poor. So shall it be withholden from them, that they may know that there is a God in Heaven who hears the cries of the poor, and measures justice and judgment. (Editor's note: In speaking of "those that withhold," the Lord seems to be referring to the United Nations, which under pressure from the United States and Israel has continued to impose harsh economic sanctions on Iraq which have debilitated its economy.)
       58. Cease not to pray. Cease not to care. Be not hardened in your own hearts, but be touched with the infirmities and the feelings of the poor. Cry out to Me, for in so doing you can loose the bonds and open the windows of My blessings. It shall be counted unto you for righteousness.
* * *

       59. He is a king full of faults and imperfections, yet he did allow certain liberties and freedoms for which I do bless him and his people, his people who suffer even now. So many suffer in torment, in poverty, riddled with disease, suffering in the cold, from hunger, from malnutrition; even so, I do care for these.
       60. Pray for this king of the East, for Saddam. For did not David have a burden to reach into this country and reach the heart of this one? Even now he prays for the saving of this one, who fights and struggles and continues. There were nights when he [EDITED: "Saddam"] would have gladly given up his life, yet he felt a need to continue on, despite great obstacles and great tragedy which he saw among his people and his own kindred, even suffering the loss of loved ones, spiritually and physically.
       61. Therefore pray for this one. For he has known great power, but has also known great pain. He is in a position of exaltation, and yet it was not only of his doing, but of Mine. For he is of importance--the fulcrum, the pivotal point upon which many events shall turn. Pray for him.
* * *

       62. Behold a picture: the animal caught in the noose, caught in the embargo. His hind legs are free, his forelegs are free, but his neck is in the noose. If he lies still, the noose will not be tightened, but he must suffer the embarrassment and the degradation of being in the noose. If he struggles, the noose tightens. It is humbling, so humbling, because he is a grand and majestic animal to be caught in such a situation.
       63. Therefore he must sit carefully and become attuned to his every movement, so that the noose will not get tighter. He must wait. The waiting is almost worse than death, but he must wait, and the hand of deliverance will come. I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. I am the God Who has delivered, Who does deliver, and will yet deliver!
       64. Deliverance will come, My son. Only wait upon Me and I will strengthen your heart. Be of good courage. Faint not, for I am your Deliverer, and I will deliver you in My time. My time is known unto no man, but unto Me only. Wait a little while, and you shall see the salvation of the Lord your God. (End of prophecies.)

Iran and Islamic Radicals
       65. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The sword of Islam, the sword of Esau is troubled. The wild man of the desert is stirred, troubled and angry. The fervor of his religion burns his heart with passion. The crescent and the wall, the wall of Islam moves, smoldering in some places, in some places openly burning. But it is the zeal of a religious war, a silent jihad, and the hate runs so deep.
       66. Like a caged animal, Esau is angry. He is a thorn in the side of his enemies. Their religious fires are burning hot, and even burn the feet of those who would be lukewarm and walk upon neutral ground. The leaders of the countries like Egypt, their feet burn on the coals and the heat of the embers of this fire, and they are troubled and they cry out.
       67. The house of Saud [EDITED: "the ruling house of Saudi Arabia"] cries out against the heat of the coals and the burning of the fervor of Islam. They fear and they tremble and they make alliances even with the enemies of Islam.
       68. America and Israel conspire to silence this troublesome voice in the wilderness, to quell and to put out these fires which burn and trouble the world for them. They conspire together, and so a new leader has risen of their own making, of their own choice, a zealot for the cause of the Jews [EDITED: "Netanyahu, the new Israeli prime minister"]. The stage is set. You can be sure of a confrontation and an escalation of confrontation between these two houses that battle at war.
       69. There is a silence, there is an inner working, there is a hidden thing. There is an inner thing. Even those that sit and plot and plan are not aware of the inner workings, the silent workings, the workings of Satan and the workings of the Lord. For it is a strange mystery how God has put it in the heart of Islam, of some of those who carry on this revolution, to be so dedicated, so sold out to the cause. It is in their hearts. The zealousness is a spiritual force placed there. And what shall it cause? What shall it snare? Does not the snare even reach out? Does not the sickle of Islam even reach out to dig into the heart of their enemies America and the Jewish stronghold?
       70. It is a great time of testing and difficulty for many leaders who have to take sides. There are many hidden deals being made on both sides. There is a polarization, in many cases hardly seen, but slowly, slowly as the constriction of a great snake around its victim, slowly it squeezes and it squeezes. But the wild man of the desert, though he lacks a great amount of cunning, though he lacks the finesse and the wiriness of Jacob his brother, the deceiver, still, he is a formidable foe. For he is greatly angered; he is greatly zealous in the heart of his cause!
       71. Europe is not entirely neutral. They would like to profit, and they feel more akin and closer to these Islamic states than they do to America. They view America as a competitor, as a large aggressive economic power that would do well to be weakened. It is a most difficult time.
* * *

       72. Behold the vacuum. For the Third World has not a champion, has not a backer, has not a defender. They have been a prey to America, and have been battered about and besieged on all sides, economically and militarily. The resentment builds, but there is nothing that can be done, for there is no champion. There is no other superpower to stand up for them, and there is no unity.
       73. This country, Iran, has been a hammer in My hand. It has been a tool to humble and humiliate proud and haughty America. But this tool is not enough to balance things, and as has been written by the journalists, Iran knows it shall be targeted, as Iraq was targeted and as Libya was targeted.
       74. Those that are targeted and have been targeted have a unity in that they have been victimized by this threat, this superpower, America. They long and they call out for a deliverer and for a helper. They are more willing to take a helper that does not fit every pre-requisite for a friend. They are willing to back whatever will balance things.
       75. It is only Yeltsin that hinders the prophetic forces that work in Russia at this time. If he is taken out of the way, that shall be the finger removed from the dike. That shall be the last barrier holding back the Red tide.
       76. Although there is much animosity between the Muslims and Russia, these things can be quickly forgotten and forgiven should a new regime arise, a regime that is behind the curtain, waiting to take the stage in Russia and to bring back another superpower to balance America.
       77. How vulnerable these countries are that have not a backer. How naked, weak and unable to defend themselves they are. How they long for a champion who will supply them with the arms and the technology and the intelligence that they so need to withstand America.
       78. So as Iran has been a tool in My hand, a hammer, it shall also endure suffering and pain, and attack by America. This shall drive a great wedge between America and Europe. For you know what the prophets of old have spoken of concerning the Endtime, how Europe and America will be very separated.
       79. So listen not, hearken not to those that cry, "Peace, peace," for there shall not be peace. There shall not be one world brought about through peaceful means. But there shall be one world that is a result of war, economic collapse and disasters.
       80. For how the iron and clay do separate and how the toes are coming into focus! (See Daniel 2.) How the peacemakers are removed, and the stiff-necked and rebellious people stand up and take sides! They shall clash. So there shall be a vacuum and it shall be filled. This shall be done through the rise and the resurrection of Russia.
* * *

       81. In a dream in the night,
       I saw a country carried away.
       There were people running in fright,
       To escape the terror of night.
       And they were all alone,
       Not knowing what to do.
       They were all alone,
       Not knowing who to run to.

       82. So you see a picture of the future and what it holds for this country, Iran. For the sky is red, red with warning, and the clouds are black. The time draws near when He that letteth [EDITED: "holds back"] will let go, and that which is to be accomplished shall be accomplished. There are those who do hunger and seek for a shepherd, the True Shepherd. I seek to make a way for them to receive the truth.
       83. The pen is powerful and can reach into many places where man cannot go. And there is yet another power, an avenue that can reach where no men can go, and that is the one that is the latest rage, the one that people are being turned on to more and more each day, this one you call the net [EDITED: "the Internet"].
       84. I do seek to weave a web to draw in all those that are lost and seeking to be saved, to feed them, to strengthen them, to show them the light in the midst of gross darkness. So pray for those who hunger and seek and search for the Words of Life. I am the Good Shepherd, and I have come to save those which are lost. I have a good cover and I can hide, but appear for those who need to see Me. So fear not to use this avenue [EDITED: "the Internet"] and know of its great potential to reach many who are in need. (End of prophecies.)
* * *

       85. {\b \i (Vision:)} I see a fire burning in the night, like a camp fire. Over it is a star, then a crescent of fire sweeping through the world. It is a star and a crescent, like the symbol of Islam. The star is Iran; it is the bonfire where people come and light their torches and then run to set the fields on fire. They form a great crescent, the burning fervor for the cause of Islam.
* * *

       86. {\b \i (Vision:) }I see a vision of a Family member who looks like Lawrence of Arabia. His head is all wrapped in white and his face is covered so you can't see who he is. He is covered with a robe, and I presume even the religion of the people. He is in there, but he is one of us. The impression that I got was that in order to get in there, you almost had to be one of them. It seemed that it was almost possible to take on their religion even though in our hearts we are totally for the Lord. But it seemed to be a very dangerous place and a very dangerous job if anyone was going to go that far.
* * *

       87. {\b \i (Vision:) }Before describing my vision, let me explain something about underground fires. In places where they have a lot of peat moss, in summer or in the drought season, the peat can get really dry. If a forest fire happens, the fire can slowly burn underground for miles and miles without breaking through the surface.
       88. Sometimes there will be a light rain that will just keep the top surface from breaking out in an open flame. If you are riding along on a horse you can sometimes break through the surface of the ground and the horse's feet will go right into the fire burning underground. Even though it looks like the fire is far off, it is actually slowly creeping underground, and you can accidentally fall through the ground into the fire.
       89. I saw a vision of a man on horseback, and the horse stepped through the surface and fell into a fire because the fire was burning slowly underground. I then saw the steps of the mosques in places like Egypt, where though they have done away with all of the radical leaders speaking in the mosques, still the fire is burning on the steps. They are passing out the cassette tapes of the radical sayings of these people, and the fire is intensifying. It is going underground and spreading further.
       90. In the vision I had of the fire and the star, it was like the world had charcoal briquettes everywhere. The fire really started big in Iran with the fall of the Shah, but as time went on, it moved slowly out among the poorer people of the world, the poorer Islamic people, the downtrodden. It was a smoldering fire, moving under the very feet of some countries, like under the peat moss.
       91. It was most uncomfortable for those like the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and even Jordan. It was almost uncontrollable even for the leader of Syria. It seemed that this was a strong force. It was underground and getting hotter and hotter. People had to either join it or get burned.
       92. I then saw a picture of Clinton and Netanyahu together in a meeting and they had their hands pressed together palm to palm. It was like they were making a deal. The words that seemed to surround that situation were, "It had to do with Iran."
       93. At the same time I could see the mind of America saying, "Russia is subdued and now I only have this Arab problem to get rid of. If I cut off the head [EDITED: "Iran"], then I will have it. I will be able to put out all of these little fires that keep breaking out everywhere and that are so troublesome around the world."
* * *

       (Editor's note: The following prophecy was received on another occasion, when Mama asked if the U.S. was going to attack Iran, as the above-mentioned vision seemed to indicate:)
       94. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }As I have said, nation will fight against nation, and how much more so these two nations, who are avowed enemies? Yes, they shall fight, for the perpetrator of this battle is a warmonger, a violent nation that does lust and is greedy after power and the praise of man, and glory and control, no matter what the bloodshed, and will use whatever it can for its political gain and standing in the world. It seeks to regain control and respect of the world through war, by trying to show its mighty arm.
       95. As they have fought other people and other nations for their political gain, they will once again voice their threatenings and accusations against a people and a nation which they call evil. These threatenings and accusations will lead to a dark sky of war.
       96. For the Great Whore and the people of the Great Whore do not fear My Name, and would be willing to send hundreds into war if circumstances and situations do not change. Therefore pray desperately for the changes to be accomplished, that the war clouds may be forestalled.
       97. For they are always on the brink of war, and are always in an insane frame of mind. They are motivated by their greed and lust, and can be tipped into the insanity of war when the pressure of the circumstances is too great. Therefore pray, and pray desperately that their minds can be changed. Pray that the insanity that is in their hearts and minds can be relieved and channeled away from violence and war. Pray for the peace and safety of this region [EDITED: "the Middle East"], that My lost sheep may have a chance to hear My Love, and receive My message. (End of prophecy.)

Prophecies for Vietnam
       98.{\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }How I love the people of this land! How My heart goes out to them! It is My will to send My precious children to them--to reach out, and to comfort, and to feed them My Words. This land has borne the fury and the greed and the oppression of France and America, and of others that joined with them. But I have ordained that they have peace, and they have had this for some time, to be able to be refreshed and restored and rebuilt. But how they lack and hunger for the things of the Spirit--My Truth, My Message, My Love! Those who have said that they followed Me and have lifted up My Name have misrepresented Me. So it is My will that you go, and continue to go, that you may manifest My Love and show these people Who I am, and how much I love them.
       99. They have not been faultless; they have been ruthless one to the other. But I have allowed them to withstand the giants, to humiliate America and withstand her attacks, those who say they believe in Me, but through their actions show they do not.
       100. I will continue to open doors both in the North and in the South. I will open the doors of the hearts of these people, even key people. But they are a wary people, and they are especially wary of those who say they come in My Name. You must show Who I am through your actions, and not just through your words. You must do among them the works that no others have done, and show them love, and inspire them and encourage them.
       101. These people are fighters; they are tough. They have seen the horrors and ravages of war. They have lost loved ones. I will show you the key to their hearts. I will show you how to get past the toughness, and how to win them and gain their trust. For I am able to change hearts--not only of the king, but also of the common man.
       102. This land has many who call themselves Catholics, who, like many Catholics in other parts of the world, know of Me, but do not know Me personally. The ground has been prepared in many ways. Much of the work has been done, and you have but to reap the harvest. You have but to tell these people how they can know Me personally, how I can come into their hearts, how they no longer have to have just a form of Godliness, but they can have the power and the love and the inspiration.
       103. The experiences that these people have gone through, and the tests and trials that they have endured, have brought them close to the Kingdom. It is for you to show them the way through the mountains, the way to the Promised Land. They have not far to go, but they have need of guides. I send you forth as guides to gently lead the sheep, to guide them towards the sheepfold where they shall have rest and find pasture and drink of the refreshing waters of My Word and be encouraged and restored.
* * *

       104. Seek out My bellwethers to take My Words to their people. Has this not been My plan from the beginning? Is this not what I have done with you? In each country into which I have sent the children of David, have you not found labor leaders? Have I not led you to those whom I would anoint and empower to give My Message to their own people?--Those who speak the language, those who will be freer to spread the Words, those who can move about unnoticed, those who know their people, those of the same heart who have experienced the same hardships. This is what I will do here. I will raise up bellwethers to lead My sheep, to spread My Word, and to further My work.
       105. Seek them out, for I shall lead you. They will hear My voice and they will follow. Be faithful to pour into them and hold not back, for they are new bottles and they shall receive the New Wine. I have many children of David in this land. I look for pastors among you--those who will patiently teach and guide My flock, who will love and care for them and help them bear more lambs. Give them all the Words of David.
* * *

       106. These are a strong people who have been strengthened by war, strengthened in their need to survive. Their strength has come through suffering and agony and bloodshed, and I now have made it possible for them to taste of the true strength, which comes from love and from My Spirit.
       107. Do all that you can in the time that remains to touch as many hearts as possible with My Words, while the door remains open. For once the door is shut, My Family will no longer be able to enter personally, and My Words will stand on their own and go from heart to heart. So teach them now to be able to carry on, and be witnesses and uphold the truth. Teach them to continue to tell the story of My Love, that one may teach another and another.
       108. This little door needs much prayer to stay open, for it continually tries to swing shut, as it is half broken on its hinges. It is a broken door--the entrance to a broken people. So let My messages for Vietnam go out to My Family, that more people may be made aware and act as prayer warriors. Let them pray and keep it continually in their prayers. There is great need for your prayers, that you may do the work while there is yet time.
* * *

       109. As for the leaders of these people, they are warlike men! They are the aggressors. Although their history has been a history of oppression, still they have not learned their lesson not to oppress their neighbors. Therefore go in among the people. Do not involve yourselves in their politics, for it will only entangle you. I have many sheep among the common people. If I be lifted up, all men will be drawn unto Me.
* * *

       110. Their leaders desire control. If they feel that they have control, they will bend with the wind. They desire the wealth of the nations. They desire the dainties of the West. They will allow their people to do so as well, provided they can keep control. For the people of the East are a pragmatic people.
* * *

       111. {\b \i (Fam:)} I was wondering why we didn't get anything more specifically for the leader of the country, and it came to me that it's a very strong collective leadership. It's a body of people who are leading the country, more than just a particular individual or personality.
* * *

       112. {\b \i (Departed spirit speaking:) }I am one of the spirit helpers, sent to help with a different type of invasion of Vietnam. I was one of the many airmen that went to Vietnam and bombed in the North. I know now that while these missions were military, there were many innocent people killed. I was a Christian and I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I was being patriotic. I thought I was serving my country and even serving God. But how I erred! How I was misled and deceived!
       113. There are many like me--Christians --who lost their lives in this misguided cause, who now choose to help you by going back and really being in the Lord's army, in the Lord's air corps. We now have a different sort of weapon, spiritual weapons, to fight the real Enemy, the Prince of Darkness, the false truths, the lies, the deception, the spiritual darkness.
       114. We are at your beck and call, to help you in your invasion of love and of healing. We ask you to go and represent not only the Lord, but also us. How sorry we are that we did not yield and submit ourselves to the Lord, but to misguided ideals! But the Lord knows our hearts, how we cried out and petitioned Him to send forth laborers, to be missionaries instead of mercenaries, to send balms of love instead of bombs of destruction, to help the innocent instead of slaying them. So there are many of us at your beck and call. (End of prophecies.)
       115. {\b \i (Fam:)} I had the impression that this airman had been killed in a prison camp under some very cruel conditions. But he wasn't mad at them [EDITED: "his captors"] for the way they had treated him, because he understood why they felt that way.

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