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To You!--With Love!       [EDITED: "
       GP 3106       3/96

Dear One,
       You are My child and I love you. It's just that simple. No matter what you've done or what you haven't done, I love you! You have an eternal spirit living within you, and I know your spirit intimately, and I love you.
       You are on this Earth, living your life, making your decisions, trying to find out what's the best thing to do and how to do it--how to live, how to survive--and it's a struggle. I know this and I understand, for this is the struggle of life. But all of this can be made easier if you will just connect--spiritually connect--to Me.
       For though your life carries on and you age and then die, your spirit never ages. It never dies. The real you, the you that now dwells within the confines of your body, will live forever.
       This is why the things of the body, the material things of this world, are not the things to strive for, because one day you must leave them behind. The things that truly matter are those of the spirit: love, kindness, mercy, understanding, giving. These are the things that make you rich--rich in spirit. These are the things that make you strong--strong in spirit.
       When the day comes that you shed the garment of your flesh, the strength of your spirit will be all that counts. So do good. Show love. Give love. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your neighbors. Love those you meet. Show mercy, kindness, and compassion. For by sharing these things--by showing love--you show Me to others. For I, God, am Love, and I love you. I want to spend Eternity with you.
       When you come to the door at the end of the road, at the end of your life, you will need the key to open the door, to enter into My Home where everything is Love. But you don't have to work for that key--just hold out your hand right now and I will place it there. The Key is My Son, Jesus. I hold out this Key to you now and say, "It can be yours, because I love you." It is as though I am offering you the key to My treasure vault, saying, "This is yours, just because I love you." With this key you can open the vault and find it is full of treasure.
       So receive My Key--the Key to living with Me forever. Just say, "Yes, God, I want the Key to life. I want Your Son, Jesus, the Key to Your vault. I receive it. I accept it." Then this Key will be yours forever.
       I love you. You are My child, and I give you the Key to My inheritance, the Key to My vault, the Key to Eternity! He is yours, if you will just receive Him.

With love everlasting,

Your Heavenly Father

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