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True Love--Forever Love!
[EDITED: "Tract"]       GP 3110       1/97

       Hi! It's Me -- Jesus! Oh, please don't shut the door in My face! Please don't turn around and walk away. I just want to talk to you. But not about your problems or your sins. I don't want to preach at you or make you feel guilty. I just want to tell you how much I love you.
       You know, I'm not far away, up in the sky, or in some distant place called Heaven. I'm right by your side, and if you'll ask Me to come into your heart, I can even live inside of you there. I know all about you. I even know the things that you try to hide from everyone -- including yourself.
       I know your heartaches and the pain that you suffer. I know what you worry about. I know your secret dreams and aspirations. I know what has disappointed you in the past, and I know your fears about the future. I know of your insecurities and I know the times that you are jealous or compare yourself negatively with others. I understand how you can't always be everything you would like to be, and that you sometimes do or say things that you later regret.
       At times you wonder if anybody really understands you or truly cares. You wonder if love exists -- true, unchanging, unending love. Sometimes you feel so alone, and your existence seems so pointless. You ask yourself, "What am I here for? What am I supposed to do? Why am I alive? Is there a God? And if so, where is He? Who is He?"
       I've heard all these questions that are in your heart. I've felt your struggle. I understand your uncertainty, your heaviness, your frustration. I know how disappointed you sometimes feel about yourself, wishing you could do better. But even when you try your best, things just don't always seem to work out as you hope.
       So you look at life's monotony and ask yourself, "Is this all there is? Isn't there something deeper? Some reason, some purpose or goal for my life?"
       My dear friend, the answer to these questions and the satisfaction you are looking for will not be found in the world that you see with your eyes. It can only be found in the world of the spirit, where love reigns supreme. God, the great Creator, the King of the universe, is love. He is the invisible Spirit of Love -- and to know, receive and share this love is the purpose for living.
       But it's not something that you can work for or earn by your own goodness, by keeping the rules and trying so hard. This blessing of love -- the greatest treasure anyone could ever receive -- is a gift. It can only be received by faith. You can't work for it or prove yourself worthy of it.
       God loves you so much that He wanted to make it easy for you to understand Him and His love. He wanted to give you a picture, an illustration, an example of His love that would help you to see that He -- and His love -- are real. His love is not something that you can just read about, discuss or debate, but it's something that you can experience in your life. It is power, it is warmth, it is light and life! God's love is all those things.
       Because God is so grand, so magnificent, so all-encompassing, He knew it would be difficult for you to understand Him and His love, and to understand how you could receive it. So He allowed Me, Jesus, to be the illustration of His love for you.
       He allowed Me to come and be a human, as you are, to live and think and feel as you do. I experienced all the things that you feel, so I know what it's like. I understand you.
       Now I am the connection between you and God. I am the go-between, the mediator, the staircase to Heaven. Through Me you can pass from a life of emptiness or disappointment or turmoil and desperation into a life of peace and plenty and love. It's all yours for the asking. Even the tiniest desire of your heart is important to Me, and nothing gives Me more pleasure than to take from the riches of Heaven and give you what you need to make you happy.
       I love you with a love that is perfect and without end. I don't look at your imperfections, mistakes and sins, and then get upset and stop loving you. No, I love you in spite of all these things! I love you for who you really are, and for what you can be.
       I love you as no one else has ever loved you before, and as no one else ever will. There is nothing you can do that could cause Me to turn My back on you. The only thing that could come between you and My love would be your refusal to receive it, for I cannot force it on you.
       If you'll just reach out to Me and receive Me, you will find the love that I have promised you. As a father loves his only child, so will I love you. As a mother tenderly cares for her newborn babe, so will I care for you. I will never forget you nor leave you.
       I have tenderly watched you from the time that you were born. I have seen all your ups and downs, your successes and your failures, the times you rejoiced and the times you wept. I have known you intimately all these years, and I have been waiting for this moment when you would know Me, when we would finally meet heart to heart, and I could tell you how much I love you.
       You are the reason for My existence. I love you as if you were the only one. You're not lost in a faceless crowd called humanity. You're not just one of the billions, but you are special and unique to Me. I know and love you as an individual. I died for you personally, so that you could experience My love, so that we could be forever one.
       Please, My dear one, receive My love now, today. Let Me love you and bless you and care for you forever. Please receive Me! Then at last I will be satisfied, for I cannot be complete without you. I need you.
       Open your heart to Me. Believe in My love, and we will begin the greatest adventure of your life. We will lead a life of love together -- not just here and now, but forever!

With love forever,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family