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What's Wrong with This Picture?       
[EDITED: "Tract"]
GP 3111       1

       Do you ever pause and wonder whether anybody cares? Do you ever think, "Does anybody understand what goes on inside the real me? Does anyone know my deepest heartcries?" Do you ever wish there was somebody you could be yourself with, and not have to pretend?
       Do you wonder if anybody out there understands the confusion you feel, or just how hard life can be sometimes? Especially when you look ahead to the future. -- The future? For this generation, it can be pretty scary! You feel like, "Where are we heading, anyway? Seems like the world's in the fast lane - destination unknown!" Do you ever look around, and wonder what's going to become of the world? It's frightening!
       Ever wonder about all this when you're alone in your bed at night? Or maybe when you're sitting in class? Or at work? Or when you're struggling just to make it through another day?
       When you think about those who are fighting wars, or packing a gun, do you ever wonder, "What are we here for, anyway?" So many folks are caught up in the gruesome hell of war. Some fight for land, religion, some ideal, or just plain "ethnic cleansing," while the innocent find themselves left without a home, a family, or food. Don't you ask yourself at times, "What is the solution to all this anger and hatred?"
       Maybe you'd rather not think about it. You don't have time, or you don't have the answers, and it seems easier to just keep going, and keep putting it out of your mind. Yet deep down inside you can't quite shake the feeling of "What's wrong with this picture, anyway? Why can't people just love each other instead of hate?"
       Ever feel lost sometimes? Or confused, lonely, frustrated, scared? But you can't let on to anybody. That wouldn't be cool, right? Then again, cool or not cool, you still have these moments, and you don't know what to do about it.
       So you try to be happy and have a good time with your friends. But the things you think will make you happy just don't fill that empty feeling deep inside of you. What a drag!
       Do you ever imagine what it's like for a guy or a girl your age who lives on the other side of the world? Lifestyles are at such extremes! Some folks are flying high, racing down the information highway, surfing cyberspace; while others are sweating it out in the fields, slaving away in factories, or scrounging a life in the cities, struggling to keep from going hungry.
       Do you ever have those times when you wish you could just stop the world and get off?
       Do you ever wonder about the other guy? Is he happy, or is he just the same as you? Does he or she have the same fears and tears, thoughts and feelings as you? Do you ask yourself whether he or she really understands you and cares about you? After all, you're all on this same planet. You're all in it together, right? Well, at least that's what you hope.
       Do you ever feel like the world is jam-packed with so many voices, so many people talking, talking, talking, but you can't quite figure out what they're saying? You hear some folks say they know the answers, but they don't seem any happier than you are. Deep down they're just as afraid of dying as you are. So, who's to know? Is there anything that can heal the heartache you feel inside?
       Is there something that you can hold on to, something solid, something that can save your dying spirit before it fades away into oblivion?
       The answer is yes, there is! I've got something for you. It doesn't matter how confused you feel, or how big a problem you have. It doesn't even matter what you've done or how bad you've been. I've got what you need, and it's free! How about that?
       It doesn't matter where you are, who you are, what you do, whether you're rich or poor, black, white, yellow, red or brown. If you're in need of a magic touch to soothe the pain inside, just reach out and grab a hold of Me. If you're looking for peace of mind or a little hope in the midst of all this despair, if you need a little loving, a helping hand, a listening ear, or some compassion from someone who really cares, then take My hand. I love you and I care.
       You know who I am? My name is Jesus. I came to this Earth long ago and stood up against the status quo. I died trying to show people that there is a better way, a way of love. I died, and yet, I live on and am speaking to you today. I died for you, so that you could be free, so that through Me you could find love, and enjoy a life of happiness in Heaven after your life on Earth. Wouldn't you want that?
       Well, just call on Me, wherever you are. Just stop and say, "Yes, Jesus, I need some relief. Yes, I'll give You a try. I take Your hand. I need something real, something that will last, something I can hold on to deep in my soul. I need love, real love. I need love that will never leave and break my heart, love that no one can take away from me. Jesus, if You are listening, if You really care, please take me as I am. Give me love, and show me how to love. Please clear away the confusion I feel, and give me peace."
       It's that simple! That's all it takes. Just call out to Me. I'll be there for you always - any time, any place, any way. No matter who you are, or what you are, or what you've done, I'm right there, waiting for you. I promise. Can't believe it? Try Me and see. I love you.

Your friend,


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family