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Come to India       Maria #378       DO 3117       3/97
By Maria

       1. A few weeks ago we'd asked some of our Family members to pray and hear from the Lord for India and our work there, and He gave some very inspiring and encouraging words. While we were preparing these prophecies for publication, we received a tract in prophecy for India, followed soon afterwards by a prophecy from Pandita Ramabai! The Lord seems very concerned for His children in India, and obviously has a burden to reach them.
       2. We pray some of you will have a burden to reach them too, after reading the prophecies contained in this GN. India is a huge country with hundreds of millions of souls ripe and ready for the Gospel, and a very needy mission field. It's one that Dad had a burden for as well and wrote a number of Letters on, including "The Maharishi of Hyderabad," "Call of India," "Dream of India" and others. Here's an excerpt from one of Dad's early Letters on India:

       3. "(Dad sings:) 'Unnumbered diamonds lie within her caverns!
       Unnumbered pearls within her golden shores!
       O mystic India, wondrous fair!
       Precious children that Jesus wants in His crown!
       Pearls of rare price in that land!'
       4. "There's your call of India, our first call of India!--The Song of India, obviously from Abrahim himself, our guardian angel and spirit helper of many years of faithfulness, true guidance and direction! Will you heed his call? Will you answer his plea for India? Will you have compassion upon its poor and its hungry to give them the greatest help of all, Jesus? The Lord is waiting for you to love Him through them, and wants to love them through you. When will you go?
       5. "God bless you and help you to say, 'I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord, o'er mountain or plain or sea. I'll stay where You want me to stay, dear Lord. I'll be where You want me to be!' Answer the call now! Tomorrow will be too late! In Jesus' name, amen. Amen? Praise the Lord!" (ML #1096:26,34,35,38)

       6. That's Dad's call to India, and now here's Pandita Ramabai's call to India and the mission field:

Message from Pandita Ramabai

              [EDITED: "Box:"] Pandita Ramabai Sarasvati (1858-1922) was a Christian prophetess of India, and a native Indian missionary who established the Mukti Mission. As Dad said, Pandita's mother was married at the age of nine, to a man who treated her with great love, tenderness and care, and educated her in Sanskrit and the wisdom and knowledge of the East and their Holy Scriptures. Pandita herself converted from Hinduism to Christianity and went on to establish a missionary school for high-caste women. She became one of the greatest women leaders of an awakening independent India. (See also ML #215:1,112-115.)

       7. {\b \i (Pandita speaking:)} Greetings, dear children of Jesus! Greetings, dear children of Jesus, children of God--to the dear Family, to the dear missionaries of India and the subcontinent! Heavenly greetings to you, precious children! Oh, my beloved friends, my brethren in Christ, how I love you, and I joy to speak to you! It is a joy of my heart to break through into the earthly realm to make known to you the Words of God.
       8. Truly this is a time to win the souls who live in chains of darkness and bondage, and you will only win them with the true love and light of Jesus. Oh, that I had known the things that you know when I strove to overcome my mind and my intellect! The Christian faith was so strange to me when I first knew it, so different from that of my teaching, and that which my father and mother gave me.
       9. My beloved father taught me faithfully from the holy Sanskrit and the writings of the holy men of his religion. He loved me, and he was willing to give me what he knew at a time when it was unlawful to teach women that which only pertained to men, holy men. The women were to be as dogs, eating the crumbs from the men's table.
       10. I was brought up in a very religious and devout Hindu family. I was taught from my youth to serve the gods, to please them and to follow them. What darkness and what pain it brought to me and to others. I thought it was such hypocrisy, that God would teach such things only to men. But these were false gods. These were gods of darkness. These were demons who were assigned by the Devil to enslave, to entrap, to oppress, to pervert, and to usurp the light and truth of the one true God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

       11. {\b \i (Mama:)} As we were finalizing this Letter, we realized some of you might have questions about what it was that Pandita felt was hypocrisy. So we asked the Lord if He wouldn't mind clarifying this, and He was happy to oblige:

       12. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Pandita was an idealistic young woman who had a thirst to understand. She was idealistic and full of determination to change the world--My young, darling Pandita. In her youth and zeal she saw many things that she felt were wrong with the world around her, with the religion and society that she was raised in. She longed to set things right and to change the world. It grieved her that the things of the spirit were passed on to men and that women were restricted. It was this point that she felt was hypocritical, because she felt that God would look upon women equally, with compassion and respect.
       13. Thus did the false gods of Hinduism try to set her at ought with Me, her true God and loving Father. They knew that she was hungering and thirsting after My Spirit, and they knew that I could use her greatly as My tool. They knew that she would fall in love with Me and be willing to give her life in My service and preach the Gospel. Thus they tried to divide her from Me, and cause her to look upon Me critically. But it was the false gods of Hinduism that were sowing darkness and confusion and separating her and others of her people from Me--the true light and the true love in their lives.
       14. She wanted personal access to the great God of the universe. She wanted to believe and personally know God for herself. She wanted to believe that a true and loving God would love women equally, and would give women the truth of His Word and the freedom of His Spirit. She was unable to find it in the false gods of Hinduism, but she did find it in Me--Jesus.
       15. Through Me she found the freedom that she searched for, and was able to bring others to the same freedom. She was able to break through this hypocrisy into the truth by My Spirit. She then brought others to the truth, and a great victory was won because of My beloved Pandita Ramabai! (End of message from Jesus.)

       16. {\b \i (Pandita's prophecy continues:)} Oh, the bondage that I lived under during those times! Yet little by little, God's light shone unto me through Christians in India--Christians who spoke to me of the truth of God and the love of Christ. Slowly their sample and the light of the truth of the Word began to enter my heart--especially when I became disillusioned with my own religion, seeing how difficult it made things, especially for women like me.
       17. Oh, what hurt and pain and poverty was brought on by the hypocritical religion of the false demon gods! What pain! What sorrow! May God forgive me for not coming to the light sooner, but my intellect and my mind did not permit me to receive the simplicity of Jesus' love.
       18. You, the Children of God, you, the Family, know such simplicity! You know that Jesus loves you, that He forgives you, that He helps you, that He is married to you. Oh, what a joy you can have through knowing Jesus personally! What a joy you can have in being assured of your Salvation, without worrying about having to work your way to Heaven and earn your redemption. Thank God that you are freed from the bondage of Karma, freed from the bondage of having to believe in such horrible doctrines of devils!
       19. You have been freed through the love of Jesus! Those of you who know Jesus have been freed from darkness and given great light! You have been freed from hypocrisy and given great love. You have been freed from selfishness and given an outgoing concern for others--that which is willing to sacrifice its own life for the needs of others. And there is such a great need in India in these Last Days before the coming of Christ!
       20. Jesus calls to you, and I call to you, my children! Dear children of God, dear Family, those who hear this message and feel the call--come to India! Do you feel the call of Jesus? Do you feel the tug of the Holy Spirit upon your heart? Come to India where there are millions upon millions who do not know the truth of Jesus, who need to see a sample of joy and happiness and true equality--men and women working side by side in happiness and in joy, with sacrifice and loving concern for others.
       21. Your sample is what will speak much louder than any of the words you would say to them. Yes, it is important to distribute your message, to preach the Gospel of Salvation, but your sample is of great importance! The sermon has been preached in India, but the sample of love and joy and sacrificial caring and sharing is so needed. There are so few who give their lives that others may find life, so few who are willing to die that others may live!
       22. But that was what I found: When Jesus gave me His life through His death, then it was needful that I give my life through dying to myself that others might live. That is how I found my joy--giving life to the women of India, the widows, the orphans, and the outcasts; bringing them to the Mukti Mission and teaching them, feeding them, loving them, holding them in my arms; being willing to dirty myself with their diseases and their filth and their poverty; being willing to look past all of that to what these people--these poor ones, these orphans without God, without Christ--could become. And they were transformed! They were transformed into new creatures, full of light and life!
       23. The Lord supplied our every need, to the astonishment of many who lived around us. He gave us water to drink and bread to eat and a place to sleep. Those of us who knew our Lord in such a personal way didn't always have great comfort, but we had great joy and such fulfillment in giving life to others!
       24. Do you not hear the call of India? Do you not hear the voice of your Father David calling you to India? Was he not always a father and a guide and a shepherd to those who were missionary-minded? Did he not speak of my life, as a testimony to call you to give your life for others? Yes, he calls! Come to India! Come to China! Come to Russia! Come to the fields of the needy where they know not the light of Christ. Leave the fields of the opulent, the overstuffed and the hypocritical, those who have been given much light and yet are not willing to share it with those who have none.
       25. Heed the call of David--the call of India! Yes, heed my call, and come. Leave the lush lowlands, the lush lands of selfishness and self-satisfaction. Leave that behind and come and give your lives while you still have a chance.
       26. Give while you can! Give cheerfully, joyfully, lovingly, and God will bless you a hundredfold! He will provide your every need, even in lands as poor as India. He will supply your needs, whether you have home support or whether you derive your support from the field. You need support, but even more than support, you need faith. Faith is a guarantee that you will have the support that you need no matter where you are, in your youth or in your old age. It is the great guarantee--your faith in God's supply.
       27. When I read the book about the life of George Mueller, his struggles and what he learned, it spoke to me greatly. I had lived by faith with my father in pilgrimage, going from village to village and trusting that my religion would earn my way. As we read the holy scriptures to the people and prayed our prayers, many came and gave their possessions and goods to us, and we had what we needed. But as a Christian I learned that even in a more difficult situation--that of preaching Christianity and the love of Jesus to those who persecuted and scorned Christians--even under those circumstances the Lord would still supply my needs. And He did!
       28. I received help from those in America and England who believed in my mission, and also from those who lived in the dark subcontinent of India. They saw the work that I did to free women from slavery and oppression and give them equality--the true equality that only comes from the love of Jesus and from the knowledge of the holy Word of God, which is able to make both men and women wise unto Salvation.
       29. To discover that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus was a wonderful liberation for me! It has been a wonderful liberation for many women and men who have come to know Christ and to understand that His love is without spot or blemish, without selfish interest. His love is given freely to all who will receive, young and old, no matter what their race, color or gender. All can come to know the love of Christ.
       30. Are you willing to face opposition? Are you willing to be scorned by those who look upon you and do not understand you? Then you would be a good missionary to give love and light and hope to those who die in darkness. Come to India! Come give your life! Come escape from the pollution that is in the world through lust. Escape the worldliness and worldly ways of the West. Come and give your life to those who die for lack of the truth, who die without knowing the true God and His Savior, Jesus, and the love and mercy and sweet touch and gentleness of the Holy Spirit Mother.
       31. Yes, come to India! Come and give your life. Oh, it is such a wonderful mission! And what a glorious resurrection you will have if you give your life for those who have no life. If you give your human touch and your loving look to others--Christ in you, the hope of glory--God will give you more than you could ever dream! You will have riches untold! You will have many jewels in your crown--the souls of those who now long and thirst after life and have nothing, who die in pangs of agony.
       32. Come! Come now! Come and feel the warmth of God, as you give your life for others! Come and feel the love of Christ in a way that you would never feel it in the West--unless, of course, you give your life there as missionaries, dedicated to giving Christ to those who know Him not. I am not saying that those who are missionaries in the West have no mission, for they have. But there is a great mission call for those of you who are willing to leave the West and come.
       33. Come and join the lonely bands, the lowly ones who are willing to leave the comforts of home life and all the riches of the West to give their lives as servants and helpers and tenders of the faith--tenders who blow upon the embers of faith in the minds and hearts of those who receive the truth of Jesus.
       34. Come! Come and kiss them with your love--with the love of Jesus! Come and warm them with the embrace of the loving Husband, Christ, Who longs for a new bride in India. Come and give your lives! I love you! Jesus loves you! Will you love Him? Will you love Him enough to give your life for those who know Him not? Will you love Jesus enough to leave your comfort and security and to trust your life utterly to His care? Prove Him now, and He will open the windows of Heaven and pour out such a blessing that you will not be able to contain it!

       35. {\b \i (Question:)} Pandita, what about your life now? What do you do in Heaven? Please tell us about it.

       36. {\b \i (Pandita speaking:)} You ask of my life. There are many things that I cannot tell you of my life, for the secret things belong unto God. And yet there are certain things which God can reveal to you when you ask, piece by piece--a piece of the puzzle here, a piece of the puzzle there.
       37. I am very happy in my new life Here! I am very happy that God has given me a great mission--not only in Heaven, to care for those who need love and help and light and truth, but I am also able to leave the halls of Heaven to minister to many, even as David ministers to your needs in the Family. Many of us work together in holy bands and holy teamworks to help and encourage missionaries on the field of India, and even in other mission fields--in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many places where there is such great need, and yet such great darkness.
       38. We help these dear ones, and we help the dear ones of the Mukti Mission, and we even help you, the Family. For if you will receive it, you have a mission which surpasses that of the Mukti Mission. You have much truth, much light and much liberty to give to the children of David who know not Jesus, who are yet to be born--the children of Jesus who do not yet have His gift of Salvation. There is much to be done to help you and other missionaries to reach into the darkness with the light of Christ.
       39. I ferry back and forth from Heaven to Earth in the realm of the spirit, for there is much to be done during this time of preparation before the great and dreadful day, the great and final Tribulation when things will become much more difficult. Yet in India, is there not much tribulation now? Is there not much darkness now? Is there not much persecution now? Therefore, if you wish to give your lives for a worthy cause during the Tribulation that is soon to come upon the world, in India there will be much provision for the soldiers of Jesus, for the children of the Family, as they give their lives to help those who need the love and the kisses of Jesus and of David.
       40. Not that much will change during the Tribulation in India and in the lands of darkness where things are already dark and people are already impoverished. Yet the Lord says if He can lead Moses and the children of Israel through the desert for years and supply their needs, will He not lead His Endtime children through the Tribulation, supplying their every need, even when their supply lines to the West are cut off?
       41. My missionaries and the missionaries of the Family are having to learn to be supplied in whatever way God chooses to supply their needs, and I am helping in this. I am helping to motivate people to give to the missionaries who need help and strength and food and lodging and literature. To give them whatever they need to teach and to help and to feed the lambs who need to be reached--the lost sheep of Ezekiel 34. They must be reached by the shepherds, the faithful ones who go out to the hillsides, into the dark night and stormy tempests, willing to risk their lives, to feed them with the same food that they eat, to share their plates with them, to share their table with them. No, not to give them the crumbs that fall from their table, but to give them the very food that they eat, to share their very lives and livelihood with those who sit in darkness.
       42. Yes, that is my job, or at least a part of it. Even as David has many jobs and missions to do in Heaven, and he has many things to do on Earth, so likewise I have many things to do in the Heavenly realm, in the highest of Heavens. Yet down on Earth there is also much to be done, for there is a great war being fought over the children of David!
       43. Satan and his minions and the demons fight--especially over the young ones, and over the old as well--to diminish their fire. Their very mission in life is to blow out your candles. We fight as warriors of the faith! We fight and clash against the titans of the demonic world, against Satan and his devoted ones. There is great warfare that is fought even now over who will come--not only warfare in India, but throughout the world.
       44. For this is a time of preparation, as it has been spoken by the Lord through your prophets, encouraging you to prepare your hearts by reading the Word and living in the Word, and also by being where you need to be in this great Endtime drama which will be played out shortly. This is a time for you to prepare your hearts and to seek to know by saying, "Lord, where do You want me to be? What is my calling? Where is my mission field?"
       45. There is great warfare being fought over each one of you to keep you from knowing where you are supposed to be in God's great play. When He speaks to you now, open your heart and follow Him. Go where He leads you to go, to the country that He leads you to be in. My job is to fight for those who need the light to know where they belong.
       46. Not only do I fight for the lost and the lonely, but for those who are missionaries, who have a great mission, but who need a greater dedication, a greater loyalty, a greater determination to fight against all odds! A greater love do they need for souls, for the lost ones. For this I fight and struggle, and we win many victories. There are many who fight against us, but God is greater, and He is winning many victories in this new day, this Time of the End, this new dispensation of the love of Jesus in which Jesus seeks to give you a closer love and link and loyalty, closer fellowship and lovemaking in the Spirit.
       47. Oh, what joy His missionaries will have with Him to love them through the darkness and into such great light. Yes, He will lead them into large places, right on the mission field. He will raise up kings to support their bright call--a call to many to come to the light of Christ. He will raise up those who sit in darkness, and yet have great riches. For India is a land of poverty and great riches. Are there not many who have tremendous wealth in that land, and yet are bottled up like the Dead Sea with no outlet, as they live in selfishness and opulence?
       48. Yes, I fight to unleash the treasure house, for some of these are yet to be touched by the fervency of your love. Your fervor will touch them. Go to those who have wealth and great riches. Speak to them of your mission, and I will help you. I will give you the words to speak to their hearts. For I know my countrymen. I know the wealth of those of the upper classes, and I know the poverty of those who sit in darkness and live without knowing where their next meal will come from. Yes, this is part of my great ministry. It is to help you and others minister to the needs of the lost.
       49. Therefore, heed the call of David, and hear the cry of Pandita! I cry many tears as I fight with sword in hand against the Enemy for your very life and faith. For much is determined by your decision. We can only try to influence you in your heart and in the still, small voices that you hear. But there is a great war being fought! Can you hear the clashing of the Heavenly hosts against the demonic powers of Hell which know that they have but a short time?
       50. They are afraid of you! They tremble in fear when you make decisions to serve God with all of your heart! You young people, listen to the call of India. Heed not the calls of Babylon, the calls of worldliness, the sirens of the System and its deceptive, demonic calls, its allurement which is strong in this Time of the End. Has not the Devil tempted from the day that he tempted Eve and Adam? Has he not learned, lo, these many years, to be even more tempting? For this is the time of temptation which has come upon the Earth to try them, as was spoken of in Revelation Chapter 3.
       51. But if you hold the Word of God in your heart, hold it dear to you and read it each day, God promises that He will keep you from the hour of temptation which is come upon the world. He will not only keep you from that temptation, but He will remove the obstacles from your eyes. He will remove the blinders from your eyes and you will see God's great mission. And you will hear, for your ears will be open to heed the call of David, the call of Pandita, the call of Jesus, the call of the Holy Spirit, the call of many who have gone on before--the call of Hudson Taylor, the call of Adoniram Judson, even the call of Mother Teresa, who gives her life. Is she not a sample of dedication?
       52. You have so much light! So much more has been imparted unto you! Yet you could benefit from following the sample of Mother Teresa in her life--how she does give and give and give, not thinking of herself, not thinking of her own looks or her own beauty, but of the need of souls to see and to hear and to feel the touch of Heaven.
       53. Therefore listen to the call during this time of preparation when the doors are open. The Lord is promising you that He will supply exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think of for your mission to dive into the darkness with the ray of light. You can be a lightning bolt to light up the night sky! You can be the warmth of the rays of the sun to warm the hearts of those who sit in the cold, with nothing and no hope.
       54. Yes, you can give your life. You can give and give and give, for God will give to you, and give to you again and again. He will give you everything that you need. He'll even give you many of your wants, right on the mission field. But your wants will be different wants on the mission field, as you look into the hearts of those who have nothing. As you seek for the happiness of others, your wants will be more Godly wants, rather than bound up in selfishness, and the selfish pursuit of worldly pleasure.
       55. Give, I say! Give! Come! Come and it will be given unto you that which you should do. Don't worry that you don't speak the language. For if you speak the language of love, that is most important. If you love souls, that is of primary importance to your mission; all else will follow. You will learn the language if you love the heart of the people. You will become one with them, and they will become one with you--one in Christ, where there is no male or female, and men walk in the true freedom that only Jesus gives--not the hypocritical, lying and deceptive freedom which the world promises to its own and cannot give, but which rather enslaves them. For if the light that is in you be true, the true light of Jesus, then you will have great freedom. It will not be the light of darkness and false promises.
       56. Therefore come! Come to the light! Listen to the voices that call in your heart, that call you to your mission field. Choose ye this day where you will serve! If you have already chosen whom you will serve, if you will serve Jesus, and if you will follow David, who has gone before you into the mighty mission ahead, God will bless you a hundredfold. Yea, He will bless you a thousandfold, as you give your life as a ransom for many. Are you not called to be servants, slaves of love? Start today! Do not delay! Heed the call of India. Heed the call to the mission field.
       57. I am so thankful that Jesus led missionaries to India to give me the first glimpse of the Gospel. Even though I laughed at it and mocked it in my heart, thinking, "How stupid of them to be praying to one God, when there are so many! How stupid of them to kneel down before their chairs." I even thought they prayed to their chairs when I was younger and I saw them in their little prayer meetings. They looked so flimsy. Their lives seemed so futile. And yet when I came to know Jesus, it was the power of God, the knowledge of God. It was true life and true liberty.
       58. Since then we have formed many prayer circles to pray for India, and to pray for missionaries to come. I continue to pray! I pray for you, that your faith fails not, and that you will be missionaries. For that is your calling, and that is the calling of the children of David no matter where they live--whether in America or England or India or Pakistan or China or Romania or anywhere--it does not matter. You are to be missionaries and witnesses and soul winners, examples of God's true love, liberty and light.
       59. With praise on your lips and a song in your heart, you can win many. You can attract many to the true life of God. Heed the call of David! Heed the call of India! Listen to the voice of the Spirit that bids you follow, and follow where it leads. Follow on to victory. Follow on to the life of a candle burning at both ends to give greater light to those who have none.
       60. I love you! Will you give your life? God will give it back to you in a hundredfold measure, and great, great treasure! (End of message from Pandita.)

       61. Next, here's the Lord expressing His burden for India, encouraging the Family there, warning of the possible dangers, and promising His supply!

Prophecies for India!
       62. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Behold, open your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white and ready for harvest! India is a great nation--a nation that needs Me and My love, a nation which has for years been oppressed by the anti-Christ forces and those who fight against Me. It is a nation where there are many heathen, many people who do not believe in Me and who have not heard My Gospel and My message of truth. Many people die in this nation without knowing Me. They sink into the grave without the knowledge of Me and My Salvation.
       63. It is up to you, My children, to give them My light and My love. The light that must flow and overshadow this nation is the light of My love, and that is the light that I will give you if you are willing to seek the lost in this nation.
       64. I also warn you that there are many in this nation who are very dangerous, who yield to the Enemy's lies and his devices; it is against these that I will fight. You have many enemies in this nation, many who know that if the truth of My love is spread to the people, there will be a revolt and an uprising against the oppression that the Enemy has placed upon this nation.
       65. Fear not, but go in My love and reach the people who need My love! These people are asking for bread, and I will not give them a stone. They are asking for love. For many years they have received hate and oppression from those who seek to enslave them, and they need My love. It is a time for My Family to reach out their hands and give what they have! Even though you may not be able to give much in the physical, you have a great wealth of spiritual treasures in your storehouses which shall be available to these people, if you are willing.
       66. You may think, "But this is a great nation! How can we, such a small organization, reach the millions that this nation holds?" But I say unto you, it is like the domino effect. You will reach one, and then this one will reach the next, and the next, and the next. All you have to do is be the spark to light the wick of the candle, and the candle will burn and enlighten the nation with My love!
* * *

       67. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Behold the Devil's triangle! Look how it points downward. For that is how the Enemy has turned this country--down toward Hell! Now take the golden pyramid of My love that points upward, and thrust it into the Devil's triangle! Do this before My Golden City comes to descend upon the Earth, I command you! I command you to go to that country and prepare the way. Take the golden triangle of My love and plant it into the hearts of many.
       68. Why are you afraid? You are as one who is afraid to fall in love, who is afraid of commitment. Because if you go there, you will fall in love, and you may never return, as has happened to many. Many of My children of David have gone there to live out their years, because they have fallen in love. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (Weeps.)
       69. My arms are outstretched in praise and honor to those children of David who have gone there to live and lay down their lives for these lost, dark ones. Yes, I look into your hearts and I know you want to go and fulfill My great commission to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. You know that if you go, there will be a cost. You may never return to those with whom you now feel so comfortable, those who look like you, talk like you, eat like you, as well as all the familiar surroundings, all the things that you love and cherish.
       70. But I ask you to go! I, the King of the Universe, ask you on bended knee. I weep and I look into your eyes and I implore you: Lovest thou Me?--Feed My sheep of India!
       71. Go, My brides, My dear ones, I implore you! I bow at your feet and ask of you, please, to go! You have heard My voice in your heart. I say unto you whom I have chosen: Harden not your hearts! Fear not, for I will be with you. Do not fear to fall in love. You know that I am calling you to love My Indian children--so many, many, many of them! Do you believe in My love? Perfect love casts out all fear.
       72. Behold how they export their darkness from this country that is so dark! They have exported their prophets of darkness, and the Enemy is glad for this, for this was and is his aim. This poisonous darkness, this delusion of darkness of looking inward, thinking that such is the way to find the light, is such great, great darkness! This is such great, great delusion! This inward salvation is of the Devil, for it was he who said, "I will be greater than the Most High! I, I, I!"
       73. They have exported this darkness to the Great Whore and to the whores she has spawned--to Europe, to the West. It was the Devil's plan to export this darkness into those countries which were the most Christian, so that he could sting them and numb them with this poison, so they would not go to My land of India with the light. So the Devil exported these dark religions into the Christian countries, to sting and numb them, to put them to sleep, and then to death. He made it fashionable. He made it the "in" thing, causing both knowing and unwitting accomplices to publish books and pamphlets, and to wear the trappings and ornaments and robes and apparel of these religions.
       74. Oh, they have been so deceived! As a spider stings its prey and wraps it up with strong bands so it can suck its blood--this is what the Devil has done in exporting these dark religions to the Christians, so they would not move and go to My country of India and release My lost children from this darkness.
       75. Do you see and understand the plot? Be not deceived! I know that you are not deceived, for you are My children, the children of My dear David, who wept upon his bed for the children of many lands and made love to their goddesses. He was but one, but he was not afraid to fall in love--to fall in love with Me and to fall in love with My lost ones. He gave and gave and gave and gave and gave!
       76. How bright just one candle can shine in a room so dark! But you must be willing to be lit. You must be willing for Me to light you. True, if you go, you may never come back. But what is that to thee? Follow thou Me! You are saved, and you are glutted with the Words of Life, but what will you do with these precious gifts? As you pour out and give, you will blossom and flourish and find fulfillment and love like you have never known.
       77. There are many kings and queens in this land, and they will help you. There is the dear one whom you know already, but believe Me, there are others like him--many other kings and queens who wait to be melted by My love through you. They are like noble statues, immobile; but when you meet them and kiss them with the Words of David, they will come to life and help you!
       78. You have the tools, you have the wisdom, you have the experience. Books and books [EDITED: "ML volumes and all the Family literature"] have been published since those days when the first [EDITED: "Family"] team went there. If they went there with so much less than you have now, how much more should you go?
       79. There are so many people there, for it is such a vast land. Even now as these Words are being given, dying Indian children are coming into My arms, having not found or known Me on Earth. I hold that not to their charge, for now they are finding Me. Even now, as I speak to you, they are entering into My arms. But how many more will die without knowing Me?
       80. Go! Go now! Bring them the light and the love of My Spirit. Open your bosom and let your life flow out. Fall in love! Do not bottle up your life and try to preserve it for something that I may never give you. Delight yourself in Me, and I will give you the desires of your heart. Delight yourself in Me and My call. Go! Go! Go! Go! (End of messages from Jesus.)
* * *

       81. {\b \i (Vision:) }Right after the first prophecy started, I got a picture of a goddess of India. It was quite a sexy picture. She was lying down on a bed and I got the words, "She is ripe and ready!" She was lying there as if she was saying, "Come and love me!" She was so ripe and ready! Her arms were outstretched, and she was pleading, "I want your seeds! I want your love!" It was with real desperation, and it seemed like the time was now, like she was ready right now!
       82. In the background, behind a curtain, was a dark, shadowy figure. I had the impression that it was the Antichrist. I got that she was ripe and ready and she wants our love and our seeds now, but there's not much time before the Antichrist is going to come into her, too. But she wants our seeds now before this happens. She's ripe and ready for us, but the Enemy wants to plant his seeds, so we've got to get in there and get our seeds in first.
* * *

       83. {\b \i (Vision:) }When I got the words, "You are saved and you are glutted with the Words of Life, but what will you do with these precious gifts?" and "Do not bottle up your life and try to preserve it for something that I may never give you," I saw someone in a Family Home outside of India just sitting and waiting for what they had petitioned the Lord for--for their heart's desire. But the Lord wouldn't give them what they were asking for, because they were asking amiss. I saw the Lord in the Heavenlies, and His eyes were so sad. He couldn't open the windows of Heaven upon this person, because He knew that what they had asked for wasn't what was best for them. Then I saw this person again, having obeyed the Lord's call to go to India. The person was radiant with joy, and the blessings were just "monsooning" down upon him!
* * *

       84. {\b \i (Fam:)} Regarding the part in the prophecy that said, "All you have to do is be the spark to light the wick of a candle," I was thinking how usually we refer to lighting the fuse of a bomb, and our work is like an explosion. But the Lord seemed to be saying that in this case it is not going to be so much of an explosion, but more the light of our sample.
       85. People there have seen so much of the dark side and they've seen so many other religions--perhaps some might think that they don't really need us going in there, pushing our "religion" on them. But if we light the candle and let the light burn and let the Lord's light flow, then they will see the light in our sample, and they will believe more than by an explosion.

Prophecy Tract for India!
       86. {\b \i (Mama:)} Here's a message the Lord gave us for the people of India, which we plan to make into a GP tract to reach these precious people:

       87. (Jesus speaking:) Precious pearls of great price, people of India! As diverse as your great land and climate, so are your many peoples. This is a gift of My hand to you. In your majestic land, diverse in climate, landscape, people and culture, I give you the gift of variety--the rare spice of life! Your land of varied peoples is like a rare treasure, where many races and cultures add a touch of zest and zeal to the nations of the Earth. To you I have given the precious gift of life--priceless lives--My people of India.
       88. I gave you a variety of people so that your land would never be dull or boring, but alive, living, moving, full of action, movement, life, variety and unending potential! Wonderful land of India, in your many peoples and many cultures lies the special spice of life! Rejoice in this multiplicity, for your people possess many gifts and many talents! Manifold opportunities are yours, wonderful India, with so varied a people! Precious pearls of great price, people of India, yours is a land of beauty!
       89. From your tropical coastline, across the plains, over the hills, through the forests, onward and upward to the highest mountain peak, your captivating charms call out. This is a great land, the magical nation of India; a tropical paradise with lovely gardens that perfume the air; a land of grand mountain ranges, where one can stand on top of the world to see and experience majestic sights and sounds and thrills as you peer out on the bright horizons of tomorrow. Land of varied and sweet peoples, I love you!
       90. Majestic India, you are like a lovely garden which I planted long ago. With tender loving care I planted and tended your splendid land full of exotic plants, and treasured and rare spices. Flowers fragrance the air, and I put the melody of songbirds to add to the charm and the mystery of this magical garden of India. Carefully and tenderly I created this marvelous garden, preparing the ground and placing each tender seedling into the earth in the hope that it would bloom and grow to full fruition. I then left the garden to others to care for and tend until the time that I would return.
       91. In My absence I see that many have tried to enter in and mar this beautiful garden. Yet I have not forgotten you. I see the heartache and the struggles of many in your land. I see the conflicts that have hindered you through the years. I reach out My hand now and say, "Please, won't you grab hold?" I see those who have sought to hinder you, to oppress and stifle your growth for selfish gain. I see those who have sought to plant the ugly weeds of division, oppression, hate and despair within your lovely garden. I see those who would enslave and squelch your beauty. I see unbearable burdens that weigh heavy on the shoulders of some. I see and I hear and I'm calling out to you now, "Hold on! I'll help you rise above this."
       92. Fear not for these struggles and troubles! Do you feel as though you are passing through a tunnel and all you can see is darkness? If so, take My hand. I'm reaching out to you now and I'll guide you and show you the way through the tunnel into the light, into the bright, warm sunshine of a love that never fails. I am able to lead you and guide you through the rough spots and the rocky places, the hard places of life. If you'll only grab hold of My hand, I'll lead you through and help you to safety. If you'll grab hold of My hand that is reaching out to you now, you'll see that I sometimes allow difficult times only to lead you through doorways of greater opportunity.
       93. I have not forgotten you, sweet peoples of India. I see you who cry. I see you who feel lonely and forsaken. I feel the hunger of those who have no food. I feel the pain of those who agonize. I see those who are oppressed and forlorn and have nowhere to turn. I see you who are afflicted and broken in body. I see you who are troubled in mind, heavy in heart, and discouraged in spirit. I see the injustice, the turmoil and the confusion that plague many in your land. I see your longings. I hear your many questions when you ask why these things happen and wonder whether anyone cares.
       94. Yes, sweet peoples of India, I care! I weep over you, because I love you. I hear your heartcries and I weep. I suffer with you who suffer. I feel the agony of your hearts that are broken. I weep for you who are feeling lost and lonely and at the end of your rope. I see you, and I'm moved with compassion. I'm holding out My hand now, saying, "Won't you please grab hold?"
       95. My love for you is so great it cannot be measured! I've always been here patiently waiting, and I'm calling out to you. I long to tend to My lovely garden if you will only allow Me. I long to pull up and root out the weeds that have entered in to try to choke and destroy you, My lovely blossoms of India. Each person, each living soul is as a lovely flower in My sight. I am not speaking in generalities. I see each of you as a unique and rare flower, very dear to Me. Each one is precious, as a valuable pearl of great price. The color of your skin doesn't matter to Me, nor whether you are rich or poor, big or small, or what ethnic background you come from. I only see you, each of you, as a treasure in My garden, and I love you.
       96. What lies behind your great land, this mystical, magical garden I have placed on the Earth? Do you hear the call of the wild? It's ringing through your vast nation, and it is Me. I reach out My hand to you now, inviting you to come, to answer My call. I'm calling out to you because I love you and I long to give My infinite love to you. I long to satisfy your every longing. I will never hurt you. I will never let you down. I'm here just for you, if you'll only reach out, take My hand, and receive Me. I love you and I long to show you. Will you give Me a chance?
       97. I long to give you My love! I want to satisfy the deepest yearning in your heart. My love for you is overflowing. It's never-ending. It has creative power. It's the power of love, and it can do anything! It will satisfy your heart and bring peace to your mind. My love can forgive. My love can survive any difficulty, difference, weakness or failure. It can surmount any obstacle, and right any wrong. My love is forever, and I promise never to leave your side. My love is true. It's sincere, because I care for you. My love is here waiting for you. It knows no hours, but is always.
       98. Can you hear the call of the wild that sweeps across your land? It is Me, and I'm calling out to you! I'm calling you to reach out, grab hold, and receive My great, all-powerful love! My love can bear any burden you have, endure any storm, and heal any heartache. It can take any sorrow and replace it with joy. It can take any hatred, no matter how deeply entrenched, and replace it with love. It can heal your broken body and calm your troubled mind. It can give you joy in place of sorrow, and hope when you are in despair. My love will never fail you. My love is power, light and life--and it's here, it's now, and I'm waiting for you. I love you because I believe in you, lovely sweet peoples of India.
       99. I long to share this great, wonderful power of love! I see your burdens and I want to lighten your load. My love is all-encompassing. Please, won't you reach out and take it now? I'll give you wisdom and strength to live each day. Should battles and problems in life arise, I'll be right by your side to see you through. Trials and tests may surround you, but they will not overcome you, because My love will carry you through.
       100. My great gift of love is calling out to you. It's yours for the asking. Just say, "Yes, Jesus, I'm tired and I'm weary and I need help. I need answers. I don't completely understand why You love me, but I want Your love. Enlighten me. Give me love and peace of mind. Please give me Your power of love. Teach me all about real love and show me how to love others. Help me down this road of life. I need Your love and I want Your power." It's that simple.
       101. If you'll only take this first step, I'll give you My eternal love. I'll give you the true riches of life--love and peace of mind, soul, body and spirit! I'll give you peace that passes all understanding, as well as comfort, joy, life and love that no one will ever be able to take away from you.
       102. My love is always. It never fails. It never dies. It will never let you down, never abandon you. Friends and acquaintances and others can fail you, the whole world can fail, but My love will never fail. I'll always be with you through any difficulty, any hard time or test in life, all the way into the world to come! I'll give you peace and happiness and be your guide through life, because I love each of you, precious ones of India. Won't you please receive My love? (End of prophecy.)

       103. {\b \i (Mama:)} Dear Family, will you help Jesus give His love to India? Can you hear "the call of the wild," the call of India? "How shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" (Rom.10:14-15).
       104. The Lord's interested in His children everywhere, of course! If you hear His voice, He'll tell you exactly where He'd like you to be and what He'd like you to do. Let His Spirit speak to you today, as the Lord pled in another recent prophecy: "I woo you by My Spirit. I have given you the call to Russia, to the East Bloc countries, to China, to Africa, to India. I have allowed the spirits of these countries to speak to you, to call you, to woo you, to tell you of the need, to tell you of the heartcries of the people in their fields. It is the Spirit that now woos you, and it is up to you to choose if you will answer the call of those spirits and the call of My Spirit that speaks to your heart and woos you to these new lands.
       105. "Your father David was a man of faith. He called you to places that you would never venture to go alone. But he had the faith that it was of Me, and he had the faith that you could do it. Now it is up to you to keep that pioneer spirit and to not let it die. It is up to you to answer the call of the Spirit as I speak to your heart" (ML #3082:36,37, GN 708).

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