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World Currents!--No.85       Maria #379       DO/TS 3118       1/97
By Maria

       1. God bless you! In this GN we're including more Currents--messages from Heaven on topics of current interest or controversy. The Lord gives some amazing insights into topics as diverse as alcohol and substance abuse, acupuncture and the nervous system. We pray you'll find these prophecies feeding and inspiring. We love you!

The Dangers of Excessive Drinking
       2. We received reports about someone who was drinking excessively, going way beyond the recommendations of the Charter. This person was going through a very difficult time in his life; he was fighting a lot of spiritual battles, discouragement, confusion, doubts, bitterness, etc. According to the reports of those who lived closest to him, he was not going to the Word for answers, but was turning to alcohol to try to find peace of mind. Clearly his drinking was an infraction of the Charter, as he drank privately in his room almost every night, sometimes drinking a whole bottle of wine.
       3. But those who were with him commented that his drinking seemed to actually help him. Immediately after drinking he appeared to have more peace of mind and he was able to relax and not be so frustrated, edgy and argumentative. They reported that he was able to talk more honestly about his problems and get things off his chest without getting upset or angry. After drinking, he seemed to be more loving and was able to sleep more easily. Seeing the seeming good effects of alcohol on this person made those with him wonder if the drinking was beneficial in his case, even though it was going way over the limits recommended in the Charter.
       4. Of course, such excessive drinking could not be allowed, and this man was given a warning to stop his excessive drinking or he would be disciplined according to the options presented in the Charter. But still, I wondered about the reports about the seeming good fruit that alcohol had had on this person. So I asked the Lord about how his drinking could help him to be happier, and have such a calming, soothing effect on him. How could this have been a help if his drinking was in disobedience, and in excess? Would the Lord have allowed the alcohol to actually help him? Did it really help him? And if so, how was that possible?

       5. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Alcohol affects different people in different ways. It makes some people irritable, nervous and angry; others it makes solemn, depressed and withdrawn; still others it makes happy, uninhibited or relaxed. It affects different people differently, and much depends on their situation, their personality, and My will.
       6. Wine was created and given by My hand to be used as a little medicine for your stomach's sake, and to give joy and light to your countenance. It has benefits and blessings in that it can be used to give rest, relaxation, and even mild relief from stomach problems, indigestion, or mild sleeplessness. So it does have many benefits which were intended from My hand. But when used in excess rather than being used by My hand, it has the potential of being used by the Enemy to adversely influence your spirit, your thoughts, your mind and your actions.
       7. I have instructed that wine or other alcohol be used in moderation, and with wisdom, care and love. It should be respected as a gift from Me and a tool for your benefit and pleasure. For I know its dangers and its potency when used excessively, and the main danger is with those who learn to depend upon it and lean upon it instead of depending and leaning upon Me and My Word.
       8. Those who find that they are depending upon wine in order to have the peace of mind and spirit, and the happiness that they want, are being deceived by it, and it is being used as a tool of the Enemy in their lives. The peace of mind and calmness of spirit and happiness that is lasting and true and real is that which comes from My Spirit and My Word, not from alcohol.
       9. The calm and peace and happiness that alcohol gives is very temporary and shallow. But through My Spirit and through My Words, those who are open and yielded and receptive to receive the truth and to trust in Me will find true happiness, calm, peace of mind, and rest for their spirits.
       10. You cannot turn to alcohol, drugs or any other outside physical supports for the spiritual strength that you need, for spiritual strength comes only from My Spirit. You may feel happy and relaxed after one or two or three drinks, but if you are not happy and relaxed and calm and patient and loving and kind and manifesting a Godly spirit without alcohol, then you are not dependent upon Me for your spiritual strength, but you are depending upon the alcohol.
       11. You may feel, "Well, if it eases my problems and troubles and it helps me to carry on with my work for the day in a better spirit and it helps me to be a better co-worker, then why can't I have it? Why is it wrong? Why is it a sin?" It is a sin because of the dangers that such disobedience leads to. It may seem innocent enough at first, and you may feel that you can keep the situation under control, but the dangers and depths and death that it leads to are guaranteed.
       12. Those who have made the mistake of walking down the road of alcohol, leaning upon it for the crutch that they thought they needed, can testify clearly and with great conviction of its dangers. They can testify of the depths to which they sank. They can testify how it led to sorrow and heartbreak and mistake upon mistake. They can testify how it led to broken lives and hearts and relationships. They can testify how it led to their inability to cope with their work and their jobs, and other situations. They can testify of the depths to which they sank, to where they finally had nothing else to lean upon and could only come to Me for the strength which they needed.
       13. So it is a very dangerous road to go down and a very dangerous door to walk through. Those who are being seriously tempted and who are drinking alcohol in excess would be wise to seriously look at the consequences and at reality. For what seems to them an aid and a help at the moment will lead to their destruction and their ruin.
       14. I have provided answers in My Word for every problem and situation. I have provided a solution for every need. I have given of My life and I have shed My blood for you, and I will not fail anyone who turns to Me for help. But you must trust completely in Me. You must look to Me for the answers and solutions to your particular needs and problems.
       15. When things look darkest and you feel down and at your worst, you must still trust Me and have faith that I do all things well and I see the way ahead. You must trust Me with your life. You must trust Me for your situation. You must trust Me with your ministry. You must trust Me with your relationship. You must bring it all to Me, and trust Me and not the bottle.
       16. Alcohol is a great temptation of the Enemy. When he sees that you are at a crisis point in your life, that you are down and struggling to survive, he sees his opportunity to set before you a temptation. But it is not the answer. The answer is always the same: I am a very present help in trouble.
       17. I hold within My hands the power to bless your life as you yield to Me and honor Me. I hold in My hands the power to restore your life as you put your hand in Mine and trust Me. I hold in My hands the power and the love and the desire to renew your life, to renew your relationship with Me, as you set your eyes upon Me by faith and determine not to be moved.
       18. I can make all things right as you obey My will in your life by faith. I can make something beautiful of your life as you let the bottle of My Spirit be poured upon you, as you imbibe fully the waters of My Spirit, as you drink deeply the kisses of My Spirit. I can raise up beauty out of ashes as you refresh yourself with the tonic of My love. I can restore unto you the joy of your salvation as you stand naked under the shower of My truth and of My Word.
       19. There is no stopping place within My Spirit! All you have to do is hold on to My Spirit by faith. Hold on to Me. Cling to Me and My Word. Set your heart and your mind and your affections on My Word and on Me, and your life can become brand-new. There is no stopping the beauties and wonders and blessings and rewards of My Spirit. It doesn't matter what your age is, your personality, your situation, or your past--anyone who wants a new start has the opportunity! The door is wide open and you can walk right through.
       20. You just have to have faith and believe and receive and accept that I am in full control of your life, and that I will not fail. As you give everything up to Me and follow Me obediently, I can lead you to new paths and new beauties and new experiences and new joy--places where the old man who relies on the bottle and on alcohol can never go. For the bottle and alcohol go on a separate path--much darker, alone, sad, with many doubts, questions and fears. It is a downward path which you walk alone.
       21. The choice is there for each person who is faced with that difficult decision. But the difficulty is only temporary and can easily be swept away through yieldedness to Me and My Spirit, and choosing to walk the bright path into My arms by obedience. It may seem difficult now to forsake the pleasure of a few drinks, but it is much easier to do so now than it will be further on down the road. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Truth About Acupuncture!
       22. We recently asked the Lord about acupuncture, as we were curious about it. We wondered if the needles could really do anything. So we asked the Lord such questions as: Is it a spiritual thing? How does it work on people, and why does it seem to work? Can it really heal them? Do You like it or approve of it, Lord? Why or why not? Is acupressure the same thing? Is that better than acupuncture, since a person isn't poking needles in their body, but simply applying pressure?--And the Lord gave the following amazing answers:

       23. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so the physical affects the spiritual and the spiritual the physical, for I have created you thus. I am the God of all flesh and I have fashioned you by My hand. I am your Maker and the Creator of every fiber of your being--every cell, every tissue, every organ, every nerve ending--and what I have created, I am able to sustain. I do know the heart and I do try the reins of a man. I know every hair of your head, and not one falls that I am not aware of, for I love and care for you like no other. I have placed your nervous system intact and in motion, that I may live and think and move and work in you, that we may be one.
       24. Therefore you must take care that you lean not to the understanding of medicine, for I am the great Doctor of the Universe, and I hold all things in My hand. You do well to seek Me and to ask of Me concerning these matters, for as you call unto Me, I will show you great and mighty things that you know not.
       25. I am the Maker of this amazing machine, the human anatomy. Have I not created this marvelous, awesome wonder with infinite precision? I am the Great Designer, the Great Physician, and I hold you--heart, soul, and body--in My hand. And as I am able to calm the storm so that the waves thereof be at rest, so am I able to calm your ruffled nerves and ease your pain.
       26. Only in the folly of this world do men seek to make doors where doors do not go, because they retain Me not in their thoughts. They seek Me not, but bow down to false gods and worship the works of their own hands. These are they who seek after the praise and the glory of man, and receive strong delusion that they might believe a lie. These are they who receive the lies of the Evil One--the many false theories of medicine, intertwined with only brief glimpses of My realities, that Satan weaves into the medical profession.
       27. These who would practice acupuncture are mere dupes of Satan. These are they who down through the ages have been as pawns in the hands of the Evil One, that he might use them to create open doors for his imps to enter in. Many are the spirits that would like to control your body. Many are the spirits that would seek a place of refuge, a vehicle to travel in, a house of boarding. Acupuncture is but one way they may try to enter in, for they need a vehicle. Greater am I in you than he who walks about seeking to devour you. Only by your own choice can these imps actually have power. But know that this practice facilitates their movement--especially with those who are ignorant of his devices.
       28. The poking of pins and tampering with flesh through acupuncture is a dangerous tinkering, for Satan seeks constantly to fritz up the work of My hands. He seeks to enter through the back door into those who are undiscerning, those who are ignorant of My ways, those who are dense and unlearned in the ways of My Spirit. Through this tampering, the vehicle of acupuncture, Satan tries to take advantage as he attempts to fritz up and hinder the control and flow of My Spirit.
       29. Marvel not at the handiwork of Satan, and give no praise to his doings. For although in many cases it does seem to bear fruit and the pain does cease, I say to you, all things are not as they appear. For this is only a decoy to distract, that the unclean spirits may enter in unnoticed. Satan creates many, many illnesses, that he may heal his own through temporary relief, that they who do not discern may marvel after the workings of the Beast as they praise the works of the hands of man. Be not deceived by the sorcerers of Egypt, for there is no new thing under the sun. That which is seen is temporal.
       30. To you who know Me and receive Me, I am He Who moves and works through the channels of your nervous system. I am the way, the truth, and your life's blood. I am your life support, and I live and move up and down within your central nervous system, for I have designed it so. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so do I link My Spirit with your body through every fiber of your being.
       31. I would that you give Me full sway in every cell, every organ, every tissue, and every nerve ending. Seek not to hinder My movement through your choices. Seek not to cut Me off through the pricking of pins or the electric shocks of man. For though I am able to override even these tinkerings of man, it is faith in Me that pleases. It is your declaration of faith, your outward show of faith in Me and My Word and My promises that moves My hand. It is in your casting of yourself utterly and completely on Me that I am well pleased, and in this I am able to live and think and move in you to full measure. It is faith that saves!
       32. My Spirit is alive! It is ever-moving, and it moves in you--that is, your flesh--through this awesome system that I have designed. I do not need the poking of pins, this practice of acupuncture, to cure you. Those who would seek to tamper with My most amazing machine of the human body do open themselves up for the counterfeit--for the impostor and his hitchhiking spirits who seek a vehicle.
       33. You live in a world of spirit, and the things that are seen are as though they were not. In the unseen world of the spirit there are many impostors who seek a free ride--who vie for your temple that they may fritz up your bodily works. Therefore marvel not at this ancient practice of the dupes of Satan who choose not to retain Me in their thoughts and whose ways do not please Me. Only trust in Me with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with all your body, and I will sustain you. I will sustain your spirit and your body, for you are Mine and I am yours. I am linked with you forever in soul and spirit, and also in your body, as long as you walk in the flesh.
       34. I am the best controller of pain--therefore, seek Me and lean wholly on Me. I have promised that I will never leave you nor forsake you, and I will not suffer you to bear more than what you are able, if you will but look to Me. Give yourself wholly to Me. And as you enjoy Me in all things, so you will enjoy the pleasures that I have placed within you. For do I not give you eyes that you may see the beauties of My creation around you?--And ears that you may hear My Heavenly sounds? I give you hands and ears and nose and mouth that you may touch and feel and listen and smell and taste of My delights! I give you sex organs that you may know the ecstasies of My lovemaking in flesh and in spirit.
       35. I control every little nerve ending, that you may see and feel My pleasures and My delights that I have created for you. As the body without the spirit is dead, so while you are on the Earth, the physical and the spiritual are intertwined in the encasement of your flesh. I have placed nerve endings in precise locations that you may enjoy the senses and the pleasures of the flesh; therefore I would that you trust Me in all things.
       36. Defile not the temple of My Spirit, which is your flesh, but look to Me. I would that you do all things through a prayerful seeking of Me and My will. For although I have created your nerves, and also your hands, that you may enjoy My special touches in the form of soothing massages, know that there be those who are not yielded to Me, who would use this as a means to hurt and harm. I have created points of pressure and locations of nerve endings, and it is possible for the soft, loving hands of one yielded to Me to apply tender touches that may soothe and calm and put your weary muscles to rest. I do this as an illustration of My Own tender touches and loving care.
       37. There be those even in the System who have the know-how and knowledge of certain points and locations of where to massage, who know how to instruct and guide and give massage. As long as you pray, I am able to sometimes even use these to help you. I would that you be careful for nothing, but in all things through prayer and supplication look to Me. For just as soft, loving hands may minister relief and aid in your relaxation, so would Satan use hard, unyielded hands to hurt and to harm if you do not pray. Not all hands are used of Me.
       38. In the soft, loving hands of one yielded to Me I place the power of My Spirit. In the laying on of hands of My faithful ones there is great power and great healing, and I would that My children tap into this power. Concentrate your power in the laying on of hands, and know that it is I, through you, as you tap in to My power, Who heals all things according to My will. For those who know Me and love Me, I pour out the Elixir of Heaven! I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over every deadly thing. I give you unmatched power over the power of the Wicked One, that nothing will by any means hurt you.
       39. You do well to look to Me in all things--to trust Me with your life and with your body. For My ways are natural ways and miraculous ways. If need be, I am able to heal and to make right even against all human odds and all human understanding. I have created the amazing machine of your body, so marvelous and so mysterious that man cannot even comprehend its workings!
       40. Beware of these who seek to make doors where doors do not go. Have I not made your body to repair and renew itself, even though you would at times give it undue wear and tear? It is I Who have made it to repair itself as it constantly sheds the old, worn-out dead cells and rebuilds the new. Have I not set within you systems whereby the blood is purified, and systems whereby your juices may flow as you eliminate unwanted poisons and toxins? I am at your controls, and I do all things well concerning you who love Me.
       41. Therefore seek not to fritz up My marvelous works through the tampering of man. Many of these illnesses and diseases brought on in the world today are through wrongful living. Many are the fruits of the tampering of man, inspired by the Evil One who attempts to wreck the balance of My hand, that he may pollute your body and thereby gain control.
       42. I have created the marvelous machine of the human body, and I would that you walk closely and stay in complete communication with Me in all things regarding your heart, your spirit, and your body. For as the brain and central nervous system work together in complete communication that each signal be carried out to even the tiniest of nerve endings, so it is that the nerve endings must in turn stay tuned so that they are able to send back responses through the central nervous system--the headquarters of My control room. Therefore learn of this, and stay in constant, close communication with Me. Defile not your temple, for in tampering with the system that I have put in place, you risk the chance of short circuits. Hinder not My workings with the pollutants of man.
       43. Many are the pollutants of man, the tinkerings of man that would seek to do you harm. Although there be mechanical procedures that are helpful and give aid, such as the setting of a broken bone or the tying of the umbilical cord, seek not the poking of pins that would open doors where doors do not belong, or electric shocks that suppress and burn grooves that are not of Me. Trust them not, but have faith in Me. I am greater than the puniness of man. My ways are not man's ways, and I do not need any help. If I want to heal, I will heal; and if I do not want to heal, in order to accomplish some greater purpose in your life, nothing will be able to heal you. For what is your life? It is but a vapor that is here for a little while and then vanishes away. And what is your life if it be not to work and live and walk in My highest will?
       44. Know, therefore, that what I have created, I am also able to keep. I live and move up and down in you through the channels of your nerves. Yield them to Me, therefore, in all things. Yield not your members as instruments to the unrighteous doctors of men, but yield yourselves to Me, as those who are alive from the dead, that your members--the very fibers of your being which I have created--may be My instruments, tools of My righteousness, that we may be one. (End of message from Jesus.)

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