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The Hale-Bopp Comet!       Maria #382       DO/TS 3121       3/97
A Prophecy Received March 25, 1997
By Maria

       1. {\b \i (Introduction by Mama:)} You've probably heard about the Hale-Bopp comet in the news, or possibly even seen it for yourself, as have millions around the world. It's supposed to be one of the largest and brightest comets ever! Its core is twice the size of Halley's comet (which last came in 1986), and its tail is 10-20 million miles long! In fact, it has two tails!
       2. Comets are not uncommon--there's usually one bright one every decade--but this one is so big and bright that astronomers are calling it the "celestial event of the century!" Apparently the last time it came around was over 4,000 years ago, so it's quite an event. It came closest to Earth on March 23, but is said to be quite visible to the naked eye throughout the end of March and beginning of April, depending on where you are.
       3. Dad has taught us that comets often convey a meaning or message, or herald a particular event. As you'll recall, last year during the Summit meeting there was a comet, and the Lord indicated through prophecy that it heralded the downfall of the kingdom of Satan and the coming of the Lord's Kingdom and His conquest of the Earth. (See "The Summit '96 Letters!--Part 6," ML #3092:85-116, GN 725.) So I was curious to know what, if any, significance this comet had either for the Family or the world. I asked the Lord and He gave a very interesting message that I think you will find quite fascinating!
       4. In His message, the Lord issues the call to use this opportunity when the world is hearing the news about this comet to preach the Endtime message loud, far and wide. He even suggests that we put together an Endtime tract about the comet that could be distributed on this occasion! So we came before the Lord again and asked Him for a message for the GP that we could use as a tract, and He came through with a concise, power-packed message about the comet, the Endtime and salvation, all in one! We formatted it into a GP tract, and are sending it to you with this GN.
       5. I pray that you as a Home will take this opportunity to photocopy or print this tract for use right away, and where possible and appropriate, distribute as many of them as you can! Since the tract specifically refers to the Hale-Bopp comet, you probably won't be able to distribute it for long, so please seize the chance to get it out now while it's still news! The Lord wants to use these events as a springboard to proclaim His Endtime message, so please heed His call and feed His sheep! I love you!
       Love, Mama

       6. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }The heavens declare My glory; the firmament exhibits My handiwork. I put these signs and wonders in the sky that the world may hunger and want to know the meaning. I hurl My messenger across the sky so that the world may see and be forewarned, and turn to read the signs of the times.
       7. You have heard it said before that many things a comet brings--among them war, violence, famine, earthquake, floods and death to kings. Impending disaster, calamity and destruction throughout the ages have always been heralded by My celestial signs and wonders. I send forth this comet for a sign that those who will receive it may see. For I would that they stand in awe and say, "How great is the God of Heaven, strong and mighty! Behold, He does put His sign in the sky. Let all the Heavens bow down at His feet and declare His glory!"
       8. I send this messenger at this crucial time in world history, for My desire is to open the eyes of those who do not discern the signs of the times. Many things a comet does bring, most often to warn the world of calamity, violence, death and destruction. Yet I send this one, My messenger that man appropriately calls Hale-Bopp, with a manifold purpose. As its name indicates, I do hail the nations. I compel the peoples of the world to prepare, for the time is at hand. For these reasons, I do allow this comet to be seen in many lands, in many nations upon the face of the Earth. The time is near, and this is the time that all the prophets have dreamed of.
       9. {\b \i (Mama:)} When the Lord says here, "I do hail the nations," He is not using the word "hail" in the more common sense of "to salute" or "to acclaim," but rather its second definition, which according to the American Heritage Dictionary is, "to call out to in order to catch the attention of." In other words, the Lord is trying to get the attention of the world, and He's calling out to the nations to recognize this comet as something of great importance. The purpose of getting their attention is so that they will be forewarned and prepare for the events that are to come. Praise the Lord! Another very interesting point is that the word "hale," spelled the same as the name of the comet, means "to compel." So as the Lord said, this comet is very appropriately named. Isn't that interesting?
       10. {\b \i (Prophecy continues:)} War, violence, famine, earthquake, floods and death to kings! Impending disaster, calamity and destruction sweep the nations! Violence rages in the streets. Famines and floods cover the globe. Earthquakes shake the Earth. Economic chaos is running wild. My messenger reminds the world that the end is near. So does this one bring death on the horizon for great men of the Earth. Be not deceived, for when they say peace and safety, sudden destruction is at hand. In the holy land there is sorrow yet to come. Delicate is the process of peace, and though some of these speak peace, war is in their hearts.
       11. Yet another thing this comet brings: This will be a time of direful change, for this one blows on the winds of change--direful change for all the peoples of the Earth, such as the world has never known before. Drastic change that will happen with great speed, great intensity. The winds are blowing fast and fiercely, for the Evil One knows that his time is short. Drastic, direful change in communications, in modes of operation, in scientific tinkerings, are upon the world, as man attempts to put doors where doors do not belong. This is the time of sorrows for those who do not retain Me in their thoughts.
       12. This one, My comet Hale-Bopp, turns the hourglass. It is running, and yet a little while and time will be no more.
       13. Many are the purposes that I accomplish with this one, My angel of light, which flies across the sky. It has a dual purpose: To those who receive, and who would seek to read the signs of the times, I send a message of peace, that they may know their redemption is nigh. For those who will not receive, who choose to be confounded, who serve graven images and boast themselves of idols, this one will be as a messenger of doom.
       14. I send this one as a cloud of refreshing to My children and those who will receive My light, and a messenger of doom to those who would stiffen their necks and harden their hearts, as they go awhoring after other gods. These are the two tails of the comet. I give you this as a sign.
       15. The two tails mark this dual message to the nations. To some this comet will be a cloud of refreshing, that you may know that yet a little while and I will come for you. To others, to those who would refuse to discern, this comet will be a doomsday messenger. For all the peoples of the Earth I give this sign, and for this reason I cause it to be seen across the nations. For this I set My light in the sky, that the world may think on these things. For this I do show My awesome wonders and My mighty works.
       16. Therefore, think not that this comet only brings a message of doom, for I would that this be an encouragement to those who discern the signs of the times. I would that this be a sign of encouragement to those who sit in despair, who suffer at the hands of the cruel, the greedy, and the whoremongers of the Earth. For these who are in need and seek deliverance, I would that they know that the time is at hand. The time is near, and yet a little while and righteousness will cover the Earth.
       17. For those who know Me and who have My Words in their hearts, I would that this be as a catalyst--that you may go and spread My Endtime message to the nations, that you may go and speak the truth and spread My Word as if everything depended on spreading My Word, for it does. I would that this would be a sign to spur you on as you continue spreading My Word, My truth and My message of hope and peace to the nations of the world.
       18. In each sign that I set in the sky, I have a purpose for those who would seek to know My truth. I have ordered this darkening of the moon to coincide with the passage of the comet, that you, My children, may be encouraged. This is a simple sign to My children, that you may know that no matter how dark the night, no matter how great the darkness, it only causes the light to shine all the brighter. For did not My comet shine even greater when the light of the moon was darkened? Through this I illustrate a simple truth, that you, My faithful ones, may know that no matter how dark the night, I will cause you to shine even brighter in the dark days ahead. ({\ul \i Editor's note}: Prior to this prophecy being given, there was a lunar eclipse which made the comet more easily visible in the sky.)
       19. Fear not, therefore, but encourage yourselves; for the time is at hand. For this reason I do send My king forth at this time to strengthen the [EDITED: "Family"] structure. This, too, is marked by My Heavenly messenger. For great is the purpose and great are the victories that will be wrought through these visits. Therefore know that this comet marks great victories for My children. It is I who have planned each step of the king's itinerary, for great is the purpose that I wish to accomplish during this time. ({\ul \i Editor's note}: The Lord is referring here to the trip that Peter is presently making to a couple of the CRO areas, visiting the various NPCs, CRO offices, LIMs, studios, and other Homes that service the Family. Please see the WS News section in Grapevine #16.)
       20. My comet is a signal to those who discern, that they may be encouraged and know that awesome and mighty purposes are being established in the Heavenlies. I have armed My king and his entourage with powerful weapons and wise helpers, mighty angels and protectors, that in this visitation, My faithful ones may receive strength. For the night is falling. The time is at hand; the hourglass is turned.
       21. Many are the purposes of My Heavenly messenger. I would that this also be a sign to your own young people, that what I have spoken I will perform. I would that this also be a sign to My Own children that it's later than many think. Satan seeks to cloud their vision, to tempt them with wiles of waiting awhile. They are tempted with thoughts that time will always be, and that the days of which all My prophets have dreamed are yet to be, and will not come for a while longer. But I say to you, the time is now. Hale-Bopp turns the hourglass, and yet a little while and time will be no more.
       22. Therefore, I say to you, utilize this time that My messenger does streak across the sky. Jump at this chance when the world is reading about it, and hearing it on the news, for it is fresh in their minds. For if My prophets speak not regarding the signs of the times, then who will? Use this time to speak My message to the nations. Many are speaking of this wonder that I have set in the sky, yet who will speak the whole truth but you alone, My children of David?
       23. Summon My children, where possible and when appropriate, to use this time to give out My Endtime message. What is that in your hands? You have many messages on this already that you may be able to use. Or see if you can put together a simple short 2-page or 4-page tract of compiled information, that will be a springboard to witness about the Endtime. Strike now while the iron is hot, but know also that in the months to come, this will yet be fresh in their minds, and your efforts will not be wasted. Ask of Me, seek Me, and I will lead you in these matters.
       24. Advise My children to speak the truth, to talk about it in their conversations with all they meet. Use it! Speak about the Endtime, give forth the messages about the Endtime. Speak to the people in the highways and the byways, in your witnessing, in your interactions with all those you meet. Turn them toward the signs of the times. Review the words of your Father David on this subject. Fill up with the subject. Look to My Word, that you may speak out of the abundance of a full heart.
       25. Stir yourselves up in these matters and warn the nations. If you do this thing that I ask, you will see that it will spur your own youth; for they, too, have need of this. They are in need of this stirring, this firing up to witness of My Endtime. For this reason also, I do set My signs in the sky, so your youth will see and be inspired that all I have spoken is coming to pass. Therefore challenge your youth to get out this message. Challenge them to dig into My deep waters and swim in the truth of all that I have spoken about these days. All of the prophets have dreamed of this day. Great and mighty is this awesome day. The comet is flying! The hourglass is turned! Yet a little while and time will be no more. (End of prophecy.)


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family