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Menopause--A Time of Strengthening and Renewal!       Maria #387       DO/TS 3127       12/96
By Maria

My dear Family,
       1. I love you and I have felt burdened about requests from some of you for information about menopause. This is a time in a woman's life when her body goes through a lot of changes, and scientists don't even understand all the whys and wherefores of these changes. While we are publishing FSMs with counsel from health care sources which explain the scientific reasons, and give advice, suggestions and tips on how to counteract negative symptoms, I also had a burden to ask the Lord for any insight He had on this topic.
       2. Our carnal minds can't grasp the depth of all that the Lord does with our bodies as time goes on and we grow older. As King David said, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psa.139:14). But I knew that the Lord could explain many of these things to us even better than the doctors and experts, although we can benefit from their counsel. From His deep storehouse of love and wisdom, the Lord has given us many precious jewels and promises that will be a big help to those of us who are at this stage in our lives, or who have loved ones who are.
       3. As you know, I have experienced excessive bleeding, which at times has greatly weakened me, and which is also connected to menopause. However, the Lord has shown me many things through this physical affliction. As always, He knows best, and He never allows us to be tested above that we are able. It's shown me the great need for your prayers, and helped me to be able to ask for your prayers when I needed them. It's also shown you the need to pray for our women who are having similar physical problems, because they are very weakening and make it difficult to carry on business as usual. However, even with difficulties such as these, the Lord has a plan and a purpose, and He means it all for our good.
       4. So, following are prophecies that were received on the subject of menopause, for your encouragement. Although these would be of particular interest to you women going through this change, the Lord gives insights that are helpful for everyone to know about, both for their own health and well-being as well as that of those they live with. In this two-GN series about midlife, the first GN is specifically about menopause, containing insight and pointers for women at this stage of life. The second GN has general counsel for those living with older women, on how to understand and relate to them, as well as explanations and guidance about midlife crisis which are helpful for both men and women.
       5. It would not be necessary to read both these GNs unitedly unless your Home feels led to do so, depending on how many older people you have. Homes with more older people may feel it's good to read both of them in their entirety unitedly, but Homes with more younger people may be led to read only the second GN unitedly. It can be up to each Home to decide whether or not to read both GNs unitedly or just the second one.
       6. I think you'll find that in showing us His point of view on this stage of life, the Lord opens up marvelous prospects in service for those who may have otherwise felt that their usefulness was fading. He points us to possibilities which are very encouraging and uplifting for anyone in their forties and fifties--or even older. I love you very much, and I pray these prophecies are as encouraging to you as they are to me.
       Love, Mama

I Will Carry You Through!

       7. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Put your hand in Mine, and I will be more to you than a light and better than a known way. Come now and rest with Me awhile. Put your head here on My bosom. Let us lie together and love. For I am your Lover, your intimate Spouse. I'll take you through the menopause step by step. I'm right here to comfort and to hold you, to carry you through. For you are My special bride, My beloved, My ravishing new church in whom I am well pleased. And I would not have you suffer as do the women of the Egyptians in this time, during this change of life. For I, the Creator of all things, have created this process in your body. I have created you, and I will carry you through.
       8. The manifestations and the symptoms, the negative effects that you read about need not be. As I have promised that the diseases of the Egyptians shall not befall you, so it is with these things. They need not be a burden and a weight. It is only a burden and weight to those who would seek to fight it, to take matters into their own hands, those who go against the natural ways which I have ordained. These foolish women buck and rebel, and seek to lean wholly on the arm of the flesh and not on Me. For they do seek after false gods and false ways and methods. And it is for this cause, this leaning on the arm of the flesh, that many sorrows do befall them.
       9. But for you, My beloved queens, and all those who would look to Me, it need not be. All things come from Me, and are designed with a perfect plan. Do you feel more tired? Fear not, but take this time to come rest with Me awhile. Let Me carry your load and carry your burden. Do you feel more emotional? It is I that have put this in you at this special time in your life that you may lean wholly on Me, and in leaning find your strength.
       10. For I have ordained these emotions for a purpose. They are but to enhance the mother's heart that I have put within you, that through these emotional times and softening of heart, with this broken and tender heart you may intercede with tears and weeping in your sweet prayers unto Me. I do this so that through your interceding for others, for situations and for circumstances, My power may be made manifest. I have ordained these things, so that you may pray and pray and pray again for My little ones, for they have great need of a mother's prayers.
       11. Do you experience other discomforts--headaches, hot flashes, this and that? Fear not these signs, but see them as a thermometer in helping you to gauge your time with Me. For in your light afflictions, turn to Me, Who will deliver and doth yet deliver, and in your leaning on Me, you will be strengthened beyond measure. For this time is sorely needed in each woman's life.

A Midway Point!

       12. {\b \i (Message from Jesus continues:)} So I have set in place the menopause plan that you may be refreshed and renewed, that you may come and take rest with Me during these moments and find strength to continue on down the path of life. For you have labored long and have done well, and now I give you this period of time that you may come and take your rest. Take this refilling. Rest and be rejuvenated, for there are yet many battles ahead, and this is but a midway point.
       13. Look not upon this time as a curse, for it is only a curse to those who would fight it, who would look to the hand of the physician rather than to Me. But I say unto you, look unto Me and know that I have allowed this time, this change, as a time of rest and refilling, of rejuvenating--a special time with Me.
       14. So use this time to rest and refill. Lie upon your bed and commune with your own heart. Intercede in sweet prayers unto Me for your children, for your loved ones, for the world. As we lie here together, be strengthened.
       15. Do you feel a little tired? Come rest and commune with Me. Do you feel a little weaker? Take advantage and lean wholly on Me, that My strength might be perfected. Come and feed from My hand. For just as your body may be a little weaker and in need of the nourishment of good wholesome food, and you must feed your body to draw physical strength from it, so you must use this time to feed your spirit and draw the spiritual strength that I will give. So come, rest with Me, feed from My hand, and drink in the spiritual nourishment needed to continue.
       16. For I have ordained you, My mothers of men, My queen mothers, as intercessors for My people, and you must see this as a time of strengthening. Use it as a time of renewal, of refilling, and be strengthened to fight on. Do you not know that the greatest battles that were ever fought will not be found on the maps of the world? For the greatest battles are fought by the mothers of men. And you, My queen warriors, are as a special force in the world, as you do uphold My troops in My great army of love.
       17. Fear not that you are washed-up has-beens to be tossed aside with no further usefulness. For this is the prime of life. This slowdown is not time wasted, but a time of preparation as the battle rages on. It is meant to be but a midway rest in the great race, that you may continue on. And I bid you in your times of weakness to come aside for rest, refilling, and re-tanking, that you might run and finish the race. (End of message from Jesus.)

       18. {\b \i (Vision:)} I saw a beautiful landscape out in the countryside, with rolling hills, gorgeous, all lush and green. At first the vision was focused on one spot, which was a marvelous resort. It was a huge estate, lush with flower-strewn pathways and archways and grounds full of magnificent flower gardens. Some were rose gardens, others were all sorts of mixed flowers and gorgeous green shrubs, stately trees and so on. There was an incredible fountain on the grounds, among the flower gardens. The place was very old and beautiful.
       19. In this huge estate were beautiful middle-aged women strolling around here and there doing different things. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. These women looked gorgeous; they had a special serenity and shine upon their faces. Some were dressed in long flowing gowns, some of which were see-through, very much like our Heaven posters. They were very feminine, and sexy at the same time. They looked very wise, and very warm and sweet. It was interesting because they were middle-aged, but very youthful-looking too. Everything was beautiful--just gorgeous!
       20. Then I realized this place I was seeing was not so much a place like a vacation resort, but rather it was a retreat. In fact, I got the word retreat. Everybody was very happy, relaxed, and looked very rested.
       21. Then I saw the reason why. The Lord was there. He seemed to be the Master of this gorgeous place, and the women all had their turns being with the Lord, making love to Him, being nourished and fed. The women seemed to be there just to sit at His feet and minister to Him, but they were getting fed by this time with the Lord, like they were being nourished, and refilled, rejuvenated.
       22. These women were definitely drawing their peace and strength and comfort from the Lord. Everything was relaxed, beautiful and peaceful, and each one seemed to be nourished just by being there in the presence of the Lord. In the world, a retreat is meant to be a time of resting and refilling, of spiritual feeding, and you go out from it renewed. (End of vision.)

Your Greatest Years of Fruitfulness!

       23. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} You are My beloved children; you are the mothers of God that I have called. Whether you have borne children or whether you have been childless in the flesh, you, the women of the Family of David, have all been mothers of God. You have dealt your bread to the hungry. You have fed and nurtured and mothered those in your care, and now do you think that this time of mothering will end?
       24. No, you will now come to a deeper sense and a greater power, and a greater anointing in your lives than you have ever had in the past. For as a piece of fruit grows on a tree until it reaches ripeness and maturity, so are you, My beloved mothers of God. For each of you has passed through different phases in your life. Would you shun the time of maturity? Would you dread a time of ripening? But no, do not look at it in this way.
       25. Look at it as a fulfillment of My plan for you. For do I not do all things well? Have I not loved you and cherished you from your childhood through your teen years, through your twenties and thirties? Now, as you are in your forties and fifties, I rejoice to see you as beautiful women of God, praising Me, loving Me. You are an adornment in the house of God.
       26. Those who come to behold My Family see in you a peace and happiness and a beauty that is not upon worldly women. For you have the joy of the Lord and the love of the Lord, and the peace of the Lord in your faces. You have My wisdom in your spirit. You have My gentleness and My kindness in your tongue, and you have My faith in your hearts. In many ways this will be your time of greatest usefulness! Just as an apple is not eaten when it is not ripe, in many ways I have waited for this time to use you to the fullest extent.
       27. But you say, "I feel old. I feel weak. I have no strength." But have I not said that My strength is made perfect in weakness? Have I not waited many times for you to cease your busy activity, your running to and fro, so that you would stop and hold still and listen to Me? Have I not longed and pleaded and waited for the time that you would spend with Me? In this time of weakness, when you feel you are less worthy, and when you feel you are less capable, I see you as more worthy, and I see you as more capable, because you look to Me.
       28. You cling to Me; you strive to be close to Me. You know that you cannot do it in yourself, therefore you allow Me to come through. For is this not a day of My power being poured forth? Do I not long for vessels to pour My Words through? Do not I seek those who would be weak in their own flesh so that I can come through in the power of My Spirit? All of these things you are capable of. And even the men and women of the world seek after the wisdom that you have, for you have more wisdom in your little finger than many experts have after years of studying.
       29. You have the wisdom of My Words, of your years of experience, of your multitudes of experiences in witnessing and leading people to Me and seeing lives change before your eyes. You have seen many miracles of My healing, of My provision, of My help in trouble. You have cried out to Me for the many needs that you have had, and have I not always come through? This has given you a vast treasure and storehouse of faith and wisdom and experience that many others can avail themselves of.
       30. Do they not turn to you? Do they not see in you a light, a beacon of encouragement? I want you to take up this challenge to be this beacon, to be a light that is set on a hill. Do not hide your light under a bushel in discouragement or fear or because you feel your body is so weak. For didn't Abraham receive the promise of Me for his wife Sarah when she was old and beyond the age of childbearing? He received the promise, but Sarah laughed and thought in her heart that it was not possible.
       31. But I say unto you, you must not laugh or be disbelieving, but you must realize that these can be your greatest years of fruitfulness, as you seize on My promises and My Word. As you apply them to yourself, you will find that many of the dreams that I have placed in your heart, many of the hopes and wishes that you have had through the years, will come to pass. They will spring forth before your eyes and will grow as never before, as you believe My Word and My promises.
       32. This will be your time of greatest fruitfulness. Believe these words. Hang on to these words. Believe My promises, and you will see a ripening in your life, a maturity, a wisdom and a gentleness that goes with your years. As people see you and meet you, they will turn to you to tap into the source of your joy and your happiness and your peace. They will see someone who is content with her age, who is content and satisfied and fulfilled and rewarded, even though she is at a time of life when other women are mourning the state that they are in.
       33. I can give you contentment and happiness at this time in your lives. And as I give it unto you, you will be a light and a beacon to others who will see this contentment in you, and who will turn to you and say, "Give me what you have." Then you can give them My Words and My promises and My love, and you can say, "Here, read this. Here, do this. Here, pray and seek the Lord and He will help you. Here, ask Jesus into your heart and He will strengthen you." You can tell them how you were weak, and how you are weak, but that you have a strong God and He gives you your happiness.
       34. You will be as Abraham and Sarah, who looked not on their own bodies as being old and practically dead, but who looked at My promises, and through My promises had greater fruitfulness than they had ever had, and became the parents of many nations. Even so, you will have more fruitfulness than you have ever had, as you believe My Word and cling to My Word, and put your trust in My Word. Just follow, obey, and trust Me and I will lead you into these paths of fruitfulness and peace and happiness in Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Maturity, Growth and Progress!

       35. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Let this time mark another point in your womanhood, another medal pinned upon you, another token of a job well done. Even if it comes through tests and trials, through emotions and feelings and sensations which are not easily perceived nor understood, do not many changes come in that way? Do not many new and different experiences sometimes catch you off guard, and are they not learning experiences?
       36. This can be a time to enrich your soul, and to prove once again your womanhood, your maturity, moving from the time of childbearing on to the time of final maturity and freedom from the thoughts and cares of bearing children. This is a great and glorious thing to Me, and I do not want it to be a tedious or a worrisome thing for you. It should be one more badge of courage and honor and glory in your womanhood.
       37. For I look upon this time of trial and testing and change and new sensations as a time of maturity, growth and progress. It is not something that I wish for you to worry about or fear. Be not unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is. When you feel sensations that you do not know much about, look to Me and seek Me, and I will speak to your heart and explain these things to you, and give you knowledge and understanding.
       38. For I will not leave you comfortless, but I will come to you. In the hour that you need it, I will come to you. In the night when you cannot sleep, or in the day when you feel a sensation of pain or of heat or of cold or whatever it may be, look unto Me. If you are worried or fearful or afraid, look unto Me, and I will comfort you and surround you with songs of deliverance.
       39. For you are the woman of God, the mother of God, the lover of God, the faithful one, who has gone through many years of service and sacrifice, many years of pain and suffering, and many years of victory and triumph. And this--one more trial, one more test, the test of aging, the test of menopause--will be another triumph and victory as you cling to Me, as you look to Me and love Me.
       40. I would replace your worry with joy. I would replace your discomfort with the comforting hand of My touch upon you, with My love in your heart. I would comfort you and speak gentle words of love and encouragement that would engender trust and faith and the feeling of peace, even in the midst of trouble or change or whatever you do not understand.
       41. I am with you in these changes, to bring you through to greater victory, to greater joy, to greater usefulness. For they that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of their God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be rich and flourishing. Even so it is My will for you that this time of menopause be a time of fruit bearing, a time of love, a time of joy, a time of comfort, and not a time of sorrow, remorse or regret. In your confusion, or when you wake in the night wondering, "Oh my, what is happening to me?" I will speak words of comfort, words of cheer, words of encouragement to you.
       42. I love you. I adore you, My loving wife and bride, and I will care for you. Have I not said that I will care for My own? Even through these times, I will carry you and bear you upon My shoulders. Yes, I will hold you to My breast and close to My heart, and we will be one. (End of message from Jesus.)

"I Do Honor You!"

       43. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Behold My soldier women! My soldiers, My women who have given their all, who have forsaken their lives, who have given themselves to Me, who have given their souls to Me, who have given their bodies to Me, who have given their minds to Me, who have given their children to Me, who have given their husbands to Me, and yes, who have given their whole lives to Me! Shall I forsake you in your time of need? Am I a God afar off, Who does not hear?
       44. But no, rather I am your Husband, betrothed unto you. Therefore when you walk through the waters, I will be with you. When you pass through the fires, I shall hold your hand, saying unto you, "Fear not, for I am with you." This shall not be a hard thing for you, or a thing of discouragement. For do you not realize that I am betrothed unto you, and that I am your Husband? As I was with Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, and as the king peered in and saw a fourth person in there, so shall I be with you, deep down in your heart. We shall walk through this together, you and I, for I am there. Did not you invite Me in? I came in, and I am there speaking to you and comforting you.
       45. You must remember that fear is one of the main devices of the Enemy of your soul. So when you are tempted to fear, or to dread, or to worry, I beg of you to please just ask Me about it. Rather than letting the fear take over, I plead with you to simply ask Me about this fear, to give this to Me, to put it in My hands. For I am there. I am as real as you are, and I am closer than your next breath. I say, give Me this hot flash. Give Me this fear. Give Me this phobia. Give Me this concern. Give Me this trouble. Put it in My hands, for I am capable of taking it from you and carrying it for you.
       46. For I am your Soul-mate, linked forever to you. I am the Spirit of the living God, the Creator of life, He which travels up and down the circuits of your spirit and your nervous system and your body. For by Me all things consist. I am the very essence of your soul. You must merely put these things into My hands. You must stop and say, "Oh my Lord, please take this hot flash. Please take this sleeplessness. Please take this phobia." I say, put it into My hands, and I will be more unto you than a known way.
       47. For I will not forsake you in your time of trouble, as you have not forsaken Me all these years. You will say, "O Menopause, where is thy sting?" For I am able to carry you through this. Yes, this will be a time of you drawing closer to Me.
       48. I even look forward to this time, this time of communion and fellowship with you in the night seasons, when we are alone together, when everyone else is asleep and I have your attention. I am giving you this time to pour out your soul unto Me, to pour your deepest thoughts unto Me, so that I may show you that I really am, that I am there. I do exist inside of your soul, inside of your heart. I am He that lies there waiting for you to come unto Me, that I may walk with you through this thing.
       49. For it is the time of the changing of the seasons, the time when you grow rich and golden and silver. As I have said, the hoary head is a crown unto you. These things are as badges upon your shoulders, and ribbons draping down your arms. For you are as they who can boast, having put off the armor, having given your lives, having dedicated your lives to your family, having borne many children, having loved many men, having given your whole lives, having obeyed the Words of your Father.
       50. This is an honor unto you, and it is a time of graduation, a time of maturity. For I do drape this about you as wisdom coming down off your head, over your shoulders, as a cape of wisdom, that you may share with the younger ones. For yes, you are My pioneer generation. You are they who have gone into all the world preaching the Gospel unto every creature. Yes, your generation, you faithful ones!
       51. I do honor you, and I will now be with you through this new pioneer venture, that you may show the way for others, that you may hack out the way. For you are the first generation. As I have been with you through the pioneering of many countries and through the pioneering of the Family, now I will be with you through the pioneering of this new stage, this new season in your lives. I will make it a blessing unto you.
       52. There will be showers of blessing upon your head and upon your shoulders as I pour down My grace and My mercy and My power, as I show you how to walk through this new stage and how to become the woman that I have planned for you to be. For this is not the end, this is the beginning of a new stage, of a new era in your lives, of something that will last for eternity. The lessons and the maturity and the wisdom that you gain now are but another building block in your eternal lives which have only begun. For this is the beginning of the rest of your life.
       53. Therefore look unto Me; hang on to Me. Put your arms around Me, as we walk together into this new era, as I show you new horizons, and as I lift you up higher to see further over the horizon for what comes next. (End of message from Jesus.)

Take Advantage of the Practical Counsel in Family Pubs

       54. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Even as David was instructed by Me to give an example to you in his "Health Revolution," and gave constant admonitions about health and well-being, exposing the lies of the System and heralding truth and simplicity and good diet and good work and rest habits, so do I publish these good things [EDITED: "the pubs about menopause and health"]. These things have been gone over and prayed about and counseled about, so that you would look to them as excellent counsel for your health and your well-being during this time of change.
       55. Beware of old wives' tales and rumors and things not prayed about. For this is a time when I would call My Family to look well to their health and their well-being. I have promised to care for you; I have promised to supply your every need, and one of those needs is for knowledge and truth. For if you continue in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed, and you shall know the truth. That truth shall make you free from the lies of the Enemy, from the exaggerations of Satan, the Hinderer, the Destroyer, the Father of Lies.
       56. I have given you excellent counsel on how to deal with these things when they come upon you. As I have given unto you counsel about childbirth and about weight loss and about a healthful diet, about getting out and having exercise, so do I give you excellent counsel about how to deal with the trials of menopause. By following this counsel, you can diminish and minimize the effects of these trials upon you, both by knowing and being assured of what you are going through, and also by being able to correct certain deficiencies--by your diet, by your rest, by your work habits, and by the way that you go to sleep at night. These are things which I can help you with as you go through the change.
       57. For each individual will have individual needs, but I will give you this excellent counsel. I caution you once again not to go by old wives' tales, for these engender doubt and fear. Sometimes they are good, but sometimes they are bad and hurtful and harmful, especially when uttered by the foolish or the unprayerful, or those who have been unduly influenced by the System and by the ways of the world. I would that My Family be pure and that My women be kept from the power of the Evil One.
       58. Therefore, when you want to understand these things, look unto My published Word and don't heed the lies of the Enemy. I will make your way straight before you. Even through your tests and trials, I can make it lighter, as you take My yoke upon you and learn of Me and the things which I would give you. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. As many of you have experienced, through proper education and learning and prayer and counseling together with your praymates and co-workers, I have helped your childbearing to go more smoothly. Even when doctors told you that things would be difficult for you or that you would never be able to have another child, I gave you more children or I made your giving birth easier. I can do the same with menopause.
       59. Your parents or others might say unto you, "This is a heavy time, a sad time, a discouraging time." But it need not be so, if you follow Me and look to Me. Spend time studying My Word and heeding this excellent counsel which I give you. I will make your way straight, and carry and bear you in that which is difficult for you. I will make up for your lack, and I will help you.
       60. So don't worry, but study to show yourself approved and mature. That is part of your maturity--to look to the Word and to apply it to your own life. With excellent counsel you can pass through this time without the smell of smoke upon you. You will come forth as gold. You will stand out among the people as a radiant and shining light, as precious gold in this time of trouble and anguish, when men's hearts are failing them for fear of those things which they see coming upon them and upon the Earth.
       61. But as the darkness grows more dense and heavy, so will My light continue to arise upon you. My light will enlighten your eyes and illumine your mind and bring health to all your body. I have spoken it and I will make it good. For My promises, are they not for your youth? And are they not also for your old age? Are they not for these times? Yes, the promises that I give unto you are good for all time and all seasons.
       62. Therefore be comforted. Educate yourselves. Study My Word and these excellent counsels which I give you, and I will make your way good. You will know that I am with you, and I am blessing your obedience. For by obedience you will bring upon yourself an anointing of health and grace and strength. (End of message from Jesus.)

What to Do When You Feel Moody or Depressed!

       63. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} "When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I." If you feel overwhelmed, why, climb up on the Rock. For this is what you have that is more than all the women of the world. You have Me, the Rock, Jesus, and you can climb up on Me and be above all of the problems that threaten to overwhelm you. For I will never allow you to be overwhelmed.
       64. When you feel the weakness of the flesh, when you feel moods of depression that threaten to blacken your thoughts and your day and hang a feeling of despair over you, just climb up on the Rock and climb above the feeling. Seek help in prayer from those around you.
       65. For I am the answer to these moods of depression. Many times they can come on as attacks of the Enemy when your flesh is weak. The Enemy sees that you are vulnerable, so he attempts to dent your armor. He attempts to push against it. But he can't penetrate; he can only influence your feelings. He can influence you with black, negative, despairing feelings, but do these feelings change My Word? No.
       66. So when you are hit with these feelings, climb on the Rock. Climb into My arms. Look to Me and to My face and ask Me to take these feelings away. It is very important that you not attempt to live with the feelings, or adjust to them, or make decisions on the basis of these negative emotions that can swarm in and attempt to take you over. For the Enemy is attempting to undo your faith in My Word. Please remember that your feelings do not affect the truth of My Word. When the Enemy threatens to come in like a flood, raise a standard against him and fight against him.
       67. Do what it takes to win the battle against the Enemy, whether it takes desperate prayer, more time in My Word, more rest, or asking for prayer from your co-workers, your mate or your shepherds. Seek Me and ask what you should do. But remember that these are deceptive feelings sent by the Enemy to rob you of your victory, and to drive a wedge between you and the Word and My promises that will sustain you. For I will never send you more than you can bear.
       68. These times in your life may be confusing. There may be times when you feel tossed to and fro. You may have strange feelings, and you may even have changes in circumstances which are hard to bear. For are not many in the Family going through changes now? Are there not many who suffer moments of uncertainty, not knowing what the future holds and not knowing which way to go? So it is natural in some ways that in these moments of uncertainty you cry out and you fear.
       69. You are as the disciples who were in the boat when the waves roared and the storm raged, and they cried out to Me, saying, "Master! Help us! We will perish!" They thought they would die because the storm was so great. You may feel that the turbulence of your emotions, the turbulence of your life, and the turbulence of your health--all of this at once is too much, and you may cry out that you feel like you are about to perish!
       70. But remember that I am the Lord of the ship. I can calm the seas, and I will never allow you to be overwhelmed. Just hold on to the sides of the boat and wait for your emotions to settle down. Wait for the circumstances in your life to work out. For have I not said that all things work together for good? Wait for Me to strengthen your health. Know that I am in all of these things, and I will never leave you nor forsake you, but I will be the help and the strength that you need in the midst of this turbulence.
       71. For there are many factors that can change and twist and turn your emotions. But when this happens, do not look at the factors that are changing, or do not look at the turbulence of your emotions, but look straight into My face. Let Me hold you in My arms. Let Me have sweet times of loving with you. For if these times of turbulence drive you to My arms, then they are worth it, for I long for fellowship with you. I long to hold you in My arms and comfort your heart, and drive away the feelings of hopelessness, and replace them with feelings of hope and encouragement and happiness and faith.
       72. Can't we enjoy sweet times of love together? For I want to love you in every way--emotionally, sexually, physically, passionately, intimately. As we experience these ecstasies of love together, the feelings of darkness will be driven away and you will find a peace and happiness in My arms that you never knew. I can give you the feelings of happiness that you seek. But first you must hold to My Word. You must believe Me through the storm. You must know that I have never forsaken you and will never forsake you, and that all things do work together for good.
       73. As you look for the light at the end of the tunnel, remember that My arms are around you every moment, every second. Believe that as you have these wonderful times with Me, you will find the strength that you know not of. It is as though you have been running a race with weights on. When you come out of the tunnel and when the weights are removed, you will run faster than ever before.
       74. Therefore turn these times into precious times of fellowship and love and lovemaking with Me. Apply yourself with all diligence to seek Me in My Word and in prayer and in love. I will never fail you nor forsake you, for you are My creation and I will never leave you desolate. Claim all the promises that I have given for you! Know that they are for you in this moment, and I will give you all that you need. I will bring you through victoriously. (End of message from Jesus.)

He Can Stabilize Us!

       75. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }"He lifted me up out of the miry pit, and He made me to stand upon firm ground. He said unto the waters, 'Peace, be still!'" I will lift you upon a rock, above the turbulence round about you. I will lead you in a plain path, and upon solid ground. Do not look at the waves. I call you to walk out upon the water. Am I able to do this? I did it with Peter. As he looked into My eyes, he had the faith to step out and walk upon My Spirit. He reached out and I put the steps underneath him. As long as his eyes were upon Me, he walked on top of the water, physically.
       76. I am able to do this with you. I am able to quell your emotions. I am able to stabilize your spirit. I am able to have you walk upon a high place, above the storms that swirl within your body and within your spirit and within your emotions. For these things are all a part of you, and they are connected to you. Your body is connected to your spirit, and your emotions are connected to your body. But your spirit is also connected to Me, to My Spirit.
       77. Therefore I say, reach out to Me. Put Me underneath you and let Me be your foundation. Trust in Me; trust not in your feelings. For though your feelings are real, yet I am able to override them, and I am able to lift you up in My arms, to lift up your spirit, to lift up your heart. For what is your heart? It is the seat of your affections. It is your desires. It is your thoughts. It is you. I am able to lift this up into My arms and to walk on the water [EDITED: "your emotions"] and keep you.
       78. I say unto you regarding the counsel that is given in these pubs: Every situation must be judged on its own merits. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge to the current situation. These things [EDITED: "in your body"] are all in a fine balance, like a watch, ticking carefully, with each part dependent upon the various jewels, springs, screws and workings within the watch. It is all balanced very carefully, so that the watch ticks properly at the right intervals to keep the proper time.
       79. So is your body and so are your emotions, and so are your hormones. So are your reactions to these things--your spiritual reactions and your emotional reactions. It is all in a very fine, delicate balance, and it can be easily knocked off balance by an emotion, by a hormone, by a thought, by a fear, by a worry, even by a concern.
       80. Therefore, the most important thing is to look to Me and stay calm and realize that I am the Prince of Peace. Remember that great peace have they which love Me. To claim your peace, the most important thing is to keep your eyes upon Me. The second most important thing is to take the various points of information given in your pubs [EDITED: "on health and menopause"] and decide which apply to you.
       81. For there are many views and many attitudes that apply to many different situations. Each clock works slightly differently, and is built with a different set of springs and a different set of screws and a different set of parts. Though they all tick the same, and though they all perform the same function, yet each one is balanced slightly differently, depending upon your make-up, how I made you. It also depends on how you have lived your life and how you have taken care of your "watch." But nevertheless, all of these things are in My hands.
       82. Therefore, take these different points of knowledge and apply them correctly in a just balance and with a just weight. Ask Me for wisdom and decide whether this applies to you or whether it doesn't. For many things will not apply, but some things will apply. It is up to you, for this is what I am teaching you in this stage of your life--the wisdom of how to apply knowledge to your own circumstances and to your own situation.
       83. Take the good and eschew that which does not apply to you. Use that which does apply, tempering it with wisdom, bringing it before Me in prayer and asking Me to show you what applies in your particular situation and what doesn't apply.
       84. For even as childbirth is easy for some women and they tell others that births are easy, and then with others it is more difficult, so it will be with this. It will be different for each one. Therefore you cannot necessarily rely on the counsel of others. You must take in what they have to say, but remember that you must pass it through My filter.
       85. In other words, don't take in all the fears, phobias and worries that come along with the counsel. Don't let those go through the strainer. Simply take in the facts, and bathe it all with My Spirit, with My peace.
       86. As I have said many times, fear is one of the main devices of the Enemy of your soul, who wishes to get you off balance. But I do not get you off balance. The wisdom that comes from Me is pure and peaceable, full of mercy--that is, it has mercy on you, it loves you, it understands you. It doesn't knock you off balance, and it bears good fruit.
       87. Therefore, this is what I am teaching you in this stage--how to apply knowledge with wisdom, bathed within the framework of peace, held within the bubble of peace and stability, to teach you how to stand upon the waters. (End of message from Jesus.)

Estrogen and the Jeweler's Showcase!

       88. {\b \i (Mama:)} Because the medical establishment regularly prescribes the hormone estrogen for menopause problems, some of our women have had questions about whether or not to take this hormone. (Please see FSM 314, pages 5, 6 and 11 for more on estrogen; plus excerpts of the documentary from "Prime Time Live," news items and additional prophecy on pages 17-24 of FSM 315; and Family testimonies and discussion in FSM 316, pages 3-4, 5-6, and 19.) Some of the symptoms of menopause can be hard to cope with and very weakening, making it difficult, if not impossible, to carry out one's usual daily responsibilities. So I asked the Lord if He could give us more insight on this medical solution to difficult menopause symptoms, and the following prophecy is the beautiful answer He gave.
       89. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} You are My children, whom I have cared for very carefully and tenderly every day, even since the day of your birth. Do you not know that I knew each of you in My Family from the beginning? I knew each of you from your birth, and I cared for you and brought you each step of the way. Even the things that happened to you before you were in the Family were either allowed, or sent by Me, or crafted by My hand to bring you to the point of faithfulness and dedication and love for Me that you now exhibit.
       90. You are My showcase to the world! You are as jewels set in a jeweler's showcase, each of you shining with your own brilliance. Some of you are jewels set in a bracelet, others set in a necklace, others in rings, others in earrings--all of you sparkling, shining! So beautiful! In a showcase that the world can see.
       91. For you show My love, you manifest My love, you make it real to others. Although they don't understand Me, in your loving and your caring and your tenderness for them, in your desire to reach out to them, in the sparkling joy of your spirits, your laughter, in your shining faces, in your beautiful smiles, you do show Me to the world every day. I love you, My children! Do you know that you are My precious gems? I look at you and I rejoice in you, for you are very very precious to Me.
       92. And you, My precious women, are coming to a time in your life, or you are in a time in your life, or you have passed through this time of your life which is called menopause. Now many women of the world are very worried about this time, because they have been highly successful in managing their whole lives up to this time. Many of them have taken birth control pills, or they have put their children in daycare, and they have been able to do this or they have been able to do that. They have gotten divorced or remarried; they have done many things whereby they have forsaken responsibilities that I would have had them carry.
       93. They have shunned many womanly attributes because they did not want the responsibility that I would have had them take, first in bearing children, in caring for children, and then in raising them, in taking care of husbands and loved ones, in taking care of sick people. It is a woman's role to love and care for others, and many women in the world have not carried out this role. They have sought other roles because they were not satisfied doing that which is unselfish and sacrificial, in laying down their lives for children or husbands.
       94. But you in the Family have grown up in a loving, nurturing and caring environment. You care for one another. You lay down your lives for one another. You have grown in motherhood, you have grown in the art of marriage, and you have grown in caring for people outside of the Family. You have brought others into your circle of love and caring and fellowship and sacrificial love, and this is why you are My showcase. I love you, My sweet Family. My precious women, My precious mothers of God! I love you so much, and I would die all over again for each of you.
       95. So now you come to the time in your life which has some difficult physical problems, and you question and you wonder whether you should take the route that is promoted by many doctors. I would have you to remember that you are very different from women of the System. For these women wish to continue their lives business as usual. They don't want to make changes. They don't want to adapt to the changes in their bodies, and so they take hormones and medicines so that they can continue on just as they were when they were twenty or thirty.
       96. But I say unto you that when you come to this age, you come to a ripening and a deepening of your life. You come to a time when you slow down. You take more time with Me as a result. You become a greater lover of Mine than you ever were.
       97. Do you know that I find you very attractive? I find you very sexy and beautiful, and I love to fuck each of you. While many of you may not feel you are as attractive as you were in your younger years, I say unto you that you have the beauty of My love on your faces and in your spirits, which gives you a beauty that even the younger women do not have.
       98. You have learned arts of love that even many younger women do not have. You have learned sacrificial giving; you have acquired the art of caring and sharing that many younger women do not have. Therefore do not compare yourself unfavorably with them, but know that in this slowing down and in this spending time with Me, you acquire a greater beauty and a deeper beauty, because it is the beauty that comes from spending time with Me.
       99. Do you remember the anecdote about the vase which had spent time with the rose? Because the vase had been with the rose, it acquired the smell of the rose. This is like you: You may feel as though you are a vase that is cast aside and broken and ugly. But you spend more time with Me now than you did before. In your weakness and in your times of not being able to sleep, in your times of needing to rest because of excessive bleeding--in all these things you draw close to Me, you cling to Me, and you receive the sweet fragrance of the Rose that permeates your entire body. Then every cell of your being emanates and exudes this warmth and this tenderness and this closeness to Me, when you go out and when you are with others.
       100. Another example is how Moses' face shone after he had been with Me. Do you remember that example from the Bible? Do you not know that you also shine when you have spent time with Me? Therefore, which would you rather have? Would you rather have the energy and the feeling of being completely on top of things physically because of taking hormones? Or would you rather have the shine and the tenderness and even the brokenness that comes through weakness and then through spending time with Me?
       101. I know that this is a hard saying for you, because you feel you must do, do, do, and go, go, go, and be busy, busy, busy. But do you not realize that in many times past, as the women grew older, those around them also accepted the fact that they had come to a new stage in their lives, and they could not do many of the physical things that they did before. They were given tasks that were less taxing physically. However, they were turned to for their wisdom and their help and their counsel.
       102. These grandmotherly women had more of an attitude of calmness and peace and mellowness. They were sanguine [EDITED: "cheerfully confident; optimistic"]; they had an evenness of temper. They had wisdom, they had calmness, and the young people could come to them and talk to them about problems without feeling that they would be rebuked or reproved. They knew that these older women would speak with love and tenderness and care and understanding.
       103. But if you chose to pass by this time of life by taking hormones or by taking medicines, you would abort the entire process. You would pass by the time of ripening. You would stay in a "greener" stage of life. Did not David tell you in many ways, many times, "Go slow and you'll get there quicker"? He said, "At least you'll get there." Were not his older years his time of greatest fulfillment? His time of drawing closer to Me than ever before? His time of coming into his ministry, what he had been called for?
       104. I know that this is a hard saying for you, to think that you must go slower and that you cannot do as much as you did before. Sure, it is hard on your pride, and some people who live around you do not understand. But perhaps they need to be helped to understand.
       105. When you are older, you need more help. You need support. You need someone to carry some of your load, and for this the younger ones are being raised up. You need to be sure to take this time of slowness, to take this time of weakness, to take this time of having to withdraw from some of your physical labor as being a blessing in disguise, so that you can spend more time with Me.

The Advantages of This Time of Slowing Down

       106. {\b \i (Message from Jesus continues:)} I have not done this thing without reason. Do you not know that all things work together for good? This time of slowing down, this time of greater weakness, is for your benefit. It is to bring you into a stage of life when you are ripening, when you are coming into full maturity, and when you are enjoying Me more than you ever did before. And in many ways, you are enjoying life more than you ever did before.
       107. Because of your weakness, because of your more contemplative nature, because of more time spent in meditation and thoughts of Me and thinking of My beauty and My love and the joys you receive from Me, you appreciate life more. You look at each little thing that happens as a great blessing and a joy from Me. Whereas when you are younger, and you are able to rush to and fro, here and there, dashing back and forth, up and down the stairs, running out to get in the car, running off to take care of business--it is exciting, and it is fun, and you see a lot of fruit, but do you stop to smell the roses?
       108. Do you stop to see the sunset? Do you notice lilies floating on the pond and the frog sitting on the lily pad? Do you see the little hummingbird that flies up to your window to say hello? Do you notice the birds arcing in the sky saying hello to you, and telling you of the joys of life? All these beauties are sent from Me. This is why your father David wrote the letter "Squeeze, Don't Jerk," because he found that when he went slower, he enjoyed life more. He enjoyed these precious moments sent from Me.
       109. You know that in lovemaking, if you go fast, you may experience an orgasm, but it may not be the beautiful, caring and warm experience that it is if you take a little more time to caress and kiss and say tender words of love to each other. Sometimes these tender words of love will mean much more to you than the excitement of the orgasm, which can sometimes be forgotten the next day. But the tender words of love will last forever, and will be an encouragement that will stay in your heart always.
       110. Even in matters of lovemaking, you may feel that you are not able to do all that you did before. You may think, "I miss all the fucking! I miss all the orgasms! I can't do it like I used to!" But do you not see that the words of tenderness and love and sharing, the caresses, the kisses--these can have a more lasting effect, and can make it an even more touching experience, a more meaningful, a more beautiful experience than only going for the big orgasm?
       111. I'm not saying that the excitement of an orgasm is something to be belittled, for of course it is a wonderful God-given, blissful experience, and it is like the ecstasies of the Spirit. I am just saying that there is another side to the coin; if you do not have as many orgasms as you did before, perhaps you have more words of tenderness and love, which will strengthen you.
       112. So in all these things, I am telling you that while you may feel when you reach this stage of life that you are losing something, you are gaining much more than you are losing. And as you learn to appreciate what I am doing in your life, you will not want to miss this stage. You will not want to miss this weakness, this slowness. I am sorry for those of you who have to suffer, just as I am sorry for how your mother Maria has to suffer pain in her eyes, soreness, problems with headaches, and extreme weakness and tiredness.
       113. But look at the beautiful vessel that she has become! She loves Me so much that she is willing to go through these physical sacrifices to be the person that I want her to be. For in her weakness and in her desperation, she has drawn close to Me--closer than she ever was before. And your King Peter, in his weakness, in the weakness of his heart and of his back and of his flesh, has drawn closer to Me than ever before. Are they not beautiful examples of love, humility and dedication?
       114. Yes, the sweetness of their love for Me shines forth from their eyes and their spirits, and everyone who is around them is touched by the beauty of their love for Me, of their deep love for each other, and by My love shining out through their eyes and their spirits. They are great examples of humility, of dedication, of sweetness. This is not something that they have worked for. It is something that they asked for, and as they asked for it, I brought these weaknesses in their lives, to draw them closer to Me, so that they would be these beautiful pillars in My house, these beautiful witnesses of My love, that all may see, that all may rejoice, and that all may be so thankful for the wonderful work that I have done in their lives.

Your Choice: To Be a Precious or a Semiprecious Jewel

       115. {\b \i (Message from Jesus continues:)} I say that it is your choice. If the physical problems become too much for you, and you feel that you are at wits' end, you cannot cope, and you feel you may have a nervous breakdown or you may die before your time, or you just can't take it, and you feel that you cannot make it without help from the doctor, then that is where your faith lies, and you may take the route of estrogen replacement therapy, which the doctors may recommend. You will still learn lessons, you will still grow, and you will still be My woman.
         116. But it is somewhat like "going for the gold." This would be like receiving a medal of lesser quality. This would make you shine not as brightly as the other diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gemstones in My showcase. You would be in My showcase, and you would shine, but you would be like a semiprecious stone instead of a precious stone. You would have your own shine and your own glimmer and your own glory, but it would not be the full sparkling, scintillating, glittering glory of the precious stones.
       117. For My stones are divided into precious and semiprecious jewels. The precious ones are as diamonds, rubies, emeralds. Then there are the semiprecious, which are not of the same quality, but are also very beautiful. I would not condemn you if you take the doctor's treatment of estrogen. Only be careful to research and read about this before you do it, because some doctors have said that there is a risk of cancer when taking estrogen. Some say this risk is reduced if it is taken together with progesterone.
       118. There are many ifs and many problems, but if you feel that you have more faith to take estrogen than to suffer the menopause symptoms, then I do not condemn you. Only find out about it, research it, so that you can make the decision prayerfully in counsel with your mate or with others in your Home, with those you share with and with those you live with, for this is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are many risks involved in taking estrogen, but you may feel that your life is unbearable, that you cannot cope, that spiritually, physically and emotionally you are a wreck and you just can't handle the situation. Therefore I would not condemn you.

Each Person Is Different

       119. {\b \i (Message from Jesus continues:)} As with everything else in My children's lives, whether it be going all the way sexually for My young people, a choice of mission field, a question of marriage or relationships, faith for finances, faith for your health, whether it is a question of what to do regarding your health situation or what to do regarding a woman's menopause--these are all very personal decisions and choices which can only be made through desperate prayer and seeking My personal answers.
       120. Each situation and each woman will be different. Some will experience much more drastic physical changes which will have a greater effect on them emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They may feel that they can't make it without a little physical help, so I do not want them to feel condemned or like a failure and have them be discouraged because they feel they just can't make it without a little physical help in the form of estrogen or whatever they need.
       121. It does not mean that I want to encourage My Family women to go that route, and to just lightly grab the bottle of estrogen without coming to Me in desperate prayer for their own personal situation. It does not mean that I want to encourage them to go that route, but I also do not want them to feel condemned or guilty or like they're failing if they do.
       122. For I know their hearts and I know their love for Me. I see their daily sacrifice and the laying down of their lives for Me, not only today, but for many years. These women have been serving Me for a good part of their lives, some of them for half of their life or more. Now when they may perhaps be facing a difficult test, it will be more difficult for some than for others. Some may find it fairly easy to go through menopause, and others will find it a daily and nightly battle.
       123. But just as in "going for the gold" there are gold, silver, and bronze medals, you, My women, can shine either as precious or semiprecious stones. I would rather you would shine as precious stones. I would rather you would have My love reflecting off of you and shining out of you in full measure through the work that I do in your life at this stage. Therefore I would encourage you not to shun it, not to be afraid of it, and not to flee from it.
       124. Know that women do not die from menopause. Unless there is some complication that is very grave, the normal menopause symptoms are not life-threatening. A woman's body simply changes. And as you will read the pubs that have been compiled, you will see that there are many things you can do to prevent the symptoms from being so bothersome. You can find tips in these pubs to alleviate hot flashes or insomnia or mood swings, or many of the problems that are associated with menopause.
       125. This stage of life also causes you to take better care of your health. Your father David adjured you many years ago to eat right, live right, exercise right, sleep right, love right. He gave you many pointers and tips which, if obeyed, will help you to go through this period of life easily and well. Some of you may not have heeded his admonitions, and as a result your bodies may not be as strong as they could be. But it's never too late to begin to live more healthfully, to eat better, to exercise regularly, to be sure you get the proper amount of rest.
       126. Others have bodies which are weaker by nature. But again I say to you that this is not something to be sad about, or to be worried about. But know that it is through this method that I often draw people closer to Me than they ever were before.

The Lord Comments on Mama's Experience

       127. {\b \i (Mama:)} When I first experienced the heavy bleeding, I asked the Lord what I should do, and He said He would heal me and help me with it. Therefore I didn't consider going to the doctor about it, nor did it even occur to me to take hormones for it. I did feel led to go to the doctor for a vaginal irritation, and at that time the doctor discovered that I had some very large cysts. He was also quite concerned about my excessive bleeding, because he said that I could hemorrhage at any time. The only medical way to take care of all that, he said, would be to have a hysterectomy, which I definitely decided not to do. So in a roundabout way, when going to the doctor about something else, I also received counsel from the doctor about the extreme bleeding. But because a hysterectomy was prescribed, I didn't feel led to follow his advice, and I never did consider taking hormones or going the medical route for menopause symptoms. But even though this was not a specific question I asked the Lord about, in the following prophecy the Lord explains why He did not lead me to go to the medical establishment to get treatment for my excessive bleeding.

       128. {\b \i (Message from Jesus continues:)} As for you, My dear Maria, again I say that I am so sorry that you have to go through the excessive bleeding, the eye aches, the headaches, the tiredness and the weakness. But I love you and I need you, and these afflictions that I have sent you are a blessing in disguise, for they have drawn you to Me. I will take each one away in My time, and you will soar as an eagle. You will run and you will fly, as one who has had weights removed.
       129. But for this time, you have been in My arms, right where I wanted you. Look at what happened to David: When he was a young man, I even gave him a heart attack, and he could have died from that heart attack. But through it I gained the Prophet of the End. I had him where I wanted him, in a position of obedience and following Me and yielding to My will.
       130. For extreme needs, I must sometimes use extreme measures. But I do all these in My great love, and I have you in My arms every moment of every day. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I would prefer to have you in My arms, healing you, and teaching you and carrying you through this trial, than to have you in the hands of the medical establishment. You are safer in My arms than you are in the arms of the medical doctors.
       131. I love you and I want you close to Me every instant, every second, and I will not allow anything to happen to you that is not for your good. As I have said, I will cause the bleeding to end when the time is accomplished. In the meantime, it has caused your Family to know more and more about how they should have mercy on women who have these problems, and the women who have the problems will become more and more beautiful as they lean on Me and draw from My strength.
       132. Do they not have a shine that far exceeds any expectations of how they would be at this time in life? I say, your women at 50 are more beautiful than System women at any age. They have the shine of the Lord on them. They have My love radiating from their eyes.
       133. I have shined and polished and kept them in My jewel case, and I will continue to do so. I will meet all their needs--their physical and their spiritual and their emotional needs--and I will draw them close to Me during this time.

All of My Women Shine!

       134. {\b \i (Message from Jesus continues:)} Therefore fear not, all you women of the Family. But stay close to Me and I will lead and guide you. If you feel that you just can't cope, and you have to have some medical help, then do not feel condemned. But seek a doctor who is willing to give you the full picture so you can be sure that you can make a prayerful decision. Then make this decision in prayer and counsel with those in your Home and those whom you are sharing with. The women who choose to lie in My arms during this time and trust in Me and draw strength from Me, I promise I will give you a shine that all will recognize. And you who choose to go the other way, the medical route, will also have a shine.
       135. You will all shine! You are all My jewels. You are all in My jewel case, and I love and need each of you. I kiss each of you, My little jewels. Thank you for shining for Me! Thank you for being My love for the world. Thank you for giving Me back the love that I give to you. I love you, each and every one. You are My precious ones. XXXXX!
       136. All of My women in the Family shine. You are beautiful, you are radiant, and you have a luster and a glory and a brilliance that far exceeds the women of the world. In this it doesn't matter if you are a precious or a semiprecious stone, for you all have My shine upon your faces --all different kinds of stones, all beautiful, all My creation, all in My jewel case, all shining with the brilliance I have given you. I love you all, and I gather you unto Me, and I hold you in My arms, and I pour out My love unto you. (End of message from Jesus.)

       137. {\b \i (Mama:)} Thank the Lord for His beautiful Words! He gives us more specifics about going to the doctor for menopause-related difficulties in the second GN in this series, in the prophecy entitled "When Problems Become Serious." So please refer to that as well if you have serious health problems, such as excessive bleeding. In fact, many different aspects of health and living are covered in these GNs and FSMs, as this time of life brings not only changes in the body, but a change of lifestyle as well which it is good for all to be aware of and informed about. So I encourage you to read this entire series on menopause and midlife before making a decision about any midlife medical problems you may face.

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