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World Currents!--Number 86       Maria #402       CM/FM 3144       9/97
By Maria

Dearest Family,
       1. I love you! We have some Heavenly insights for you in the pages which follow, as the Lord gives us a few glimpses behind the scenes of world affairs. In these currents you'll hear about Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. A departed Russian author will reveal how he foresaw and wrote about the Family decades ago. The Lord gives us some inside information on Russia, and Dad explains about God's "candid camera" that captures and records every conspiracy and cover-up. There's also a message on the difference between "abundant life" Christians and the Family, followed by more on the Endtime as the Lord talks about the signs of the times and explains there are dark clouds gathering over the Mideast. Finally, there's the Lord's commentary on "The Bible Code," a recent best-seller which foretells the future and, in the minds of some mathematicians, provides firm scientific proof of the existence of God!
       2. We'll begin with the messages from or about Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. As you probably know, Diana died in an auto accident in Paris on August 31 at the age of 36. Mother Teresa died of a heart attack in Calcutta on September 5 at the age of 87.
       3. We pray that you'll find these messages an inspiration as you work to fulfill the charge the Lord gives in them: "This, My children, is the task I lay before you now: to spread My light and truth to the lost and dying world!--To spread the good news that, although the night is falling, there follows a bright tomorrow--a new morning where pain and sorrow will be no more! And although these two, a princess and a queen [EDITED: "Mother Teresa"], are taken from their midst, yet a greater than these stands ready to aid, to comfort, to lead and to guide!"--Our precious Husband, Jesus.
       Love, Mama

The Story of the Little Princess

       4. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Once upon a time there was a maiden fair. This little one was so lovely--fashioned by My Own hand. Ah, this little one--My lady fair--I surrounded her with a special aura, for she was destined from the beginning to touch the hearts of many. She was a tiny, dainty little thing, a carefree little girl, and in My wisdom and foresight, knowing she would one day fulfill an important role in the land, I equipped her with the gifts necessary for the position she would fill.
       5. I put within her a tender heart that she might warm the lives of others. I filled her with compassion and understanding, that she might be a vessel of hope to the bewildered and the downtrodden. I lavished upon her the ability to laugh and enjoy life, that she might bring happiness to those around her. I also put within her a curious mind that she might seek and desire to know the truth, and not be satisfied with the status quo; that in rejecting the corrupt and the dead, she might seek out the new and the living.
       6. In this, My little princess, I put a thirst to seek My living, vibrant, fresh truth for today. Upon this little maiden fair I bestowed a special touch of light in her smile, that she might bring warmth and cheer to those around her. These gifts and more I gave to the lovely lass as I set her in an extraordinary place, at a very special time in history.
       7. I sent this lovely Lady Diana to this wayward kingdom in their time of need, when change was in order. I sent her that she might be of help to break out of the old and launch forth into the new. I sent her to this people--a once mighty people, a proud people, a people who were fast falling to the ways of darkness, who did not retain Me in all their thoughts, and who through their stiffness and staunchness were at risk--fast becoming cold, hardened, and indifferent to the world around them and the plight of the needy.
       8. I sent this little one to a nation standing at the crossroads. In My love and mercy, I sent My Diana, that those in this hardened-of-heart nation might turn toward the light. I sent her that she might be as a warning to the rich and a comfort to the poor.
       9. And so it was that the lovely maiden grew as I wished, until the day she walked with her prince, and hand-in-hand before all the kingdom, they were wed. The days passed and turned into weeks, then months and years, and I blessed the prince and princess with My precious gifts wrapped in bundles of love--two babes to love and care for, to nurture and to groom. And I looked down and saw that it was good.
       10. Oh, but many and complex were the troubles of the kingdom. Complexities, ritual, pomp, power plays, crooked ways, struggles, complications; all these proved to be a heavy weight--more than the shoulders of these could bear.
       11. The storms came and the winds blew the cares of this life over all the kingdom. So strong were the winds and the rains that they even beat upon the ivory tower of the prince and the princess. For the storm was no respecter of persons, and all the high towers and the brazen gates of the palace could not stop it. And as the winds blew and the rains fell, the evil sorcerer entered in, casting doubts, troubles, trials, tribulations and the pride of life. Bitterness and discontent crept in, in an attempt to bring down both the prince and princess.
       12. And though there were times when it would seem that all was lost, this time of testing and sifting was to provide a softening of heart for both the prince and the princess. For they both had need of a contrite heart and a broken spirit, that they might be touched with the feeling of the infirmities of their people. This was part of the making of a man and of a woman--the making of the royal pair. It was a time of breaking, a time of sifting, a time of broken hearts and shattered dreams, that I might make of these broken pieces far more useful vessels.
       13. The outcome hinged on the choices, personal decisions, wants and desires of those involved, and a yielding and obedience to My will. Think not that I left these comfortless, for I am not unrighteous. My ears are not deaf, and I answer all those who call upon Me in their time of need. The prince and princess made many decisions, many choices, both wise and unwise. Yet I loved them with My unconditional love, and according to their own wills, and by their own free choice, I granted them a day of new beginnings.
       14. And My lovely Diana did weather the storm, and thus became a beacon of hope to those of the realm--one who sought to overcome with guts and determination; one who fought on in the face of struggle and opposition; one who forged ahead, although she did not have all the answers. At times she was uncertain of the ground beneath her and where her foot would land, yet she walked on.
       15. I allowed this, that she might be an encouragement to those who were of like passions, for the people seek one to follow. They seek a role model, someone with whom they can identify, someone who is willing to come down to their level, someone with a loving heart, a human heart, a sympathetic smile and a tender touch, someone who can say, "I understand." And so I allowed the lovely Diana to fill this role, that she might spread a little hope for a time, to encourage the people.
       16. Marvel not that her following is so great, for this shows that the need in the world today is great.--The need for good role models and those with sincerity of heart. The need to be loved, to be understood, to find compassion and care. The need to find those with whom you can identify.
       17. Although this one was a source of inspiration and encouragement to many, yet the burdens and the press of the people were more than her small shoulders could bear, for she knew not how to cast her burdens upon Me. All her good intentions left her wanting, for she had need herself to be refilled and refreshed, to be strengthened and warmed and fed by My hand.
       18. I have taken Diana at such a time as this for many reasons. For though My lovely princess showed courage in the face of difficulty and struggle, and though she was endued with many gifts and talents, yet she had great need.
       19. I have taken this one, the lovely Diana, first and foremost in answer to her own prayer and her much crying. For she sought to find the truth. She sought answers. She sought solutions. She sought to fill the role of a mother and to give the best to her beloved children whom she greatly loves. She sought relief. She sought to be free to live her life and to give to those in need.
       20. This one cried, and I answered her prayer. In My great mercy I have brought her Home to Heaven that she might find the true Love of her life, and be comforted and fed from My loving hand. In My love and mercy I have brought her in that she might learn the way of true giving--something which she so desired--for she wanted to live to give and to make a difference in the world around her. And now in this time of passing, in her death--yes, even more than in her life--I would also that this be a catalyst to bring forth fruit in the lives of those who loved her so and who looked to her for hope.
       21. I took this lovely one in answer to her prayer to know true love. For although Diana knew about Me, she did not truly know Me. The confusion and turmoil and the many voices that surrounded her held her back from My arms. The static and the chaos, the heavy weights and the pressing needs that filled her life, made it difficult for her to have the time and space, the peace and the tranquillity necessary to begin a loving relationship with Me.
       22. The hypocrisy, the formality, the dark powers that fought so hard to hold her down--those who only sought to control her and who obstructed her way--made it most difficult for this princess fair to break away. She cried out with her whole heart for truth and for answers, and I saw her tears, I heard her cries, and I answered. I saw her desire to raise her children in truth, and now I have provided the way. Now she is free to always be at their side--any time, any moment of the day--free from the protocol, the pomp, the norms of society that would hinder and hold her back.
       23. Her desire was to right the wrongs, to help the poor and the lowly, to break out of the old and reach forth to a new day, but she did not know how to do it on her own. So I freed her from the bondage and the chains of conformity that held her back.
       24. My lovely Diana cried for help, and I answered. She sought for true love, and now I have provided the way. I have delivered her to Heaven where I now hold her in My arms. I brought her Here to Heaven where she now has a fresh start. I saw fit to free her from the static and the confusion that surrounded her, the many voices which sought to divert her, to confound her, to stifle her and restrict her from progressing and growing in her relationship with Me. For there were many hands that sought to hold her down, that held her back from hearing My true voice. Now the lovely Diana is free from all the static.
       25. Her heart was pure, her intentions were good. But as with so many who are in positions of fame and fortune, there were many voices around her vying to control her and to divert her for their own selfish interests. There were so many that this was a source of conflict, to where the princess began to weaken and waver with the weight of it all. The many voices calling out to her were a source of confusion. So in My love and in My mercy, I brought her into this safe haven where she is now able to rest, to learn of Me, to get to know Me, and to in turn eventually be of far greater help to those in the world whom she so loved.
       26. She has clearer vision now, and she's on My frequency. She's able to have a clear channel and to hear My voice without the static and the clank and the clamor and the noise of confusion and half-truths. She is able to find strength now in My arms, free from those who would hold her back.
       27. She is now able to learn the way of true giving and lasting love--the way to truly help and aid those in desperate need. She is at long last free to fight for the right and to make a lasting difference, from the realm of My Kingdom of Love.
       28. As My Diana entered the realm of the spirit, I met her. When she beheld My face, she immediately fell to her knees, realizing that although she knew of Me, in reality she had never truly taken the time to get to know Me. Yet when she beheld My face, shedding tears of joy, overwhelmed with emotion, she humbly reached out and accepted My hand, as she willingly said yes to receive My love. The scales fell off her eyes, and she saw immediately that she did not have her priorities straight on Earth. I held her in My arms and we had sweet communion as the lovely Diana embarked on her new life in Heaven--a new beginning to learn of Me and the ways of love, the ways of living, and the ways of true giving.
       29. Many are the reasons I have taken the Princess Diana at this time. I would that this be a day of reflection, that in releasing this one, those who held her in high esteem might also pause to check their own hearts. I would that those who mourn for her consider their own life, that it is but a vapor that appears for a little while and then is gone.
       30. I allow this time as a time of reflection, a time for the peoples of the Earth to stop and question, and thereby seek answers. I allow this time that the world may stop to think, to reflect, to meditate, and for each one to ask themselves, "What have I done with my life today?" I allow this for a time of growth, a time to grow in love, that every man would stop and ponder, "What have I done to change the world for the better today? Am I making a difference?"
       31. And I allow this as a time of testing, that mankind might make a choice, asking: "Will I allow this to make me better or make me bitter?" I use this event as a message to the world, that through death, the windows of Heaven might be opened--that the world may think of the things that come from above and what lies beyond.
       32. I have taken My lovely Diana at this time that I might open the eyes of those in her land who have been blinded. I do this as a wake-up call, a call to arms, a call to life, a call to change! I do this as an act of mercy to these who have hardened their necks and turned their eyes away from Me time and time again. Yet in My infinite love and mercy, I am giving them another chance to turn to the Light of life. I do this so that out of the ashes of seeming defeat, I might bring glorious victory!
       33. And know this, My children, that these days are the beginning of sorrows. This is the significance of the passing of these two at this time--My lovely Princess Diana and My Queen Mother Teresa--for the night is falling upon all the world. Yet let not your hearts be troubled, for I do not leave the needy comfortless, and there is nothing I take away that I do not give something better in return.
       34. This, My children, is the task I lay before you now: to spread My light and truth to the lost and dying world!--To spread the good news that, although the night is falling, there follows a bright tomorrow--a new morning where pain and sorrow will be no more! And although these two, a princess and a queen [EDITED: "Mother Teresa"], are taken from their midst, yet a greater than these stands ready to aid, to comfort, to lead and to guide!
       35. Spread the news abroad that I am the Light of life, and I stand ready to give hope and light and life to all those who will receive. To the hungry and thirsty, I say, come! These to whom you looked for hope are safe in My arms. These two, the people's princess and the queen mother of those in need, are at My side, and they continue their fight. They continue on for truth and peace and to aid the needy.
       36. You, My children, have the answers, and I have provided this time that the world may be ripe and ready to receive from My hand the Words that I give you--the Words of light, comfort and hope. Therefore, seize the opportunity while there is time. For this time of grief is a time of softening, a time of reflection, a time when I can work in the hearts and lives of the living. Therefore, continue on, My children! Continue pointing them toward the Light. Continue spreading the truth of My Word to all those who cross your path, and it will not return void, but will accomplish all that I send it to do. (End of message from Jesus.)

A Message from Mother Teresa!

       37. {\b \i (Mother Teresa speaking:) }Hallelujah, I'm Home at last! Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast! Here no fears alarm me. Here I have found sweet rest! He has brought me to the Kingdom for such a time as this, and given me my heart's desires! At last I have them! I have the children! At last I can hold them in my arms--all the little ones who suffered, who were despised and rejected, whose little lives were snuffed out before their time! ({\ul \i Note}: Mother Teresa and her nuns not only fought abortion--the slaughter of the unborn--but also cared for many children who were born and then orphaned, abandoned or neglected.)
       38. I begged them! I begged them so often while I was on Earth, "If you don't want the children, give them to me!" But they would not listen. So often they would not listen. Oh yes, their words were smoother than butter, but selfishness and self-centeredness were in their hearts. They wore a smile on their face, but they snickered and sneered behind their masks of hypocrisy and wayward ways.
       39. But now, Here in the halls of Heaven, at last I can help the children--the ones who are beyond human help, whose lives continue to be cut off before their time. My sweet Jesus has given me my heart's desire! Each day when the new arrivals come Here to Heaven--those who are ruthlessly torn and mangled, snuffed out before their time--I help to greet them. I take them into my arms and comfort them, care for them, and help them get situated. This is one of my many fond assignments--my heart's desire--to love and hold the children that folks didn't want on Earth.
       40. Oh, it's beautiful how the host of Heaven greets them and cares for them and receives them with open arms. But their blood will be required at the hand of those who do not listen, who could make a difference but refuse, who promote this murder of the innocents. I never held back my punches during my life on Earth, and I see no reason to now. Pray for them, beloved! Pray for those who have ears but do not hear; who have eyes but do not see; who have the means to make a difference and yet they do not.
       41. Don't cry for me, dear ones, my dear daughters of charity, for I look down with shining face and I smile! It was my time to meet my Lord face to face, for I was old and my body was weak and weary. Although I could have stayed with you a little while longer, the Lord in His wisdom brought me Home at this time that I might join the young Diana--this lovely one, who tried the best she knew how, given her circumstances, to do some good and make a difference in the world.
       42. Although I am nothing, sweet Jesus knew this would be a comfort to Diana at this time. For He brought us to the Kingdom for such a time as this. Jesus knew we could work together, Diana and I, to beam down prayers for the poor of the world. He had given us a certain bond even while on Earth, unnoticed by many, yet the seeds were sown.
       43. And now Diana and I join our prayers for the lost of the world. We join our prayers with the forces of Heaven to uphold and aid the cause of the poor and needy. Diana is learning. She is learning the true essence of living to give. Together we look down and we shed our prayers upon the peoples of the Earth, the lost and those who are in need. In this way we can do more good than was ever possible when we were there with you in the flesh, for Here we stand as intercessors for those in need.
       44. Be encouraged, for we live on! We give aid. We spread our lives out to you through our prayers--and these prayers can do mighty things! They can change your heart if you let them, and they can change the course of history. They can change the world around you. Are you willing to do your part to change the world? Reach out to someone today! Tomorrow may be too late. (End of message from Mother Teresa.)

Roses of the World!

Testimony from the Ufa Home, Russia, reprinted from Zine 12:

       45. A girl we met last week, after watching our Family presentation video, told us about a book she had recently read, called Rozy Mira. In English that's Roses of the World. It was written in 1959 (in Russian), and before its publication the writer was put in prison for his writings. But he asked his wife to print the book at a time when there would be more freedom to do so, and the book was printed in 1991.
       46. This girl told us of a lot of things that were in the book, but in general, it contained visions this man had about the future. He saw and described visions of the Endtime, the rise of the Antichrist, and the Millennium. It was quite similar to the way it's described in the Bible.
       47. He also talked about "the organization" which would start in the sixties or seventies. He didn't know the name of these people, so he called them "Roses of the World." He said they'd be throughout the world, trying to make the world a better place and a better society. He said they would be people from different nationalities, religions, backgrounds, and professions, and that they would teach people about the end of the world. They'd do something that is a cross between a theater play and drama and comedy, with music and action, and that it would glorify God and lead people to Him. He said that they would write music and songs, and would sing.
       48. He also said they would give a lot of attention to raising children, and that they would do it in a good way, teaching them to love God and others. He also said that they would have something like a council (a group of people at the top) and a leader who was not young, not even middle-aged, but an old man, and they would have some sort of meetings. (This reminded us of what the Lord said about Summit '96 being the greatest meeting in the world!) He said that in the Last Days they would be persecuted and would have to go underground, and also that they would be purged--some members would leave and others would join them.
       49. How about that?!! This girl actually decided to tell us all about this after she heard all our answers to her questions, and realized that what we believe is much the same as what she'd been reading about. (End of testimony from Ufa Home.)

       50. {\b \i (Mama:) }After reading the above testimony, we asked the Lord if the author of this book could speak to us and tell us more about his book. Now that he's gone into the next world and he's probably seen and heard more about the Family, what does he think? And why did the Lord choose to show him about us and mention us in his book, if indeed it was us he was talking about? Following is the message one of our channels received:

       51. {\b \i (Departed author speaking:)} Oh, yes, it was you that I saw, you that I talked about, you that I envisioned. It was your Father David, MO, who I saw in my visions of the old man who would be your leader. And what a wonderful man he is! I have had opportunity to meet him and I find him fascinating--even more so than I had imagined. God chose a very good man, a very special man, to start this special organization.
       52. God let me see you to give me hope. I prayed and sought for salvation for my people, but we were so repressed, so oppressed. We had so little light and there was so little I could do. But God told me about you so that I would have hope, and so that I would know that one day my people would receive salvation at the hands of this special and mysterious group of foreigners who would bring love, light and music to my land.
       53. I knew you would come, and I prayed for the day! I wanted to prepare my people, and many have been prepared. For many have read the words I wrote of my visions, and when they meet you, then they will know the voice of the true Shepherd Who speaks in you. This Spirit of Love, and the spirit of prophecy through my book, will bear witness of the truth in their hearts.
       54. Many heard of my visions long ago. Even when I could not publish them very widely because of the laws of the land, yet many did hear, and these also were given hope of better days to come--hope for their children, hope for their grandchildren.
       55. I loved God and wanted to please Him, yet I did not understand Him. But because I wanted to understand, and because I sought for truth, God blessed me! He gave me a chance to meet and receive His Son, Jesus, and to come to enjoy a wonderful and beautiful life in Heaven. Now I can look down upon my people and rejoice with great rejoicing that they are being flooded with the truth and Words of life in abundance!
       56. I come now to help my people--to help them by helping you, and inspiring you with the knowledge that many are seeking and searching for you! There are many who have heard of you through my book, and many others who have not read it, but in whom God has put a feeling of searching, of longing, of needing. They know they are needy in the flesh, and that is obvious to all; but they also know that they are needy in soul and spirit. They hunger and thirst, not only for bread and water, but for light, for life, for clarity, for understanding of the path of life and why they were placed here. They hunger for knowledge of truth. "What is the truth, what is the plan, and Who is the Planner?" They know so little, and their hunger is so great.
       57. Use your message, use your music, use your words of the Endtime and the plans of God for the future, for this will turn the key of the hearts of many of my people. They hunger and thirst for love and for truth. They love the mysteries of the spirit. They hunger for prophecy and to see prophecy fulfilled.
       58. I was a prophet of God, for I saw into the future. I saw that in the time of the end things would wax worse and worse, and that ungodly men would take a firm hold upon all mankind. Yet I also saw that the light and love of God would shine forth to the end, and that there would always be hope.--And that you, the children of David, would be the bearers and carriers of that message of hope.
       59. You are the children of truth, the children of faith--the people predicted by many prophets, seers, and visionaries. I was one such visionary, and God blessed me with a vision of your people that I might have faith and hope for my people, and that my fellow countrymen might have hope; that my fellow countrymen of the future--or what you now call the present--would see and understand that you are they who have come to free my people and bring them love, life, light, peace, hope, faith and joy.
       60. How grateful they are! The cries of joy and thankfulness from my people reach up to the halls of Heaven!--As do the cries of desperation of those who have not yet heard--and there are yet many. So go forth and reach them. Spare not, but give freely of the Words of God and the truth of God, for my people will receive them.
       61. The Antichrist will rise strong in that nation! Yet there will be many who will hold out against him, who will stand strong and survive in the face of fierce persecution. For many will come to know the truth, to know God, to know love, and thus they will be able to hinder and dampen the plans of this anti-God man, Satan incarnate, who will seek to oppress and enslave the masses. But he will never be able to oppress or enslave them all, try as he may, because you, the Roses of the World, following the example of the Rose of Sharon, will bring light and love to my people.
       62. Free them! Free them with the truth--for the truth will set them free! The truth, the Words of God, the message of the future and things to come, will prepare them and strengthen them.
       63. For time is short, and the man of sin will soon be revealed. Strong will he be among my people and our nation. Great will be his power and heavy will be his hand, but he will never overcome all. For though he will rule and reign and have absolute power, he can do nothing to quench the fire within, the power within that my people will have in their hearts because of the seeds of the truth of the Word of God that you are planting, even scattering. These seeds, no matter how freely scattered, will not return void and will not go to waste, for great is the hunger of my people.
       64. Our hunger has been great for many years, and our cries for truth and for God have ascended up to Heaven. We knew that our prayers would be answered, for God showed me this in a vision, and trusted me with this special prophetic message, that it might help pave the way and prepare the hearts of many of my people to receive God's truth through you, those beautiful roses who bring love and life, who refresh and water and strengthen my people of Russian lands. (End of message.)

Media Cover-up in Russia!

From Ivan (24), Russia, reprinted from Zine 12:
       65. While hitchhiking, we met a former member of the special troops who took part in the Afghan War and other conflicts. He told us about some documents that he had read while in the army. These stated that there is a special secret committee in Russia that created a plan that is being fulfilled now. He said the coup that happened in Russia in 1991 was supposed to have happened in 1989, but it was delayed because Gorbachev didn't do what he was supposed to do on time.
       66. According to this plan, the chaos and disarray in Russia has all been staged. He said that it was all planned when Andropov was in power. He said the Russian army has all kinds of modern weapons and equipment that nobody knows about, and they're getting ready to support the rise of a new government. But in the media they are trying to create the impression that the army is about to collapse.
       67. He said that Lebed is going to be in the government, but he didn't want to tell us what his position is going to be. He also mentioned Zhirinovsky, saying that he is going to be minister of foreign affairs, and that he is going to pressure other countries to repay their debts to Russia.
       68. This man also said that near Moscow, around the city of Vladimir, there is an area where the forces of the spirit world are especially powerful, and many witches are concentrated in this area who are being used by the military and the government-to-be. He said that in a couple of years, communism will be restored in Russia. All the apparatus for a totalitarian government is still in existence; it will just have to start being used again.
       69. We don't know how much we can rely on what he said, but the Lord knows, and maybe He used it to help us see how short the time is! (End of testimony from Ivan.)

       70. {\b \i (Mama:)} Following is what the Lord had to say after we asked Him about the above report:

       71. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }There are few who control the power and the weapons of war. There are only a few who know the secrets of war and the secrets of the future of Russia. There are only a few who know what will be revealed to the whole world one day. There are a few who will be in power and will use their plan to achieve the government of their choice and to overthrow the power of others.
       72. What they're revealing to the world now through the media, through the way their government is operating, through the way their army operates and the way the people live, is not the whole truth. It is not all that is going on and all that is behind the scenes. The real strength and power is yet to be shown and is yet to come to the fore--but it will come. They will show their hand and raise their great weapons of war. They will raise their new government, their new leaders of the people, and they will unfold their plan.
       73. To the world, Russia appears to be a fool--with a weak ruler, a weak government, a poverty-stricken people, no armaments, no army, and no money. The people complain, the children are hungry, and the country appears worse off than before. But the outward appearance is not a concern to those in power behind the scenes. They care not what it looks like to the world or that they use the innocent lives of their people to achieve their greater end.
       74. The people of power behind the scenes are not fools, they are not weak, and they are not poor. They will use their strength and their power and their money to create a force of evil, a force of destruction and war. They have nothing to lose and feel they can only gain more.
       75. These people of power are nameless. They are protected, and you will not know them until the time is ready. What appears is not what will be. What you see and hear today is not tomorrow's truth. Who you see and hear today is not tomorrow's ruler. When the time is right, you will know, and the world will know. (End of message from Jesus.)

Endtime Power Being Released!

--A Birthday Message from Dad to Mama
       76. {\b \i (Mama:)} As I mentioned in my "Birthday Yieldedness" Letter (ML #3141, GN 750), the Lord told me I could ask to hear from Him on anything I wanted to hear about! So shortly before and after my birthday, the channels in our Home received many beautiful Heavenly messages for me, including the following one from Dad. As you'll see, he begins talking about the Lord's power that's being released on the Family. Then he goes on to talk about the crooked and covert actions, conspiracies and cover-ups taking place in the world today, and how the Lord is recording it all on His "candid camera!" I thought it was a very fitting message for this Currents Letter.

       77. {\b \i (Dad speaking:) }Hello, Sweetheart! Happy birthday to you!--And may this coming year be your best one yet! I know it will be, because with each passing year, a little bit more power and anointing is being released from the Source. You didn't think those great gifts, signs and wonders His Endtime children will perform would just hit you all of a sudden, did you?--That today you're a normal person, and tomorrow you're a powerful being with supernatural powers? No, no! It doesn't work that way. Do you want to know how it works? Well, you already know, and you're doing it! You're yielding and obeying more and more, each passing day, week, month and year.
       78. The Lord has all that power at His fingertips, and it's destined to be given to all His Endtime prophets. But as any good and wise parent would do, He watches His children to see those who really mean business; who are fully committed to following new revelations and truths; who will obey no matter how great the cost or sacrifice; who are daily laying aside their own desires, hopes and aspirations in order to put Him first; who are loving, giving and kind, always preferring others and putting the happiness of others before their own.
       79. This may seem an unattainable goal to some, but let me tell you, on the global scene, the Family is head and shoulders above other Christians! Not to say that there aren't a few outstandingly dedicated ones who aren't in the Family, but generally speaking, the Family definitely comes out on top by a long shot!
       80. So as I was saying, all this power is destined to be released, and the Lord is releasing it slowly, gradually, on those who have most of the qualities mentioned above. In many ways it is directly proportional.
       81. {\b \i (Speaking to the Family as a whole now:)} You might say, "Do I have to yield to this new revelation? Aren't I making enough sacrifices, giving enough? Can't I just be exempt from having to obey this last thing that You've asked of me, Lord?" Well, it's up to you! The Lord doesn't force anyone, and He'll love you no matter what. However, as you yield more every day, in a sense you're emptying your cup and making room for more of the anointing He's pouring down. It's like a continuously flowing, invisible cascade of fresh anointing, seeking the path of least resistance. Like was said ages ago, "He has filled the hungry with good things" (Luk.1:53). It's all quite simple: How much power and anointing you receive is totally dependent on you and your yieldedness and obedience.
       82. It's not like we up Here have arrived, either! We're subject to the same conditions. We keep learning and growing and passing grades. We, too, continue to receive greater powers as we pass the tests. So be encouraged to know that the progress you're making on Earth will be recognized Here, and you won't have to take that same grade over again. You're going to come Here already an elite officer, general, prince or princess, king or queen.
       83. So you're on the right track! Don't be weary in well doing! Keep plugging away, day by day--following more closely, yielding wholeheartedly, obeying without question. Imagine, soldiers are willing to do that for the honor of their country. They learn to yield and to obey any command without the slightest hesitation, even if it means carrying out an order to commit an atrocious crime--as worldly governments are accustomed to doing to each other for mere capital gain in most cases.
       84. Well, I'd better not get on that subject! You know, I'm still a revolutionary, an iconoclast, and I'm still "spitting nails"--pardon the expression--when I see what's going on!--The inhumanities, the crooked and covert actions, the cover-ups and conspiracies, etc. But we've got their number, and don't you worry, they'll get theirs before long!
       85. While on Earth, I had to depend on the witness of the Spirit and the feelings the Lord put in my heart. They were His feelings, really--revelations! Nevertheless, it was all by faith. When the whole world praised a certain event and I seemed to be the only one against it, I had to trust that I was seeing it with the Lord's eyes.
       86. Well, you'll be happy to know that I've gotten an honor for being willing to buck the tide and oppose and speak out against the evils of the world. It's much easier now, of course, because we have something that's much better than CNN! We Here have the privilege of being able to zero in on any event, in any nation on Earth, and go directly behind the scenes, past high-level security into the very meeting rooms where secret plots are formulated. So we know beyond the shadow of the slightest doubt who is responsible for what!
       87. The Great White Throne Judgment will be very clear-cut, as all that footage is available at a moment's notice. It's like the whole world is on candid camera--although that camera's not always so "candid" or impartial! The Lord hates evil!
       88. We have a great number of former dignitaries Here--some of whom did not retain their titles after their death. Many of these men were corrupted by the power and riches they possessed and had to be rehabilitated. Now these men are in charge of trying to influence present leaders to make the right choices.
       89. However, evil men are still waxing worse and worse, and we Here are somewhat limited, as the Evil One has been given dominion over the Earth to accomplish his will. He knows that his time is short and he is preparing and uniting his forces for the great and final hour. These things must come to pass; it's inevitable, for prophecy has to be fulfilled.
       90. So for the time being there's only so much we can do, but sometimes we get through and are successful in steering a situation in the right direction. However, one day soon we'll be in charge! Then all these former leaders who are watching and being trained will be helping us govern in the Millennium. Aren't you glad that you won't have to be bothered with that sort of thing, and that you'll be able to concentrate on the New World's spiritual rehabilitation? Well, if you really want to be a politician in the Millennium, I suppose you can be. I'm sure that some of us will help organize in a practical sense. However, you're all very uniquely specialized personnel, and the Lord will greatly depend on spiritually seasoned leaders to shepherd the earthlings.
       91. Are you getting ready? It won't be long now! Learn all you can--it won't be wasted!
       92. Well, Mama, that's not what I was going to talk about--I was going to tell you about our nudist camp, ha! I'll bet that aroused your curiosity!--And God knows what else, ha! I'm sorry I got onto such a somber subject about the crooked world, but who knows, maybe it was needed. I'll have to come back another time to tell you about the nudist camp, okay? Can you wait?
       93. I love you, Sweet Baby! By the way, you are doing all those things that create a vacuum for the power and anointing to cascade down on you, and you will definitely feel it even more this coming year!
       94. We're all rootin' for you, and are giving you all the support we can. Everyone Here sends their love--those who know you, as well as those who know of you, which is just about everyone! Can you imagine how many birthday wishes that is?
       95. I'm proud of you, my dear wife and queen! I'll talk to you later. Bye for now! XXX! Love always, Dad. (End of message from Dad.)

"Abundant Life" Christians

       96. {\b \i (Mama:)} We recently asked the Lord if He could clarify the difference between us and some of the "abundant life" Christians, the ones who believe that they should be rich in money and material possessions as an outgrowth of their faith in God. They preach that they should have everything they want, and often that prosperity is the primary indicator of God's blessings and a lack of prosperity a sign that He's cursed them.
       97. Well, we believe in the Lord supplying our needs, too. We don't necessarily have luxuries or live in luxury, but the Lord sometimes gives us a lot because we share it with others--with either the physically or spiritually needy, or both! As we give, we receive.
       98. Dad touched on "the abundant life" in "Rags to Riches" when he said: "There are a lot of [DELETED] people who are preaching abundant living. Well, they're right about it, but I want to tell you where they're wrong. It's like this: It's from riches to rags first, in order to get everybody back to abundance somewhere in-between! But these Christians who proclaim the abundant life and rich living for all want to go from riches to riches, and skip this middle rags part! They don't want to leave their halls of Heaven and descend to the poverty of the poor and the hippies in order that they might take them back with them to their rich houses. They just want to go from rich house to rich church, and share their wealth with the already rich who don't even need it!
       99. "The first little school we had in Miami was a huge big mansion, and we've gone from big house to bigger houses--but always to house the poor!--Because we've shared them with the poor that they might be rich, too! God doesn't want us to be poor and deprived forever. God wants us to be rich!--But not rich in the way the world is rich, selfishly rich where they've got millions heaped up that they're not using, that they don't need and they aren't sharing. But He will heap it on us if we'll give it out!" (ML #211:18-19).
       100. When we asked the Lord to further clarify and explain the difference between "abundant life" Christians and ourselves, He answered wonderfully, as usual. Here's what He had to say:

       101. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} They seek what they want, and their wants and desires and wishes are very important to them, for they feel that they are proving Me and My love for them and My blessings upon them by the things which I supply for them. They feel that they are proving that I am real, that I exist, and that I am all-powerful, because of the abundant supply in their life.
       102. They seek what they want, but you seek what I want. They seek to gather My blessings in their lives--physical blessings and spiritual blessings. They seek to take in for themselves, to harvest and gather in, to have all their needs met, their wants, and even above their wants--luxuries, things which are not necessities, but are desires and lusts. They feel that through this manifestation of things, they are proving to the world that they are a great people. For they feel they must be a great people if I supply abundantly for them.
       103. But by thinking this way and basing their faith and trust in Me upon the flow of My supply in their lives, they also open the door to the Enemy's discouragement, doubts, and lies--because he will be quick to tell them that if each of their wants or desires are not supplied and met by their loving God, then it must mean that either their God has failed or that they have failed. It opens the door for the Enemy's condemnation, worry, anxiety, fear, and lack of faith in My Word.
       104. They put great importance on the blessings and material things in their lives, and in so doing they lack and fail to reap the greater blessings of My Spirit and the spiritual blessings which they could have in their lives--spiritual blessings which are not necessarily manifested in physical supply.
       105. But you seek to please Me and not yourselves. You seek to do that which I want and not what you want. You seek to supply My needs--now even in a greater way than before--rather than supplying your own needs. You strive and sacrifice and give and live to fulfill My will rather than your own will, and in so doing you reap the greater riches of My spiritual blessings, as well as My physical supply of your needs.
       106. You, the children of David, have been called out and chosen because I have found in you a yearning and a burning for the spiritual riches! You have been blessed and anointed with the fire of My Spirit--an inner fire that seeks and seeks and hungers and thirsts and pants after the greater spiritual riches and realities.
       107. You thirst and long for the spiritual realm--not for the riches and the physical blessings of this world. You seek for an even better blessing and a greater richness that is found only within the Spirit. Therefore, the true, eternal, lasting blessings and riches of the Spirit, which shall never fade away, will be given unto you, the children of David; and unto them will be given the physical blessings--the temporary, passing physical needs.
       108. But I will also meet your physical needs and wants. I will give you many physical blessings, supply your needs and wants, and at times even your desires and luxuries. I will supply abundantly for you, so that you shall not lack, or go hungry, or be cold, or be in need. I will supply and take care of you in the way that I know is best, and in the way that I know is right and good for My children.
       109. So you, the children of David, are really far richer and fuller and more complete than they, for you have both of your needs met--your need for My physical care, and your desire for My spiritual riches and blessings. The children of David are truly more abundant, and abound in both kinds of riches! (End of message from Jesus.)

The Red Heifer--A Warning Sign!

       110. {\b \i (Mama:) }Following is a news clip about a red heifer being born in Israel, which Israelis believe to be a sign of the coming of the Messiah. We asked the Lord if He had anything He'd like to say about this, and what it means. Below is the article, followed by the Lord's message.

       Not just a red heifer, but a sacred cow. Is she a sign for the Jews to rebuild Temple Mount?
       TEL AVIV (MSNBC) -- This is a Bible story. It's the tale of a temple, a chosen people and a holy, well, actually, a sacred cow.
       Earlier this year at a religious kibbutz near Haifa, a black-and-white cow gave birth to a red female calf. This would be relatively rare even to those concerned only with animal husbandry.
       But for some religious Jews steeped in the intricacies of the Torah, the birth of the red heifer was no random genetic event: it was a sign from God that work could soon begin on the Third Temple in Jerusalem, the construction of which would precede the coming of the Jewish Messiah.
       According to Jewish lore, no red heifers have been born in Israel since the Second Temple was destroyed by Roman soldiers in AD 70.
       Rabbinical experts have confirmed that the animal meets biblical requirements to be slaughtered and burned after three years. Its ashes will be mixed into a paste used in a purification ritual performed by the faithful before they can enter the Temple site in Jerusalem to begin work on a new structure.
       But as with many things holy in Israel, there are complications with this plan. Today, the site of the old Jewish temples in Jerusalem is occupied by the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa mosque, among Islam's most sacred shrines. The opening of a tourist tunnel in the general vicinity of the Dome sparked deadly riots last year. No one can begin to imagine what a serious effort to build the Third Temple might spawn.
       Mindful of this, the Israeli government generally has been careful to prevent provocation in the area Jews call the Temple Mount. Israel has barred Jews from praying there since it captured Jerusalem from the Arabs in 1967.
       That hasn't stopped some people. In 1985 several Jewish terrorists were jailed for plotting to blow up the Dome. In 1990 another group announced plans to lay a cornerstone for the Third Temple there, and thousands of Muslims rioted.
       Security concerns are only one reason prayer on the site has been barred. For years rival rabbis in Israel generally agreed that no Jew could be considered pure enough to pray at the Temple Mount because they hadn't found a genuine holy cow to fit the Biblical criteria stipulated in the Old Testament Book of Numbers (19:2-7): "Speak unto the children of Israel that they may bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke."
       The birth of the red heifer on the kibbutz near Haifa has convinced some Jews that the time of the Third Temple and the Messiah may not be far away. One Israeli newspaper has referred to the calf as a ticking time bomb.

       111. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} As I once said, turn your eyes towards Memphis, for out of it shall come the great confusion. The skies are red, red with warning, and black, black with clouds. So even now in these modern times do I raise up little warning signs to help you to turn your eyes toward the signs and the signals of impending confusion and danger.
       112. Indeed, the fact that this little heifer is red indicates that it is a warning sign. Though the times of danger, confusion, strife, violence and war are not immediate, these signs indicate that those days are coming. For that is an area [EDITED: "the Mideast"] which is boiling and smoldering under the surface, and is ready to explode. There shall be no peace, for the heart of the Jews is without peace. They do not want peace, but they want what they want for themselves. They will be ready to spill the blood of their children.
       113. So watch for the signs, that you may be prepared to warn the wicked and the lost and bring them to Me, that I may give them My love and My salvation and My peace. For there are dark days ahead. Dark clouds are gathering, and for this were you called and chosen to be My messengers--to preach My Word, that it may give life to those who know Me not. (End of message from Jesus.)

Secret Code Found in the Bible!

       114. {\b \i (Mama:)} We recently came across the following news article about a secret code found in the Old Testament by an Israeli computer expert. After reading the article, we asked the Lord about it--whether it was accurate and bona fide and the truth. We felt that perhaps this man had discovered something that the Lord had put there and meant to be discovered at this time, to boost people's faith. So we asked Him if that's what it's for and if it really is true. Following is the news article and what the Lord had to say about it:

       Bible contains secret code, book says
       NEW YORK (Reuter) -- With reviewers and experts not allowed an advance look, a book was published around the world claiming that the Old Testament contains a secret code that 3,000 years ago foretold the Holocaust and the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
       The book says the code, found in the Bible by an Israeli computer expert, also foretold many other of history's major events and warns of an atomic war that could bring the end of the world in 2000 or 2006.
       Trumpeted with full-page advertisements in publications such as the New York Times, "The Bible Code" has been snapped up in Hollywood by Warner Brothers, which sees it as a perfect vehicle for those who like their "Raiders of the Lost Ark" flavored with large doses of Nostradamus-style predictions.
       Experts were caught off guard by the book, which was kept secret until copies were in stores, the sort of treatment publishers give works they think will generate news.
       Its author, Michael Drosnin, a former reporter who wrote a bestselling biography of Howard Hughes, said he expected a full debate over his work and was not afraid to confront critics, some of whom are already complaining.
       Critics say the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament, which religious Jews believe was dictated by God to Moses, is Holy Writ and not to be used like a Ouija board.
       Drosnin said even he did not really believe in the code until the day Rabin was assassinated.
       "I had found his murder encoded in the Bible more than a year before it happened and I flew to Israel to warn the prime minister. I gave a letter warning of this to a close friend who gave it to Rabin," he said.
       "Then on Nov. 4th, 1995, I was at a train station talking to a friend on a pay phone. He told me Rabin had been murdered. I slid to the floor. The air went out of me. Up until then I thought the code was real intellectually, but then I knew in my heart."

       115. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} I will reveal My secrets in different ways to different people according to their faith. Some need a sign in order to believe, and to them shall be given a sign. Some need a sign such as this one, which tempts their intellectual thirst to dig for more, and then reveals to them My spiritual truths.
       116. I have placed all the answers in My Word, but not all will be revealed at one time. Some shall remain hidden until the time is ready. This was given at this time to encourage the faith of the intellectuals, so that even the high-minded will testify of My power and the power of My Word, that all shall come to pass even as I have foretold. It is a sign and a warning to the world. I allowed this to be discovered in order to warn people and give them yet another chance to receive the truth.
       117. I have allowed these men to discover some of My truths which have been hidden in My Word, but it is all under My control and in My power as to what I reveal to them and how much. It is drawing attention to My Word and giving the Bible a voice, for which I am pleased. I am pleased that it causes some to dig and study and search for more, and to some more will be given. But you must prayerfully weigh their conclusions, for not all of man's conclusions will be accurate at this time. All will be revealed in My time according to My plan. But I am happy that men look into My Word and use it to point the way ahead. (End of message from Jesus.) n

More on The Bible Code
From Happy (Simon Peter), Japan

Dear Mama and Peter,
       This is a letter about The Bible Code, a book by Michael Drosnin, which is currently on the bestseller list and apparently causing quite a stir.
       In case you haven't heard much of this book, here is a summary of the main points as well as a few excerpts.
* * *

       Michael Drosnin, the author, is a secular Jew, an investigative reporter who wrote a bestselling biography of Howard Hughes. About five years ago, someone told him that a world-famous Israeli mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips, had discovered a secret code in the Bible that had enabled him to accurately predict the day the Gulf War would begin two months in advance. Drosnin was skeptical, but went to see him to check it out.
       Rips told him that a rabbi in Prague, H.M.D. Weissmandel, had found the first hint of the code 50 years ago. He noticed that if he skipped 50 letters, and then another 50, and then another 50, the word "Torah" was spelled out in the book of Genesis. The same skip sequence again spelled out the word "Torah" in the books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. This gave Rips the idea to write a computer program that would search the Torah, the first five books of the Bible that God gave to Moses, for words that were similarly hidden.
       When Rips applied the computer program, he found words encoded far more than statistics allowed for by random chance, and he realized that he was on to something of real importance. Working together with another world-class mathematician, Doron Witztum, they developed a mathematical model that, when implemented by a computer program, confirmed that the Old Testament is, in fact, encoded.
       Rips and Witztum submitted their findings to a leading American math journal, Statistical Science. Their paper was entitled "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis." The editor was skeptical, so he had their findings checked out by other scientific experts, who could find no fault with the math and confirmed that the code existed. The code was also examined by a skeptical top secret code breaker at the Pentagon who, to his amazement, also confirmed that the code was real.
       Drosnin decided to approach this story like any other news story, as a skeptical reporter, and thoroughly check it out, which took him five years. He learned Hebrew and checked the code on his own computer. He went to Harvard, Yale and Hebrew University to meet with the world's most famous mathematicians, who all confirmed that there is a code in the Bible that reveals the future.
       One of these, Robert J. Aumann, is Israel's most famous mathematician. At first he had been skeptical, and could not believe that a code in the Bible revealed the future. But after following Rips' work for years, last year he told a meeting of the Israeli Academy of Science, "The Bible code is an established fact." He said, "Psychologically it is very difficult to accept, but the science is impeccable. Rips' results are wildly significant, beyond anything usually seen in science. Statistically it is far beyond what is normally required. It's very important to treat this like any other experiment--very cold, very methodical. You test it, and you look at the results. As far as I can see, the Bible code is simply a fact. There has been nothing like it in all the hundreds of years of modern science."
       Here is a portion of the book that clearly explains how the Bible code works: (Note: When Drosnin says "Bible," he is usually referring to the Torah, the first five books given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.)
* * *

       Crisscrossing the entire known text of the Bible, hidden under the original Hebrew of the Old Testament, is a complex network of words and phrases, a new revelation.
       There is a Bible beneath the Bible.
       To find the code, Rips eliminated all the spaces between the words, and turned the entire original Bible into a continuous letter strand, 304,805 letters long.
       The computer searches that strand of letters for names, words, and phrases hidden by the skip code. It starts at the first letter of the Bible, and looks for every possible skip sequence--words spelled out with skips of 1,2,3, all the way up to several thousand. It then repeats the search starting from the second letter and does it over and over again until it reaches the last letter of the Bible.
       After it finds the key word, the computer can then look for related information. Time after time it finds connected names, dates, and places encoded together--Rabin, Amir, Tel Aviv, the year of his assassination, all in the same place in the Bible.
       Rips explained how it works, using the Gulf War as an example. "We asked the computer to search for Saddam Hussein," he said. "Then we looked for related words to see if they came together in a way that was mathematically significant. With the Gulf War, we found Scuds with Russian missiles, and the date the war would begin encoded with the name Hussein."
       The words formed a crossword puzzle. Consistently, the Bible code brings together interlocking words that reveal related information. With Bill Clinton, president. With the moon landing, spaceship and Apollo 11. With Hitler, Nazi. With Kennedy, Dallas.
       In experiment after experiment, the crossword puzzles were found only in the Bible. Not in "War and Peace," not in any other book, and not in ten million computer-generated test cases.
       According to Rips, there is an infinite amount of information encoded in the Bible. Each time a new name or word or phrase is discovered in the code, a new crossword puzzle is formed. Related words cross vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
       We can use the Rabin assassination as a case study.
       First we asked the computer to search the Bible for the name "Yitzhak Rabin." It appeared only once, with a skip sequence of 4772.
       The computer divided the entire Bible--the whole strand of 304,805 letters--into 64 rows of 4772 letters. If "Yitzhak Rabin" were spelled out with a skip code of 10, then each row would be 10 letters long. If the skip were 100, then the rows would be 100 letters long. And each time the rows are rearranged, a new set of interlocking words and phrases is created.
       Each code word determines how the computer presents the text of the Bible, what crossword puzzle is formed. Three thousand years ago, the Bible was encoded so that the discovery of Rabin's name would automatically reveal related information.
       I [EDITED: "Drosnin"] asked Rips if there was any limit to the information that was in the code, how much of our history was hidden in the Bible.
       "Everything," said the mathematician.
       How could that be possible? The original text of the Old Testament was only 304,805 letters long.
       "Theoretically there is no limit to the amount of information that could be encoded," said Rips. Even with a limited data base, there could be an endless number of combinations and permutations.
       "At least 10 or 20 billion," said Rips. "And that is only the first, crudest level of the Bible code.
       "It is probably less like a crossword puzzle and more like a hologram--it looks different when you look at it from a different angle. We are only looking at two-dimensional arrays, and we probably should be looking in at least three dimensions, but we don't know how to."
       According to Rips, the whole Bible code had to be written at once, in a single flash.
       It is the history of the human race recorded 3000 years ahead of time. It does not tell the story sequentially, but all at once. Modern events overlap ancient events, the future is encoded in verses that tell of the Biblical past.
       And no one can explain how the code was created.
       Every scientist, every mathematician and physicist who understands the code, agrees that not even the fastest supercomputers we have today--not all the Crays in the war room of the Pentagon, or all of the mainframes at IBM, not all of the computers now in the world working together--could have encoded the Bible in the way it was done 3000 years ago.
       "I can't even imagine how it would be done, how anyone could have done it," says Rips. "It is a mind beyond our imagination.
       "Even what we do know how to find, we can probably never finish decoding," says Rips. "Even on that level, the information is probably infinite."
       Apparently every major figure, every major event in world history, can be found with the level of encoding we already do know.
       All of the leaders in World War II--"Roosevelt," "Churchill." "Stalin," "Hitler"--are there. "America" and "revolution" and 1776 appear together. "Napoleon" is encoded with "France," but also with "Waterloo" and "Elba." The revolution that changed the twentieth century, the communist "revolution" in "Russia" is encoded with the year it triumphed, 1917.
       Great artists and writers, inventors and scientists from ancient to modern times are also encoded in the Bible. "Shakespeare" is foretold in a single code sequence that spells out not only his name but also his deeds: "Shakespeare"--"presented on stage"--"Hamlet"--"Macbeth."
       Every major advance in modern technology appears to be recorded. The "Wright Brothers" are encoded with "airplane." "Edison" is encoded with both "electricity" and "light bulb." "Marconi" is encoded with "radio." "Newton" and "Einstein" are both encoded in the Bible, each with his major discovery.
       Does the code prove there is a God?
       For Eli Rips, the answer is yes. "The Bible code is firm scientific proof," the mathematician states. "No human being could have encoded the Bible 3000 years ago and accurately foretold the future." (End of book excerpt.)
* * *

       Much of the rest of the book worries about a holocaust that The Bible Code, in numerous places, warns will engulf Israel, starting a worldwide conflagration that will bring on the final apocalypse and Armageddon. The hidden code prophecies fit hand in glove with the plain prophecies in the Bible regarding the invasion of Israel and the next World War, as well as the huge earthquakes and other Endtime events.
       Some latest news also is that since the publication of The Bible Code, they've found the code exists under the entire Old Testament, and not just the Torah.
       Incidentally, the code predicts an earthquake of cataclysmic proportions for Japan in the year 2000 or 2006, triggering a worldwide economic collapse. It's certainly been enough to motivate me to press in to do whatever more I'm going to do here within two years. To assume that we have any more time than that, I think could be a sad mistake.
       With much love, prayers and appreciation for all you do for us, Happy

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