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When You Pray, Things Happen!       Maria #412       CM/FM 3173       1/98
--Revelations on How Your Prayers Work!
By Maria

Dear Family,
       1. I love you, my fellow laborers and prayer warriors! With so many important daily decisions and situations that need to be brought before the Lord, sometimes you can begin to lose the vision of just how important your prayers are. You don't always see the answers right away, and you wonder if your one little contribution of prayer is really making any difference to the outcome. You might also feel that with so many projects, pushes and ministries going on in your Home, there just isn't enough time to allot a time devoted specifically to prayer. We can definitely relate to those battles, and know that it's a constant fight to take the time we need in prayer!
       2. During the months that Peter and his team were traveling and holding meetings, our Home was making a special push not only to support our "away team" in prayer, but also to hear from the Lord about new ways to pray, and to receive answers to various questions about the effects of our prayers. This resulted in a potpourri of messages from the Lord and Dad on how important--in fact, how vital--prayer is, and why. They also poured out new ideas for prayer times, as well as fascinating accounts of Heaven and glimpses into it, all of which I'm going to share with you in this GN.
       3. Although some of these messages were received specifically in regards to our prayer vigils for Peter and his team during their travels, the Lord is also talking to each of you, dear Family, who faithfully come before His throne of grace to bring your petitions to Him. Because the descriptions of what goes into effect as a result of our prayers and the beautiful word pictures were originally directed to our Home, you may feel that they don't apply to you. When praying about which material to include in this GN, the Lord gave a little word about the importance of each prayer and how powerful and effective each one is. I'll include that message here so you can see how the Lord sees each of our prayers, no matter who we are or where we are.

       4. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Prayer is powerful, and how powerful are each and every one of the prayers that come before My throne! How My mighty hand is moved by each of these prayers, however small. I have said many times that the prayers of the Home of the king and queen are indeed effective and powerful. And how powerful they are, for they reach deep into the situation and turn it around for My glory! They reach deep into lives and change them! The prayers of My brides at the house of the king and queen send Satan trembling, for he knows that they mean business, and that he's finished!
       5. But even so, each prayer of My children--great or small, young or old, big or little, shepherd or sheep--is powerful! Indeed, mighty are the prayers of the children of David, the children of light, My brides the world over! The prayers that arise from My Family around the world are just as powerful when they pray sincerely and with a whole heart. Each and every prayer is mighty in its effectiveness. (End of excerpt of message from Jesus.)

       6. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following messages speak of the effect and power of our prayers:

Dancing Angels of Kindness Sent Forth in Answer to Your Prayers!
       7. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The fragrance of your prayers wafts up into My Heavenly chamber, filling it with the scent of roses! Your petitions come to Me in the form of rose petals, fragrant and sweet. I look upon your every request with delight and happiness, for to hear the words of your mouth and the desires of your heart brings Me satisfaction. I rejoice in seeing your dependence upon Me and upon My power, which is almighty. I delight in showing you My gracious, omnipotent hand, and in performing many mighty works for you.
       8. I send forth dancing angels of kindness and helps, that they may minister to your loved ones and bring them peace, rest and encouragement. I give them the answers to your petitions and the fulfillment of your desires. They encircle your loved ones on every side and whisper words of love and tenderness. They wave their magic wands of gladness about them. They touch them with the sparkle of My Spirit--giving them an unearthly glow and aura, which people look upon with amazement and awe.
       9. I give them grace and understanding, knowledge and wisdom. For these fairies are fairies of discernment and truth, and they carry in their hands the treasures of your time spent with Me. Your prayers translate into time spent with Me. And even those who are not able to spend great amounts of time with Me due to the press of the people about them, I send My fairies to deliver to them the benefits of your time spent with Me on their behalf. They can reap the rewards of your time in the bed of love with Me. For I have created these angels for such a time as this. They are sent to give healing and strength, and they flutter about as My doves of anointing.
       10. Therefore beseech Me in prayer for all that you would give to these, your loved ones. I will send My fairies of goodness to them, to bring them these gifts, that they might have all that they need. I would give them vicarious strength and energy through the time which you have spent with Me, that they may in turn pour it out to others.
       11. For you, My children, are as one body; that which one of you lacks, another may make up for. And in a case where one of your members has not time to feed sufficiently or draw from My Spirit as much as they would like, due to their responsibilities and the urgent press of those who await their ministering, I give them a portion of the strength, power, and spiritual stamina which you have acquired through the time that you have spent with Me in prayer and in the bed of love. This is a marvel of the spirit world, and a mystery of the way in which I translate your prayers. (End of message from Jesus.)

Jesus and You--A Prayer Teamwork!
       12. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Your prayers move My hand. There's a direct link there. It's not simply a coincidence. Like I told you before, you are their lifeline! You are their support system!
       13. Without your prayers and without your fervent intercession, you leave them unprotected and alone in spirit. Of course, they have My protection and care continually, for they are My children--just as all My children are protected and sheltered by My loving hand. Yet if you don't pray, you leave them without the extra protection that I would give them--the spiritual force field, the guardian angels, the boost of anointing and power that they need for a mission such as this one.
       14. The regular anointing, protection, and safekeeping are not sufficient for such a great task, for the Enemy walks about as a roaring lion, seeking to devour, to destroy, and at the least, to pull down, to discourage, to condemn, to afflict with illness, to attack with worries, to hinder communications, and to throw a monkey wrench into their travels and plans.
       15. You have no idea what a great variety of matters your prayers cover and affect. For as I am attentive to the tiniest detail of this trip upon which your King Peter and his royal helpers have embarked, even so are Satan and his minions equally attentive. They lurk about, conniving to disrupt and hinder the work of God. And while I am more than able to put a stop to their evil machinations, yet have I bound Myself to work within the limitations of your prayers, that I may be glorified when you call upon Me, acknowledging that you are in need of My help, strength, and power.
       16. It's a partnership, a teamwork--you and Me! Therefore I say to you that your prayers have worked an effectual and mighty work. For each prayer you have prayed is bringing to completion and perfection the will of God.
       17. Is not the knowledge of the power you hold within your hands--the power to move My heart and to aid Me in performing My perfect will--sufficient motivation to spur you on in the ministry of prayer? Though you may tire or find yourself weary of spending moments in prayer, yet with this knowledge and remembrance you should find within your soul fresh hope and inspiration and a determination to persist in prayer, knowing that you help to turn the mighty wheels of the universe!
       18. This is My commendation to you: to know that you stand by My side when you stand in prayer, helping Me to fulfill My will, and enabling those you love to perform the tasks which I have set before them. For you are the lifeline of their strength, health, and happiness. Rewards shower down upon you as they shower upon them, for without the prayer warriors there would be no accomplishments. Therefore you share equally in the reward, and enjoy the blessing of standing close by Me in spirit when you intercede for your loved ones. (End of message from Jesus.)

Loosing Warrior Angels Through Prayer!
       19. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} I see a great and powerful force field of protection. I see a tremendous band of angels standing vigil, awaiting their orders. I see the most advanced spiritual weaponry fitted and prepared. And now I await your prayers.
       20. Each of the tools, the gifts, the provisions which I have for you is released at the touch of your prayers. Not one good thing will I withhold from these who walk uprightly, and from these whose hearts are fixed firmly in prayer for their loved ones. At the behest of these, My children, who intercede at My throne daily and continually for their king and his helpers, unto these will I grant the powerful weapons of My Spirit!
       21. They will need these, a special and very elite commando team of angels, which I have prepared especially for this mission, to lead and guide and protect them. Therefore loose these that wish to go and render service to your king! Loose them with your prayers. I tell you now that your desperation of heart and spirit, your empathizing with these ones in prayer, will be the power that looses the angels to fight for you in the spirit, to fight for your king and his helpers.
       22. These will surround your team and encamp about them on every side. These will enlighten the path before them, for they are My wise warriors, well skilled in matters of combat. Their swords are sharp, and they do glisten with spirit and anointing! Therefore loose them!
       23. Would you not have them go and minister to your king? He is in need of a spiritual boost; therefore send these mighty warriors. They stand here before Me in My Kingdom, and they await loosing through the power of your prayers.
       24. Their commission is clear, and they will perform that purpose unto which they are sent. They are steadfast and unmovable. They are more than a match for the Enemy of the land to which My King Peter travels, therefore send them now. For your king awaits his helpers, and his helpers await their mission! (End of message from Jesus.)

The Ministry of Prayer!
       25. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The effectual prayers of David's children avail much. Therefore is your king strengthened, and his helpers, for he has strong prayer warriors that stand by his side, supporting and aiding him in this mission.
       26. In Heaven you will see the result of your prayers in full. On Earth you see some manifestations of the miracles which your prayers have wrought, but many things are hidden from your sight. For this is the treasure of your prayers unto Me--that you pray in faith, and believe in faith that I will answer your prayers and perform that which you request, though you may not always see the results before your eyes.
       27. Yet you trust and hold to My promises which say that I do answer prayer, and this pleases Me. For this belief on your part, I have given you signs and tokens, that you might see those things which your prayers affect. Yet there is so much more which you do not see, and which will be opened unto you in Heaven. When you see these things, you will marvel and rejoice.
       28. I say this to you now, that you may hold on and persevere in your prayers and in your ministry of prayer. Be not weary in well doing, knowing that in due season you will see all the fruit of your labors in prayer. Therefore, pray, knowing that your prayers are availing much, and that one day you will see the hidden workings and the wonders which have been wrought because of your prayers. (End of message from Jesus.)

Tap into the Resources!
       29. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Prayer--it's so easy to get familiar with that word and to take it for granted! You often forget the magic lamp you hold in your hand, which when rubbed in desperation and earnest supplication produces My Holy Spirit Genie that can go anywhere, materialize any needs, defeat any enemies, bestow any virtues--answer any request that you ask in faith!
       30. Prayer for your loved ones is as a magic carpet that can whisk you away to their sides as they fight long and hard in battle. Prayer can place in your hand a magical sword so powerful that it makes the foe tremble and shake. Prayer can fit you out with impenetrable armor as you fight to extinguish the lies of the Enemy.
       31. Prayer is what you make it. Prayer, through your faith, rises to the occasion. Prayer is a signal to Me that I am still your King. Full-of-faith prayer fills My heart with joy, as you bring before Me large petitions and thus honor Me.
       32. If you're getting familiar with that word--prayer--then ask Me for a different label! Call it "tapping into the resources time." Or you can say, "Shall we take a trip to the Heavenly treasure house today?" My Spirit is so alive, ever-new and full of wonder, that there is no need to become stuck in a rut! Give this awesome tool a new handle and you may just find your perspective changing and being revived again. (End of message from Jesus.)

You Are There!--Through Your Prayers!
       33. {\b \i (Dad speaking:) }I know sometimes you can get quite stir-crazy, just wanting to go somewhere or do something new and different--see new sights, meet new people, have some variety. As Mama can tell you, sometimes I got quite frustrated having to stay so long in one place. I often wanted to visit the Homes, see the brethren. So I know of the sacrifices you make in being willing to do the jobs you do, day in and day out. It's not easy. In fact, it can be difficult--very difficult.
       34. I'm going to tell you something that maybe you never thought of, and that is that you can travel, you can do new things, you can be a part of all the adventure and change that you see happening around you! "What? What's Dad talking about?" you ask. Well, you can be there through your prayers! You can have a part in the changes, the ministering, and the victories won through your prayers.
       35. Do you remember the story of Sophie the washerwoman? She told the other woman that she had traveled the world--that she'd been to China, India and the South Sea Islands. But the woman knew Sophie had never been anywhere. She'd never been outside the city where she worked day after day washing clothes. But faithful little Sophie went on to explain, "I've sent my hard-earned money to missionaries in China, India and the South Seas, and that money is me! It's my blood, sweat, and tears! So I've been to all those places!"
       36. The same is true of your prayers. When you spend your time in prayer, the energy and power that is generated is you! Through your prayers you personally can have a part in the mission that Peter and his helpers are on. And I'm not just speaking figuratively--I'm talking reality. When you pray, you are there! You're helping, you're ministering, you're helping to win victories, you're encouraging the brethren, you're lightening the load, you're lifting up the arms of these dear ones who need your help.
       37. The job is too big! There's too much to do for just Peter and his helpers to do it all, so they need reinforcements. Of course, you can't all leave your important posts to go to their aid. You can't leave your important work on the pubs or your care of Mama to travel and be by their sides to help. But you can be there just the same! You can be there in your prayers!
       38. When you pray, you take some of their load on your shoulders. You become teamworkers with them, and the Lord is able to delegate some of their burdens, cares, and even workload to you. I know it's hard for you to grasp that this could actually happen, with you being in one place and them being in another, but it works! That's why Peter could testify after his last trip that things went better than ever. He knew it was because you had made a greater than ever concerted effort with your daily desperate prayers. He didn't have to shoulder as much of the load and stress and strain, because the Lord was able to distribute some of it to you.
       39. The more you make yourself available through your prayers, the more the Lord is able to take from their burdens and give them to you! And then through your prayers, you take those burdens and cast them on the Lord. Then He takes those prayers and turns them into answers--miracles, open doors, changed hearts, anointed decisions, protection, health, strength, signs and wonders!
       40. So if you're looking for something different, a new challenge or some kind of change, I'd venture to say you can find what you need in taking up the challenge to be a prayer warrior. Do something different by adapting your schedule to pray more often, more desperately, more faithfully. Review the messages the Lord and I have given on the importance of prayer and take those Words to heart. Become a support to your loved ones when they need you most! Be available for the Lord to delegate some of others' burdens to your shoulders, and then cast that burden on the Lord through your prayers. You won't be disappointed, because you'll have a part in the results!
       41. You might think this is a poor substitute for the kind of excitement or change you were hoping for. You might think I'm exaggerating here and being overly optimistic. But I guarantee that you'll be surprised at the excitement in the spirit you'll discover if you really put your heart, mind, and soul into being a prayer warrior for those in need.
       42. The Enemy's power to disrupt, destroy, hinder and bring to naught is nothing when countered with the power of the Lord through your prayers! Please recognize the spiritual battle, and not only the great responsibility to pray that the Lord has given you, but the wonderful new ministry of being a prayer warrior that He wants to give you, if you'll just receive it. Then you'll be able to say like Sophie the washerwoman, "I was there! I had a part--because those prayers I prayed are me!" And great will be your reward!
       43. You who stay by the stuff as prayer warriors will receive equally the rewards of those who go forth to battle! The Lord will say to you as well, "Well done, My faithful ones; enter into My joy and My reward!" (End of message from Dad.)

Specific Prayers--Spiritual Smart Bombs
       44. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The prayers of My children generate My power. They are not only as beautiful incense rising up to Me that pleases Me well, but they are also powerful! Each word that is spoken creates energy and strengthens the force field of good that surrounds My saints. The force field of protection is strengthened by each word, each breath in prayer. Prayer moves My hand and My heart to do the things that you ask.
       45. I love prayer because it shows your weakness and your dependence on My strength. I love those that seek Me diligently, that cry out to Me for help, and so I pour My blessings upon them in full measure--for My strength is made perfect in your weakness. Truly the Enemy trembles when he hears the prayers of the saints, for it binds his hands so that he cannot do as he would. This is why the more specific your prayer is, the more it limits the Evil One, for there are no loopholes for him to get around or to get through.
       46. General prayers are good and I answer those as well, but specific prayers are more effective. Specific prayers get specific results. In these dark days when the Enemy is marshaling his forces and his power on Earth is becoming stronger, how much more important prayer is and will be in the days to come--for it is the weapon of the spirit world. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; you fight not physical enemies, but spiritual ones.
       47. It's like the smart bombs that worldly armies use, and how much more effective they are than the bombs they used in World War II or even just a few years ago, when they dropped them randomly from the sky. Yes, they did damage, but the smart bombs are specifically targeted to destroy a certain target, and so the damage inflicted is of greater importance and does more harm to the enemy because it hits the exact spot which it was aimed at.
       48. This is like your prayers. When you are specific and your prayer is targeted, it inflicts greater damage on the Enemy. For the destruction is accurate and specific, and the Enemy is no longer able to operate in that area; his power there has been destroyed. I wish for your prayers to be as smart bombs specifically targeted to destroy the Enemy. And as you aim and direct your prayers, they will bind and destroy the Enemy in that very area, and the specifics that you claim will strengthen My power and My force field of good in that area. (End of message from Jesus.)

Unleashing the Power of Prayer!
       49. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Your prayers are like atom bombs, except they don't destroy! When launched, they have incredible impact and begin a chain reaction. Picture a dark and desolate landscape with big rough hills and dry, cracked earth. There are twigs in place of plants, and the remains of many old trees are scattered around. There is no life, no water, no warm sunshine. Then suddenly there is a prayer--boom! It comes in like a missile, and when it hits it sends out waves of color and light and begins to change everything in its path. It bursts forth like a wave, and everything becomes alive and new as it is touched with the power unleashed by your prayers!
       50. So it is with those for whom you pray. They need to be covered in the power and anointing that makes them glow with such supernatural power that all who see them will say, "They have been with Jesus!" The power of your prayers surpasses that of any creation of man. It is the very force that holds life together. If it weren't for prayer, there wouldn't be any life. It is the power and the coinage of Heaven on Earth.
       51. As you unleash My power you will see miraculous changes and fantastic renewals! Hearts and lives will be touched and changed--all because of your prayers. The power the prayer-bomb hits with is dependent on the intensity you store in it before you release it. It is dependent on the level of radioactive desperation you pack into its warhead. The more you pray, the more powerful the bomb is, the more power is released from My hand. So pray fervently, desperately, and with everything in you, and you will see the answers in ways you could only dream possible! (End of message from Jesus.)

Ideas to Help Us Pray More!
       52. {\b \i (Mama:) }Next is an inspiring message the Lord gave us while Peter and team were holding meetings in Russia. The interesting thing about this message is that it told us specifically what to pray for throughout the day. I hope you'll see from this example that if the Lord lays someone or some situation on your heart to pray for, but you're not that familiar with the details of what's going on, or if you're fighting a very big battle in the spirit and you want to make sure your prayers are really hitting the mark, you can hear from the Lord and ask Him to tell you in detail what you need to be praying for! Then you can be more specific in your prayers.

       53. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} During the day, when you think of your loved ones, shoot up a prayer to Me. Beseech Me for their safety and security, for their health and for their strength, for their anointing and their wisdom. Ask Me to put My Words of love and encouragement within their mouths, for there are many who hold their hands outstretched before them, asking that they fill them with good things, and My children must receive these good things from My hands. Therefore pray that I will empower and anoint them.
       54. Ask that My arms of love will enfold them when they are tired, spent, worn, and in need of rest. Ask that they will feel My soothing hand upon their forehead, My tender kisses, and My gentle caresses when they are tired and longing for My company. Ask Me to encourage them when they're tempted to despair or give in to the Enemy's discouragement, for this is a battle which often comes before them.
       55. At any moment of the day, any prayer you can remember to pray for these ones will be put to good use. Your prayers will encourage and strengthen, heal and lift, touch and soothe. And what prayers they're not in need of presently, I will put to use as prevention prayers--that they not become sick, that they continue to be inspired, and that they keep their strength.
       56. Not a prayer is lost, not a breath is wasted! A little prayer--fervent, though short--sent up to My throne, will have lasting results that your loved ones will feel the effects of. (End of message from Jesus.)

Specific Ideas and Prayer Reminders from Heaven
       57. {\b \i (Mama:)} Forming new habits can be difficult, especially when your days are packed and you have so many other things on your mind. It takes time, effort, and perseverance. It takes reminders, it takes everyone pulling together. But whatever it takes, whatever will help us to remember to pray, that's what we need to do.
       58. We usually split our monthly prayer day into two half-days and devote one morning every two weeks to prayer. During one of these prayer mornings, the members of our Home split up into small teams and asked our Answer Man for some specific tips to help us in our prayer times. I think all of our Home members can agree that following these fresh ideas from Heaven has been uniting, inspiring, and borne a lot of fruit in each of our prayer lives. I hope you and your Home will be able to try some of these--and others that Jesus gives you--during your united and private prayer times and vigils.

       1) Put up big, bold large-letter quotes in places where people will see them and remember to pray.
       2) Put up pictures of the faces of people you need to pray for, or words relating to situations that you're meant to pray for.
       3) Pray for the spirit of prayer during your morning devotions. (Jesus speaking:) "The spirit of prayer is a gift of being moved to pray for others as My Spirit stirs you; it's the gift of remembering, of letting Me bring to your mind those who need help; it's a gift of having an open channel as I direct your thoughts and give you checks about those who need help."
       4) Have people volunteer to sign up for a scheduled prayer slot every day.
       5) Do a Word study on effective ways to pray, then read it unitedly for your Home's devotions. (See the Cat Book, categories 607 through 614; the Daily-Dex and more recent DBs under "Prayer, how to"; the From Jesus--with Love volumes, in the index under "Prayer, how-to's"; Streams That Never Run Dry and Word Basics.)
       6) Individually, or as a Home, memorize a convicting, faith-building quote daily or weekly on the importance of your prayer ministry.
       7) Those who are directly involved with the situation being prayed for can share with the Home the effects that their prayers are having, for their inspiration and motivation to keep praying.
       8) Be specific when you give prayer requests for situations. Knowing the details will help those praying to be more desperate in prayer. It's always much easier to pray for the details than to pray a general prayer.
       9) Hear from the Lord regularly about the effect that your prayers are having, and share the prophecies you receive with all, to help everyone keep the vision.
       10) Ask the Lord for new and inspiring ideas of how to keep your prayer times fresh and alive.
       11) Have someone assigned to be the official prayer reminder.
       12) Whenever you touch base with someone, and are praying for your conversation, throw in a prayer for another situation that needs prayer.
       13) During get-out times, even if you're going on a walk that's not a designated "prayer vigil walk," you can still take five or ten minutes of your walk to pray.
       14) Aside from scheduled prayer vigil times, try to make a personal commitment, either by yourself or with a partner, to take 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week in prayer for others. Pick a time that's convenient for you--15 minutes before a meal, or whenever is best for you--that you can set aside for prayer. Then stick to your commitment.
       15) Have a prayer committee that organizes the main prayer requests and finds new, fun and exciting ways to pray. Implement these new ideas to add some spice to your prayers.
       16) Print out daily "vitamins"--excerpts from the many messages that the Lord's already given about prayer. Then read a new one daily, or post it on the bulletin board.
       17) Implement five-minute prayer vigils after each praise time. You can also use this time to praise the Lord for answers to prayer.
       18) Make a prayer chart. Have one column with the request and another column for the date that it was answered.
       19) Redeem the time while you're in the bathroom, shower, cooking, or on get-out, and shoot up a prayer.
       20) Let sights and sounds around you motivate you to pray. Turn every thought into a prayer.
       21) As you lie down to rest, rather than thinking about your work, or thinking about other personal matters or any of the many things your mind gravitates toward, make an effort to spend a few minutes in prayer.
       22) Take time regularly to walk in the yard (if you have one) for a few minutes, alone or with another person, and stand vigil in prayer as you breathe in the fresh air, while getting the benefits of extra exercise.

Fill the "Blank Spaces"
       59. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following message gives some good insight as to how to find time to pray more, something we're all eager to learn to do.

       60. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Come before Me and ask Me to help you to pray more often for people so that it becomes a habit of thinking of others and their needs and praying for them. It's a little bit like a new thought process where you constantly and frequently have on your mind people and situations that need prayer. So during the times when you normally think of other things or your mind is just sitting blank, it will instead be replaced by thoughts coming to mind of people that are in needy situations, and as you think of them, you can pray for them.
       61. It's like a spirit of prayer, an anointing for a ministry of prayer, so that when you wake up in the morning, or lie down for a nap, or go to sleep at night, you'll automatically think of the current situations and people who need prayer--for traveling, for illnesses, for strength, for their ministries. It becomes a part of you, something that comes naturally to you as a habit, something that is ingrained. This way you'll be praying for loved ones throughout the day, many times a day, as My Spirit reminds you. It's like opening your channel to My Spirit and being sensitive to My whispers, so that every time I bring someone to mind, you're attuned to the need and can pray for them.
       62. If you ask Me to give you the gift of praying for others, I will give it to you, just like any other gift that's available for the asking. It's the gift of being moved to pray for others as My Spirit stirs you. It's the gift of remembering, of letting Me bring to your mind those who need help. It's the gift of having an open channel as I direct your thoughts and give you checks about those who need help.
       63. In this way you can avail yourself of many blank moments throughout the day which can be put to good use--while you're waking up, or sitting on the toilet, taking a shower, waiting for your computer to boot up, or waiting for devotions to start. All of these blank moments actually add up to many hours!--Many little minutes that add up to hours, and hours that add up to days, days that add up to weeks, and weeks that add up to months of time spent in prayer that are available to everyone throughout the day. It's time that is already available. You don't even have to make it, schedule it, or slot it, or even take from your work time, because it's already there, just waiting to be used. (End of message from Jesus.)

Prayer in Heaven!
       64. {\b \i (Mama:) }Dad spoke a lot about prayer, and, in Letters like "Prayer Power" (ML #302), gave us an analogy of how prayer is like billiard balls. I was curious to know what actually happens behind the scenes when we pray--as I'm sure you are too--so I asked Dad if he could explain a little more specifically how prayer works up in Heaven. Below you'll read Dad's fascinating account!

       65. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} You can't possibly imagine how important prayer is! When I was there with you, I tried to constantly stress the importance of prayer. I tried to explain how vital it is to our lives and our work and our health, safety and well-being. I didn't understand it fully, but I knew the Lord relies on our prayers, that it looses His angels to fight for us, or to heal us, or whatever the case may be. But boy, had I known the full extent of the power of prayer, I would have prayed a lot more! I would have been praying all the time!
       66. I think that sometimes our poor folks get kinda tired of taking it by faith. Sometimes they don't get the answer right away, or they don't see the results of their prayers, so they tend to slack off a little bit or feel that maybe it isn't that important, it's just something that's good to do. But I'll tell you, not only is it something good to do, but without it, none of you would probably be here today! I'm serious. It was yours or somebody's prayers that kept you safe when you were out witnessing, that stopped that speeding car just in time, that healed you and raised you up from your deathbed, that changed the hearts of the authorities who were questioning you. And that's not even counting all the little miracles the Lord does every day, above and beyond the specific prayer requests--little tokens of the Lord's love, little blessings in your day, because somebody you know on the other side of the world was praying for their loved ones.
       67. Maybe it would help if I tried to explain how your prayers are handled in Heaven--what happens to them once they leave your lips. Would you like that? It's a big topic and not always so easy to comprehend, so usually the Lord just uses pictures, analogies, likening your prayers to flowers, or the picture He gave me in "Prayer Power" about the billiard balls, or the mirrors. All of that helps us to understand it a little more, to realize that it really is important, and those words and prayers and praises don't just get lost somewhere in space. They don't just hit the ceiling and end there--unless, of course, you don't really mean it and you're just reciting the prayer real quick to get it over with. Those don't do too much. But when you pray with your whole heart, things start moving up Here! Things start happening!
       68. Heaven is such a big place, and the Lord has His fingers in so many pies and is keeping track of so many things! So you can imagine how much organization it takes to keep it all running. Have you ever tried to imagine how big a job it is to keep all of Heaven moving in rhythm and harmony, all the saints and angels busy, constantly passing out new projects, new assignments, as well as keeping up on all the presently assigned spirit helpers?
       69. On top of that, He loves and cares and takes care of each of you as if you were the only one in the world! He knows every thought and feeling, and is right there for you when you need Him. He also makes sure your prayers get answered, or that they get scheduled for answering if the timing isn't yet quite right. That's not even a fraction of all that He does. No wonder He's omnipresent! Ha!
       70. Well, I'm getting off what I came to tell you about, so I'd better get back to prayer and how it works up Here. I was telling you about how organized everything is, to where not one prayer is missed, not one prayer goes unheard, not one prayer is unanswered in some way. Well, that's the way it is. Talk about powerful computers--the world ain't seen nothin' compared to what Jesus has got running His business!
       71. Maybe we can just go over it step by step, a day in the life of a prayer, and I'll try my best to explain to you what I know about how your prayers are handled, what happens to them, and what goes into effect when you pray.
       72. For example, you read a prayer request for dear Mama's health, and right then you feel moved to pray for her. Your prayer is no sooner uttered than it registers on the "computers" (for lack of a better word) up in Heaven. Jesus can see them, feel them and hear them as they arrive, and He gives the order for them to be answered--whether it's by loosing bands of angels to intervene in a particular situation, instructing your personal angel in what to do, or in dear Mama's case, He beams down strength and healing.
       73. It only takes one prayer before action is taken, but for the sake of all of us Here, the prayers are put on display! We can take a trip over to the prayer corner and check up on how many or how fervent the prayers are for a particular topic. I'm always greatly encouraged every time I go to the prayer corner, because so many prayers are coming from our dear Family, young and old! Everybody's praying!
       74. I'm a real stats fanatic and I always like to look at the charts! In this case, the only way I can describe this prayer corner is that it's like a big thermometer. Whatever prayer topic you're interested in is displayed on the thermometer, and you can actually watch each prayer mounting up, one after the other, rising in the thermometer. It's so encouraging, so fascinating, and so important!
       75. I'm sure there are better ways of describing how it works, and I don't know all the ins and outs yet, but it is awe-inspiring. It's amazing how quickly those prayers mount up. It's amazing how fast everything goes into action when that little prayer is registered. These guys really move fast, and angels are constantly coming and going! Projects are being assigned and angels released as the prayers are received and funneled along.
       76. It's wonderful to see each of these prayers taken care of so efficiently! It's inspiring to see the joy radiated by those who work at the prayer corner, how happy it makes them every time another prayer is offered. Beautiful! Wonderful! Hallelujah!
       77. Thank You Jesus for Your greatness, for answering the prayers of Your children! Help us to realize just how important our prayer life is. We've had to take it by faith for so many years, just trusting that when You tell us You will answer, You will. We've seen the results, we've seen our prayers work wonders, but because our carnal minds can't comprehend just how it all works, we sometimes take prayer for granted. We get so used to hearing the word that it doesn't mean that much to some of us.
       78. Help us, Jesus, to realize just how much it means to You when we trust You and confide in You and ask of You. You're a King, and You love to be able to prove Your power. You love to have us ask of You so that You can make us happy by answering and giving to us so abundantly. Help us never to forget just how important our prayers are to You, how much it means to You, and how vital it is to keep that connection strong, to enter into our prayer closet, to praise and thank You and to fervently plead for our loved ones in need, and for any situation that needs Your help and intervention. Thank You for being our Father Who rejoices to give gifts to His children!
       79. Give us more faith, Jesus, to ask, knowing that through our asking, our supplications, our seeking You desperately in prayer, mighty things will happen! Hallelujah! Praise Your Name! (End of message from Dad.)

       80. {\b \i (Mama:) }What an inspiring account of prayer in Heaven! After reading the above prophecy, I had a question about why prayers from each of us personally are necessary, especially when there are a whole lot of people praying for the same thing. That's probably something you've wondered about too. You might think that your prayer really doesn't make a difference since, after all, everyone else is praying too. You might wonder why so many people have to pray, if the Lord will hear and answer one prayer.
       81. Here are two inspiring messages on the effect prayer has on you and why it's important. Not only does it help those you're praying for, but prayer also reaps great benefits for you as well!

How Prayer Benefits You Personally!
       82. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Prayer benefits your personal life and your connection and walk with Me. If prayer were just for My benefit, so that I would know what you need and want, then prayer would not be necessary. I know what's in your heart before you speak it, I know the need before it's asked, I know the thoughts and intents of the heart. The reason I stress the importance of prayer, the reason I ask all My children to lift up their hearts in prayer for a situation, when only one would be enough, is for your benefit.
       83. When you pray, your faith grows and your link with Me grows stronger. You show that you're willing to set aside other thoughts and the things of the day to spend time in the closet with Me, pleading with Me, pouring out your heart in fervent prayer for your Family and your loved ones in need.
       84. Even though I could answer a lone prayer, to hear all your prayers rising up before My throne, to see your tears, and to see your hearts joining together in desperation for another in need--this stirs My heart to answer speedily! It rejoices My soul to know that so many have faith that I will answer.
       85. If a request has gone out to all My children to pray for a situation, sometimes I will limit Myself to the prayers that are voiced. I will choose to answer according to the fervency of the prayer, and according to how many of My children move themselves to pray and to seek Me.
       86. If the request is met with indifference by some and with earnest prayers by others, I will still answer the request. But to those who have chosen the good part will go the blessings--blessings in their own personal lives, blessings of strength for their own battles, blessings of health for their own sicknesses, blessings of faith and supply in difficult situations that will arise, so many blessings will I heap on them!
       87. It also excites Me to see so many of My brides opening their hearts in prayer to Me. It moves Me to want to do special things for them, to answer them when they're in need. It can change My mind and move My hand to work for them. There are so many blessings that come from being a faithful prayer warrior.
       88. As for those who meet the request with indifference, or those who feel it's not important, I will still answer the request, but the loss is theirs. The indifferent or lethargic ones will not be able to partake of all the blessings and the happiness that comes from knowing they have upheld others of their Family in prayer and had a part in bringing about the answer, the blessings of exercising their faith for others and seeing their faith grow as a result.
       89. For those who want their personal faith to increase, their relationship with Me to become more intimate, and who want to partake of all the blessings that I have in store for them, if they will but pray at every opportunity--even if it is not a situation that is directly related or that will benefit them--then they will tap into the source of blessings and will receive abundantly of the flow that's there. (End of message from Jesus.)

Ministry of Prayer in Heaven!
       90. {\b \i (Mama:) }Here's an inspiring message Dad gave when I asked him about the ministry of prayer in Heaven. In a couple of prophecies received from departed saints, they've told us that their main ministry in Heaven is one of prayer. Since the Lord's told us before that everyone in Heaven plays a part in prayer, I was curious to know how it's different than these folks who have the "ministry of prayer" and how it works.

       91. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} The ministry of prayer in Heaven is much like any other ministry on Earth--such as childcare, for instance. Everybody has contact with the children, everybody takes turns spending time with them, everybody is responsible for them and they're our children--but there is usually somebody who concentrates on them, who lives and breathes and thinks children. The buck stops with them and they're responsible to make sure the child or children receive sufficient love, care, attention, food, sleep, Word time, exercise, school, and so on.
       92. It's much the same way with the ministry of prayer. Just because some people have the specific ministry of prayer, that doesn't mean that we don't all take it upon ourselves to pray for things. Everybody does it! But it's a lot more casual Here and more a part of everyday life than it is for a lot of you folks there. Prayer is like second nature; it's like talking. It's just so easy to pray. Everything around you reminds you to always have a praise or a prayer on your lips when you see the beauty around you, when you partake of the inspiring answers to prayer and miraculous accounts of things the Lord does on Earth, constantly working miracles. You can't always see what happens as the result of your prayers when you're down there, but from this vantage point you're constantly seeing the fruit of prayer and the results of prayer--so you just can't help but want to pray!
       93. But like every ministry, some people are more involved in the actual details of prayer, of bringing or causing the answer, of handling all the prayer requests and categorizing and compiling them, or even being responsible to pray for particular situations--whether there or Here--praying for those of us who are communicating with you there, for clear channels, for the message to be clear and the like. You have to pray for all sorts of things in your day, and so do we!
       94. Of course, for those who have the specific ministry of prayer, that's not all they do. But because of their prayers, and the prayers of others Here in Heaven and you folks there, the workings of the Spirit are oiled and fall into place and flow smoothly--the spirit writers can pass on their works to you, those you want to hear from get through on clear channels, and your guardians are given extra spiritual strength and wisdom when they need it.
       95. And you know what? They don't just pray for the things up Here, but they pray for you too! So you're benefiting from their prayers as well, even during those times when you feel nobody else knows what you're going through and nobody else is praying for you. Well, now you can know that our dear ones who have the ministry of prayer are already at work. And it works just like any of your prayers; it goes through the same channels and is answered just as yours are.
       96. Of course, I'll have to say that it's a lot easier for us to pray, and it doesn't take as much faith as it does for some of you. Because, like I said before, we can see it all so clearly--how prayer moves the hand of God on your behalf, how quickly a prayer is put into motion and is taken care of in some form or another. We get the added benefit of having the ability to watch miracle after miracle, answer after answer, all over the world, many of which you're not even aware of.
       97. For you it takes a lot more faith to trust that what He's promised He's able also to fulfill, and that when you ask for something, believing, you will receive. But even though it's easier in a sense to pray for things up Here, those with the ministry of prayer up Here need your prayers too! They need you just as much as you need them. Thank Him for your Heavenly prayer warriors and please keep them and their big job in your prayers. (End of message from Dad.)

       98. {\b \i (Mama:) }Isn't it wonderful to know that we have our own special prayer warriors in Heaven, supporting us and praying for us, even during those times when we think no one else knows our needs? After listening to this prophecy, I had a question about why it's important for us to pray for the folks in Heaven when there are so many others up There praying for them as well. So I asked Dad to give us a further explanation, which he was happy to do, and which I'm sure you'll find interesting.

Why Pray for Those in Heaven?
       99. {\b \i (Dad speaking:) }As the Lord's told you before, prayer is not only beneficial for the person or situation you're praying for, but it's good for your personal life too--your faith, your connection with the Lord, and your link with the spirit world. Sometimes we can get so caught up with the things on Earth that we forget to thank the Lord for our ministering spirits and angelic helpers. Of course, if you forget to pray for them, it doesn't put an end to their usefulness or their job.
       100. Each of your spirit helpers and messengers, and the powerful warriors that ward off the attacks of the Devil and fight with him and for you, needs to be in tune with headquarters. Each one desperately needs the anointing and spiritual strength that a ministry like that requires. When you ask the Lord for a message from beyond, from someone who has gone to be with the Lord, they've got to prepare their speech, so to speak. The spirit writers have to write or prepare or choose their stories. The famous characters have to think about what message they want to get across to you, or to the public, or what have you. And just like you need the Lord's help and anointing for your projects and ministries, so do they.
       101. But one of the main reasons it's good to pray, or to at least acknowledge your spirit helpers from time to time, is that it gives you a link in the spirit with them. It helps you to be more aware of their presence, instead of being oblivious to it all. Wouldn't you say that it's not that often that you think about your guardian angels or your spirit helpers, or even those who you ask for messages from? You pray for your channel and you ask the Lord to help you to be a good receiver, but what about asking the Lord to help their message come through clearly and that they remember all their points?
       102. I'm not saying that you have to be praying for them day in and day out, and that without your prayers they're going to lose the anointing, because they've already got a lot of us up Here supporting them in prayer. But if you would pray for them from time to time, it would help you to be even more Heavenly minded and aware of those who work so hard to keep and protect you from dangerous situations, to anoint you in your job, to check you when something's not right, or to be messengers of blessing, support, wisdom and health.
       103. The reason I said they need you is because they do! Without you they'd be out of a job, ha! Your prayers are an encouragement to us. You don't need to pray for our health and against physical afflictions that are no longer a problem up Here, but you can think about Heaven and turn those thoughts into prayers. Thank the Lord for His many angels and helpers who take care of you and speak to you every day. That in itself would help to draw you closer to the realm of the spirit, to give you a special link with those of us up Here.
       104. So you see, even though it's different than the present situations you pray for there, it's still praying, because it's making that connection with the spirit world. Your thoughts and prayers and praises to the Lord for sending His ministering spirits and giving you 24-hour-a-day protection and spirit help are really appreciated up Here. Have you ever felt that even though your job is just as important to the Lord as someone who is in a big showy ministry, not many "human" people seem to notice? And then someone comes along and tells you that they really appreciate you, or you hear that something you had a hand in was a blessing to someone. Doesn't that encourage you? It's kinda like that for some of us. We appreciate knowing that you're thinking about us or praying for us from time to time.
       105. So your prayers benefit both you and us--you because you're given a special link to those of us Here and to the spirit world, and it's encouraging to us to know that you're supporting us in spirit. How's that for a twist? You can support us in spirit too! Neat, huh? (End of message from Dad.)

       106. {\b \i (Mama:) }Following are two more beautiful messages about our prayer life, as well as an answer to a question so many of us have had, about why He asks us to pray and pray and pray again for the same thing, when He hears us the first time.

Getting in Shape!--Faith Shape and Prayer Shape!
       107. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} All this praying you folks are doing is not only keeping your loved ones healthy, happy, strong and anointed, but believe it or not, it's also benefiting you! Your prayer muscles are being exercised and stretched and toned, and it's causing your faith to grow.
       108. Faith grows slowly but surely. Faith isn't like a balloon that inflates quickly; the change is not so drastic that it's visible to the naked eye. Faith is a muscle that has to be worked out, stretched, toned and exercised--consistently, regularly, faithfully. And Peter's trip is getting you all in your prayer routine, and it's holding you to it and making you commit yourselves to faithfully holding vigil and getting in shape--faith shape and prayer shape.
       109. Yes, it takes time to pray, and you may not always feel the urge to pray or even the need to pray. But you know that it's what the Lord is asking of you, therefore you do it. You don't have to feel guilty or bad if you feel that sometimes it's a duty or a responsibility. That's just what prayer is--a duty--the greatest duty in life! As long as you take your duties and responsibilities seriously and put your whole heart into them, then the Lord counts it to your credit and blesses them--and you--for it!
       110. So know this, that in all your praying, you're getting in better shape too, and you're becoming stronger and more able to fight the Enemy's attacks. Also remember that one law of the spirit is that when you fight for another, your own battles lighten and you're more easily able to combat them yourself. That's just the way the Lord has set it up. Nobody can figure out why it works that way, but it just does. Praise the Lord! So there are many, many benefits to praying. And look what wonderful works your prayers are doing for your loved ones who are away! They're reveling in the benefits of your prayers! Keep praying! (End of message from Dad.)

Why Pray and Pray and Pray Again?
       111. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Prayer is a manifestation of your faith--faith that I will answer. When you first hear of a prayer request, of course you're going to be desperate and fervent in prayer; but what proves your faith is when it can stand the test of time. Sometimes I don't answer right away, or in some cases the situation for which you're praying seems to be getting worse. This is a test of your faith that I will hear and answer. But when you keep praying, you prove that your faith has not wavered due to circumstances; you're not giving up just because I don't answer right away. You're proving the depths of your faith and trust that I will do it, and if praying unitedly, you're giving a public demonstration of your faith.
       112. Another reason I ask you to pray and pray again is because each time you pray with a partner or as a Home, you gain in unity and your prayer life is strengthened. Each time you pray you're gaining a little more in faith and unity and closeness with Me; and each time you pray, you're sending added help to those for whom you're praying. (End of message from Jesus.)

       113. {\b \i (Mama:)} God bless you, dear Family. I appreciate your being such faithful, diligent prayer warriors. Lord help us all to continue to progress in learning to turn every thought into a prayer!
       Love always,

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family