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Quiet Time--Your Lifesaver!        Maria #431       CM/FM 3183       4/98
--The Secret to Your Survival!
--By Maria

Dear Family,
       1. Through the years the Lord and Dad have impressed upon us the importance of the Word and of spending time alone with Him in communion and prayer, in order to have not only the spiritual strength that we need to do His work, but also know what He wants us to do and how to do it. It's so important, in fact, that at the summit meeting held this year, this was one of the main messages that the Lord impressed upon our Family shepherds: the importance of spending enough quality time in the Word and prayer and hearing from Him in order to be able to carry out their responsibilities wisely and well.
       2. We've all been taught this is important, but with the ever-pressing demands of our ministries, the Lord wants to impress upon us even more how very important our Word time and quiet time is, and that we can't operate effectively without it! We can't even do His will--whether it's the care of our Homes and children, working behind the scenes in a structure Home, preaching the Gospel, or living the life of a missionary on the mission field--without making sure we're taking the time we need in communion with Him. As the last days draw near, this closer connection with the Lord through His Word and hearing from Him in prophecy is becoming more and more important.
       3. This is the first in a series of two GNs on the subject of your personal Word and quiet time. Both contain very valuable counsel and encouragement on how very important spending time in the Word and prayer is to your spiritual growth, fruitfulness, success and happiness.

It's Time to Let the Lord Take Control of Everything!
       4. This message from Dad was originally given to the leadership at the summit held in March and April of 1998, but because the Lord is emphasizing the importance for each of us--not only shepherds--to learn to turn to Him more, it also applies to all, and we wanted to share it with you. If you read it as if it were directed to you personally, then you'll be able to see how you can apply this to your life or your Home, no matter what your ministry or calling, and you'll be able to fully benefit from these very important spiritual principles.

       5. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} As I've always said, it's the little things that make this Kingdom stand. It's the little ones who really run this land. It's the little things that are big in God's eyes. It's the little people that are highly exalted and mightily used of the Lord.
       6. Maybe some of you feel that you're just that--little people, little nothings, little chess pieces. Perhaps you even feel unworthy of being used in the hand of the Master Player. Perhaps you feel that you're old and worn and should therefore be cast aside to let the new chess pieces shine. Or perhaps you're a young one and are unsure of the moves that the Lord is making in your life; you haven't had the experience that the older ones have had, and therefore you feel unsure, or perhaps you feel uncertain of whether or not you're where you're supposed to be.
       7. I know that many of you feel incapable of the great task that has been placed in your hands. Many of you wonder if you'll make it through another year. Many of you wonder if one day you'll finally crack from the strain and burden of it all. Is the task too big for your human hands? Are the burdens too heavy for your weak shoulders? Are the future prospects too daunting for your mind to comprehend? Are the problems too difficult for you to rectify? If you feel this way, I've got good news for you--that's just the way the Lord wants you to feel!
       8. If you feel like you can't solve the problems or make a difference, that's good! Then you can step out of the way and give the Lord a chance to work through you! You've all been letting the Lord work through you--some to a greater or lesser degree than others--but it's time to let the Lord take full control. It's time to let God show the way and guide you every step of the way. You're all His little people, His little chess pieces, yet you help to make this Kingdom stand. You really run the land.
       9. You've done well at letting the Lord work through you in most of the major things, major decisions, major moves, and major changes--and now it's time to take it a step further. It's time to let the Lord take control of everything! And by that I mean all of the little things--every little decision, every little task, every little change, every little visit, every little report, every little message, and every little job.
       10. Remember the story about the kingdom that was lost just because one little nail was missing? That shows you how very important tiny things are--tiny decisions, tiny procedures, tiny changes. Yes, all of these things are very tiny, but if you don't follow God's leading for each one of these different little things, pretty soon you'll lose the shoe, then the horse, and possibly even the rider.
       11. Things are getting tighter and tougher, folks, and it's time to sit up and take note and allow the Lord to take full control of even the little decisions that you make. There's nothing that's too small or too unimportant to ask the Lord about. You've been progressing, you've been growing stronger, you've been letting the Lord work through you more and more, but it's time to follow the Lord's leading for every detail of your lives and work.
       12. If you've been feeling sort of washed up or over the hill, or useless for some other reason--this is your answer! If you feel you have nothing left to give, no more strength to continue on, this is part of the solution. If you'll let go and let God have His wonderful way, you'll see just how wonderful His way can be!
       13. See, the Lord's been building up your muscles and your strength. He's been getting you used to Him leading, guiding and showing you the way, with Him in the driver's seat instead of you. You're seeing that His way is best, His way always works out. But then, because of human nature, it's easy to just make the small decisions without counseling with the Lord. To you, these decisions may seem harmless and of little significance, but I've got news for you--every little thing is important! When I was there with you, I realized that little things were important, as well as faithfulness in the little things. But now that I'm here in the spirit world, I can see it so much clearer. I understand now why little things are so very important.
       14. When the Lord and your spirit helpers engineer a miracle or an answer to your prayers, this is built up of many little things, many little decisions, and many little choices. It's like what I said in "Prayer Power" about the billiard balls that all have to be in place in order for your prayers to be answered. It's a chain reaction, and each little element has to be in place. Each little decision has to be made correctly. Each little job has to be completed just the way the Lord wants it to be done.
       15. I know you all want to see more miracles, more answers to prayer, more lives and hearts changed. So this is one of the keys to victory--making sure that every piece of the puzzle is placed correctly, that every billiard ball is in place, that every decision is made according to God's will. Tuning in to the little things is how you'll be able to accomplish the most with the greatest ease!
       16. There are simply too many details, too many things to attend to, too many decisions to be made, too many outcomes that hinge on certain factors, to think that you can make these decisions without the Lord's help and guidance.
       17. There was a time when the Lord winked at our ignorance and gave us grace and supernatural wisdom to make these little, though important, decisions. He was leading us along step by step, and He couldn't give you too much instruction and too many requirements all at once. However, now He's requiring a greater dependence on Him, a greater measure of yieldedness and looking to Him for the answers and solutions.
       18. We're coming to the hot and heavy part of the battle! Things aren't gonna get any easier--in fact, they'll get harder, because the Enemy will continue to fight the Family and do all that he can to stop this work of the Lord. That's why it's important that we listen to the orders, make all of the right little decisions, and follow as closely as we possibly can. Making even a small decision without consulting with the Commander in Chief could mean the difference between losing a soldier or keeping one. Listening to the still, small voice of the Lord could mean the difference between losing one of the battles or winning it.
       19. Folks, this is very important! I can see some of you thinking right now, "What do you mean, Dad? Do you mean we have to ask the Lord about everything? Hasn't the Lord given us leaders a certain amount of wisdom and anointing for our jobs? Can't we depend on that? Do we really have to ask the Lord about everything--even the tiny little things that seem so insignificant?" I'll tell you what, as I've said before, you can't rest in your own wisdom, knowledge, experience, or know-how. You can't risk making wrong decisions, because we're in a war!
       20. Our Commander in Chief often uses methods and tactics that are vastly different than anything you could think of yourself. He does things contrary to natural reasoning. So don't for one moment rest on what you think or what you presume to be the answer, the way to go, the solution, or the right decision. Granted, there will be mistakes made, there will be casualties along the way, there will be some setbacks, but our goal is to have as few of these as possible.
       21. There's only one way that you can be sure that you're making the right decision, and that's to ask the Lord. He's the only One Who knows the battle plans. He's the only One Who knows how to get the job done. He's the only One Who knows how to win the war. He's the One Who knows what He wants done and how He wants it done, so just ask Him!
       22. Well, that's my little talk to you today about little things, and getting the Lord's direction every step of the way. I'm aware that there are problems. I'm aware that there's a lot of disunity, lack of love, contention, bitterness, and strife in many of the Homes in your areas. I'm aware of the problems and difficulties that you face. I know that it's not an easy job, and I greatly honor you for your willingness to continue fighting for this wonderful Family.
       23. I'm proud of you, and the best advice I can give you is just to keep fighting and follow the Lord's leading each step of the way. Get out your magnifying glasses and find His footprints, and there place your feet. "My Lord knows the way through the wilderness, and all you have to do is follow!" Amen? For God's sake, follow God! Follow His leading, even in the very tiniest details, and you can't go wrong. (End of message from Dad.)

       24. {\b \i (Mama:)} In this first message which you've just read, Dad just finished giving our dear Family shepherds some very good counsel about the importance of getting their answers and directions from the Lord each step of the way. But if you don't happen to be a shepherd or a leader, don't let that stop you from receiving and applying God's full counsel in your life! We can all benefit from these Words, and we should all be striving to apply these spiritual principles in our daily lives, whether we have a shepherding ministry or not. We all need to learn to be more in tune with the Lord and to follow Him closely.
       25. There are many more messages following with wonderful counsel that's meant for you personally! You might find the very answer that you've been seeking in one of these pages that will be the key for you!

The Arm of the Flesh vs. The Strength of the Spirit!--Fly on Autopilot!
       26. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Operating in the arm of the flesh is when you are driven by your own spirit rather than allowing Me to take command. You are Mine. You belong to Me. And though operating by your own arm is not the best nor the most efficient way to operate, I'm still able to use you in this capacity.
       27. I created your flesh. I gifted and talented each of you with various abilities to get a job done, and I am able to use you to a certain degree even when you're operating in your natural strength and arm. However, this is not the best, and if you operate in this way, you'll only reap limited results. Thus it is by no means preferred to operating in My Spirit and allowing Me to accomplish a more accurate and fruitful work through you!
       28. The difference between operating in the arm of the flesh and operating in My Spirit is the difference between floating along in My strength, allowing Me to carry you, and tediously struggling on your own to reach your goal, oftentimes in a frantic hurry or flurry. Operating in My Spirit lightens your load, as I am doing the work through you, and it brings lasting results. Whereas operating in your own arm of the flesh you're apt to tire more quickly, and oftentimes suffer stress, strain, worry, and run the high risk of making mistakes. Operating in your own arm of the flesh leads only to errors. As you sow to the flesh, of the flesh you reap corruption [EDITED: "make mistakes"].
       29. Tending to a heavy workload does not have to be synonymous with operating in the arm of the flesh. At times when it is necessary to press in and get a job done, when you must meet deadlines and adjust your normal workload and do more, this does not necessarily mean you have to default to leaning on the arm of the flesh, for I am able to carry your load and help you to accomplish all that I ask you to do. Therefore one who is fully occupied and pressing in is not necessarily operating in the arm of the flesh; just as operating in My Spirit and being in tune with Me is not always synonymous with spending hours in your room with the "Do Not Disturb" sign up, reading and praying and praising Me.
       30. Both of these concepts can be misconstrued if you look at them in the eyes of the flesh. For you can appear to be in the Word and prayer, and as I have said, not really be sucking or absorbing. Your mind may be off wandering to distant lands, therefore the time is but a vain show and bears little fruit.
       31. Likewise, you may have more active times when you really press in and step up your pace in order to attend to the affairs of My Kingdom. You're fully occupied, yet because you're allowing Me to carry you and guide you, you're not operating in the arm of the flesh, for you're allowing Me to do the work through you. Operating in your own arm of the flesh and operating according to My Spirit is not measured in the amount of work that you're accomplishing or not accomplishing, but it is only measured by your dependence on Me.
       32. When the work increases, there are many factors that need to be balanced and weighed in the equation. For a time, you may have to adjust your schedule. You may need to adjust your time with Me, the time when we're able to enjoy the privacy of our secret chambers and lying in our comfy-cozy bed of love. But during these times, if you don't leave Me alone in the bedroom, but rather take Me along with you, so that even in these busy times we're able to kiss and cuddle and sneak in a quickie here and there, if you continue to grab on to the rod of My strength, so that you can pump My power and I can fill you with My seeds--then My strength and power and inspiration is there to inspire and encourage you along! I am there to whisper in your ear, to influence your thoughts and actions, and to help you make the important decisions you will need to make in order to get the job done.
       33. This is the difference between running out of the room and leaving Me high and dry--forgotten for a time, until you are able to return, while you operate in your own arm of the flesh--and continuing, though busy, to draw on Me and My strength and My seeds to fill you and carry you through.
       34. You're busy, but because you have Me along, you're much more inspired! You're trusting and at ease, knowing I'm right there by your side, and that I'm able to bring instant relief should you need a pick-me-up, counsel or advice. You're at rest and at ease because you know that no matter how difficult the situation, no matter how high the mountain or how impossible the climb may seem, I am there to carry you through, and I will not fail, because I've never failed you before!
       35. The fine line in determining if one is operating in the arm of the flesh or in My Spirit can also be determined by the fruit your actions bear. If the fruit of your labor is that you are hurried and flurried, frantic and rushed, or if your actions cause others to slip into a fretful mode of operation, to move in haste, or to make rushed, unprayerful decisions, this is a result of operating in the arm of the flesh.
       36. The fruit of operating in My Spirit and trusting Me to do what you cannot do is as follows: You're pressing in to do a job by allowing Me to guide you and carry you along each step of the way. You are shooting up prayers to Me along the way, although there is much to be done and many details to attend to. You're slipping away for pick-me-ups, getting filled with My seeds, and being empowered by My Spirit. Though your body is busy and your mind is occupied with much business and affairs of the Kingdom, you are constantly looking to Me, giving it all to Me, and remembering Me along the way, seeking Me, and asking Me while you are praying on your feet. You are allowing Me to carry you through, and thus you're reflecting a trustful spirit; though you are very active, you're calm and trusting, praising Me and thanking Me for doing the work through you. You're doing all you can do and trusting Me to do the rest. Your body is busy, yet your spirit is calm and trusting. All this is the fruit of the Spirit and allowing Me to do the work through you.
       37. I liken the difference between operating in the arm of the flesh and operating in My Spirit to the difference between turning on automatic pilot or flying the plane yourself, on manual. On manual pilot, you may make your destination just the same, but you might not be able to make it through the turbulence as steadily; you may have a choppy ride, and your landing may be less accurate and a bit bumpy; your flight will require more fuel, and as you reach your destination you'll be more worn out and tired from the strain of the flight, having piloted all on your own.
       38. Whereas if you switch on to My automatic pilot, I am able to guide you on a more accurate course. I am able to guide you by adjusting your protection flaps in order to steady you through the turbulence so you fly at a more even balance, and at far less expense than if you go it on your own. Your personal workload will be greatly reduced if you switch to autopilot and let Me do the work for you, for I will carry your load.
       39. I'm your automatic pilot! You have only to flip the switch and allow Me to man the controls, and this is the difference between flesh and spirit. For I am able to calculate more accurately and keep your controls perfectly balanced, which is imperative for smooth flying and a safe landing. Therefore know that this is the difference between operating in the arm of the flesh and operating in the strength of My Spirit. The secret is in flipping that switch to automatic pilot! Which will you choose?
       40. On automatic pilot, I'm able to take the brunt of the stress you may feel in flight. I'm able to guide you to more accurate navigation of your vessel and to keep all your controls functioning in proper balance and sequence, as I steer you on a straight course in the right direction at all times. As you use the instruments that I place in your hands, I'm able to correct your signals when you veer off course.
       41. The flights will still be the same distance, over the same terrain and on the same course, just as your workload, responsibilities and deadlines will still be there. But the flying will be much smoother as you rely on your radar, as you tune in to your traffic control tower, and as you switch to automatic pilot to guide you safely through! This is the difference between operating in the arm of the flesh and operating by the autopilot of My Spirit. The power is always there--all you have to do is flip the switch! (End of message from Jesus.)

Spiritual Window-cleaning Time!
       42. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)}{\b Picture a café beside the road. }On the other side of the road is the beach and a lovely view of the sunset and the bathers. But every once in a while a truck will pass by and spray dirt and mud on your nice clean window, thus impairing the view.
       43. This is what it's like when you have to reach out to others all day, every day. Eventually your window gets a bit dirty and needs cleaning. So there are times when you need to pull out the cleaning fluid of My Words and the squeegee of My Spirit and go to work on that wonderful window.
       44. It is through this window that others see you too, and see all the wonderful tasty treats in your store. But if the window is dirty, their view is hampered to where they must squint and really look hard to see what it is that you're selling.
       45. So it is with your sample to the world. They see your window, and they see the Words you've stored up in your heart and all the wonderful pastries that you've been blessed with. They see the latest recipes and treats through that window. So if you want to do good business and get as many customers as you can, you must keep that window clean!
       46. Time invested in cleaning the window can be looked at in two ways. On the one hand, you might think it's time away from your very important work of cooking and baking and tending tables, so it seems that you're wasting your time and it's a sacrifice. On the other hand, there's the viewpoint of, "Wow, it's time to clean that window so we can have more customers, so that more people can come to see and taste the wonderful things that the Baker has made!" It's the second viewpoint that gets the most results. It's the second one that will bring forth the most fruit in your lives.
       47. For if you do it grudgingly, yes, the window gets cleaned, but look at all the joy you missed! Look at all the pleasure and fulfillment you're missing out on. So scrub that window with fervor and vigor! Take glory in this time and scrub with all your strength so that others may see the wonders I have in store for them. The rewards will be great! The blessings will be more than your little cup can hold! I will bucket out the blessings in such abundance that you'll be swimming, diving and reveling in the blessings of My love! (End of message from Jesus.)

Bring the Lord into Every Area of Your Life!
       48. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} My Spirit and My presence is with each of you, just as sure and as real as the person who's next to you in the flesh. I want you to feel Me next to you. I want you to think about Me, to talk to Me, to listen to Me, to acknowledge Me, and to bring Me into every area of your life so that I can be a part of all that you do.
       49. Why do I want this? Is it because I want to control your life and harness your every move? No, My children, it's because I'm in love with you! I want to be with you and be part of your life, just like a lover wants to be with his loved one. I want to be in you, and around you, and with you all the time!
       50. I want to be in your thoughts at every opportunity. I want to see you turn to Me and acknowledge Me just as you would anyone else when you're talking in a meeting or having a conversation. Even if you don't do it out loud at first, because you're not used to doing it or because of your pride, I would still prefer that you think about Me and acknowledge Me in your heart.
       51. I just love you so much, and it makes Me feel closer to you to see how you turn to Me and include Me in your life. It draws you closer to My Spirit, and we grow closer together in spirit and become one with a stronger bond of love and communication.
       52. I'm real, and I'm part of your life. I'm always at your side--helping you, counseling you, whispering to you, directing you, comforting you, loving you, healing you and providing for you. When you acknowledge that I do these things in your life, you're opening the door to My heart and coming closer and closer, so that we're one.
       53. The more we're one, the more we talk to each other, the more you look to Me and ask of Me, seek Me, acknowledge Me, and bring Me into each area of your life, then the more our love grows and the greater satisfaction you give Me. You become stronger in the power of My Spirit, and I can give you greater satisfaction and more power through the gifts of My Spirit.
         54. If you're mated, you're always aware of your mate's presence in the room. Even though you don't constantly talk to each other, you're aware of what each other is doing and you often address each other, ask each other questions, make comments, or just acknowledge each other. You draw your mate in at every opportunity. This is the way it should be with Me too, as your spiritual Mate--though invisible to your human eye, I'm just as real and in need of your acknowledgement and concern and love.
       55. If you're single, you're still aware of others around you and what they're doing, how they're reacting, and your interaction with them. You don't live to yourself, but you live and commune and interact with those around you. Thus, bring Me into every area of your life. Interact with Me in the same way you do with others--through your comments to Me, by bringing Me into your thoughts, your prayers, your praise times, your conversations, in everything!
       56. Your interactions with Me aren't supposed to be something formal or regimented, and only for certain times of the day. Just because I asked that you praise Me three times a day, it doesn't mean that you have to wait for those certain times and then raise your hands or gather round for some type of formal praise time. Please, just look to Me any time and say little words of love or praise to Me from your heart. Be spontaneous, be natural, be Mine!
       57. The same applies to your prayer and prophecy times. If you have a question to ask Me, or a problem, or you need something, you don't always have to wait for a formal setting when you're completely alone, or a meeting-type setting to pray and ask Me to speak. Just think of Me as being right next to you, as close and personal and real as your friend or lover or mate. Turn to Me and ask Me your question, and I'll speak to you with the voice of My Spirit.
       58. There are times when our relationship can be more on a formal basis--a public sort of formality with a respect and reverence when appropriate. But most of the time you can just talk to Me like you would your very dearest friend or lover, and interact with Me this way.
       59. So if you need to ask Me a question and hear My voice in prophecy while you're driving the car, just ask! Of course, don't close your eyes, but you can still ask and you will still hear My supernatural direction and answers as clearly and as real as when you're alone in your room recording it. I'm not limited, and I'm not boxed in! My Spirit is omnipresent. I'm with you in everything. So just be equally as loving, as informal, as intimate with Me, and our hearts will grow closer and closer together as true soul mates.
       60. Do whatever it takes to help you think about Me continually and bring Me into every area of your life. Putting up pictures of Me is great if it reminds you to think of Me, to talk to Me, and to listen to Me. Or if you're in a meeting with other people, set an empty chair there for Me to help remind you that I'm right there with you and you should address Me sometimes and acknowledge Me and pray between different segments of your meeting. Just do the things that will help you personally in making Me more a part of your everyday life, interactions and activities.
       61. Each time you do this, it will become more and more of a habit. It will become easier and more natural until it will get to the point that it will seem very strange and unnatural not to include Me and talk to Me! So just do whatever it takes for you in your personal life, according to your faith and personality and ability, to bring Me ever closer, that I might become ever more a part of your life.
       62. I'm not asking that it be formal. I'm not looking for a set time when you stop and talk to Me, praise Me, or pray--although that's good, and there will be times when you need to consciously set aside time to pray and commune with Me. But I'm talking about just being natural in your interaction and communion with Me--talking to Me as if I'm right there, whether in your mind or out loud, and being aware of My Spirit right next to you.
       63. If you do this, I'll become more and more tangible in your life, and you'll grow more and more used to leaning on Me and drawing your strength and anointing and power from Me. I'll be able to speak to you much more and to lead you more closely. And most of all, I'll be able to love you more deeply and give you the happiness, satisfaction, inspiration and joy of My love.
       64. It will also be a wonderful strength and sample to those around you who need Me and long for Me, but don't know how to make Me a living part of their lives. When they see you drawing Me in and being natural in your interaction with Me, it will help others to see how very personal and close I am to them too, and how I wish to be even closer to them. This will give them the incentive, faith and desire to make Me a part of their lives. So won't you let Me fill every area of your life and thrill your heart with the power of My Spirit? (End of message from Jesus.)

Stay in Contact with the Source!
       65. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Spiritual strength comes from Me--from abiding in Me, abiding in My Spirit. It is Mine to give, and I give it to those who feed heartily upon My Word, who cherish it, who draw their nourishment from it. For these are My true soldiers--those who desire true strength, those who have the faith to put other things aside and to feast upon My strengthening Spirit that comes from My Word.
       66. It takes faith to put things aside and to come to Me. This step in itself causes strength of spirit, because it is trusting in Me. Trust in Me with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your paths.
       67. It's so easy to get busy with a little here and a little there, for there's always so much to do. But remember to take that time with Me, to make that contact with Me, to keep that contact with Me, for in so doing, then My Spirit is able to flow. When it's needed, it will be available, it will be there for you, it will help you with the solutions.
       68. Stay in contact with the Source! Let Me constantly replenish your reservoirs of spiritual strength. Take time to come to the fountain, to open your vessel and let it be filled. Cherish that which is most needful. Absorb it, and let it become a part of the very fiber of your being. Let it be such that you can do nothing without it. Be so immersed with it that you will be afraid to move without it, to make any decision without it, without knowing that you're on My channel, abiding in the flow of My channel and letting it lead you, guide you, strengthen you, refresh you, and keep you sane, happy and fulfilled.
       69. True inspiration comes from the fountain of My light, and I give abundantly. I would that it flow freely upon everyone that comes to it, desires it, and knows that they need it. It will flow from you onto others. So be happy to be immersed in the flow of My Spirit. I have oceans to swim in that you know not of! The only way you can find them is to launch out, swim with all your might, and then coast and rest upon Me.
       70. Let Me fill you! Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in Me. I am the Vine and ye are the branches. He that abideth in Me bringeth forth much fruit!
       71. You know the importance of staying close to Me, and I just want to encourage you to strive to continue to do that. I'm there for you and I'll help you. Continue to look to Me, continue to lean on Me, continue to put your hand in My hand, to let Me guide you. Your faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. You have an abundance of Word. Use that weapon. Use that tool. Perfect your use of it. Develop your skills in using it, and it will profit you much!
       72. Continue to trust in Me, and I will continue to use you and help you. Continue to cast your burdens upon Me, and I will carry them. I will sustain you. I will strengthen you. I will uphold you. I will be your help in time of trouble. I will be your Counselor, your Comforter. I will help you to mend the broken hearts, to bind up the wounds, to pour out the soothing, healing balm of My love and My Spirit.
       73. Continue to let go and let Me have My perfect way. Continue to yield. Continue to give your all, and I will continue to strengthen you. I will keep you and I will help you. Continue to wait upon Me and trust in Me. (End of message from Jesus.)

Jesus' Quiet Time Testimony!
       74. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Rising a great while before day, I went out into a solitary place, and there prayed. I needed that time alone. I needed that time between Me and My Father--for refreshing, for clarity of thought, heart and spirit, for those were busy days. I was surrounded by My team, who needed so much care, love and training. There was always so much to teach them.
       75. They were fun, I enjoyed them! They were wonderful folks. Each one was special, each one was different. Some were simple, some were quite bright and clever, others were talented--special people, I'd say, just like the special people that surround you. Each one had his own mind, his own will, his own heritage and background that made him unique, special and different.
       76. Learning to shepherd and care for them and lead them was a challenge for Me--wooing them, winning them, understanding them, convincing them, cajoling them, staying a step ahead and leading them, encouraging them to follow, even though most of the time I realized that they didn't understand where we were going.
       77. It was a great learning experience for Me, as well as a time of My biggest ministry while on Earth in the flesh. But in order to endure and to perform the role that I was called to play during that time, it was imperative that I had those little times away, those little breaks where I could get strengthened, where I could look down the road. I needed times when I could step back from the face-to-face, hands-on care of those around Me and the immediate situations that I had to deal with continually throughout the day while in action with My team, traveling around witnessing, laying the groundwork for all that was to come in the future.
       78. So must you take time, that I may also inspire, lead, and strengthen you; that you may behold My face; that you may be a better minister; that you may reflect more of My light and My peace with real vision and clarity of heart and mind during these busy times, during this ministry that I have called you to. And as you do, you will continue to grow step by step, day by day, just as I did.
       79. You may not see down the road as much as you would like, but the important thing is that you stay with Me, that you keep your face turned toward Me. Having done that, as you look back you'll see how I led step by step. You'll see the continuity, the progress, and the way that I led through the walk of My will and My perfect plan and all that was accomplished because you looked to Me step by step, and because you took time with Me so that you could see clearly to know where I was leading at each turn of the road. (End of message from Jesus.)

The Importance of Time Alone with the Lord!
       80. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} There are times when those in a marriage can seek Me together as a double vacuum, to be fed and inspired together. There are other times when each needs to come to Me on an individual basis, when I can fill the vacuum that no other can, and speak words on an individual basis that no other can. For I have a need to be with you, just as each person has a need to be with Me, alone, on an individual loving and fellowship basis.
       81. Whether as a marriage or as a Home, it is necessary and good to love Me together. And though I love to hear everyone's praises together as they come to Me, it is still very necessary that each person come to Me on an individual basis, to receive the love that I can give you on a personal basis, for your specific tailor-made needs, that cannot be done in a group or even together as a married couple. Both are good; each has its time and its place, and each is needful.
       82. It's also important for the shepherds and generals of My flock to spend time alone with Me because of the many responsibilities, the many facets, and the many details they need My instruction on. They must spend more time with Me than some in other ministries, because to them much has been given in duties and responsibility, therefore much shall be required of them--which requires them to spend much time with Me, not only to get My leading and instruction, but personal feeding from Me, inspiration, time talking with Me, and listening.
       83. It's similar to Noah and the construction of the ark. Noah, as the engineer, was required to spend more time with Me than his sons who helped to do the manual work. For Noah to get the instructions, he had to spend time away from the wings and the work to hear My voice. He had to come back daily, day after day, to get further instruction, to seek Me for the complicated and intricate design which had to be perfectly balanced and constructed and the measurements exact. This required him spending more time with Me than did his sons, who helped to saw and to build.
       84. Although his sons also had a relationship with Me and had to take quiet time and personal time, they did not have to receive such detailed, explicit instructions. They did not have to spend as much time with Me, because the nature of their work did not require it. But My shepherds and engineers and those who administrate and oversee the work and the flocks--because of the nature of their work, the involvement, the intricacies, the amount of work that they have to do, the complications--they have to spend that time alone with Me, more time than the workers, to get My instructions, as Noah did.
       85. This does not mean that the workers are not important and do not also need time with Me. As I have said before, all the children of David are shepherds. Some shepherd the members of their Home, others shepherd the children, many shepherd those whom they meet and minister to while outside the Home. Even the children shepherd their younger brothers and sisters. So all need this time with Me to hear from Me and get their instructions.
       86. It takes time. It takes seeking. It's part of the job. Without spending this time and getting My specific and detailed instructions, your boat will not float. There will be leaks. The workers will not construct properly because of a lack of detailed instructions and missing figures--like the song, "For the want of a nail, the kingdom was lost."
       87. This is the ministry of My shepherds--to spend this time daily to get My instructions on how to build the boat that you're working on, down to the smallest measurement, to the last nail. I will provide the workers to do the manual labor and the time to build if you are faithful to get the measurements. (End of message from Jesus.)

Pulling Down the Resources!
       88. {\b \i (Mama:)} Here's another message about Noah!

       89. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Time spent sharpening the scythe is not time wasted. Time spent praying, researching, analyzing, studying, surveying the possibilities, calculating the costs, conferring, weighing up the pros and the cons, taking account of the possibilities and the direction, is not time wasted.
       90. As I've instructed you through your father and founder many times, somebody needs to be thinking, praying and planning all the time. Someone needs to be analyzing, looking at things, and coming to Me with specific questions, being concerned about specific details, so that they can get the specifications and the details that form the direction that I am leading.
       91. Even Noah took time with Me. Not only did he have the general vision of the impending disaster that I was about to bring through the Flood and the desire to save his family, but he also needed very detailed instructions on how to do the work that I had called him to do, and this took time.
       92. He had to research materials. He had to take into account what type of materials should be used that would weather the conditions, and I gave him specific instructions because he asked. He had to take into account the way the material would be fitted together, the type of fastenings to use, the type of covering, the type of material to use to waterproof it. All these were details that he had to ask Me about, and I answered him and told him why and where to get them, and in some cases even how to get them--and this took time.
       93. He had to get the exact specifications, the length of the ark itself, and then break it down into the individual increments of the specific measurements for each piece of wood. Each plank had to be cut and fitted in the right place. He had to have a big picture, a big scheme of how it was all going to fit together.
       94. He couldn't just chop down a tree and start hammering it up against another piece of wood without any scheme or overall plan. The boat never would have been waterproof. It never would have been strong enough to weather the huge tidal waves that resulted from the Flood. It never would have been able to house all of the creatures in the different compartments that needed to be fashioned specifically to meet their needs.
       95. All this took time and prayer. It took listening and then meticulously recording things that I gave him, so that he wouldn't forget. So follow his good example, as I have referred to it in My Word. "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of Man."
       96. For there are many things coming your way--many changes, many adjustments, and new frontiers to enter into--and in order to meet those demands, you need to prepare yourselves and your household. It takes a team of prayerful, diligent, skillful, faithful servants who not only have the ability to work skillfully, but also have listening ears, and who understand the importance of taking time with Me to get the specifications for their particular work.
       97. So don't minimize the importance of taking time with Me to pull down from Heaven the resources that I have to offer you--the world of helpers, those who are knowledgeable, those who are intelligent, those who are under My authority to serve you. You must ask, repeatedly and specifically, and you will receive. (End of message from Jesus.)

Go Slow and Be Prayerful!
       98. {\b \i (Dad speaking:) }Hardly anything can be enjoyed in a hurry or accomplished in a hurry, and you'll not get very far if you're in a hurry. You've got to slow things down, and take time to listen to the Lord most of all. Anyone can run around a hundred miles an hour doing this and doing that, and never really get anywhere. But it takes mighty men and women of God to really stop, look, listen and go slow.
       99. Look at all of the great men throughout history. Most of the ones who accomplished anything great or have gone down in the annals of history were those who spent time with the Lord and didn't run ahead of God. If you look in the Bible, you'll find that most of the great men of God were plodders, listeners and receivers. As a result, they really went places, did wonderful things, worked miracles, and were greatly used of the Lord!
       100. The Lord's seldom ever in a hurry, except when He's dealing out His judgments to those who've been going so fast for so long that they've become totally deaf to His voice. It takes God time to make a butterfly, a sunset, a baby, a tree, a woman, a man, or a pretty flower. He's hardly ever in a hurry, so why should we be in a hurry? Why should we be too busy to take time to stop and ask the Lord about how we're doing things and the direction we're going? How come we're too busy to take the time to be prayerful and go slow?
       101. If the great God of the universe takes His time to make a creature as small as a bumblebee, for example, then don't you think we should take a lesson from Him? If you go slow, beloved, you'll get there quicker. At least you'll get there, and you'll have time and energy to spare!
       102. If you go slow, the Lord has time to show you things that you would have otherwise missed. If you're going slow, the Lord has time to speak to your heart and you have the time to listen.
       103. So many folks think that the faster they go, the more they'll accomplish and the more efficient they'll be. What a joke! If you're going so fast and aren't taking the time with the Lord--little moments here and there to get His direction--you're bound to make mistakes and blow it! It's a fact! There's so much that the Lord can help you with, so many ideas that He can pass on to inspire you and make your work run more smoothly and efficiently, if you'll just take the time and go slow enough to listen.
       104. You don't have to have major prophecy sessions about every little decision you make. They have their time and place, but it's just not physically possible to be stopping for half an hour or an hour every five minutes. All you have to do is take a moment to shoot up a quick prayer to the Lord and ask Him if there's anything that He has to tell you about what you're doing or working on.
       105. Or if you're faced with a little decision, just ask Him! He'll always give you something--a verse, a phrase, a song, or a short message of instruction. It's not difficult at all. It's not hard to do. You just have to go a little slower and be a little more prayerful, a little more in tune with the Lord and His whispers from beyond.
       106. If you take time to go slow and be prayerful and careful in everything you do, then the Lord will miraculously speed up all of your work and help you to get your tasks completed in record time. If you're seeking Him and acknowledging Him each step of the way, it's almost impossible to make a mistake, and you'll end up getting the job done much quicker. Whereas if you try to speed things up in the flesh and are zooming around like a chicken with your head cut off, the Lord's going to have to do some things to slow you down and show you Who's Boss! He'll have to do some things to show you that you can't do it on your own, and that you need His help, inspiration, ideas and strength.
       107. It's a funny thing, this "go slow" versus "go fast" business. The Enemy makes you think that you have to go as fast as you can if you want to get everything done that needs to be done. But the Lord says to go slow and be prayerful, because that's the only way you'll be accurate and in line with Him. If you're going too fast, the Lord will often allow you to make mistakes, lose things, or make a big blow-it, so that you'll slow down and hold your horses.
       108. He doesn't like yelling, and if you're not going slow and taking the time to acknowledge Him and hear from Him each step of the way, then you're not going to hear what He has to say. He's not going to yell above the hubbub and confusion all around you. His voice is quiet and meek and is drawn to those who are taking time to listen to His guidance and direction. He is nigh unto those who are humble, those who are meek, those of a broken heart and a contrite spirit, those who are being prayerful and going slow.
       109. Sure, you may get some things done in the arm of the flesh. You may accomplish some tasks on your own without the help of the Lord. But you'll never know what a relief it is to have His help, His instruction, His peace and His solutions until you slow things down and give Him time.
       110. In the long run you'll end up saving time by being more prayerful and taking a minute here and a minute there to check in with your Boss. He'll save you from having to backtrack and redo your work. He'll save you from having to go and pick up the broken pieces, the mistakes that you would have made if you hadn't been going slow and listening to Him most of all.
       111. It's so important to stay prayerful and acknowledge the Lord in all your ways, and you can't really be prayerful unless you're going a little slower. If you're running around like a maniac, then it's impossible to be prayerful. You have to be both prayerful and careful, otherwise mistakes will be made and you'll end up wearing yourself out. If you're continually living in the fast lane, you're going to wear out fast and you're certainly not going to be able to be in tune with the Lord or get His directions.
       112. It's like running a marathon versus sprinting. If you exert a massive amount of energy in one spurt, you won't be able to last long. Those sprinters can only keep up a certain speed for a certain amount of time, whereas the marathon runners pace themselves and can run for miles and miles, hours and hours, and really get somewhere. So you would do well to take a little tip from the marathon runners.
       113. If in your life for the Lord you pace yourself more prayerfully, and do the jobs and tasks that He's given you more prayerfully and slowly, then you're not going to get tired out nearly as fast. You'll end up making so much more progress in the long run.
       114. The Lord's more than willing to give you the help, direction, answers, tips and guidance that you need--even in the very smallest details, tasks, and jobs. He's able to help you shepherd a country, lead a soul into the Kingdom of Heaven, teach a group of active kids, provision a new fridge for your Home, drive safely, cook a delicious meal, clean up your Heavenly Home, or change a baby's diaper if you're going slow enough and being prayerful enough to listen to what He has to say.
       115. He's more concerned about His work than you are, and He's interested in getting the greatest return on His investments. That's why it's so important that you take the time to listen to the Boss and be aware of Him. He's the best Trainer and Boss in the world, and He knows how to run His business. He knows what He wants done and He knows the most efficient way to do it, so listen to Him and be prayerful and careful all the time! That's the best timesaving efficiency tip I could ever give you.
       116. Go slow and be prayerful in all things, both great and small, and you're bound to get a raise. You'll get a raise in the spirit! Your spirit will be raised, because you'll find yourself less frazzled and drained! You'll find yourself having to retrace your steps less and less. You'll find yourself having to pick up the broken pieces less and less.
       117. You'll find yourself getting more and more things right than wrong as you follow the Lord's leadings. You'll be accomplishing more. You'll be saving more time and energy than ever before--with some to spare! So are you with me on this one? Go slow! You'll get there quicker! Amen? (End of message from Dad.)

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