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Defeating Jealousy!       Maria #459       CM/FM 3213       4/98
By Maria

My precious Family,
       1. I'm so thankful for each of you. Your dedication and love for the Lord encourages me greatly. I know each of you fight many battles on a daily basis, and I admire you for how you cling to the Lord and to His wonderful Words for your strength and very life.
       2. As time grows shorter, the Enemy is attacking us, the Lord's Endtime Family, with more intensity. The Lord confirmed this in prophecy, explaining that the Devil is furious with the progress that we as a Family are making in accepting the new revelations and moves of the Lord's Spirit, and learning to live His Law of Love more fully. The Enemy knows, as the Lord does, just how much these new, albeit sometimes "strange truths" will empower and sustain us in the days ahead. So not only is the Enemy now attacking our Family as a whole with more fervor, but he's waging a militant warfare against each of us in our personal lives.
       3. In this GN I'd like to share with you all some beautiful and life-saving Words of counsel and direction for those who face the very difficult battle of jealousy. In these Last Days, the Enemy will use jealousy as one of his favorite weapons with which to attack our Family of love. This attack of the Enemy is very serious, because jealousy strikes at the very foundation of our Family. Our Family is a Family of love. The Family was built on love, sharing, giving, understanding, helping, sacrificial caring, and all the related virtues of love and kindness--and jealousy is the exact opposite of all these fruits of the Spirit.
       4. My heart goes out to those of you who struggle and battle with jealousy. I understand the difficulties you face. I've felt the heartache and the heartbreak myself, as has Peter, and we pray for you desperately. I hope to publish more in the upcoming months on the subject of jealousy, but in the meantime, the Lord instructed us to publish some of the prophecies which have been received over the past months on the subject of jealousy in general, and more specifically for members of WS and some of you on the field. I'm sure that you'll find them to be a tremendous blessing and they'll be a lifesaver to you.
       5. In the interest of getting this out to you quickly, I've not added any commentary to these prophecies. Please prayerfully apply these prophecies to your own situation, but bear in mind that your situation is unique. I want to emphasize the importance of going to the Lord personally in order to receive specific and tailored instructions regarding your battles and how to win the victory. As you study these prophecies, you'll uncover a wealth of jewels and precious gems--keys to obtaining victory, the laws of the Spirit, counsel on how to give, how to share, how to overcome, and how to gain a lasting victory over jealousy!
       6. You may notice that in some of these prophecies, the Lord has given specific promises to the ones for whom these messages were originally received. While these prophecies can also be applied generally, again I want to remind you that the Lord has special promises for you, which I know He'll be more than happy to whisper in your ear, if you'll only take the time to ask Him for them. Receiving the Lord's personal Words and promises for your situation is such a comfort--don't neglect it!
       7. If you have questions about a prophecy or need further clarification, please go to the Lord, Who will be more than happy to give you further instruction and Words of love. Or, if you can be patient and wait, future GNs will further clarify or shed more light on an aspect that you may be wondering about, as each prophecy is like a piece of the big picture.
       8. Not everyone has problems with jealousy, but most people have experienced it at some time in their life, or will yet. If you're not battling jealousy at this point in your life, then this "shoe" may not fit you right now. But perhaps down the road you will find these words of comfort and guidance a great blessing. In the meantime, please uphold those of our dear Family who are fighting this heavy and oftentimes very discouraging battle. "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" (Gal.6:2).
       9. Thank the Lord for His wonderful Words! There is victory waiting for you--just around the corner! Help is on the way! Don't despair. These Words are for you--and the Lord can and wants to give you the victory! I love you.
       Love, Mama

       What Is Jealousy--And How to Combat It!
       10. Over the past few years, the Lord has said a great deal about His desire for our Family to have a greater anointing of His love--not only for Him and for the lost, but for one another, so that we can fill each other's needs for love and affection. One obstacle which hinders us sharing the Lord's love with each other is jealousy.
       11. I wondered how this problem of jealousy could be overcome, so I asked the Lord: "How is Your Family going to do what You're telling them to do, and freely, openly and happily share Your love with each other and enjoy it and You, if people are going to be terribly jealous? Please show us what You want us to do, what You expect of us, and what we can expect You to do." The following are some answers from the Lord and Dad.

       12. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Jealousy in the heart of man is as waters that pour upon the flame of love, quenching its warmth, light and purity. It's as a flood of lies that quenches the fires of My love in the hearts of those that are jealous, and through them, it quenches the fires of My love in the hearts of others also.
       13. This fire of love that I have placed within each heart is contagious. As one burns bright and freely, the others are encouraged to do likewise. Yet if the fires of one or of a few begin to die down or grow dim, then the other fires cannot burn as freely. For the fires of My love--the freedom of the love of My Spirit--burn most brightly and fervently and beautifully when the others around them also burn and glow, giving off warmth and light.
       14. Therefore when a jealous one's fire of love is quenched through the lies of the Enemy, this affects those around the jealous one, and causes their fires to be somewhat dampened. It then takes more effort to keep the fires of love kindled, for the winds of adversity and jealousy are blowing hard against them, because the Enemy would seek to blow out the fires of My love.
       15. Jealousy is fear in the heart of man--fear of loss, fear of hurt--and this fear causes the heart and love of man to become faint and weakened in the spirit. And these faint hearts cause others to be faint-hearted about sharing My love with each other.
       16. Jealousy weakens the soul and the mind and the spirit. Those who give themselves over into the hand of jealousy, and who allow the Enemy to tinker with their thoughts and place his lies and fears in their mind, are weakened. If one who is being besieged by an attack of jealousy does not fight and resist, but allows the Enemy to toy with their emotions and feelings, then their spirit begins to grow faint. They lose faith, they lose hope, they lose trust, and the end result of this is a spiritual fainting, a spiritual collapse. Weakness sets in, to where they can no longer go on with the moves of the Spirit, for their spiritual stamina has been weakened. As a body grows faint and ill, so can the spirit grow faint and be weakened.
       17. Jealousy is as those hot coals which a man takes unto his bosom and is burned, and because of the remembrance of this burn, he fears to come near the warmth of the fire. But just because one is burned by fire does not mean that fire is bad, for you sit about the fire and find warmth and comfort and light. But the fire must be kept within its bounds lest it burn and destroy. So is it with this love that I give to you, My children. It provides great warmth and heat. It provides light. It provides a place to fellowship around the warmth and light and heat, and it's good. But this fire must stay within its bounds--the boundaries of love, the boundaries of caring for one another, the boundaries of My Law of Love--so that it will not burn and destroy.
       18. In days past, the days of your immaturity, the days of your wildfire, many were burned. But you've become wiser. You've become more loving. You've become more seasoned in the ways of God. So be not afraid of the fire. Use it, but use it wisely and lovingly. Use it to bring forth heat, warmth and fellowship. Use it not for your own devices, for the things that you alone wish to have for the satisfaction of your own flesh, but use it that it may benefit others, that it may benefit all.
       19. I've given you, My children, the freedom to love and to share, and I encourage you to do so--so you can learn lessons of love, so you can better understand My love for you, and you can have a tangible touch of My love. So I say to you that have grown cold in your love for one another, come closer to My fire. Be warmed, and bring others closer to My fire, that they too may feel the warmth and love of My Spirit.
       20. Let not the waters and the fears of jealousy quench this fire from within your heart. I know the suffering that many of you have suffered. I've heard your prayers. I've heard your heartcries and I know of your pain. I know of your fears. But these fears are not of Me. Perfect love casts out all fear, and My love and My Spirit are greater than jealousy. My love and My Spirit and My strength can overcome all things, for all things are possible to him that believeth.
       21. Let not the fears of the past and the remembrance of the hurt and the burn keep you away from the joys and the love that I have for you. I know these things are difficult, but I am He that healeth all things. I know that it's much to ask of you, but My love knows no boundaries. I wish for My love to pour forth through you to your brethren, one to another, that you may be one--One Wife, one Bride to Me.
       22. Though you may experience the fears, I say unto you that I am greater than fear. I am greater than jealousy, and I have within My hands the victories to pour forth unto you. For what is it that will defeat these fears? Faith!--Faith that as you step out and obey Me, as you come close to the fire with each other, I will keep you, I will protect you, I will comfort you.
       23. I call you all forth. I say unto you, come close to the warmth of My love and My fire. Come in close that I may melt the ice that surrounds your hearts. I call all to come in close to the warmth so that this iciness and coldness will be melted. For can some be ice and some be flames? Will not the ice extinguish the flames when they come in contact with one another? I wish for all to have warm hearts, loving hearts, united hearts, hearts that are one!
       24. Let My love dwell within your hearts and become your own, with which you keep warm yourself and warm others. Yet do not feed your fire with the fuel of selfishness, envy, fear and resentment, lest it begin to burn out of control and harm others. For fire can be a dangerous thing if not contained within its bounds--the bounds of love, the bounds of My Law of Love. The fire is good, but the wildfire which destroys and devours is not. For fear of such burning, the fire is barely used. So I say, exercise your love, but use it wisely and let it burn within the bounds. Use it lovingly, but use it.
       25. He that uses it in love will greatly benefit and will be blessed. If you will all use it wisely and lovingly, you can overcome the fears, the hurts, the scars of the past, and you can use this gift that I have given--this great gift of My love, of My freedom--to benefit one another and to make you stronger, more united, and more loving.
       26. Who would try to defeat this? Who is the god of hate that tries to devour all love and loving things? It is the Enemy of your soul who seeks to quench the fires of My love! Will you let him squelch the gifts and the love that I have given you? No, I say, fight against it! Don't let him bring his icy frigidity upon your heart. But you say, "How do I do this? For it is so difficult! It pains me, it hurts me!"
       27. The answer is in yielding, but you have a choice in what you yield to. You can yield to the warmth or you can yield to the cold. He that yields to the cold yields to the desire of the Evil One, for he encases their heart in the hardness of ice, that they share not in the warmth of My love. Or you can yield to the flame of My Spirit. As you yield more and more, and as you fight and claim My Word, the fire in your heart will grow and melt the ice of the Evil One.
       28. I've said in My Word that I will not tempt you above that which you are able, and My Word is true. I can bring forth the victory over all things. All things are possible to him that believes, to him that yields, to him that fights, and to him that stands strong, going forward, marching ever forward, fighting each step of the way. If you, with a full heart, will fight for My victory and claim it and will not surrender, you will have the victory that you seek, and you will overcome and be strengthened, that you may partake of the warmth of My Spirit.
       29. If you, in faith, will take the stand and will come in close to My warmth, close to My fire, and if you will allow yourself and your loved one to be warmed by this heat, I will strengthen you and I will bring you forth to victory. For as you come close to the warmth of My fire and you yield to Me, and you trust Me, and you trust My love, so can I bring forth the victory, and so will you have the victory. (End of message from Jesus.)
* * *

       30. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} Jealousy is tension. Jealousy is fear. Jealousy is the rage of man, and it's the Devil's favorite ploy to destroy and to tear down love. Can't you see that? It's the Devil's favorite and most effective weapon to tear down and to destroy the greatest gift that God has given you, which is love--love for one another.
       31. Jesus said to love one another, for love is of God. So of course the Devil will try to do all he can to defeat this love, to confuse this love, and to cast his fiery darts of envy, greed, hatred, strife, discord and division. He'll pull any lie, any falsity, and any doubt out of his bag of tricks in order to hinder the spread of love, in order to stop the giving of love, in order to quench the Spirit of love.
       32. His goal is to clog the channels of love, to cork the bottles that are pouring forth love freely to others. And why? Because love defeats the Enemy's plan. Love brings unity. Love strengthens the brethren. Love encourages, lifts up, heals, comforts, gives life, and confounds and defeats the Enemy's discouragement, doubts and lies.
       33. You've got to remember what the Enemy's goal is. You've got to resist the attacks of the Enemy and you've got to recognize that jealousy is a ploy of the Devil to divide you from your brethren, to put a wedge between you and the one you love, and to sow his seeds of enmity between you and your Family, those who you're close to, those who you live with. You have to actively strive to resist those evil seeds of jealousy that the Enemy tries to sprinkle in your heart and life.
       34. The way to combat jealousy is to first of all cry out desperately to the Lord, to seek Him, to put your will on His side, to yield your heart and mind and spirit and put it in the Lord's hands. Then you've got to soak yourself in the Word. You've got to drink in, believe and receive His seeds of faith, trust and comfort. You've got to avail yourself of the Lord's strength to fight and resist the Devil, and then you've got to attack the Enemy and hit him where it hurts by stepping out by faith to give.
       35. Give your love to others. Let the one you love give to others. Promote a spirit of giving and encourage those around you to give. The Enemy's seeds won't be able to take root and grow in your life and heart if you're actively fighting against them and doing these things. Instead, beautiful flowers and white lilies of love, unity, tenderness, compassion, understanding and sympathy will spring up in your life and in the life of your loved one, and this fragrance of love will be enjoyed by all those around you.
       36. So give, even if it hurts. Give one more time, even when you think you can't give any more. Pretty soon you'll see clearly the good fruit and the blessings that the Lord will pour out upon you because of your yieldedness, because of your faith and trust, because of your determination to fight and not let the Enemy have his way. If you resist the Devil, he will flee from you, and you will win the victory. The Lord has the victory there for you. So believe, trust, claim the victory by faith, and give; and Jesus will give you the victory! (End of message from Dad.)


       Note at the foot of page 2:
       Note: In a few places throughout this GN, you will notice quotes set off in boxes. Some quotes are from this Letter, and their references are included. Those without references are from unpublished material.


       I can bring forth the victory over all things. All things are possible to him that believes, to him that yields, to him that fights, and to him that stands strong, going forward, marching ever forward, fighting each step of the way. If you, with a full heart, will fight for My victory and claim it and will not surrender, you will have the victory that you seek (Para.28).


       Blessings from Fighting the Good Fight
       37. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} Give and it shall be given unto you. For as you give of the one you love, I will give unto you. As much as you pour out by sacrificing the one that you love, I will pour into you. I will pour into you My blessings and My gifts of the Spirit. These are things which you can't understand with your mind, and that you can't feel with your carnal body; they are things of the Spirit, things that will be of use to you not only in this life, but in the life to come.
       38. All who give are blessed! As you give love through the giving of your loved one, so you reap love and multitudes of blessings from My hands! You who forsake your loved ones in such a way receive an hundredfold, just as you did when you forsook lands and houses and brethren and sisters to follow Me! As you lay down your life or the life of your loved one to serve Me and help those in need, you do it unto Me, and great is your reward! Though weeping may endure for a moment, joy will come in the morning, and I will wipe away the tears from all eyes!
       39. Unto him that gives much, much shall be given. When you give--even when it's difficult and when you're jealous--I count that as double, yea, even more than double, many times over. Because the more difficult it is to give--the more jealous you are--if you still give, the more I put to your credit, and the more I give you in return. I know giving is a greater sacrifice for you than for someone who is not jealous, therefore I reward you more as you put forth the effort. I fill you with My blessings, and they are also laid up for you as a reward in the life to come.
       40. Don't be condemned. Don't be afraid of My face. Don't be afraid that I will withdraw My love and My blessings from you when you face these heavy battles of jealousy. On the contrary, as I see you fight through them, and as I see that you're willing to get the victory, though it is very difficult and though you struggle, as I see that you're willing and trying to be yielded, it causes My love and My blessings of peace, faith and hope to well up inside of you!
       41. Out of these ashes of what sometimes seems like defeat will spring forth beautiful lilies, beautiful flowers that will be a comfort to you and many others. These things have a significance which you are not aware of now, nor will you be fully aware of until you come to Heaven, where you will know and understand the things that you do not understand now. These are things of the Spirit that are spiritually discerned, and you cannot know them and I cannot reveal them to you at this point. But trust Me, and you will know and understand in My time, when you have come into the realm of the Spirit.
       42. You will understand the blessings that I have bestowed upon you, the victories that you have won, the rewards that I have given you for fighting through to victory. You will see how this has been part of My plan to accomplish My purpose in your life--not only in this life, but in the next life. For all that happens to you and all that I do now is not only for now but is preparation for the life to come.
       43. This life is but a drop in the bucket of eternity! It's a very short time span when compared with the next life. But though it's very short, it's very important--for everything you do on Earth, in this life, has great significance in the life to come. Everything that you learn now is multiplied many times over in the next life. Therefore I allow these things to happen to you now so that you will learn, so that you will grow, so that I can pour out My blessings upon you, so that I can give you the gifts of My Spirit that come as a result of your fighting, giving, loving and yielding.
       44. Give, My children. Give one to another! This is My commandment to you, that you love one another as I have loved you. In so doing, you will reap blessings both in the flesh and in the spirit, seen and unseen.
       45. Fight, My children, fight! For you will have need of strength in the days to come. As you fight these battles now, your muscles will be strengthened. You will draw closer to Me. You will become more desperate and you will gain the wherewithal for the greater battles that are ahead.
       46. Trust, My children! Trust in Me, that I do all things well. These things come of My hand, to try, to strengthen, to allow you to grow.
       47. Love, My children, love! Love Me above all, in your hearts and in your lives. Love the one who is dear to you by giving him or her to others. And love your brothers and sisters by giving them the love that they need. (End of message from Jesus.)

       Cast All Your Cares Upon Him
       48. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} So many of My children try to fight this monster of jealousy in the arm of the flesh, by themselves, but they soon tire from the battle; they weaken from the fight. Some don't try to fight at all when this monster of jealousy pounces upon them. They become discouraged, dejected and downcast, and stop struggling against the Enemy. As they give place to him, he comes in like a flood. Whereas if they were to raise a standard against him and resist him, he would flee. All the while I am there with open arms, saying, "Come to Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Cast all your cares upon Me, for I care for you."
       49. Just like with any other problem, I'm there for you. All you need to do is ask. All you need to do is lay your burdens on Me. It's not My desire that you carry these burdens with your own hands, that you bear them with your own strength. I didn't design it that way.
       50. Jealousy is not an easy thing to battle. It takes over your mind and it grips your spirit. You can't break free in the arm of the flesh. You can't break free by trusting in physical things. Look to Me and ask Me to help you. Not only that, but ask for My leading and My direction. Ask Me for My counsel. Hear from Me, and I'll tell you what to do.
       51. You feel like it's death to your spirit to have to go through these things. But I don't send these trials your way to hurt you or to weaken you. I send them to strengthen you, to help you to learn and to grow. I'm a loving Father, and I only bring experiences along your path that will help you. It may not seem like that now, but in the end you'll find out that that was the case. You'll learn beautiful lessons through this beauty for ashes.
       52. But it is a death. I've called you to die daily, and it's another form of death to self. But if you yield to this breaking, if you trust Me that I know what's best, and if you lean on Me for My strength, then I'll use this to make you a much better vessel for My service--a stronger soldier and a more compassionate helper to comfort others with the same comfort with which you have been comforted by Me.
       53. So call out to Me in your times of distress, in your times of trouble, and I will show you once again that I have the answers, and they are tailor-made just for you. I long to speak to you. I long to have a closer relationship with you. That's the answer to all your problems--to love Me more, to be closer to Me, to listen to Me more. I'll show you what to do. I'll help you step by step. When the burdens seem too great and the difficulties seem insurmountable, if you just can't make it, then I will carry you through. All you have to do is lean on My breast. I'll always be there for you.
       54. So don't despair, for even in the darkest hour, even when the victory seems so far off, it's right there for you. There's always a victory, and there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Together we'll do it. My Word won't return void, so claim it. My promises are there for you, but you must be the one to take the first step. You must reach out that hand of faith and receive the blessings that I have for you and the victories that are there.
       55. Trust and obey, for that's the only way that you'll be happy. That's the only way that you can get the victories that you need. I will never leave you nor forsake you! (End of message from Jesus.)

       A Journey Through the Book of Your Past!
       56. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following prophecy was given for someone who was battling fear of the future, fearing that her mate would fall in love with someone else.

       57. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }My precious one, let Me take you on a journey through your past. We turn the pages of the book of your past ever so slowly, and what do you see but love and mercy and constant care, the supply of every need, and the granting of your heart's desires?
       58. I've led you by the still waters and into green pastures. I've fed you My sweet honey love from My Own hand. I've comforted you in your hour of need, and I've delivered you in your hour of distress. I've loaded you daily with benefits. I've showered you with blessings. You are so rich in My blessings and in My love! I've healed you and protected you. All of this is My love for you. All of this is My care for you.
       59. I've been your Husband these many years. I've been your Provider and Protector, and you can see the evidence of My love. You can see that I have not suffered you to be tempted above that you are able, but I have caused all things to work together for good, even those things which seemed to be difficulties.
       60. Even the tests and the trials, the stripping of your strength and the squeezing of your heart, have worked together for good, for they've driven you closer to Me and have shown you your need for Me. They've caused you to feel My love and to sense My presence in a greater way. All of this has been My care and My love for you as a constant Guardian, a faithful Shepherd, and a loving Husband.
       61. I have never ceased to love you. I have never left your side. There has never been an experience or a heartbreak or a test or a trial that I have not seen and allowed for some reason. Even in all this, I have been gentle with My hand upon you, leading and guiding you and keeping you in the way which you should go, that you might fulfill My will, that you might be My creation, a vessel prepared for the Master's use.
       62. So can you not trust in My love? Can you not give yourself wholly unto Me--your heart, your thoughts, your future? Do not fear the attacks of the Enemy, for he has no power when you are yielded. His power is manifested in fear, and My power is manifested in your yieldedness.
       63. As you yield to Me and trust Me, you will feel the strength of My love. As you surrender your all to Me, you will feel the strength of faith. As you give yourself wholly to Me as My bride, trusting that I love you more than anyone, that I know you better than anyone, and that I can take care of you and supply your needs more completely than anyone, then you will have no fear of the future. You will have no fear of what you will lose, for you will have gained everything in giving your all to Me. You will gain peace of mind, freedom from fear, and faith for the future, knowing that I love you and that I will not hurt you.
       64. I will not take anything away from you without giving you something better. I will not lead you into the darkness, but into the light. I will not remove My blessing from you, for I pledge My loyalty to you as a faithful Husband, as you have pledged your loyalty to Me as a faithful bride. We're united and we are one. We're married to each other, and nothing will change this. You can rest assured and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our love, our bond, our unity, and the happiness we share is without end. Nothing will come between us. Nothing will cause you to lose My love. Nothing will cause Me to lessen My love towards you. This is the relationship that you must cling to above all others, for in this there is constancy, security and freedom.
       65. In having Me in first place--loving Me first, feeling the richness of My love, having Me be your utmost desire, and letting Me fill your life--all other loves will be subordinate. All other loves will be insignificant in comparison to My love, and you will even be willing to put Me first above all that you might gain greater intimacy with Me, sweeter communion, warmer fellowship, and more passionate lovemaking with Me, your Husband, your Bridegroom. I am the only One Who changes not. You can trust Me and count on Me through thick and thin, and know that I do all things well. And whether I give or whether I take away, I do it all in love.
       66. Even if I cause you to pass through the storms, I will be your Lifeguard. I will be your Keeper as long as you keep your eyes on Me. As you look to Me and let Me fill your heart with love and supply your needs abundantly, you will have more to give.
       67. The more you give, the more you will receive from Me. It will be like a boomerang. You'll give and you'll receive. You give to Me and receive from Me; you give to others and receive from others. This is the boomerang of My love--giving and receiving. Even when you feel that your giving will be to your own hurt, even when you feel that your giving has gone beyond giving to sacrificing and a virtual death to self--give, and this giving will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations. Though weeping may endure for a moment, there shall come a much greater reward, and you will know that such giving is worth it all.
       68. So be not fearful of giving or of the temporary heartbreak or of what seems to you to be a sacrifice. Even in this, trust Me, knowing that as you reach out with one hand to give, I will take your other hand and place within it much greater blessings. You'll give what looks like so much to you, but then when you see what you've received in return, you'll realize that it's been worth it all. When you see the fruit of such giving, when you see the love and happiness that it bears in the lives of others, you'll know that it was worth it all!
       69. Fear not, My little one, for fear is the power of the Enemy. It's not of Me--it's of the Evil One. When you feel this fear well up in your heart, know that it's of the Enemy. He seeks to destroy your connection with Me, your confidence in Me. He seeks to wipe out the reassurance that I would give you of My great love for you, for he knows that this confidence and this reassurance is what gives you power and strength. He knows if he can do anything to undermine or destroy that, he will have won a great victory.
       70. So resist the Enemy! Stand fast against his attacks, knowing that he seeks to drive a wedge between you and Me. He seeks to cause you to doubt My love, to doubt My constant care for you. He tries to get you to forget the pages of the book of your past and the history of your life and the many, many blessings, the showers of blessings, the constant care, and the love that I have bestowed upon you. He tries to get you to forget all of this and cause you to fear, to think that, "Oh, the Lord has loved me up until now, but maybe His love will run out! Maybe His safekeeping will come to an end!" But know that these are fears of the Enemy, and serious attacks to steal away your faith, your peace of mind, and your confidence.
       71. I love you with an endless love! Nothing can quench or stop My love for you. Nothing can distract Me from My care for you. So listen not to the lies of the Evil One who tries to tell you that these blessings and this constant care will come to an end, or that I would in some way hurt you, or that I would cause you to suffer beyond what you are able. Remind yourself continually that there is no end to My love or My mercy toward you, and you will find all that you need--even your heart's desire--in finding Me as your Husband, keeping Me in first place, and wanting and desiring this relationship above all others. (End of message from Jesus.)

       Walking Down the Path of Faith and Trust--One Step at a Time!
       72. {\b \i (Mama:) }This prophecy was given for a member of WS who has had continual extreme battles with jealousy over her mate. Her mate loves her very much, and although he has no other romantic involvement or relationships, he does share with and have regular fellowship with other women in the Home.

       73. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I love you, My sweet and bubbly bride! I love your enthusiasm and your drive. I'm well pleased with your love for Me and how much you desire to please Me and make Me happy. You put your whole heart and soul into what you do. You're My bubbly, lively, wholehearted bride! I'm drawing you close to My bosom, but not in a way which you would expect or even desire. It is through the path of pain--not of physical pain and suffering, but that pain and torment which is of the heart.
       74. Your heart is pained with fear--fear of losing that which you love so much, the one who you love, who is so dear and tender and close to your heart. You feel as if you couldn't live without him, and thus you fear to lose him.
       75. I've given you this special token, this special manifestation of My love through the love that you receive from your loved one, your lover. Yet you must love Me more than this. You must love Me with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. I know that you love Me greatly, for you've given all to follow Me, to serve Me. You've laid down your life in service to Me these many years. You've been a faithful bride and wife. You've borne children unto Me, and you've given My love in abundance.
       76. But I would that you show Me the depths of your love for Me through your utmost faith and trust in Me, to put that which you have, that which is dearest to you, into My hands and entrust it totally to My care. You must let it go. Unloose your grasp and release the one you love into My hands in total trust, knowing of My very great love for you and that I would only do what's best for you. This is a great request, one that is very difficult. With man or woman it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. I will give you the strength. You must only believe--believe in My great, great love for you.
       77. You wonder, "How can I do this? How can I have such great faith, such great trust when I am so weak and tempted?" It's a walk of faith, taken one step at a time, one little teeny step at a time. Just like a child learning to walk, you must slowly and carefully put one foot in front of the other, one at a time. Though you wobble and are unstable, and even though you fall over, don't worry. Just get back up on your feet, and again place one foot in front of the other, and take a little teeny step. Then take another step. Some steps will be very small, some steps a little bigger, and you will fall over. But don't worry and fret; don't be discouraged or weary, for it is your faith in My love that will please Me.
       78. Reach forth your hand and clasp it in Mine ever so tightly, and don't let go. I will help to steady you, and when you fall, I will pick you up. I'll never let go of you. I'll always be there.
       79. You ask, "How do I take these steps?" Each time there is a decision, this is where you take a step. With each thought or temptation to worry or fear, with each situation that arises in which you must entrust your loved one into the care or company of another, you must look to Me and say, "I put him in Your care. I put him in Your hands. I entrust him to You and know that You will keep that which I have committed unto You, because You love me and because You know best." With each thought, each fear, each situation or circumstance, you must make a decision in that moment to trust Me. You must put him in My hands and know that it is Me you are trusting. I have him in My hands, not another. No man or woman is able to pluck him out of My hand.
       80. This will be difficult and this will try you sorely, but it is the gift of love which I would request of you. It's a special gift of love that I desire from you, to know that you love Me above all else. That which you give and entrust to Me, I will return to you many, many fold. You will not lose that which you fear losing, but you will gain much. You will gain much in the way of happiness and reward and blessing, and you will gain in the way of a greater love from your loved one. This faith will set you free, and I will give you much in return for this special gift of love to Me--trusting Me utterly with that which is dearest to your heart.
       81. I need to know that you love Me above all, and that you're willing to give into My hand that which is dearest to your heart by trusting Me utterly. It's something you have to do every minute of every day, every time you are faced with that decision. You must remember My request for that special gift of love which I desire from you.
       82. Worry not that you are weak or that you don't have the strength, or that you will fail Me, for I judge not as man judges, or as you judge yourself. I judge the desire of your heart, and I will bless your tiniest steps. I will use your mustard seed of faith to move a great mountain.
       83. Be not condemned for the times you've fallen, for how sorely you've been tested, for the battles that have raged within your mind and heart. I use these things to strengthen you, because through your weakness you will find great faith and trust in your Lord if you will take this step and give this gift of love which I desire. But fear not, for I see your heart and I know that you love Me. I love you no matter what happens! You will always be Mine. You will always be My beautiful, bubbly little bride! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Leaving Your Desires in the Lord's Hands Brings Blessings!
       84. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following message was given for Peter when he was having trials about leaving to go on a trip which would mean we'd be apart for a couple of months.

       85. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I've given you your heart's desire, and I've blessed you above all that you imagined! You didn't think that things would be this way, and your prayer was meager by comparison to that which I have poured forth unto you. I've chosen to bless you and honor you, to graft you to the bosom of your queen, and I've made you two to be one. I have done far beyond that which you asked for or believed to be possible, for so great is My love for you.
       86. As I have given you all that you desire, so do I say unto you, give Me what I desire: your will, your love, your heart. If you will give Me these things, then I will pour forth a blessing upon you that there will not be room enough to contain! Your life is in My hands. Because you have been willing to follow Me closely, step by step, and because you've passed each test, so have I been able to take you to the next step. So trust Me in all things and fear not, for I do all things well.
       87. I will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able, and I will carry you in My arms when you are in need, for I am always there. But I seek your willingness and yieldedness. As Abraham blessed Isaac on the altar and said, "He is Yours," so you must place this one on the altar again and again. Remember that she belongs to Me, and the love that I have given you through her and for her is Mine, and it is contingent on your faithfulness, love, willingness, and yieldedness unto Me.
       88. Don't worry about these matters of the flesh, or what your loved one does, for truly the matters of the Spirit are so much more important. I will not make anything too hard for you, but I will give you the grace for anything that may be ahead. Only fear not, just trust. Trust Me.
       89. When you were [EDITED: "last"] away, did I not do all things well and bring forth a great outcome? Perhaps there was pain, but have you not had surcease from that pain? And does not the love that I have given far outweigh the pain that it cost? If you had a choice, would you do it differently? Or do you know that I have done all things well? Therefore just trust, trust, trust. Trust, My son, and fear not, for this time that you will be away is of Me.
       90. Don't be afraid while you're gone, for as you do My work there, My queen will do My work here. And My work will be accomplished in an even greater way, for more will be accomplished while you're apart. I'll bring you together again as one, and you'll bring forth much fruit in your union.
       91. So be not afraid to set your love aside to do My will. For he that does My will shall be richly blessed. You will accomplish My will and bring forth My victories, and you will know that you have performed the will of God. (End of message from Jesus.)


       My love is like a rose, so beautiful and tender; and jealousy is like the weeds that grow and choke its beauty. You must understand the importance of pulling them out, that My love may grow in full measure and to full beauty.


       Fight to Live the Law of Love and the "One Wife" Vision!
       92. {\b \i (Mama:)} In the next message, Dad talks to those who are having a hard time sharing their loved one with others who are in need. Perhaps you've found yourself in a difficult situation at some time, where your giving and sharing love hasn't worked very smoothly, or has caused you or others hurt. Don't let that discourage you from trying again. If you keep fighting, the Lord has promised that you will win!

       93. {\b \i (Dad speaking:)} If you feel jealous, I understand how you're feeling, for I know how difficult it is to share the one you love. I know how much it hurts and the fears you encounter, wondering if maybe he or she is going to fall in love with someone else. That's what jealousy is: It's the fear of losing the one you love.
       94. But I also know that you can't let jealousy stop you from giving love, from living the Law of Love, and from sharing and caring for those around you. As difficult as it is, you just have to fight on. I know how hard it is. I experienced it, as I've told you. Mama has also experienced it, and so has Peter. But these battles didn't stop us from giving love and sharing and caring for those around us.
       95. You've just got to keep fighting the Enemy and resisting the jealousy! Keep rebuking it and give no place to it, and give and love in spite of it! Jealousy is the enemy of the Law of Love! Jealousy, selfishness, and closed, secluded, exclusive personal relationships are the enemies of the Law of Love.
       96. So, my dear ones, keep fighting it, as I did. Even though you get blue, as I often did, keep fighting and keep giving, because it will get easier. Or even if it doesn't get easier, at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're pleasing the Lord and you're giving love, you're living the Law of Love and the "One Wife" vision, and you're caring for others. Even if it's difficult for you, the Lord will bless you and reward you.
       97. So keep giving and sacrificing even if it hurts a little. Just because something hurts doesn't mean it's not good. Just because something costs you, even if it costs you a lot, it doesn't mean it's not good. Even if your heart aches until it feels like it's going to break, keep giving and keep loving!
       98. Rebuke and fight and resist the temptation to be jealous and selfish and private and closed. I know if you cry out to Jesus and ask Him to give you the grace and the strength to give and to share even that which is most precious to you, the Lord will help you and strengthen you. He will make a way, just as He did for me, just as He did for Mama and for Peter, and for many others of my precious children who have given and sacrificed their loved ones.
       99. Keep giving and loving, and the Lord will give His love to you. You won't be disappointed, because as I've told you many times, you never lose by giving. (End of message from Dad.)

       Fighting and Resisting the Enemy's Attacks Brings the Victory!
       100. {\b \i (Mama:)} The following prophecy was given for one of our young leaders who was fearing the times in the future when his wife might be sharing sexually with others much more than she is right now. I asked the Lord what the solution was for this dear one's battles, and the Lord gave us some good counsel about his situation, as well as some personal encouragement for him.

       101. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} You can't be a truly great leader until you've had some real breakings and gone through some real soul-searching or heart-searching and have reaped the blessings of brokenness. For that deep brokenness of your heart is what draws out the sweet honey of My Spirit. That brokenness makes you cry out to Me for the help that you need.
       102. I understand what My dear son is going through. I understand the battle that he's fighting. I understand the intensity of the attacks and how strong and severe they are. I understand how relentless they are and how they continue to come one after another. I know that he's fighting, and he has fought a good fight. He's been valiant in war. I've heard his prayers and how he has desperately cried out to Me many times for My help and for deliverance from these attacks of the Enemy. He truly is a valiant soldier of war, and now he truly is a very broken soldier of war. I understand and I know that he longs and yearns for the touch of victory, for a complete deliverance from this onslaught of the Enemy.
       103. These attacks of jealousy, possessiveness and selfishness can be so hard on your spirit and even on your flesh. The attacks are so intense and can be so overwhelming and continuous that they even affect you physically. I understand so well the irritation, nervousness, worry and anxiety, the sleeplessness and the physical reaction to these attacks of the Enemy.
       104. Oh, My dear son, I understand and I see that you're crying out to Me. You've reached out your hand for My help. You've even sent your plea to the queen and have opened your heart and shared your battles, because you're desperate to be in My will. You're desperate to be able to carry out the responsibilities that I've entrusted to you, the responsibilities of your ministry, of your family--not only your personal family, but My precious Family.
       105. You ask how this one can be delivered from this torture and agony in spirit as a result of these intense battles with jealousy. You ask what is the answer, and how can he get the victory? How can he be relieved from worrying about the future and the possibility of having to share his beloved wife? You know there must be an answer, because I have promised that for every situation and every problem there is a solution and an answer.
       106. I do have the answer for this one, My dear son, and for any of My children who are now undergoing the Enemy's attacks of jealousy or selfishness, or who will yet do so. For this is one of the Enemy's main weapons of war in the days to come. He sees how the children of David are rallying around My voice, and he sees that the queen and the king are prepared to go on with the new day and forge ahead into the future. So the Enemy sharpens his weapon of war and he tries to attack more fervently with the spirit of jealousy. Those who have undergone attacks of jealousy and are used to fighting this battle, I will be able to use even more valiantly to help others through to victory, and to lead others against this attack of the Enemy.
       107. Even though this one undergoes the attacks and he fights the battle, he will be delivered and he will be given great victory when he sees the needs of others, those around him who are fainting and falling under the same attacks in the days to come. Even though he was wounded and scarred in battle, he will be so thankful that he didn't give up, but that he continued to fight for the victory, for he will be able to help others along the way. He will know that his fight of faith has been worth it all, and he will be thankful and glad that he endured.
       108. You ask what can be done for this dear one today, to help deliver him from this spiritual torment? What can he do? He must keep fighting and he must keep resisting the Enemy's attacks, for the victory will come. It's just around the corner. The Enemy attacks even harder now, for he knows that if this, My son, continues to fight, and says, like My servant Job, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him," in the days to come he will receive deliverance and peace of mind.
       109. The Enemy is attacking even stronger today and in full force, in order to discourage and defeat this one from hanging on to the final victory. The Enemy is trying to project into the future and give him fears and worries. He's trying to instill fear into his mind and remind him of his past jealousy battles, because the Enemy knows that if he can do that, he can possibly totally defeat this one and bring him down off of the wall.
       110. The Enemy knows that if this one continues to hang on by faith and fight and yield and endure the battle--no matter how hot and heavy and hard--that there will be a beautiful victory. I can do miracles and do the totally unexpected. I can deliver him from the agony and torment and give him peace of mind.
       111. My son must just hang on and trust Me by faith, and pull out all the weapons of warfare--his spiritual weapons--the Word, praise, prayer, singing! He needs to continue to go on the attack. He needs to bring his battles, his heartcries and problems before Me in prayer and listen to My voice in prophecy, so that I may personally encourage and strengthen him, and give him comfort and encouragement to keep fighting.
       112. With each battle and with each wound of the Enemy, he needs to run to Me and take time with Me and listen to My voice--My Words and My whispers speaking to his heart--reassuring him, helping him and encouraging him, so that he may get up once again and continue to fight the Enemy.
       113. It may not be an easy fight and it may not be easily won. He may not experience instant victory and wake up tomorrow morning with all his battles gone, but it will be much worse if he stops fighting and if he yields to the attacks of the Enemy. The battle will then be much more intense. The torment, the agony of spirit and mind will be much worse if he lays down his weapons of war, lets down his guard and yields to the spirit of jealousy or selfishness.
       114. But as long as he keeps resisting and fighting and doing his best to yield to Me, and he is willing to share that which he loves the most and lay down his life out of love for his brethren and his Family and for Me, then each of these acts of sacrifice and giving and sharing will strengthen him in spirit, and will give him the spiritual stamina to continue fighting.
       115. I'm sorry that it's such a battle and such a struggle for My children. I understand, for I too was touched with the feeling of your every infirmity. I am truly touched with the heat of your battle and the feeling of your utter desperation and weakness. But from this desperation and weakness, beautiful, beautiful fruit will be borne, and it will all be worthwhile. Your struggle and your fight in battle have not been in vain, but they will bring forth the precious fruit of My Spirit, and you'll be very proud of your battle wounds and scars. You will be a proud veteran soldier who can lead and guide and instruct others.
       116. So tell him not to worry and faint in his mind, for the victory is on the way if he does not give up, but continues to fight. His fight is not in vain, for I have promised that it will bring forth great fruit, and out of what seems like ashes of defeat will spring forth fresh new flowers!
       117. He's very precious to Me--My precious, darling bride who I love deeply and intimately. I'm so proud of him for his dedication and his loyalty. I'm so proud that he continues to fight. So lift up his arms with your prayers and strengthen him in his battle, that he may feel you close by his side and know that you are fighting alongside of him, that the victory may be won! (End of message from Jesus.)

       The Rewards of Placing Your Love Offering on the Altar of Sacrifice
       118. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following prophecies were given for a young couple who were battling extreme jealousy as they began to share with others outside of their marriage.

       119. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }My son, I know how you love this one. I know your feelings towards her, your heart of love for her, the deep love you have for her. I understand, for this is the very feeling of love I have for each of My children, each of My little lambs for whom I bled and died and gave My life.
       120. But you must give My little lamb back to Me from time to time as a love offering. She is My reward to you, My gift to you; I have chosen her for you, to meet your needs. But you must also tithe her to Me as a love offering on the altar of sacrifice.
       121. The tithe, My son, the love offering that I required even of My shepherds of old, was only a test--a test of trust, a test of willingness, a test of love. Although to the shepherds it looked like such a great sacrifice--to give the best lamb of their flock on the altar--they were not really losing anything. For those who give the best to Me are rewarded one hundredfold! Those who willingly and cheerfully gave Me back the best that I had given them were richly blessed many times over what they had sacrificed. It only looks like a sacrifice. It is just a test--a test of love.
       122. So if you sacrifice your little lamb and give her back to Me from time to time, you'll not be losing or forfeiting anything. If you give her back as a love offering, you're actually giving Me a part of your heart, the part that I want, that part which is most dear to you. You're giving Me your love, and it is your love that I want, the best part of you. If you give Me that which is dearest, that which costs the most, I will bless you greatly and reward you with greater love and greater blessings. I will reward you with greater fruitfulness, greater fulfillment, greater anointing, and you will be a greater sample, more greatly used by Me.
       123. I will give you an even greater love for this little lamb of yours than you ever imagined existed! For though you think you love her now, it is nothing compared to the greater love I will give you as you share your love, your little lamb, this love offering.
       124. So My dear son, be not afraid, and tremble not. I would not hurt you. I only want to give you more. I cannot give you more until you give back to Me that which is My due, until you give Me your love offering. In return I will shower you with love. I will open the door of love to you. I will unlock many doors before you, the door to many hearts, with a key of love that I will give you in exchange for the love offering of your little lamb. (End of message from Jesus.)
* * *

       125. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }As you pour out a stream of My love to others who are thirsty and in need, I will pour into you from My waterfall of love, so much so that you will be overtaken with My love, drowned in My love, and find great ecstasy in My love! It will be manifested in greater love for Me, for each other, and for others. For in giving you will be set free from the fear which has you bound, the fear of losing that which you love.
       126. I will break the chains of fear and loose the shackles of selfishness! You will find great freedom in spirit, and your reward will be great love. For it is in giving that you receive. But he that withholds and guards and protects and shelters and hides that which he loves will only tend to poverty, to lack, and to sadness.
       127. So give freely, My dear ones, of the love that I have put in your heart. Give freely of each other to those who are in need, and I promise you that you will not be found wanting. You will not suffer permanently for this giving, but your temporary pain and tears will be washed away, and you will break forth with singing and rejoicing.
       128. I will bring a great victory of giving into your lives, and that which was once so painful and dreadful will become a source of joy and encouragement! That which was once your weak area will become your strength, if you will exercise your power of giving by faith. You will not lose, but you will gain. You will not lose the love of the other; you will gain not only their love but their respect and admiration and confidence.
       129. My dear son, give of your little lamb, for in giving and encouraging her to love, you will be helping her to do My will. You will be helping her to become the shepherdess of love that I want her to be. Though it will be painful for her at first, she will be grateful, because she will know that you're helping her to perform My will. She doesn't want to fail, but she needs your help, encouragement and support. As David constantly encouraged Maria to do My will, even to his own hurt and pain, so must you be with this one.
       130. Encourage her to walk down the path of yieldedness, unselfishness, generosity and love. She resists walking down this path because she doesn't want to hurt you, for her love for you is great and it burdens her heart when she sees you hurt and weep and break. So she is torn between the two--whether to walk down the path of generous love or to protect your feelings and your emotions and your needs. But if you love her, as I know you do, then you must help her to obey and give, even if you must harden yourself to the pain temporarily.
       131. Encourage her to give to those who are in need of her love and tenderness and understanding--not only so that she and you will be the sample that you need to be, but also so that she will be faithful in all ways before Me, that she will be able to become the shepherdess of love that I need her to be.
       132. Yes, this is a test. Yes, this is your Jordan, and I know that your heart breaks and aches, and you feel that this is more than you are able to bear. But, My dear son, I will never ask more of you than you are able to give. I will never require more of you than you are able to give. Whenever you feel it is too much, and that the weight of the sacrifice is crushing you, at that moment I will reach down and lift you up and draw you to Me and give you strength and faith that you know not of.
       133. Give freely of that which I have entrusted into your care, and know that in your giving and in your sacrifice, she will learn to love you even more greatly. She will see a side of you that she has not yet seen, and she will admire with great admiration your desire to please Me, to do My will no matter what the cost.
       134. Fear not, for her heart is fixed, and I have brought you together for My glory and to perform My will. Fail Me not through fear or pride or selfishness, but give freely. Test Me and prove Me to see if I will not open up the very windows of Heaven for you and your little lamb. You will have showers of blessings that you will not be able to even contain! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Delights of Giving!
       135. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following prophecy was received for a shepherdess who, though very assured of her loved one's great love for her, has battled extreme jealousy for years due to another sister who has been in love with her loved one for many years, and their regular times of sharing together.

       136. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord! For you have been faithful in that which is most, therefore will I give unto you more. For with what measure you mete, it shall be measured unto you. I will pour and pour and pour more unto you as you give.
       137. Your giving has been a delight to your soul. For the very thing that you have feared giving and that has frightened you to the very core of your being is the very thing that is setting you free. It's not only setting you free, but it's rousing in you love and experiences and new horizons that you never knew existed, because you have shared and given the most priceless treasure of your heart, and of your soul, and of your very essence.
       138. For as you have cast your bread upon the waters, you have found that it does return unto you, and as you have wept in the night, you have found that joy does come in the morning. You have found that as you sow bountifully, you reap bountifully. You have discovered that she that withholds tends to poverty, but she that scatters abroad increases. As you draw out not only your own soul, but the soul of your lovemate, to fill the hungry and to satisfy the afflicted soul, you are finding that your own light rises in obscurity and your joy is as the noonday.
       139. What a marvel it is for you! And not only a marvel and a wonder to you, but a marvel and a wonder to your love who looks at you and marvels and wonders, for he knows what you have gone through and the sorrows you have been tormented by. He can only thank Me for the glorious miracles in your life, just as you have only Me to thank. You know that it's not in yourself that any victory would come, but that it could only be Me. You've come to the end of yourself time and time again, and therefore you know that it's Me.
       140. I'm proud of you for your giving, and by it I am able to awaken love and care and kindness and gentleness and understanding and sympathy for others that you could have never had without these breakings in your own life that you feel have practically killed you. But I've now awakened in you love--greater love--because you laid down your lover for your friends. Yea, a greater love that you never knew existed, because you have fought, you have held on, and you have given when the hurt was overwhelming and the countless tears ran. Yet you still hung on.
       141. Don't forget this lesson. Behold it, treasure it, remember it, teach it to others. For I have never left you nor forsaken you. Do you not see it? Do you see it now? And lo, I am with you always. Please continue to love, for this is the gift which I have given you--this simple gift--yet not just a gift of love, but a gift of giving the one whom you love, so that others may see and may glorify Me, and may also give.
       142. Fear not, for I will reward you for your giving. As you give, it shall be given unto you. And as you have cast your love upon the waters, he will always return unto you. Just as when he casts you upon the waters you return unto him, for you twain have become one flesh. Therefore, fear not. What a deliverance it is for you to know in the depths of your heart that you don't need to fear, for I have not given you the spirit of fear.
       143. So fear not, but love and give, because as you now see and experience, it is in your giving that you receive, and it is in your dying that you are born again. I will be with you and comfort and help you in each giving, in each loving, and in each sharing. I will multiply your love and will keep you close to the one you love. I will keep the waters of your love pure and clean and vibrant and overflowing with clean, pure, fresh mountain waters. The waters will not stagnate or become dirty or still, but the waters will stay pure and clean and cool and life-giving, because you give and you share the most treasured blessing of your soul. (End of message from Jesus.)


       Everyone who is in love is susceptible to twinges of jealousy, and this is only natural. They are giving pains, and nothing to be ashamed of or condemned about. They are a blessing of growing, of learning, of sacrificing--a good hurt if taken with a broken heart in desperation.


       The Seed of Trust!
       144. {\b \i (Mama:) }The following prophecy was given for a woman who'd had ongoing jealousy battles for quite some time, but who had gotten great victories. The man she loves then had a date with someone that he'd had a long-term love relationship with several years earlier. This was a situation that could have caused some serious jealousy battles for this woman, but she did very well. When asking the Lord about it, He gave her the following commendation and counsel:

       145. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Jealousy is the rage of man, and if you don't want the rage, don't get jealous. Oh, how easy it is to say this! How easy it is for you who are not jealous to say to the one you love, "Don't get jealous! Don't feel threatened! Don't be suspicious! Don't doubt my love! Don't worry, I still love you most of all." But for the one you love, how hard it is to believe these things when they are jealous and suspicious and doubting.
       146. How easy it is for the jealous person to say, "You did this to me! You hurt me! You did that to me! You don't love me anymore! You're always with someone else, you're never with me!" How hard it is on the person who isn't jealous to have this happen when he truly loves his mate and he loves her more than anyone.
       147. Oh, the complications of jealousy! Oh, the fiery coals of the rage of man! So guard yourself from these. Lift up the standard! Put on the whole armor! You've fought well in this situation. You did well in immediately putting your shield up and staying calm and not allowing the fiery darts to penetrate. You did well in fighting this battle. And so it quickly passed, because you sought Me and you asked for help. Because you kept your defenses up and your shields of faith up, and because you fought against any fiery darts, I was able to help you.
       148. You didn't allow yourself to fall into the pits of hell of jealousy, where though My arms are long and I reach down to grab you, you cannot lift up your eyes and lift up your hands to receive My help. This is what you must guard against, and this is what you know you must guard against, and this is what you did guard yourself against. Therefore we walked together on this one, you with Me, and Me with you. We skipped over the coals and I led you to a wealthy place, a place of peace and contentment, rather than the coals of fire and the depths of hell that the Enemy would have you experience through this jealousy.
       149. I saved you, I love you, and I want you to be happy and free from the agonies and hells of these raging jealousy battles! With each battle I will make a way of escape, so you don't have to suffer these torments. But you must hold on to My hand like you did this time, and you must not cast off the garment of trust. Because once that garment is gone, you have nothing left but the dead, dry bones of distrust and resentfulness. There is no fruit in that.
       150. You must stay clothed with My garment of trust for this one whom you love. You must seek My face and ask Me for victory over this distrust of his love, and these ashes of resentfulness that you have. For how can two walk together unless they be agreed? And how can two not only walk together, but love together and work together and be together unless they have a very large measure of trust between themselves?--Not only love and a good working relationship, but a large measure of trust and faith in one another's love.
       151. It's so easy for the Devil to use jealousy to divide and conquer. Jealousy is almost the Devil incarnate! Jealousy sows the most evil seeds of hatred and resentfulness and distrust, dissension, disunity, fear, suspicion, and unhappiness. Therefore lay hold on Me and on My Word. Lay hold on the ax of My Word, for whenever these seeds get planted, you must use My ax to chop them up!
       152. But the best thing is that you don't let these seeds into your hand, into your head, or into your heart. There are many seeds which the Devil sows through jealousy. You must be careful, you must see and realize and be careful about taking this seed of distrust into your hand. Shun it! Refuse it! Rebuke the Devourer when he tempts you with it!
       153. My love is very strong for you, and your love is very strong for Me. Your loved one's love is very strong for you, and your love is very strong for your loved one. You must have a large measure of trust and faith in each other; do not doubt, do not distrust, do not fear. This is what you need to work on.
       154. I will now show you a new and better way: I give you the seed of trust for your loved one. I put it in your hand and I tell you, "Plant the seed of trust in the garden of your heart. Water and tend it carefully, and it will grow." It will grow and take over any places of mistrust in your heart. Just as faith and fear cannot occupy the same place at the same time, so My seed of trust will take over all places where you are suspicious and doubtful and distrustful of your loved one.
       155. You will experience a new happiness in having trust and faith in your loved one, and he will be so grateful and so happy to know that you trust him. For it has been a bitter seed, a bitter test, a sore trial that you have not trusted him, because he knows it, and he feels very sorry and very bad about it. Take the seed into your hand, and plant it in the garden of your heart, and see if I will not pour out such a blessing that there will not be room enough to hold it!
       156. You must have faith and trust in Me, and not be suspicious, doubtful, worried, or resentful of My love for you. The seed of trust that you are planting in your heart for your lover is the same seed of trust that you plant in your heart for Me. So trust in Me with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your paths.
       157. You've asked Me for bread and for fish, and I've not given you a stone or a serpent, but I've given you the seed of trust. Now plant it gently and carefully and cultivate it wisely, and you will experience blessings that you knew not of. For you will trust Me and you will trust your loved one, and through this trust and this faith in Me and in him, you will grow in areas where you have been stunted.
       158. Every time you feel jealous, or every time you feel tempted to fear or to doubt, just talk to Me about it, and I will answer. I will speak to you. I'm more willing to give than you are to receive, and you need faith and trust that what you get is of Me. So keep asking and I'll keep giving. Remember, I will make a way of escape. I will make a way in the wilderness, just like I did for Hagar. She was not even of the chosen people, yet I loved her and I cared for her. How much more will I help you, O ye of little faith? Faith and trust is the seed, the key, the answer. I am your Answer Man and I love you! (End of message from Jesus.)

       159. {\b \i (Mama:)} In the above prophecy, the Lord says, "You must have faith and trust in Me, and not be suspicious, doubtful, worried, or resentful of My love for you." I wondered what the phrase "resentful of My love for you" meant in this case, so I asked the Lord to further explain it, and here is His answer:

       160. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The phrase "resentful of My love for you" in this case means that this person tended to feel resentful toward Me because of the love that I was asking her and her loved one to give to others. The reason I worded it in this way is because all that I give you from My hand is part of My love for you. So even if you don't see it as a good thing, still, in resenting what I'm bringing into your life, and specifically into your love life, you are resenting My love for you.
       161. I bring these things into your lives not only for the other party who is benefiting, or for the one who is giving out the love directly, but also for the partner who is having to give from afar, not directly being the channel or the receptacle. So in this way, you can be resentful of My love for you. You don't like the way I've chosen to express this part of My love for you. (End of message from Jesus.)

       162. {\b \i (Mama:)} I also asked the Lord what the "seed of trust" referred to in the prophecy meant, and if this "seed of trust" is available to all or if it was something given specifically for this particular individual. His answer indicates that it is available to all, and He encourages us to cultivate it in our own lives--both with Him and our loved ones.

       163. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} The seed of trust in this case specifically relates to having faith in your partner's love, and in the love that I have placed there. To have a fruitful and workable relationship and partnership, you must have faith in your mate's love for you. It's very important to build upon a foundation of trust and faith--first and foremost, trust in Me, and also with your loved ones. If you feel that you are lacking that trust in your relationship with your loved one, then try planting the seed of trust. Nurture it, water it, tend it together, and see if the flowers of faith and trust won't blossom and bloom beautifully, scenting the garden of your life with a Heavenly aroma! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Tithe of Love!
       164.{\b \i (Mama:)} The following prophecy was given for Peter during a time of intense jealousy battles, after having returned from Summit '95.

       165. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }"I will not give unto the Lord of that which has cost me nothing." I say unto you, give and give, yea, give again. But when you give, does not something pass from your hand into the hand of another, and that which you had in your hand is no more there? When you give something of value into the hand of your friend, you see him walk away with it, and you look at your hands and see they're empty. Do you not realize that that which is of great value has been given, and that you are no longer in possession of it?
       166. So it is in the giving of love. For when you give your loved one into the arms of another, you have given. There is a realization that something has been given away, that something has left your hand. But this is that portion which you give to the Lord your God. I say unto you that this is your tithe to Me, your tithe of time, your tithe of love.
       167. Yes, it costs you, for it is giving, and you are no longer in possession of that which you've given away. But have I not also said that you should bring all the tithes into the storehouse, and that if you do this thing, I will pour forth such a blessing that you will not be able to contain it? As you give, so do I give to you. As you give cheerfully, so do I give greatly unto you. But whether you give cheerfully or not, that which you give is still gone from you, and the realization is the same. But I judge the hearts and I know of the willingness and the cheerfulness, and I bless accordingly.
       168. So think it not strange to feel the touch of sadness or the feeling of loss. It is real and it is just as tangible as when you give your tithe. You see it go, and you feel as if you don't have as much as you had before. But what you don't see is that I pour forth a great blessing upon you for the giving of this tithe. I pour a great blessing upon you for the giving of your loved one unto another. For this gives you the knowledge that you've given unto the Lord and that it has cost you something. And it reminds your loved one that there was a cost, that it may bring forth understanding and compassion in her heart. She too will see that it has cost you; for giving always costs or it wouldn't be giving.
       169. Both give. The conduit of My love gives by giving My love, and he that shares his loved one gives by allowing the loved one to be that conduit. It costs both. But together they give unto Me and together they receive the blessing of God for their giving.
       170. So be not dismayed or discouraged, for you have given. And unto you who feel that that which you've given seems to be lost, it will return to you an hundredfold, for you have given unto God. I am faithful to return to you many fold that which you've given to Me.
       171. There is great blessing in giving--giving to your brethren, to your loved one, to your children, to the lost--for I bless all giving! When you give love, you give unto Me, and I receive that gift and I multiply it unto you.
       172. Do you seek the blessing of God? Then tithe of your love. Give and it shall be given unto you in great abundance. Tithe and I will open the storehouse of Heaven and pour forth unto you in abundance! Love and you will be loved of Me. For he that withholds tends to poverty, but he that gives receives gain. And unto him who gives will the waters of My blessings pour forth as the reward for love.
       173. Do you seek a reward?--Give and share. Do you seek gain and blessing?--Give and share. Do you seek an abundance of love?--Give and share. Give of yourself, give of your loved one, give of your life, give of your love. For if you give of these things--of yourself, or of your love, or of your loved one, or of your life--you are tithing unto Me, and you will be blessed in great abundance! (End of message from Jesus.)

       Be Like Jesus!
       174. {\b \i (Mama:)} While wrapping up this GN, I asked the Lord if there was anything more that He wanted to add, and He sent Dad to give the following message:

       175. {\b \i (Dad speaking:) }Folks, I know that all this is a lot to chew on, and it's a pretty tall order to give and love so selflessly and sacrificially--but that's what Jesus did for us! He gave His life. He gave His love. He gave His heart and spirit and soul and body. He gave up His Home in Heaven to live among us sinners. Can't we give a little back to Him? Can't we share a little of His love with others? You have no idea how much He would like to love some of these folks--the brothers and sisters who live in your Home, who you work with day in and day out--but you're the only tools and channels He's got to work with. Won't you give Him some cooperation?
       176. He gave you salvation as a free gift. He gave you eternal life willingly. He's preparing a place for you in Heaven, and an eternal career of bliss and fulfillment right now. Why don't you give Him some quality materials to work with? Give Him some of those gifts that He treasures most--the gifts of the heart. There's nothing that makes the Lord's heart rejoice like seeing His children follow His sample of giving. Don't you know that's why He came down and set the example for us Himself, in person? He wanted to teach us to give, to lay down our lives for our brethren, for those around us, even for strangers who we don't know.
       177. Do you think I'm being extreme here? Going a little too far? Well, you look it up in your Bible--that's exactly what Jesus did. He came and ministered to the sinners and the strangers. He gave them salvation and love. Of course He expects you to follow His sample! He expects you to give His message of salvation to the lost and dying world, and He equally expects you to give your life and body and love to those who you live with, to those who are in need. That's His Law of Love. That's His greatest commandment--the commandment of love.
       178. So can you live it? Can you give it? Can you share it? If you can--if you will--then you'll be eligible for His divine grace and blessings. These are special ones--not the ones that He showers on everyone! These go to the deserving, to the fighters, to the givers, to the lovers.
       179. Are you one? I hope so! I'm praying that you will see the need and respond. Be like Jesus! Give your love, your life, your time--all you have. He owns you, doesn't He? Then act like it! He's asking something of you, so are you going to give it? He's asking for your love. He's asking for you to love others for Him. Be His channel. Be His mouthpiece. Be His hands. Be His tender touch. Be Jesus for those around you by saying yes to Him. Thank God for salvation, amen? And when you do, remember what He's asking of you. You can do it--with His help! Amen? (End of message from Dad.)


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