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The Children of God/Family International

Current Members - Exposing the Leaders

It has been a standard policy of The Family International to expose the identities of its rank and file members, by making their legal identities public and allowing their photos to be published.

In stark contrast, The Family Intermational has until cornered, always had a policy of protecting the identities of its top leaders, by keeping their legal names and whereabouts a secret even from their own followers, and by painting over the faces of top leaders in published photos.

It is the policy of exFamily.org to reverse this unfair practise--we wish to expose leaders of The Family International to public scrutiny and accounting - according to FOIA laws and guidelines, the public has a need and right to know - and to protect the privacy of individuals who are/were followers.*

* exFamily.org makes a distinction between "leaders" who collect(ed) tithes, issue(d) directives and ensure(d) that their directives are/were carried out; and "followers," who were victimized by those leaders and their directives.

Coming soon:
  • David Berg - founder
  • Karen Zerby - current leader and "prophetess"
  • Steven Kelly - current co-leader
  • Grant Montgomery - heads the FCF
  • Sam Perfilio - current official 3rd in command
Ex-members Alphabetical Listing
Personal web pages as described above will be sorted alphabetically and accessible in directory format: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ex-members - personal hosting
This section will be used as a hosting space for personal pages for ex-members or people connected to The Family/FOL/COG. exFamily.org in acting as a publishing agent, will allow ex-members of the Family/FOL/COG who sign on, the opportunity to create web pages where they may place information about themselves and tell their own stories online. Those who sign up will have access to an easy-to-use online web interface (ordinary web page with web form) for creating personal pages. Pictures can be uploaded, and simple standard formatting will be allowed. Users of this service will be able to log on and update or remove information iof they so choose. To publish personal webpages on our site, an email address will be required and must be valid for the duration of their pages being online on our site... standby!

Red flag profiles - questionable ethics/practices?


Coming soon... A collection of pictures sortable by name or title and date will be hosted here. Visitors will be able to sort through pictures using a text or thumbnail index.

CQs - (Seek You's)

Looking for lost friends and/or loved ones? This section is for you.

The nature of people joining The Family is they do tend to "disappear" into a new identity. New recruits are given biblical names, disconnect themselves from their family, relatives and friends, and end up relocating in different countries and staying on the move for many years, often remaking their identities several times... Many ex-members will testify how they left the group after many years, disoriented and estranged from their loved ones...

Coming soon, visitors will be able to sort alphabetically through posts, post their own RFI (requests for info) regarding lost friends and loved ones. This information can be edited and/or removed at will by the posters.

In the mean time, we have a bare bones CQ bulletin board!

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