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To use the CQ board, we ask you to read through the rules before posting:

Protecting Privacy: In order to protect the identities of those who may not necessarily want to be "found," only Bible names will be allowed in the CQs. An exception can be made where there are extenuating circumstances, but written permission must be obtained from the coordinator.

Seekers should preferably use their old Bible names as handles. For those who were never in the group, you may choose to use any name you want.

If you do have extenuating circumstances for using legal names and have received written permission from the coordinator for doing so, use them with care, and in compliance with our guidelines. You will have to agree (and mention in your post) that by posting someone's name(s) - legal or alias, you do not necessarily confirm his/her membership in the COG/Family (see pseudonyms list).

By posting on this board, you agree to act in good faith, for the sole purpose of searching for someone you know personally. This board is not for exposing the fact that someone is a member of the group--if you wish to embark on exposés, please use the other boards, and see our policy on naming names.

Email Addresses: has implemented highly successful safeguards against email harvesting by spammers. However, you take full responsibility for whatever contacts may arise, desired or undesired through your providing of an email address. If you wish to guard your privacy, we recommend that you use public emails (e.g. yahoo, hotmail, etc.) for your contact information when posting.

Simple posting protocols: Each post you make is for seeking one person at a time only. If you wish to seek several persons, you will have to make several posts. Any posts seeking more than one person at a time will be deleted. For each person you seek, start a new thread ("Start a New CQ" on the left menu) — do not post your own CQ under someone else's thread, thereby branching off of their CQ request and turning it into yours.

Neutral content, please! CQ is neither a board for debate, nor the promotion or detraction of The Family International/Children of God. Any posts containing pro-Family or anti-Family content, or responses such as "still happily serving Jesus, unlike you!" or "What are you still doing in that goddam cult?" may be deleted/refused.

No linking to external web sites.This is not a link exchange or a site-promotion space or a free advertising space. Only links to pictures for the purpose of identifying yourself are acceptable. All other posts containing links to any external sites will likely be deleted.

Show courtesy and respect. No unwelcome familiarity or badgering. No personal attacks. No personal harassment or stalking.

Multiple Pen Names (handles). The use of multiple pen names is not allowed within the same thread. It is permitted as long as there is no malicious intent for doing so.

No incitement to crime: suggesting that leaders of The Family International should be tried for their crimes is acreceptable; suggesting that we deal with them by taking the law into our own hands is not. Any posts with content which can be construed as incitement to commit crime will be deleted.

Unintelligible posts or posts which make no sense to the purpose of the board or site will be deleted. Disclaimer:This board is open to the public and acts as an instant world-wide publishing medium. All posters on this board assume full legal responsibility for what they post. The appearance of a person's name(s) on this board does not imply or confirm their current/former membership &/or involvement with the Children of God a.k.a. The Family International and other pseudonyms). Interpretation of the above is the responsibility of the coordinator(s). This version of the rules and guidelines may be updated without notice and supersedes all previous versions. The main policies page of this site overrides and supersedes all rules and guidelines on this page. Complaints, suggestions or questions can be sent to the coordinator: Posts disregarding our rules may be deleted without notice.

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