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Re: Krakatoa - GOT IT!!!

Posted by Acheick on September 23, 2003 at 00:57:12

In Reply to: Krakatoa posted by jo on September 22, 2003 at 23:12:24:

here you go folks, have fun tearing it apart:


Priorities – Have you got yours straight?
11/82 DFO 1316

52. In the explosion of Krakatoa back in 1883 on the Island of Java, for three days the city of Batavia became so dark they had to carry around lanterns in the daytime! I don’t know whether it’s got that same name now or not, but it was the Dutch capital of Java in those days in what later became Indonesia. The main island is Java which has the largest population, & its capital was Batavia. Three days it was dark and they couldn’t even see the sun or moon at all!
53. And as far away as London and Paris, the sun looked orange and the moon looked blue! There were so many ashes in the upper atmosphere and stratosphere from that tremendous explosion which was actually heard 2,000 miles away! And the tremendous tidal wave from it swept the shores of four continents! Think of that!
54. And the surrounding jungle in both southern Sumatra & Western Java—which were on both sides of the Sunda Straits where the volcanic island of Krakatoa was located—were buried under 100 to 200 feet of volcanic ash & cinders and fire & brimstone that had shot up & then rained down from Heaven from Krakatoa’s explosion!
55. The jungles in some places were totally buried clear up beyond the treetops! I’ve forgotten how many tens of thousands of people were killed or injured, whole villages and cities completely swept away in that horrible judgment of God upon the pagan heathen idol-worshipping rebellious disobedient natives of that area in that day of God’s great judgment.

Ezekiel 38 – Part Two – DFO 1503 – 13/3/81

63. When Krakatoa exploded there in the Sunda Straits between Java and Sumatra way back there in 1883, it exploded with such a tremendous force, that great volcano, greatest volcanic explosion that the world has ever known, that it was heard around the world, believe it or not! Tidal waves washed the shores of four continents and the jungles of Java & Sumatra were buried under 100 feet of ashes, completely covered the trees & 4000 people were killed! The sun looked blue like the moon in London and Paris and around the world from the ashes that had been cast up into the stratosphere! - it was such a tremendous explosion!