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Re: excellent observation

Posted by Joseph on September 28, 2003 at 20:21:59

In Reply to: excellent observation posted by Acheick on September 28, 2003 at 08:26:04:

That is very possible. Charity in this country has a big black eye, and the general public is sick and tired of finding out that money they give gets used for purposes other that what they have been told.

With money tight, individuals and Corporations are looking very carefully at charity dollars. Many have just stopped giving because they can't afford it. But, the ones that do are looking very carefully at who they are handing dollars to.

I would be interested to see a pie chart from The Family to see where the money comes from. What percentage is videos? what percentage music? what percentage tithes?

Remember that a while back they told members to quit their system jobs? Well, I happen to know that a lot of them did that. I remember mentioning to a friend of mine who is a member that telling people to quit their jobs was the same thing as WS asking for a pay cut. Where in the heck did they think the money was coming from?

So, then these people who had been sending a percentage of a regular paycheck had to go back to clowning at the local Wallmart.

Here goes supply and demand into play. More clowns going for a shrinking charity dollar. What is the result?

Probably poorer clowns, who can truly afford to send less money to WS. The jobless clowns trying to hustle money from a highly unemployed and very skeptical public.

When some of this came out a few months ago, a few people thought maybe it was a ploy to get members to send more. But, I really believe that WS is hurting for money. They've made some serious financial blunders at the worst possible time.