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Posted by amazed on October 01, 2003 at 22:23:04

I don't think I broke the rules. However there is nothing about a sense of humour. Seems some people don't have one.

Generation eXers Board - Rules and Guidelines

It is safe to assume that no member can come away from their COG experience without re-examining his/her belief system - there are just so many things to sort out. We recognize that many members once exiting the Family have naturally become hesitant about their faith - if they have any left to salvage. Many want to distance themselves from any talk of religion whatsoever. With this in mind, we wish to offer a place where eXers can discuss their ideas, hopes, despairs and aspirations freely and not feel compelled to relate everything religiously. We realize that for some, this is a very necessary and required space.

This discussion board is for those who are contemplating leaving the Family/Children of God, those who have left, and those with questions about the existence of abuses.

This is meant to be a place of discussion where ideas and debates are encouraged; a board primarily for intelligent discussions, intelligent social exchanges and polite debate.

Do not expect the coordinators to take it kindly if they have to explain whether or not Berg was abusive, or whether Carpenter lyrics are scriptural, or whether the Harry Potter movie is kosher :-)

Hosted by Acheick, this board offers a friendly atmosphere in which you can talk freely about your ideas, thoughts, problems, politics...

All opinions are welcome. Well, almost all opinions. However, harassing behavior will result in being banned from the forums.

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Lively discussions are encouraged as long as a certain level of civility is maintained. Please donít make it personal.

Context is important. Answer to posts in the context of the thread as much as possible.

No unwelcome familiarity or badgering. While we recognize that in any virtual community, it is both natural and necessary that participants achieve some level of familiarity with each other's views and lifestyles, etc., this familiarity can be misused in the bulletin board medium, as a tool for badgering. In all discussions, where possible, kindly stay in context, address the points in the thread and refrain from introducing random references to another participant's previous stated views/lifestyle/etc in a badgering manner.

There is no need for personal attacks. If you have a specific problem with a poster, settle it outside of the forum. Threads of that nature will be deleted.

No personal harassment or stalking.

Avoid mindless rhetoric.

If you wish to debate, do your homework.

In short: disagree all you want, but please be courteous to fellow posters.

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