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To webmaster - criminal laws

Posted by Acheick on May 25, 2002 at 15:03:20:

How about adding some of this to that section:
Here is how you get the criminal code or penal law for each state:

go to --

go to index on same page -LAW ABOUT - scan to Law By Source or Juristiction
- hit STATE LAW - on same page look for "ways to access - hit BY
TOPIC(uniform law indicators)
- look at list and hit "CRIMINAL CODE"

select state of your choice, hit it and search away! There are other sources
too but this one is fairly extensive and the easiest to access. If you
choose Texas look under offences against the person under indecency with a
child. You will also have to search each state's index to find other charges
such as pornography and children etc,. Each state constructs their index a
little differently. In each state you will also find felony classifications
and sentences for each offence. Hope this helps God Bless!