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You think I'm the same as Maria?

Posted by Acheick on June 06, 2002 at 09:43:48:

In Reply to: Re: I don't see Maria as vulnerable at all posted by Charlie on June 06, 2002 at 09:03:16:

I have led thousands down the path that she has? I didn't care about my children? My children hate me? I've messed with countless people's lives at the drop of a hat, not caring what pain I inflicted on them? I started victor camps and separating families? That was pretty offensive, Charlie. Now you're getting me mad. No, I never offered my boys up, they were taken without my knowledge. The thing that shocks me is that I was so taken by the "Prophet's" doctrines, I didn't protest, I couldn't, I had to be a sold out disciple in spite of my misgivings. Maria has no misgivings, she perpetrates it, a huge difference, don't you think?

I left because of my children, Maria's children left because of her. My children love me and we can't see enough of each other, Maria couldn't care less, she only cares about her domain, she doesn't care if she sees her children. Because of my one incident you think I've infliced the same amount of pain and hardship and leading people astray as Maria? THere is no way in heaven or hell you can compare me to Maria. I can't believe you actually said that, Charlie. I think you should apologize. That was hurtful.