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The riddle of the snail .... revealed!!

Posted by Donny on June 06, 2002 at 19:32:13:

In Reply to: ok let me put it this way posted by riddler on June 06, 2002 at 18:21:44:

It takes the snail 20 to 25 years to crawl out of the well. You see, the well is the Family, and the poor snail keeps wanting to leave, but then he gets sent to a victor camp and retrained so he thinks, "Shit! mama and peter ain't so bad after all. Yeah. I think I love them." So he stays another 5 years off that good feeling.

Then they take his wife and children away. The poor snail climbs five feet that night he's so pissed. But then a new Mama letter comes along, "Giving Your All For Gawd" so he figures, "What was I thinking? I nearly left the Family." So he slips back down, gosh, almost to the bottom of the well. You see, his shepherd said, "Dig deep. Confess it all." So the fool snail, he did, then they had the goods on him.

Finally Comet Kohoutet does not hit california, Jesus does not return in 1993, the Family does not become a multi-billion dollar corp. in response to prophecies, Mo's ghost finds peanut butter in Saddam Hussein's weapons bunkers, and the snail HAS FUCKIN' HAD IT and climbs the whole last 29 feet all in one night and gets out.

Only problem was, it took him 25 years. Oh yeah....a'slippin' an' a'slidin'.