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Religion at its worst

Posted by Donny on June 15, 2002 at 18:59:13:

In Reply to: I agree with Donny posted by porceleindoll on June 15, 2002 at 18:51:52:

You know,Berg always boasted that the Family was "the BEST Christians on earth" and yet when you look at all the sexual abuse that happened, the villifying of the poor sheep like Kerry, you realize it was Christianity at its worst.

Mo was a prophet? Give me a BREAK? When Eman's and Gen's baby had a cracked skull, Mo "got it in the spirit that Gen had done it" and he wrote a whole series about that she was a witch. She was nearly driven insane and left the group.Then, years later, in an "oh by the way" thing when Eman was getting rebuked, Peter A. said, "we don't want to make a big thing of this but really, Eman, WHO hurt the baby?" and Eman confessed he got pissed off at the kids' crying and HIT his head.

But all along, Mo "knew the truth" what really happened. Then along comes Kerry. He's an IRFer. One strike against him. He "must be half-hearted, a weak sister" who couldn't keep up with God's army, the best Christians on earth. Then a man breaks in and kills his wife. Strike two. The man "must have wanted sex and she refused."

Mo got it wrong in his insights and revelations again and again and again. Strike three is Mo himself is struck out as a prophet.

And on top of it, if there was a strike four, Mo showed what was in his judgmental, harsh, self-serving heart.

And when he was done with Gen and Kerry, he went after his own granddaughter, Merry Berg and turned HER into a worldwide bad example.