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Oh man! Oh man! Now you got me going!!!

Posted by Donny on June 15, 2002 at 22:17:47:

In Reply to: Berg the master posted by Angry and hurt on June 15, 2002 at 20:44:41:

I don't know who you are buddy, but you are SO SO right. You know how Berg used to say, "If your child is born with a deformity or Downs syndrome, then GAWD IS JUDGING you broher! You're so damn hard-hearted God had to strike one of your poor innocent children to get through to you!"

To which I say, "BULLLLLL-SHIT!" And here's why:

Berg used that line on poor parents who had kids with deformities or handicaps. He trashed the poor parents of that deaf child and finally had the absolute audacity to write the ML, "When the Uncurable Becomes Unbearable". In that ML he told parents to dump kids like that in instituations. Berg had so many people under horrible condemnation.But you know some kids just ARE born with defects. That's life.

Then Berg put Marianne and Jerry Paladino together and they have a kid born with severe down's syndrome. Do THEY get the "God's judging your hard hearts" talk? Nope. Berg and Maria gushed with understandign and then the Family publishes Will Rogers testimonies about how handicapped kids are special angels.

But they didn't "understand" a thing until TOP LEADERS had a handicapped kid!!! Sheesh! Stuff like this can really fry your brains!!