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From an ex "Shiner"

Posted by reposter on April 04, 2002 at 08:11:10:

NewDayNews Crossfire
From an ex "Shiner"
Posted By: Emmanuel
Date: Thursday, 4 April 2002, at 7:37 a.m.

After reading lots of "Adult's" (I'm 26 now)comments on the Family, what was "right or wrong" (which are very vague notions), here
are my thoughts:

As a kid in the family, I was supposed to be
Happy and proud to be a "shiner", waiting for so called rewards like "video night" (WOW!), what all this bull---- really meant for me

1. Being on the road in miserable conditions, working my a-- off (which by the way is called child labor...) up to 10-12 hours a day,
rarely with my parents (which was like vacation), but most often with some ridiculous sheperd's a-- licking strangers who would treat
other people's kids like dogs, just to get good results and be "shiners" themselves

2. Postering on the streets, which is somewhat beter than just downright begging but still quite humiliating

3. being ashamed of sometimes keeping 50 cents to buy in hiding a systemite Snickers bar, knowing that back at home we'd get
to eat some yummy slop

4. Being scheduled on the only free day of the week to do dishes for 40 people and be happy about it, and after all that "resting",
get back on the road

5. Feeling proud of being the "video deacon", which meant that I was the one to get bonked on the head if a tape was scratched

6. Feeling sorry for my "poor cousins" back in France who were in the system, who were actually going to summer camp, having
picnics in their yards, playing soccer and all kinds of other great sports...and getting a real education...

Today, after having sucessfully finshed a masters in law and having a great job, I have one goal in life: find a sincerely loving wife (I
think I've found the right one to-be), found a true loving family and be a "shiner" for my kids, and this time, I know I will be truly

I dare ANYONE to reply with a positive thought about some poor old sick f--- who I'm not even sure got past the gate to heaven...

GBY all,