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Posted by WC on June 22, 2002 at 05:58:50:

In Reply to: love and marriage posted by kerry on June 22, 2002 at 03:22:32:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing all that. It is heartbreaking what the Mo letters did to us and other people, real people with real lives, real feelings, real pain. All these nice and wonderful ideals which we bought into caused us and others so much trouble.

I just wanted to encourage you not to think in terms of "backsliding" - the label which the Mo letters used to control our thinking. All the false ideas that The Family is supposedly the center of GOd's will, His highest calling, the best and only place to be if you are truly following him - that is all propoganda.

You can have your faith intact and be following God closely and seeking Him and His will daily, without being in the Family. Many people have accomplished and continue to accomplish great things which far surpass what the entire Family has done - it's just that they don't use bullshit PR and twist statistics in their favor, buffing up their numbers. (I will write another post about false stats)

So what you are doing, if you are still raising your children, being where you are and a blessing to those around, living your faith, that is what counts. If you are doing that, you can't say you are a backslider. We can always think of better ways to do what we're doing, everyone has something to improve, but that doesn't make you "out of God's highest". All these were just mind control mechanisms so you would feel useless as a person if you left The Family.

Take Care,