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Is King P___ie's w___ie all better now?

Posted by couldn't resist on June 25, 2002 at 00:34:27:

In Reply to: Apology written! Now only 2 weeks of editing to go! posted by PR Spooksperson on June 24, 2002 at 16:17:04:

Dear Spooksperson,
I used to be a family member and I left, but I still think a lot about Papa. I read Diamonds of Dust every day, okay I can't deny he turned out pretty messed up later, there's all these people reminding all the time of what he wrote about God making sex and because sex is beautiful that made it okay for adults to have sex with children, which Papa even did with his grand daughter. Neither can I say much when they show me how a whole lot of other people followed Papa's example. For some reason they don't have any sympathy that he was an alcoholic and some of God's greats in the Bible were terrible sinners too. And what can I really say about when they show me in Papa's own words how he turned into a madman with Mene, I do try to tell everyone how it was all so wonderful in the early days when I joined the Family, so how could it have been that bad you know? Even though he told them to beat her because she had doubts abouts him and was honest. They don't seem to realize how important it was that he did so much good, you see. That's why I don't even think King Penie could be so bad either, and lately I've been really worried about his weenie not rising up and how he hasn't been able to pray and masturbate. Is it better now, I mean you wrote such a great apology? And you got lawyers working on it and all? Apologies are great you know, sometimes I even have been called an apologist, cause I do it for Papa all the time, and now I find myself staying up at night all worried and hurried and flurried about poor King Penie and his weenie. Have all the kings horses, and all the kings men (like you dear spooksperson) gotten his peenie to rise up again?