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Berg vs. the official Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal

Posted by Reposter on July 03, 2002 at 17:17:41:

In Reply to: 6,000,000 Jews killed by Hitler? Berg says only 9,000 posted by Reposter on July 03, 2002 at 17:14:44:

Berg said: "The Jews are always trying to minimise their numbers. The only thing they exaggerate is their numbers killed by Hitler! That has grown from a possible 6,000 to 60,000, & then after the war when they took over they figured they could get away with more than that, 600,000! And now the latest for the past few years has been six million! This is so ridiculous because there weren't even six million Jews in all Germany at that time!"

Berg's argument is that the Jews claimed only 6,000 dead at the end of WW2.

Then as the years went by (in the 1950's) they multiplied that by 10 to 60,000.

They then multiplied that by 10 to get 600,000 murdered.

And now multiplied that by 10 to get 6,000,000 Jews killed by Hitler.

Yet historians named the figure 6,000,000 in the VERY YEAR WW2 ended:

William Shirer in "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials took place in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, between 1945 and 1949, and as the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials brought out, millions of Jews were indeed gassed and systematically annihilated in the concentration camps. Exactly how many? William L. Shirer answers this question in “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” pages 1273-4:

“The ‘final solution’ went on to the very end of the war. How many Jews did it massacre? The figure has been debated. According to two S.S. witnesses at Nuremberg the total was put at between five and six millions by one of the great Nazi experts of the subject, Karl [Adolf] Eichmann, chief of the Jewish Office of the Gestapo, who carried out the ‘final solution’ under the prodding hand of its originator, Heydrich. The figure given in the Nuremberg indictment was 5,700,000 and it tallied with the calculations of the World Jewish Congress.

By 1949, four years after WW2, the figure of Jews murdered by Hitler was determined to be 5,700,000, or nearly 6,000,000.

Berg's rewrite of history (only 6,000 Jews killed) was ludicrous.