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Hello, I wanted to introduce myself

Posted by Smithson Bennett III on July 24, 2002 at 13:31:27:

Hello everyone. I've been taking some time of late reading the various boards that pertain to pro and anti-cult propaganda and I have decided to introduce myself.

I am the founder and president of a successful multi-million dollar corporation and am generally looked upon by my peers as quite arogant and snobbish - I actually take this as quite a complement as I do realize that I am much more intelligent and sophisticated than most people.

I have never been and never will become involved with cultic activities, so I believe myself to be in a superior position to analyze the various issues that I see being discussed here. You will doubtlessly benefit from my point of view.

I also wanted to let you know that, unlike most of you, I have been successful in almost everything I have set my hand to accomplish and because of that I am a very wealthy person. I live in an upscale Southern California neighborhood where I spend my time tending to my horses. I am a principal fiduciary director for a major banking chain here in Southern California and have also been in several Hollywood movies. I also am personally responsible for a portion of the creation of the internet, particularly the portion now known as the World Wide Web.

I will feel free to lend my comments to issues which are presented on this board. Likewise, should any questions arise in your grovelingly miserable lives, you may feel free to address them to me. Perhaps I will see fit to lend my intellect to an answer from time to time.