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Posted by Acheick on July 27, 2002 at 10:23:05:

In Reply to: Re: I understand posted by Joseph on July 26, 2002 at 21:38:49:

That would be nice to know. So, it's now just a business? I suppose that's an improvement.

Well, I did hear from others some other things I won't get into - as you say, they are stated in confidence. I am also concerned about the F. type of sexual attitudes that goes on among other things. However, if that has all changed, that's great and good for them. What bothered me a lot also was the idea that it was good to encourage some of these members to return to the F. I would never do that. I wouldn't show my support and encouragement by letting F. people use my place or my time to get funds to return to the F. That's just my position because I think it's important to make a statement. Has that changed? It would be nice to know.

In your statements, Joseph, you did say that in all of the world Barney was doing more for SGAs than anyone, that's what I took issue with. I would have never bothered to bring any of this up, Joseph, if you hadn't made that statement which I felt was really out of line and condescending towards exmembers who are really struggling ON THEIR OWN and without any help from anyone and often do things for people that no one ever hears about since they don't publicize it.

In my book, it's all in the past and I really don't worry much about it anymore unless I hear from people who have been there or had some encounters or something like that or someone makes some statement that I feel needs to be clarified or is just plain inflammatory. It's just not an issue with me anymore, so how about we just drop it.