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Re: LOL! What's in a name?

Posted by Joseph on July 28, 2002 at 06:54:27:

In Reply to: LOL! What's in a name? posted by WC on July 27, 2002 at 21:42:46:

Well... you have to walk a mile in my shoes I guess. My wife and I are subject to a constant grind, and wherever we go in this community (excog online or otherwise) we are hounded by rumor and innuendo that we are "Pro-Family".

People get stuck on a belief they develop somewhere along the line, and it is almost impossible to get them to give it up. They will continue to say these things that fly in the face of the facts.

Lets wait a few weeks and let all this die down and see if the same old ideas keep getting pushed by the same people I've interacted with in here.

I didn't say one new thing. I've been saying the same stuff about Laurelhome for a year as of next month. But those who believe it is "just like the Family", continue to walk around saying that, and generating belief in the community that it must be true. After all, Even though I've been there and they haven't, they were in the Family. I wasn't. What could I possibly know?

This belief that gets generated does prevent a certain amount of good from being done, as people avoid supporting Laurelhome (morally, or otherwise) out of the fear of being branded "Pro-Family" themselves. That's like having the scarlet letter, or the star of david ironed on your shirt in this community. I know, because I live with it for the sin of working with NDN and saying favorable things about people like Barney, Cancion and Anneke, not to mention being willing to admit to considering a small handful of Family members as friends.

There are people who use this board, and the NDN board who have harassed me and my wife for going on two years. I have it well documented. If all I've done is pushed their buttons in return, then I guess they should consider themselves fortunate.