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Just Leave Barney Alone.

Posted by on August 02, 2002 at 14:57:13:

Maybe U all have ran out of topics 2 discuss.
Barney, like Cancion, Anneke and the likes have their faults like us all. But 2 sit and pick the "bad", and question how they opertate is just not Kosher. Look @ me, I may not have the best "record", W/ u OLD fogies, on these exfamily (ndn), sites but I have learned over time and much thinking, let us be peacemakers. U may not agree w/ my views etc. But I do consider myself a man w/ decent composure and I don't jump @ any opportunity 4 competition and sqabbles. By the way, Barney can't "defend" himself simply because he's a businessman anhas a couple houses 2 handle. I'm NOT saying it's bad and all, 2 be a poster on the sites; but just cool it people! It's just trifeling. Talk about the weather, religion etc....