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Here is the commentary: part 1

Posted by reposter on April 16, 2002 at 07:56:18:

In Reply to: This words is why they are afraid MO's teachings are exposed (par 1) posted by Reposter on April 14, 2002 at 14:54:28:

"ONE THING WE DON'T WANT TO DO is give people the idea that our Family is some kind of welfare state that's going to pay their rent or take care of them whenever they're hard up. We just haven't got it, unless we start the Family Aid Fund. Even then our help would be very small. We're not an insurance company.
"ABOUT THIS APPEAL BY THE IRFers TO HELP THE WIDOWER: They were appealing for help as though we should help him financially."

This was the way for many years. There are reports that the Family has changed this policy lately but it is not clear as to whom the retirement will benefit.

"THEY OBVIOUSLY WEREN'T WHOLE - HEARTED OR TOTALLY SOLD OUT FOR THE LORD, or he could at least have been tithing. - - e had a good job, but was only an IRFer, not a tither. If they had at least been tithing or serving the Lord full time, they would have been more in the will of God, you know that. But obviously they'd taken an apartment near her relatives & gone back to System work & were only IRFing, only sending very little a month for the Lord's work."

This is the Family's definition of a good servant of God: one who tithes. It seems that their definition of serving the Lord full time is one who does not take an apartment, near relatives, works in the System and is IRF.

"AND BESIDES, IF HE WAS JUST GOING TO RAPE HER, why would anybody in our Family resist to the point of getting stabbed to death, if they had read & obeyed the Letters? She must have resisted, so why would she have resisted? "

This is because the teaching in the Family is to not resist rape but submit and enjoy it as a show of God's love to the rapist.

"AND THAT HUSBAND IS SUFFERING, TOO PROBABLY FOR LETTING THEM BOTH GET OUT OF THE WILL OF GOD! They went back home & quit the mission field & he was working at a System job & not tithing, so! And here's a guy, a TRFer friend who is begging for us to help him, pleading so pitifully & all this. But obviously he doesn't seem to see the problem."

Some disciples had the heart of a shepherd but most top leadership, starting with David Berg and his common-law wife Maria didn't really care for the low hard-working-pavement-beater-front-line-foot-soldier, even as they kept receiving money from them.

"WHY WOULD ANYBODY BE BACK IN THE UNITED STATES, REALLY? (Maria: Besides, we've got oodles of backslidden families in the U.S. who could help them, if they want anybody to help them, that have good jobs & lots of money & who are all there with their congregated families. Some of them are IRFers, but a lot of them are just plain backslider!) Yes, after all we've said on the subject!"

This is an excellent question for current Family members. The Family is mostly anti-America so what are they doing here? The answer is simple, they are here to get money!

"SO WHEN THEY GO HOME & LEAVE A FULL - TIME SERVICE FOR THE LORD & STILL WON'T EVEN TITHE, there must be something wrong with them spiritually. They probably reaped whatever they sowed. God's Word says you reap what you sow. Who knows? God does! Maybe that wife persuaded her husband to leave the field they'd been on for four years in South American, & she's probably now reaped what she sowed! Maybe she resisted FFing & wouldn't let the guy fuck her, so she drove him to rape & murder!"

And here it is folks! In black on white! What kind of sick people these are? David Berg, God's End Time Prophet, she, the victim got what she deserved.