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I see it that way too

Posted by Acheick on April 17, 2002 at 08:00:08:

In Reply to: Re: What happened to your faith? posted by ray on April 17, 2002 at 07:04:22:

That's cool. Let me clarify, I also like getting my confusion on the bible cleared up. there was one minister we had who was an old testament scholar. I found him fascinating. He would explain the customs and cultures of the Hebrew day, how they operated, why things happened. IT made much more sense. But it's hard to find people like that who can discuss things with an open mind and intelligently, not just parroting some other writer who sounds good. George and Woody come to mind, and someone who used to post as Recently Left on NDN, then there was also Cecilia who all but disappeared. They answered a lot of interesting things about the bible that previously when listening to berg had me thinking backwards . Personally, I think there is a lot about the bible that is misunderstood and not just from the F. Even the doctrine of Onanism is from secular Christianity and it's bogus, totally bogus. I had a former Baptist preacher explain to me how it was misconstrued for the congregations so the women wouldn't be able to practice birth control and because of their idea that masturbation was a sin, they twisted that story to fit their purpose. That's where it gets hard, so I end up like you, listening to God through nature, through my experiences, etc. I know the fault does not lie in God or the Bible, it's in man's human frailties. But then I wonder, if the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple you have to be like a child to understand, why does it get so confusing?