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We are ready

Posted by WC on August 21, 2002 at 02:46:04:

In Reply to: Re: A question Jane:/Joseph? posted by Joseph on August 20, 2002 at 17:44:00:

>I do think that the reaction of this website has been reactive,
>rather than proactive. I have a hard time making sense out of how
>the idea that by ignoring requests to remove copyrighted material
>and waiting for them to come and get "us" is going to bring the
>Family to justice.

Joseph, thanks for offering your opinion. Your advice in the past has been invaluable, and I still appreciate it today. You have your experience and perspective, we have ours. Our own information and contacts have resulted in strategies and policies which are not all that clear to the outsider. For expediency's sake and from a legal standpoint, we cannot discuss many of these things. Some of these might be made clearer soon, when we release some new pages to our site. Even then, we have to be careful - there is a lot to be gained from stating things openly using the disclaimer strategy, but there is also much we just can't say openly because we just can't show all our cards.

What you were addressing above was only 1 part of a multi-pronged effort. There are moves (very damaging and perhaps fatal to The Family) which we have refrained from making because they do not fall within the mission of this site nor our personal agendas. The main thing for this site for now is to provide empowering information, to aid in healing, and to be a gathering place of ideas and resources. If pressed, that could all change in an instant.

Please don't take this as an indication we don't need any of your advice. On the contrary, you help add to our strategy, as we piece together information from different sources.

We really aren't as silly as we look, nor as vulnerable as we seem. Wish us well! Thanks for your support.