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Re: I agree with that assessment

Posted by Weedman on August 21, 2002 at 18:14:31:

In Reply to: I agree with that assessment posted by Acheick on August 21, 2002 at 17:13:01:

Weed is legal in parts of Denmark and Amsterdam. The rest of the parts where it ain't, the police don't really care. Both countries have regular raids just to please the conservative factions, but nobody gets into any real trouble for dope. Just hard drugs.
In Australia, the police don't really care as long as you are a user and not a pusher.
In many European countries, police don't really care and people roll their joints openly on the sidewalks.

Tests were done in the Netherlands which showed that Marijuana users had better focus. It's funny because the tests were ordered by groups opposing the use of Marijuana. They took a group of regular smokers and a group of non-smokers and made them study for a test. They were all monitored the whole time. Those who smoked pot were able to focus better which gave them the needed edge to pass their tests.

In many S. American countries pot is smoked openly. Even coca leaves (from where you get cocain) is chewed openly. I've tried it and it's great. It helps prevent altitude sickness and has been used for centuries. Imagine some conservative government coming along and saying coca leaves are illegal. The difference between coca leaves and cocain is perhaps like bay leaves and aspirin. You get aspirin from bay leaves, but putting bay leaves in your food doesn't cause you to get an overdose of apsirin, just trace amounts.

Yes, many governments are moving to legalise and control Marijuana.