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Maria, "tough little woman to scratch your eyes out"

Posted by Reposter on August 21, 2002 at 23:04:47:

In "Maria's Birthday!" (DO 1267), Mo said about Maria:

130. I know the Lord's going to cast His mantle & the anointing on her when I'm gone, & she's going to be able to continue to give you the Word & help & lead & guide you.

164. But through it all & through the failures of others & even some of my failures & my downs & downers, she has remained steady & firm as a rock! You wouldn't think it to look at her that she was hard as a rock & tough! She's a tough little fighter, let me tell you, & if you ever cross her in the wrong direction you'll find out!—You'll find out that she's very merciful & forgiving & very lenient & very longsuffering & patient. I think when she saw what Rachel did to me she could have almost scratched her eyes out, but she didn't. Of course she didn't have a chance, but anyway, I don't think she would have.