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It's not just the USA

Posted by Acheick on August 24, 2002 at 09:47:16:

In Reply to: yes the USA is drug heaven posted by lydia on August 24, 2002 at 08:53:58:

It's everywhere, Lydia - don't be so naive and look at everything as it's just degradation. In some cases it's true, in some cases it's not. I don't see anything wrong with going for a social drink, I like the occasional Margarita and hanging out with the bar crowd once in awhile, however, I know some people who are full blown alcoholics, and those people should stay as far away from alcohol as they can. I'm not in agreement with banning it because of people who can't handle it. I had an Aunt who was an alchy and she went on the wagon and got off it completely after 30 or more years being a drunk. When we went out to a dinner and they served wine or something, she simply did not see it, as if it wasn't there. I really admired her. I think the same thing of Marijuana, I don't think it's any more harmless. Geeze, the Indians used peyote and mushrooms regurlarly - but alcohol destroys them. Did you know that in all the Indian casinos alcohol is prohibited? It's like a prism, Lydia, you have to see all the angles and not just what your conservative magazine says. We have that segment here too, in Utah, you go to jail for having the minutest amount of Marijuana on you, it's a full blown felony. I just happen to live in California. There's also such a thing as educating the public. We now know that drinking and driving are a no-no, which was not true in my mother's day. There are heavy laws against it and people going out select a designated driver. There is such a thing as responsibility.