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But do you understand what I'm saying?

Posted by Bystander on August 24, 2002 at 15:24:52:

In Reply to: hang on posted by lydia on August 24, 2002 at 15:11:10:

They have consistently accused people here of dissing them for being friends of Family members when that is not the case. Jane by omission or whatever, misrepresented the people on this board saying they were Fuckers because they dissed her for being friends of Family members. She said nothing of the fact that Family leaders was the issue in question. And several people on Crossfire were bewildered at the stupidity of Jane's so-called accusers as a result.

Lydia, you must understand that Family LEADERS bear tremendous responsibility for what is wrong in the Family. If Ado and Kanah were simply members, no one would question Joseph and Jane's friendship with them. But Ado is a high-profile leader of the Family.

To make the matters even more black-and-white, Ado's own son, Daniel has publicly come out on Jule's board leading the legal charge against the Family. And since his own father is a leader in this organization, this draws the lines very clearly. I would not go so far as to suggest that Joseph is siding with Ado against his son Daniel, but he is in a very awkward position you must admit.

God is with Daniel. He has a righteous cause and is on the side of truth and justice and he speaks for hundreds of angry SGAs who want to see justice done against a criminal organization. Joseph must understand that there is no way he can avoid flak if he chooses at this time in history to be a close friend of the Family leader who defends this criminal organization.

The individual members are a different matter, IMO. But the leaders represent the group and Daniel and other SGAS will win the fight because they are for truth and justice and God is on their side.

The smartest thing Ado could do is leave the Family this instant and get out of the way of his son Daniel. Like Daniel said, a wave is rising which will wash the Family away.