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Forget the infighting and get on with life

Posted by Jay on August 24, 2002 at 21:13:04:

Amazingly, it seems all the exer groups are fighting, so what's new. You're basically reaping what you have sown as there was so little positive
postings ever written on these boards

There's some value in venting past problems and figuring out the solutions, but so many people stay in that rut for decades it seems and never progress out of it.

I realize that a mjaority's only purpose for living and writing in an exer group is seeing the family disintegrate and getting revenge, but that surely will be a shallow victory when you could progress in life.

Life is exciting if you get on with it, even though many of the exers have forsaken the Lord.
I'm so glad I got excommunicated from every exer Board there ever has been because they were just stepping stones to better things.

So I do pray that the good ones among you, move on and upward, discern the past and do better in the future from what you have learned.

But don't let the past and the family be your major focus. They aren't progressing and aren't making headway for obvious reasons, and if they don't snap out of it in time they will fall. But just don't be so foolish as to always want to persecute them and anyone that disagrees with you.

That's why I don't like exer groups, they talk so rudely and crudely and favor persecution so much, and I don't mean just mere IP blocking but much, much worse tactics. I should know they have attacked us.

So rather than getting inflamed against others you might consider being either just normal and natural and positive or even missionaries for Jesus AGAIN if any of you, still have the original motivation you supposedly had when you first joined the Family. For a true missionary goes on no matter what happens to them along the way, and is stronger for it.

So Shalom and Peace to the Peacemakers with the Lord and to the others ......just the opposite

In His Service


(David Jay Jordan)

PS) Don't worry moderaters you won't have to ban me once again, I have things to do and places to go in the real world and in real cyber space