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Re: You've got a good point there

Posted by Rocky on August 25, 2002 at 04:26:18:

In Reply to: You've got a good point there posted by Bystander on August 25, 2002 at 00:04:37:

When we met Ado he was acting with Arthur as official spokespersons for the family. That is what I understood. As bystander said, it is a good question as to Ado's real role. I heard he was a CRO but that could just be here-say. He certainly is not without influence and stature in the structure of the family. He could also be appointed without clear title to observe and report to others. The fact is, no member is going to speak for the family with known public enemies of the family who were also active in print and television media, as some of us were at that time, without express authorization from the top.

The real irony of this issue regarding Joe and Jane is that there was no accusation of them being child abusers. It is pretty darned obvious they are not. The reality is that the family is a criminal organization, fraudulant in financial, immigration and sexual/physical abuse of children. The crimes committed in the Victor programs are also quite serious and individuals involved in those programs that hurt kids, some for life, are eventually going to be held accountable by their own children as well as the world in general. I think it is very pitiful that we collectively do not want to address these facts in a more serious way but would rather split hairs over other issues.

There is very little chance that Ado has not read all the letters and does not know the history of the family. I also hope the family will wax bold enough to try to sue some of us for "slandering" their "good name". There is enough evidence of their doctrines and abuses to choke several horses.

I wish you all could have been there to hear what was said. It was a hollow victory and very discouraging to hear this man, who seemed caring and genuine, lie directly about family abuses with an intensity that seemed to indicate he had at the very least convinced himself as to the accuracy of what he was saying.

I feel another ridiculous issue is to hear other posters railing about how disfunctional all the ex membership is. How the hell did we get that way? Maybe it had something to do with the fact we were in a screwed up and abusive cult. The family taught all of its membership to attack the person when defending the family. They know they cannot deny the facts so there is no other way for them to defend themselves. The founder of the organization was an unrepentant pedophile and his successors are just as crazy and controlling as he was. Most if not all core Family members cannot even get to that realization and still venerate Berg.

Berg was almost caught up here in Canada and they all would have done serious prison time just for the financial and immigration document frauds they were involved in, never mind the sexual abuse doctrines and kiddy porn they produced. Well I am starting to rant so I had better stop .