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Re: Name-calling leads to persceution

Posted by Sara S. on August 26, 2002 at 06:33:06:

In Reply to: Re: Name-calling leads to persceution posted by Jay on August 25, 2002 at 21:17:51:

No, Jay-as stated above (the first comment I did) I gave you the exact definition of persecution. You keep saying that God's justice is better than the systems, well...when was the last time you saw God open the earth and swallow people (earthquakes not included)? When was the last time that an entire city was destroyed becasue of their wickedness? When was the last time you saw two people keel over because they failed to tithe? I would much rather see evil pay now while on earth as well as in the after life! There is nothing wrong with that. The only way they would continue to pay after death is if they fail to repent for wrong doings while they are here on earth.
I have seen plenty of cases where justice was served by going through the correct legal actions! If you have seen no good come of the "system", then mabye you are going about it the wrong way! IMO, you are trying discourage those that feel they can get some where with pressing charges (again NOT persecution). If you feel you know SOOOO MUCH about the legal system, then that's your perogative-but you can't judge others because that hope is there!
And where did I stoop to name calling? If by name calling you are refering to the comments about self righteous Christians...LOL, I call it as I see it! That's not frustration-it's my honest observation!