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Re: Cephas may have been cool one time

Posted by Texas Ray on September 08, 2002 at 01:33:43:

In Reply to: Cephas may have been cool one time posted by One who knows on September 01, 2002 at 00:32:06:

I knew Cephas in Houston in 1971. I was a babe in the blob where he was shepherd. I knew one girl babe who was "invited" to spend the night with Cephas, she refused and was then more or less driven to leave the family.

Cephas could be nice in a personal kind of way most of the time, but whenever he felt the urge to rebuke reprove or exhort about something (often enough) he would undergo a sort of metamorphasis. At such times, before my very eyes, he would be transformed into Hitler. Same face, same hair, same mustache, same red complexion, same angry spirit. I couldn't believe it.

Did anybody else ever see this??