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Everybody does good works

Posted by A reader on September 09, 2002 at 08:18:12:

In Reply to: Does the F. do good works? posted by Little Birdie on September 08, 2002 at 20:49:44:

just as everybody does bad works (sins). How can that be a measure of goodness or badness? The only way would be to look at the degree of goodness or degree of badness inherent in the deeds. This may include the intentions of the heart as well as the resulting harm. Even when weighting the long term and short term consequences one has to look very deep into each individual case.

So, does the family do good works? They probably do. What are their intentions? Manyfold but the most important is probably identifying supporters. A person who desn't know about the family may ask: Suppporters of what? And that is the trick!!! Because what these supporters support is not necessarily ALL of the beliefs and practices that make the family. Supporters only support what they see, which is what the family allows them to see.

One of the family's many disguises has become the separation of their people onto separate "works of goodness" to use as enticement to suppporters and future proselites. They aren't even associated with "the family" anymore but pretend to have broken the links. Many stay in this limbo of being and not being "in" even "denouncing" the family to maintain their disguise. They pretend to be ex-members of the family.

The measure to know whether the family is doing good or not, as well as people who have had some contact or participation in the family is to see the amount of bergism they still carry. When these people denounce not Maria and Peter, not the LJR and those perversions, when they denouce not all of these doctrines resulting from the evil tare seeds sown by the devil through David Berg, only then can these people be considered freed. The day the family recognizes, publicly acknowledges and denounces bergism as the evil it is, then they can say that they are doing good works for righteous sake. Until them, they are still tainted, pretty badly tainted.