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Re: Can someone translate this article? Tks.

Posted by Do wap on September 12, 2002 at 21:53:07

In Reply to: Can someone translate this article? Tks. posted by Sam Ajemian on September 12, 2002 at 21:05:44:

I went to a translator program. It came out a little odd.

Justice secte An adapts of a secte condemne for incitation has the corruption of minor.


FRFR FRS0662 4 G Justice secte A Follower of a secte condemns for incitation has the corruption of minor.

AIX-IN-PROVENCE (Bouches-du-Rhone), 16 May (AFP) -A follower of "The family", association that has succede has the secte of the "Children of god" dissolved in 1978, has ete condemne Tuesday by the court court d' Aix-in-Provence has.

The court has matching pains it of a placement has the epreuve of 2 years with obligation of cares. It has egalement dechu the prevenu of his parental autorite. The prosecutor substitut, Annie Brunette fuster, had required 18 month of prison with sursis.

The prevenu, that reconnait to belong has the secte, followed etait to have incites has the debauche his son of 8 years while inviting it notably has to attend the ebats of young children of a couple of friends, egalement follower of the "Family". The video of this scene and another, filmee by the prevenu, showing his nude son dand a position equivoque, had ete seized by the police at the time of a search.

In his requisitoire, the prosecutor has recalls that the secte practiced the "flirty fishing", solid has to use the sexual relations as means of proselytisme or to obtain from advantages for the community. The "Family" considere in addition the sexual relations, notably between children, as the better facon to attain the skies.

The mere of the child and the national union of defense of the family and individual s'etaient himself civil left constituees.

This condemnation intervenes has the coming from a long open procedure in 1991 by an investigation of gendarmerie on the agissements of members of the secte, in two towns of Mouths-of the-Phone.

22 members of this community, put in examination in 1993 for "proxenetisme worsens, hard voluntary violence minor, sequestration and corruption of minors" have beneficie of a non-place in January 1999 for lack of proof.

Apres call on the part civil, the accusation room has confirms the non-places in fevrier 2000 has the exception of the one of the prevenu against which one weighed sufficient loads.