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Wow! Congratulations! Great site!

Posted by Tim O. on September 30, 2002 at 13:06:18

I just discovered this site today and I can't stop reading ! I've been looking for ex-cog sites before, but there was nothing good like this out there so I gave it all a break ! And out of curiosity this morning and with the hope somebody would finally do what you've done, I decided to try looking again. Voila ! This is the best! I don't know any polite way to say this, but I don't like most of the other sites because they feel like continuations of the cog or just too religious. This site looks distinctly un-cog to me, make no mistakes !!! Your collection of articles is impressive ! I saw many articles a few years ago by Ed Prebe. Did he remove them? I think the staff of this site should look into putting more of them here ! Thanks ! CONGRATULATIONS !!!