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Re: Faithy Fischer

Posted by MG on October 04, 2002 at 02:08:31

In Reply to: Faithy Fischer posted by Sam Ajemian on October 03, 2002 at 20:27:11:

I have a lot to recover from because of Bergism and my past in the F. Part of my recovery has been coming to the boards. And I am in no way sympathetic to the F nor am I about my past.

However I do not agree with, nor do I see the point of your sending emails to try to hurt Faithy and work such as Project Aid Siberia which Faithy did indeed initiate, but which has for a long time been in no way an activity that is related to the Family in any official way.

Some of those who carried on the project Aid humanitarian work of Siberia were EX Family youth. In fact they left the Family while working for the Project. And the salaries they were receiving as staff members of the Project helped them in part to be able to make a complete break from the Family, while at the same time to remain in Siberia performing a worthy service to the needy. (I know this from first hand information.)

Furthermore, are you aware that 2 of these young people (and their young son), who made that break from the Family, but who carried on working for the humanitarian aid project, died in a car accident last winter on an icy Russian road? By trying to besmirch Faithy you might be besmirching others who completely cut their ties with the Family long ago. Also, in a way, it could taint the memory of this very precious and wonderful young family who is no longer with us.

You are free to have your opinions and to send emails to whomever you want, but I personally don't agree. What's the point? For someone who's in the Family and thinking about leaving, how does it help them? And from all that I've heard about Faithy and how she is now, she's a prime candidate for Alcoholics Anonymous so what do you accomplish by kicking on her? And how does it hurt the Family to defame a humanitarian work that is not even a part of the Family? There must be some other ways you can find to have an outlet for your anger towards Faithy. (So I'm not questioning whether the anger is justifiable or not, it must be.)