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Re: Do your preaching somewhere else

Posted by Surfer on October 06, 2002 at 01:05:29

In Reply to: Jesus only can satisfy! Only Him! Not ourselves... posted by J. on October 05, 2002 at 21:09:44:

Your still stuck in your ol preacher child of god deliver your soul get the message out mentality? FUCK OFF! Do you really think ex members need to hear something like that from another ex member? Like we haven't heard enough of this? What is the point? Looking for stray sheep here? You think you are doing us a service? Lifting up Jesus, eh? Knocking your self down, eh? What a joke! Don't you see how we are tired of that hypocritical show? If I remember correctly Berg used to say he was a hopeless sinner too. See Donny's post `are we desperately rotten individualsī and all the replies. Lots of people who come here are devout Christians and don't make a show of it to the others and manage to keep a good discussion going. Do your basic undeveloped robotic program somewhere else. This is the wrong audience, as far as I can see. For people trying to recover from the cult experience, whatever little faith they have left is not increased by your little show. IT HAS THE OPPOSITE EFFECT. Spewing out standard religious banners like that into our faces discourages people like me from having my own space to think for myself and sort out all the information I already do have. I have to feel free to pick and choose from among the shattered pieces, by myself, so please don't come and tread over everything with your blind salvation army march, banners flying, trumpets blaring and all. You might kick away something precious lying in the dirt somewhere. You got Jesus? Good for you. Bravo. Clap clap clap. Now leave us alone. Me at least! I don't appreciate your religious antics.