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balance and fairness

Posted by porceleindoll on October 07, 2002 at 06:43:42

In Reply to: Rhetoric... Vitriol... Exposure... Vindication... and the audience? posted by MG on October 07, 2002 at 00:59:07:

I think that to be most believed and received you have to keep balance and fairness in mind when you write or express things. There are things to get truly angry about, but other things seem to me to be more petty and personal grievances that while angering, aren't necessarily all that bad.

While I don't stand for what the Family stands for, I will stand up and defend it when I see something said that is mis-leading or not accurate. In order to receive fair treatment you have to give it as well. One reason I didn't come to these boards for the first year I was out was in large due to the strongly negative attitudes that were sometimes portrayed on them (I guess crossfire is the one that was around when I left), and it drove me away, I couldn't handle it because I was sorting out too many issues and figuring out where my beliefs lie (lay, laid?).

Anyway, someone told me 'discretion is the better part of valor'. It stung when they said it to me, I didn't like it, but it has stuck and I have tried to remember that, esp. at times when I am really steamed about something. It doesn't always work, and I come across full of my anger and frustration, but temperance does serve its purpose as well.

And on a good note, I just passed my second aikido test and jumped from the 5th level to 2nd level, blue belt to brown. One more level to black. Of course, within the black there are ten more levels, but noone ever reaches the top while they are alive, they receive it post-morten honorarily or something like that.