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Re: balance and fairness

Posted by Donny on October 07, 2002 at 08:55:34

In Reply to: Re: balance and fairness posted by MG on October 07, 2002 at 07:31:28:

I agree, MG, also. You expressed my thoughts pretty well. I think the truth speaks pretty loudly for itself without adding the spin of sharp words. It will turn true Family truth-seekers away from reading posts that expose what is wrong with the Family.

I would only want to qualify one thing, and that is, you pointed out that your daughter in the Family said she didn't want to read what Davidito wrote because "he wanted everyone to go to prison and was so negative and bla bla bla". Yet you pointed out that when you re-read Davidito, he wasn't that way at all, but that he DID do a very good job of exposing the hypocrisy of his mother, Maria.

So as you see, we can speak as gently and truthfully as we wish sometimes, but Maria and Peter have deliberately, willfully clouded the minds of Family members, telling them exaggerations and outright lies about what honest ex-members are saying, so that even the plain just-the-facts-ma'am comments will be seen as "vicious attacks."

I think it's an incredible shame that Family members would not read what Davidito (Ricky) wrote, because sheeeesh, he was the poster boy of the entire Childcare Revolution. There was a whole book ("The Story of Davidito") written about him. He knows what it's really like at the top. Darn tootin' he knows. So that's why P&M have to lie and say he's only out to imprison Family members. When what he's really doing is exposing the hypocrisy of top leaders.

So you see, even plain, un-vitrolic speech can be seen as extremely flammatory by those who are too belieiving of leadership and aren't quite ready for the truth.

Hey Porcelain Doll, congrats on your brown belt! Good for you.